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Kate Bosworth 'Adores' Alexander Skarsgard

Kate Bosworth 'Adores' Alexander Skarsgard

Kate Bosworth heads into a hotel in New York City on Thursday (February 12).

The 27-year-old actress wore a long plaid shirt but carried her jacket inside instead of wearing it. Kate also sported Made in Heaven ‘Vienna’ jeans in Basin!

People caught up with Kate at Tuesday’s Chanel dinner and asked her about the rumors of her dating Alexander Skarsgard.

“We are very good friends,” Kate said. “He’s a wonderful, wonderful man. I adore him.”

As for their relationship status, though, she said, “That’s a minefield, man! I’m not stepping into that.”

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Credit: Dara Kushner; Photos: INFdaily
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  • @fat

    Haha, I’m not in love with Alex…I don’t know him. Which is why I don’t make judgments about his life or what he does with it. I guess that’s a hard concept for people like you to understand.

  • Vera

    The level of crazy going on in this thread is crazy, you would think Alex was a super star. I like Skarsgard for what he is right now, but this devotion from some of you women is just creepy and sad.

  • nanny825

    Dear Sarah, I am not judgmental. I was just voicing my opinion and there is a huge difference, little girl. None of us know what goes on with them. However, knowing that he took other girlfriends out and openly introduced and displayed them as his girlfriend leads me to believe that this is just what I said, FWBs and nothing more, and certainly not his idea of HEA. That’s okay!, He’s young and should be allowed this time to bang whoever he wants no matter who dislikes it. IMO,she is a sucky actress and a hanger-on, and I DARE you to tell me one thing she has done to change my opinion of her skills as an actress.

  • nanny825


    # 54 nanny825 @ 02/11/2010 at 9:55 pm Dear Sarah, I am not judgmental. I was just voicing my opinion and there is a huge difference, little girl. None of us know what goes on with them. However, knowing that he took other girlfriends out and openly introduced and displayed them as his girlfriend leads me to believe that this is just what I said, FWBs and nothing more, and certainly not his idea of HEA. That’s okay!, He’s young and should be allowed this time to bang whoever he wants no matter who dislikes it. IMO,she is a sucky actress and a hanger-on, and I DARE you to tell me one thing she has done to change my opinion of her skills as an actress.

    Read more:

  • Katee

    Men that are attracted to extremely bony women have inadequacy issues or very small penises. They think a ultra thin body equates to a tiny Va-JJ. This is why most straight black men and well endowed white men want their women to look like real women. What does this say about Mr. Skarsgard? I hope you ladies don’t believe everything you hear on a GK DVD. They knew they were being taped.

  • eva

    @Katee: that comment is so funny, but maybe some truth to it…

  • sarah


    I’m not interested in changing your opinion on Kate Bosworth; all I’m saying is that you seem to have a high level of antipathy for someone who’s never done a thing to you , for you to continually post comments on multiple websites bashing her. The girl’s not asking for your approval so all you’re doing is making yourself look a bit sad for being so focused on someone you supposedly have such disdain for.

  • JustJoanie

    @Sarah_You may not be trying to change her opinion of KB but you certainly are trying to censor or silence her with the Shame Method. If you don’t agree with her just say so. She has a right to her opinion just as you do. There’s no need to attack her personally with comments like “hateful, nasty attitude” “resentful” and “a bit sad”. I’m sure we all appear a bit sad for continually reading and commenting on these Gossip sites to begin with but here we all are.

    @Katee_ LOL but like Eva said, there may be some truth to it.

    As far as Kate goes, I’d heard she’d gained weight but she looks very thin and frail in the pictures above. And if she’s losing her hair, I feel very sad for her.

