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Suri Cruise Tastes The Snow

Suri Cruise Tastes The Snow

Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri out for lunch at the Bowery hotel in New York City on a snowy Wednesday afternoon (February 10).

Suri was seen blocking the snow by holding up her favorite Disney Princesses umbrella.

How cute is Suri sticking out her tongue and tasting the snow?!

FYI: Katie is toting around a Chloe “Marcie” top handle bag.

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise and mama Katie in the NYC snow…

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suri cruise snow 01
suri cruise snow 02
suri cruise snow 03
suri cruise snow 04
suri cruise snow 05
suri cruise snow 06
suri cruise snow 07
suri cruise snow 08
suri cruise snow 09
suri cruise snow 10
suri cruise snow 11
suri cruise snow 12

Credit: Jackson Lee, Flynetonline; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
Posted to: Celebrity Babies, Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise

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  • AutumnM

    Aww I kinda missed seeing Suri! She looks adorable here. What a cute little girl.

  • Sandra

    Poor lil rich girl. Nothing says Winter like a blue taffeta pageant dress and pink summer shoes in the blizzard of New York. Although I am happy to see she has what looks like a rain coat on. Baby steps I suppose

  • imitated

    omg suri!!! I hope you dont become one of those fake u know… lol

  • Marc

    Pretty girl!!!!

  • katesanut

    Quick question.
    Why was Suri’s hair jet black when she was born? Dye job? Suri kind of has blond hair, you know, like the guy who Katie was dating before Tom….

  • yo sista

    *rolling ma eyes*

  • mousse

    Rarely seen that kid looking so relaxed and happy as in the first picture. Beautiful.
    Pity her mother still doesn’t understand her child needs also proper winter shoes and a real winter coat.

  • Loma

    I feel kinda wierd posting on threads about children but I do think suri is a brat n tomkat are taking advantage of the media by (what i think they do) publisising her like from when she was 2. Something is rather weird about all of them. IDK

  • anaïs

    So cute, she look like my grandma it amazing, they are dressed the same way, i will show her these pictures, she sure will tell me: “you see i have great taste” :-)

  • zk

    wow they finally put a coat/mitts on that kid!!! What’s the occasion? They never have before……..

    I guess Xenu says it’s ok to eat snowflakes…..!! lol

    Whacked out, alien worshipping crazies…..

  • arrival

    Yes, the shoes and the dress and raincoat not too warm, but she is only between their car and the shops door.

  • firemendate

    She is so cute, the chosen one

  • haha

    That’s ok. According to some people, Suri “doesn’t feel cold.” I’m shocked that she owns a hat and a pair of gloves.

  • nonfriend

    Suri looks adorable, she is dressed better then she was before, still not as warm as she could be. But, getting there. Beautiful child.

  • missy

    Suri is so cute. Her outfit is fine. She’s just going out to lunch, not rolling in the snow.

  • pimp

    suri’s wearing one of those paper thin silk holmes & yang frocks.

  • Harley Quinn

    @katesanut: are you saying tom cruise isn’t the father just because her hair got lightened. her parents have light skin and blue eyes. it’s normal that the girl is now dark blonde. what you’re saying is really sick. get a life.

    she is so cute in those pics.

  • ca

    tooo cute! suri cracks me up.

  • annab

    They wear hideous clothes….

  • Angelove

    Unfortunately, people like to say negative things about other peoples parenting. I for one would like to say a few positives.
    You can tell Suri is loved. She is a happy girl and she could spend every minute with a nanny but her parents are with her all the time and are very hands on. Whatever is unliked about Tom & Katie, one thing is clear they are lovinging and devoted parents. Suri is a lucky girl…and she is adorable.

  • anon

    At least they finally decided to brush her hair. Much better than the street urchin look she was projecting before. I think they also finally heeded to people’s complaints about the tot heels because she no longer wears them.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, thank God she has a jacket on for her sake.

  • LuckyL

    Seems like they went for style over warmth though. I mean, what is that jacket made of? Nylon and plastic?

