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Jennifer Garner Gives Valentine's Day Advice

Jennifer Garner Gives Valentine's Day Advice

Jennifer Garner is dishing out romantic advice for guys this Valentine’s Day on Lopez Tonight this evening (February 11)!

Here’s what the 37-year-old Valentine’s Day actress had to share with host George Lopez:

“Guys, it’s just not so bad. All you have to do is acknowledge…in some sweet way, just write a quick note or pick flowers or pick the grass out of your backyard and show up with it with a sweet smile, ‘I love you. I’m lucky to have you.’ Just make us feel wooed.”

“You don’t have to spend a lot of money, just be sweet. That’s all. The money doesn’t hurt either but…be sweet.”

Don’t miss Jen dishing out advice and hitting a V-Day pinata with George TONIGHT at 11/10c on TBS!

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# 1

I wanna be her friend!!!!!!

# 2

To all the haters I feel coming on I just want to remind you all – this is a woman who’s landed Scott Foley, Michael Vartan and Ben Affleck. Whatever you think of her, those are three hot men. She’s doing something right.

# 3

Yes, it’s called manipulation. MEOW. I liked her when she was an up and coming actress in alias – she’s too hollywoodified after Affleck. My friends work in late night and these interviews are NOT spontaneous but scripted/pre-discussed and worked out w/their PR agents to make sure they are creating the correct image. That’s usually why they have a clip of a story they are sharing (e.g. her annoying dolphin story). I don’t have anything against her I just find her mannerisms very fake and annoying.

# 4

She wouldn’t have any of those so called three you mentioned if she kept her legs closed. Meow! As for her interview, picking grass. Ugh…could you get any deeper Mrs. Bobblehead?

# 5
lili pilli @ 02/11/2010 at 6:38 pm

I’m sure Ben picks grass all the time , she is such a motor mouth, with nothing interesting to say, whatever comes out

# 6

Yeah, cause her marriage is so great. And the poster above, bragging about the men she “landed,”–newsflash: they’re hideous.

# 7

michael vartan and ben affeck are NOT hideous!! you must be@LuckyL: !

# 8

I’d love love love to see the boys or girls you losers are hooked up with. i’m thinking you have to be high if you think the boys #2 mentioned are hideous. not my type but not hideous. seriously

# 9

Thanks for the expert comment Mary. Um, yeah a pre-interview is totally normal. The shows want to be funny so they ask stars what’s been going on with them lately, hear a story and then work jokes off of that. You can’t just let any idiot babble on about something. It was Jen’s story but crafted by writers to come off the way it did. That’s showbiz.


She looks horrible in that pic.

anna @ 02/11/2010 at 6:57 pm

michael vartan and ben affeck are NOT hideous!! you must be@LuckyL: !
Lmao, okay they’re not hideous, but I’m not either, but please calm down internet warrior.

I’m glad everyone agreed her marriage isn’t so great though hahaha

She wouldn’t have any of those so called three you mentioned if she kept her legs closed.
Her mouth is so much better than her legs. Meow.

Ima Mom 2 @ 02/12/2010 at 9:25 am

How vulgar can you be?

Sounds like the true Ben. Meow. There is a reason she blows up that mouth with collagen and it isn’t for integrity or honor. lol Just the way Ben likes his girls…The closer to a blowup doll the better…Meow Meow Meow

None of the aformentioned guys, are that good looking. I certainly wouldn’t consider them a “prize” for myself, and I’m not even a celebrity. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

Are there a bunch of cats, leaving comments on this story? What’s with all the ‘meows.” I think I found a missing group of felines on her LOL.

Ben’s longest relationship was with his highschool sweetheart 10 years…a girl named Cheyenne. I wonder if he still thinks about her. Ben’s dated 30+ women since then including Gwyneth, JLo and Jen (all peculiar celebs). It’ll be interesting who he ends up with after Garner. I can’t imagine her being completely trusting of him and with these hollywood/political marriages who knows what REALLY goes on behind closed doors. Are we really shocked when the curtain falls and all their garbage is revealed (ala Kate Gosselin, John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Mark Sanford, etc.).

We should look up to NORMAL ordinary folks who work hard and makes $40K while supporting their parents or something – not like Garner who has a $17 MILLION dollar home in uppidity Brentwood.

that’s pretty good advice
im glad she wasnt her usual cheesy =]
i would have watched the show if id known it was on yesterday

amazing woman; smart, beautiful, talented, loved and loving. what a breath of fresh air! love her!

speaking of valentine day booked mine at pontins can not wait to go to pontin’s.

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