  • amber

    of course she adores him…who wouldn’t

  • dipsy

    Whatever this is between Askars and this person is really between him and two of them. However, I find it quite sad that even it were FWB or something more serious that ASkars would allow his “friend” to be under attack like this. However, I find it worse that she would allow it. The reason that his fandom it so upset it that they feel that he sold them a bag of goods that turned out to be horse sh*t. In all reality KB gets dumped on because she represents a type of persons(celebutards) that are famous only for being famous. KB’s articles on JJ are so obviously contrived with “paparazzi” shots that are paid for by her PR firm. She is always on JJ doing mundane things that no one besides people who are being paid would care about. She is BLAH. End of story. This is beyond desperation. It’s sad that anyone is so consumed by.the need for fame that they whore themselves to the pint of ridicule and derision. That’s why she is held in such contempt, and Askars association with her just ascertains that birds of a feather flock together. Because of Askars’ interviews, many of his fans deemed him to be a nice, offbeat, albeit good looking humble goofball with simple tastes looking for a smart, funny, natural woman. KB ain’t it despite her so obvious pony tailed plaid “new” look.

  • OMG

    Both Alex and Kate are gorgeous and obviously enjoy each other’s company. Good for them. Nobody here knows either one of them so what gives anyone the right to judge them so harshly. It bothers me terribly when some dumb gossip site or rag reports something like the AS/Gaga story and fools believe it. Or the KB/CM kiss story and fools believe it &, in fact, turn it into something more (I’m talking to you, anna)! Both rumors are completely unsubstantiated and total bull$hit. Don’t be stupid people!!! I’m hoping that several posts w/ different names is the same person and think it probably is.

  • @Sarah


  • Angie

    I think she’s a beautiful girl!

  • Onyx

    That is a terrible outfit and a darker hair color would be more flattering.

  • twilightzz

    She’s so ugly .. I can’t stand her .. and btw GORGEOUS Alexander never said that Gaga is fat .. you stupid haters!!

  • lovely

    @LaLa in LA:
    LaLa in LA #42?
    Are you HelloCatty from the Dentures Forum.
    and it’s AskArs, not ASkErs, omg. it’s simple, there isn’t a single E in his last name.

  • lovely


    OMG, “he took other girlfriends out and openly introduced and displayed them ” only because he could have normal life back then, without overzealous fangirls and fangrannies, without Shreveport stalkers. His life is different now.

  • luna

    Why does everyone keep going on about her taking loads of coke? whats the story on that??

  • lovely

    there isn’t any story, just gossip blogs’ bits without any evidence. Maybe in these people minds slim=addict. it’s easier for them to presume this than ‘portion control’=slim.
    It’s sad how every KB post on here is swarmed by unstable delusional jealous skarsgard fans.
    Skarsgard is their idol, and they bash her. Didn’t they think if he is with her and he is as angelic and smart as they think he is, there is at least SOMETHING good about her?

    She is young, pretty, slim, stylish, not a skank, all her romances lasted for years, she is not a twitterwhore.
    HE CHOSE HER. RESPECT YOUR IDOL , stop bashing his woman.

  • tangerinesky

    I adore him!!! <3 <3 Skarsgard, prince of my heart lol. he’s great!

  • Skank

    such a skank! she must have a homewrecking, skank playbook like lainey gossip says
    what is wrong with askars?

  • Skank

    I think Sarah, Lovely, and a few others on here are working for Kate Bosworth or are Kate herself. I heard the rumors that she goes on the message board threads and reads and posts to try and make herself look good. So pathetic. She definitely sets up the pap shots and sends them to JJ to get posted. She has no career to speak of so she has to pretend that she is actually busy.
    As far as Alex choosing her who cares. Alex is NOTHING and a NOBODY. And if he stays with her it will STAY THAT WAY!!!!
    I don’t like her b/c she is a celebutard. Famous for no reason except being a party girl. No talent. And that is annoying b/c so many people out there deserve the attention and never get it.
    I bet Alex does have a small peen. That’s why he wants anorexic girls just like Kate.