  • LuckyL

    And snow = acid rain nowadays, and you’re not allowed to eat it–haven’t been since I was a kid, so that’s at least a decade’s notice–but of course Kate-bot is not up on such things.

  • minnie

    and she is still in a filmsy dress with tights ridiculous. i think if your a young girl part of the xenu you have to wear dresses no other explanation. crazy people

  • marija

    This brat is, no doubt, going to grow up to be a maniac of some sort.

  • to luckyl

    I think the acid rain has caused some serious brain damage on your site. Get a grip, she’s not eating tons of it. Every kid tries to catch some snow with the tongue.

  • Pac Man

    Right, #20.

    Get over yourself, #21. TomKat decided to dress their kid warmly or without heels because they wanted to. Quit taking credit for THEIR decisions when they’ve shown time and time again that they don’t care or listen.

    Mind your own kids and quit telling other people how to raise theirs. #22. (And that acid rain is snow thing is absurd)

    What does their religion have to do with the way she’s dressed, #25?

    How could you possibly know all that, #26?

  • ellie’

    Don’t you morons worry about Suri Cruise.. Shes adorable and her mother will dress her the way she wants… she always looks like a little princess and obviously loves wearing her dresses…,Love the Cruises…

  • ellie’

    Your an as*hole…. always was…

  • Sady

    She looks so cute. Everything is right here. Socks, Hair, Gloves, Coat, Hat and a Big smile! Why hate on a child? People can be soooo mean and bitter.

  • ellie’

    Not friend,,, siully as*.. your a moron to her hair always looks beautiful…actually all children I happen to see on here are adorable and couldn’t say one bad thing about them…

  • LOL

    WOW the homely kid has a coat on how shocking

  • why leave this pic out???
  • to sandra

    this is new york city, for heavens sake. it is not that cold here. it’s not like we are living in wyoming, north dakota, or illinois. also, she’s going from the building into the car.

  • Amy

    I love how you Loons hate on every kid that doesn’t belong to AngieHo.

  • to marija

    This brat is, no doubt, going to grow up to be a maniac of some sort.

    oh she’s a brat is she. are you speaking from personal experience? do you know this child? wait, i get it. you’re harking back to how you were raised.

  • Amy

    Jared, You have hit an all time low, letting people bash on children but refusing a post calling out the haters.

  • puffin

    @why leave this pic out???: What little kid hasn’t done that for fun? In the picture on there where she is eating the snow, everyone can settle down – see that the coat does have a quilted lining! Between the hat, mittens, scarf and umbrella, she is good to go from a car to a building. She is a very cute little girl, and as far as blonde hair – are you sure you’re looking at Suri? She’s a brunette!

  • @Amy

    oh so TomKat haters should be banned, but you calling people ho’s shouldn’t be?
    Why do you persist in bringing up people who have nothing to do with the topic of the thread?

  • to 34

    you call that a blizzard? spend a winter or two in Barrows Alaska, that’s right on the arctic ocean, then talk to me about a blizzard. what’s happening in new york is just a few snow flakes.

  • bobo

    @anaïs: hahahaha

  • to amy

    i’m sure you’ve heard this before. but this is a public forum where people are free to exercise their individual right to free speech. if you don’t like what’s being said you can either ignore the posts that offend you or leave altogether. however, you cannot decide what can or cannot be said.

  • Big Pimpin’

    cute, cute, cute.

  • slambang

    Still in a dress, and the shoes are inappropriate for snow. I don’t care how much a kid whines, as a parent you make sure they are dressed correctly for the weather!

  • Not Blind

    Under what stretch of the imagination is Suri a blonde???? The child has been a cute brunette since birth!

  • 2 Harley Quinn

    Hun its no news anymore dat the GMD is not d bio dad, d main news/??? is (who is)???

  • ??

    I think Suri is adorable & so full of life. As for her hair color, my son and I were born with almost black hair, then after a few months it started to fall out and turned blonde for about 5 years & then stayed brown. Dye job? My gosh some people are really nuts.

  • bella

    She is a cute kid . . .but man oh man I bet she has run of that househould . A little diva that never hears the word NO.

  • LuckyL

    ellie’ @ 02/10/2010 at 5:32 pm