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Carrie Underwood: Behind The Scenes in Miami Beach!

Carrie Underwood: Behind The Scenes in Miami Beach!

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at Carrie Underwood‘s day before the Super Bowl!

The 26-year-old country cutie gave Young Hollywood a peek at her hotel room, her dog, Ace, and her preparations before singing the National Anthem at the game.

Carrie shares that when she’s on the road, she does her own makeup…and Ace helps pick out an outfit for her to wear. Too cute!

Carrie Underwood: Behind The Scenes Before The Super Bowl
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  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Wow, she comes off so bad in this video…I mean I know she’s notorious for being an insufferable conceited snobby bitch, but you’d think she’d try to keep it in check for a video that will be broadcast all over the web!

  • Ms Anonymous

    She is not snobby, she is very down-to-earth and sweet. Find someone else to pick on, okay?

  • flutters

    What a cutie! It’s fun seeing Carrie with her dog Ace. I like how she makes fun of herself too!

  • Keepin’ it real

    Carrie’s fame went to her head. Any guy that hooks up with this prude is signing his own death sentence.

  • Musicluvr

    Anyone who can’t see how naturally nice Carrie is must be living in an alternate universe. She is very sweet, humble and down-to-earth.

  • asdfjkl;

    she seems cute & sweet & a bit conceited at times. It doesn’t really bother me. The only thing that does is the amount of makeup she has on her face. I think she’s naturally beautiful but it’s not pretty when you can actually notice how thick the makeup is on her face.

  • Li

    She sure is full of herself…ugh

  • Littlejeannie

    Hey Keepin it real: shut up. I’ve met Carrie and she is the sweatest, nicest and most down to earth person ever! She’s got a great heart and has one of the greatest voices around. I’m very proud to say I’m a huge fan of hers!!!

  • Janie

    Don’t worry all, the haters are just disgruntled Taylor fans that are upset their girl was trashed so badly that she is now having to take a “supposed” break so the hate can die down. Her part in her movie is getting trashed more then the movie itself. Carrie is so talented that the haters can not stand it. Great, cute video.

  • alexis

    haters just like to hate. shes famous extremely talented, beautifull, and successfull, so of course people will try to tear her down, but it wont work…carrie will still be famous and successfull regardless of the haters….shes just living her life and she has stayed grounded and sane and i think shes on of the most down to earth people despite her fame. she has a dry sense of humor for those of you who are saying shes snobby, you obviously are uptight!!…i didnt get that she was snobby in this clip AT ALL, perhaps these people who are saying this just dont like her no matter what carrie does she will never please them…”WHO CARES” i dont think she crying about those that despise her its all about the fans anyway!!!.. i think shes nice and fun and normal just like any girl…shes very pretty i have seen her with less make-up and she does look prettier, natural and fresh shes has beautifull features so she doesnt need make-up however carrie is a typical girl…shes a make-up junkie!! i mean most girls love make-up!!…

    mike seems very happy with her he purposed to her not the other way around carrie didnt even know that was coming!…SO NO I DONT THINK HE’S IN A DEATH SENTENCE …LOL he must love her and LOVE her personality and she a good girl so she must be sweet for a guy to want to marry !
    his family loves her and everyone that knows her personally speak so kind of her…taylor swift, kellie pickler, miranda lambert, brad paisley, keith urban, kenny chesney, thats just to name a few…so you guys DONT know her its all made up in your mind a perception of someone you think you know but you’v e never even met her!!….DAM HATERS ARE SO STUPID!

  • adriennay

    CARRIE DOESN’T CARE FOR ANYONE THAT HATES ON HER..LOL, think about it she’s famous, living her dream, vacationing, shopping, her family is taken care of, she’ll be touring, meeting people, she just won a GRAMMY for heavens sake, she has broken so many records and she is a chart topper her career is off the hook and she has the RESPECT from anyone who is anyone in the music business…she has a great family and a great support system around her, and soon she will be getting married, CARRIE has a great life and shes loving every minute of it, she knows theres people out there who hate on her, being in her position she knows it comes with the territory, THE FANS” ARE WHO HAVE HELPED HER SUCCEED AND WHO LOVE HER AND SHE KNOWS WE HAVE HER BACK AND THATS WHAT SHE CARES ABOUT “THE FANS” EVERYONE ELSE IS “WHATEVER” ..the haters are just the flies flying around their own sh*t, that they try to stink up the blog sites with their sh**ty opinions….because they are consumed in their sh**ty lives, so they hate on carrie who is living a great life…

    go away flies and take a sh*t somewhere else, we dont care to be annoyed!! “shoo shooo”

  • jen

    I love this video! Carrie looks beautiful and Ace is adorable. Carrie is amazing and very down to earth. It’s great to see her so happy.

  • Famcsharon

    Love her. I think she said how much she loves make-up and it’s her choice to wear what she does. I think she’s very pretty. The video for Temporary Home – she looks stunning. No matter what she does, Carrie has a beautiful voice, can carry a tune and gives back by being involved with different charities. I wish her the best of luck. I hope she’ll succeed in all she does.

  • Nikki

    You haters just don’t understand her sense of humor lol she’s not conceited AT ALL. I’ve met her quite a few times and she never disappoints! She is always the sweetest and most down to earth person ever! And SO much more beautiful in person, wow! I love her! Fame has definitely not gone to her head, whoever said that is a complete moron.

  • Amanda

    @Happy_Evil_Dude: Can you give examples of when she comes off as conceited because I don’t see it at all.

  • Amanda

    Okay, I rewatched the video and all I have to say is that people need to develop a sense of humor. It’s called SARCASM people! She doesn’t really think she is a master chef or that she wakes up looking amazing. Stop taking everything so seriously. My goodness, if every sarcastic comment I made was taken seriously people would think I was a complete self-absorbed bitch too.

  • ke$haluv

    luv her!

  • Vina

    I like Carrie too but I agree that her makeup is far too heavy, esp her thick foundation. Likewise, I prefer Carrie with her natural eyebrows instead of her pencil-drawn ones which look a bit dark for a natural blonde. Less is more Carrie!

  • bbwlovers

    I luv her!

  • bbwlovers

    I love her too!

  • Joe

    Carrie is a natural beauty & I prefer her with light make-up.

  • Rosalie

    Carrie is adorable and funny. If you haters cannot get that she was kidding i the video, you have serious issues.

  • 100% Canadian

    Could someone please hand me some gravol because I am going to vomit. She has got to be the most pretentious, ego-centric woman out there. Are American people that smitten by this Karaoke winner with a pretty face and blond hair? I am surprised she was able to get inside the elevator with her inflated head. She could have literally looked right into the camera and said” I am the most beautiful and talented person out there and don’t forget it” giggle giggle and the majority of you would think that was cute. All I have to say is the Mike Fisher is a poor bastard that had one too many hockey pucks hit his head. There is still time buddy!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    that video was pretty boring
    she’s a cute girl but i imagine i would have almost nothing in common with her
    she looks super cute in that video and pretty as well

  • Super fat burner articles

    Love this girl!

  • http://yahoo shark

    Jealous people you are wasting your time to post in this blog. Negative people are the worst people in the world. they never achieve their goal that is why they became ridiculous in their life. Not happy even with themselves. Poor negatives brains you all no brainers.