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Jennifer Garner & Jessica Biel: BFFs at GMA!

Jennifer Garner & Jessica Biel: BFFs at GMA!

Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel are looking lovely as they speak to Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts on Tuesday morning (February 10).

The Valentine’s Day co-stars and real-life BFFs finished each other’s sentences and looked delighted to be hanging out together over the course of the interview! The film’s director, Garry Marshall, said the two reminded him of TV classic duo Laverne & Shirley.

“It was like such a big family just the other day when we went to the premiere,” Jess said. “Everyone was just happy to be there and supportive of everyone.”

“I think that we all had so much fun that I think it comes through in the movie,” Jen said.

Be sure to watch for a funny story about Jen‘s daughter, Violet!

Jennifer Garner & Jessica Biel Talk Valentine’s Day on GMA
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  • anita>

    Jessica Biel is a sleeping pill, always when i read somthing she said – i think i could need a sleep now

  • melissa

    I have have seen enough of her ugly mouth for the next hundert years. Jessica Biel should stay at home and do more serious work

  • lexy

    Oh please…there’s nothing wrong with Jessica other than she’s dating Justin! While she’s not going to win an Oscar at least she’s out there working and doing different things like getting involved with charity work and improving her acting skills.
    I love that these 2 are friends. It’s nice to see some girl power since most of the time women are hating on other women.

  • aldi

    JB looks terrible. She has no style.

  • >dani

    Why she said she never works with womans.Does she has not enough to do undercover work with her girlfriend? She should be more honest.

  • susi

    What the hell has she on. has she nothing else to wear, she looks unsightly as always. And her talking, i had to vomit after her simy speaking.

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    They’re just too adorable and everyone here has no LEGITIMATE reason to hate either of them.

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    Not a very good idea to present herself near Jennifer Garner. to put forth her stupidity is never good

  • hayemu>

    That dog looks like she hasn’t sleep very well, does she has to much work overnight?

  • roy

    JB looks like an old street woman

  • paul

    If only she could buy herself more intelligence. to be an actress shouldn’t mean to be so stupid like jessica biel

  • lexy

    Oh please Jessica Biel is WAY better than JJ favorite Rachel Bilson. At least she can get ACTING jobs!! She’s out there trying to improve her craft – she’s not just some fame whore who shops and drinks coffee all day.

  • nicky

    She looks like a robot, absolutely no feelings. And she is an actress, it must be hard for her to show feelings in her characters

  • sheila

    @ nicky – Jennifer Garner is just vigorous and to be a good actress is that a requirement. Jessica Biel i feel sorry for her existence! No personality, No style, No charm. She should do more animations movies

  • sheila

    @ lexy – Jessica biel has no time to shop and drink coffee. She has to much to do with her undercover work!

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  • susieQ

    two of the most boring people in the world..

    please don’t let them ruin my memory of Lavern and Shirley.. Please leave it alone..

  • leslie

    they are really cute love jessica’s dress

  • flo

    @susieQ jennifer garner is not boring she’s very funny!

  • ziza

    Is jessica biels face frozen? i can’t see any mimic in her face!

  • Jako

    Jennifer is the main character of the movie and she did it good. Jessica
    quite funny in it. But Taylor Swift is the best!!!!! she’s so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. CONFIRM…

  • digo

    @michael – jessica biels brother has a bigger mouth than his sister if you are interested, he does the same job as his sister. if you want his adress i can help you

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    Jennifer is older but they look the same age…

  • mauela

    jessica biel always wanted to be famous, now she the most famous prostitute in hollywood, i wonder how long…………….


    Jen is fake. Looks like a DOG w/o make-up. Plus, her hillbilly hick mentality is skeery.


    Jen is fake. Looks like a DOG w/o make-up. Plus, her hillbilly hick mentality is skeery.

  • marlon

    what her brother does the same job as well, why some people can’t find a normal work.That’s sick

  • susan

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    Get over yourself.

  • flo

    @susiQ. You should get over youself, dude. I can’t remember to have told you what to think.

  • nono

    Lainey nailed it! These two women are so fake. Where is the grace? The dignity? The self-assured confident cool nature of a star? At least Laverne & Shirley were funny. These two strike me as such mega anxious media junkies. Gimme Gimme Gimme Take my picture! Look at me! Look at me! There is nothing else there that stands out about these two. Jessica didn’t even seem sincere about the environment and you had Jen there acting like a bobblehead agreeing with everything Jess said. The movie clip wasn’t even funny, just blah.

  • chrisy

    WOW jessica biel looks very old – you could mean she is in the same age as her grandmother

  • mara-kunda

    hey she has never gainsaid that she is doing prostitute work, why so shocking?

  • SANE

    You all disgust me with your horrible grammar and clearly too much time on your hands . Aren’t there far worse celebrities to jab? Perhaps ones who are merely famous because of their income and ability to spread their legs. Hilton and Kardasian ring any bells?? At the very least J Biel and J Garner are aware of their impact and ability to address public issues. I think it’s admirable that they’ve found friendship in the money hungry, backstabbing world that is Hollywood.

    And for the record- I would kill to have either of their mouths. Every candid photo you see of them is flawless and natural. They can even ARTICULATE, which is more than I can say for all of you.

  • lily

    I love the friendship they have..both very pretty too

  • j

    stunningly phony average women.

  • jill

    @lexy: @julie: lol she said she was too attractive to get roles…so she is a b i t c h…and she can only do soaps. Other than that she just needs to leave the entertainment industry foreverrrr

  • Jame

    love them!

  • anonymous

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