  • eva

    ITA, he should have denied IMO, it would not have hurt him to do so…

    Also, I guess , that everyone is blowing hard on this guy, and after TB, who is to say, that he will even have a career are be as popular? I don’t see being considered for any major roles. I mean are we really buying into the PR machine. I love him as Eric. I think he is great. Come on lets face it, is he that great for us women to loose our marbles over? He’s really banking on it. It seems that the powers that be are not.

    Gerard Butler had so many offers after 300. Gerard might be a manwhore, but he stays tru to his word, and always a faithful manwhore. LOL

    I have been turned off by him(Alex) alot lately, because of his coyness and smugness. I really think he is playing us girls. You can buy into it or not. Something is very funny in this water we call Skarsgard. I’m getting of the train now, before I really dislike him. As I said I will continue to support TB , it is an overall good series with a great cast., and very enjoyable. Right now I’m not liking him too much and its not because of KB.

    Something is not right, cannot put my finger on it…

  • eva

    @luna: don’t let the diehard KB fans fool you. This ruor was going on waaayyy before the Askars connection.

    @lovely: and just becuase you like KB does not mean everyone has too, Catherine!!!

    These rumors and hatred of you were rampant before Askars.

  • http://justjared LOL

    What happened to that law suite Kate? LOL

  • Hans


    LOL ok just read what you just typed, dont you see how fing ridiculous that is?

    And about Lady Gaga, why are people still on this, she has said its a lie. The so called rumor is the same source that everything else been said about Alex, Ted C…

  • Hans


    Are you one of those girls that think they have a chance with Alex? Because that is what you sound like…

  • free

    You know the more you keep posting a comment.The more JJ is going to keep putting KB on here.

  • Wesie

    Kate is amazing! She’s always stylish and her body is perfect.

  • Reality Check

    No matter what side of the debate you’re on, you gotta’ admit that there’s something with A.S. that just doesn’t add up.

    Personally I laughingly can’t wait to see what the next damage control “SPIN-BS ” the Alex PR camp will be making to counter all of this new attitude towards the gossip!….Another sappy lost love song dedication just in the nick of time ?…Maybe there’s another violinist wandering the streets (Ala G.Butler) that could be put to good use?

    It’s become too blatantly obvious that he DOES hear what is publicly being said and follows up with a new “stunt-kiss-grope-etc.” to throw everyone off!
    As the old Hollywood saying goes- I guess-
    “Any publicity is good publicity”

  • natalie

    I fail to see the “allure” of Alexander Skarsgard. He must be incredibly talented, or very charming, because that boy is average looking, at best. I’d venture to say, I could throw a cat out my window, and hit somebody below, who’s better looking, at any time. It’s definitely a head scratcher!

  • to eva


    I’m with you.
    He totally knows woman’s affection is everything he has.
    There is no place for him on the A list, sadly.
    (And I like him very very much, but this is the truth.)
    Hot Euro villain or equally hot EURO lovah, the beautiful supporting scene stealer, the best he can get.

  • What?


    whatever you’re smoking, can the rest of us have some?

  • lori


    I don’t get it either. He’s only passably interesting as Eric on TB.

  • @Lovely #70

    Good post. You’re absolutely right.

  • yo sista

    She’s so lucky if she’s really dating Alexander, he’s to die for… Such a gorgeous-looking man, in the most manly way. He’s tall & gorgeous & manly & nice…
    OMG i hate this b!tch if she’s his girlfriend!!!! I’m so *gelis*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yo sista

    No No No… Sooooooooooooooooooooo wrong HUNNEY!
    He’s everything but “average” looking!

  • bored

    “he is on his way out soon. He rose too fast and made some really stupid mistakes and a lot of enemies. Trust. Just sit back and watch”
    Pointless do you have any more details? Thats a really interesting tidbit. Yeah she’s pretty much an irrelevant famewh*re who loves to be followed by paps. And Im loosing interest in him because of who he hangs with.

  • Hans


    Im happy that “certain people” are losing interest in alex because of who he is dating. People should be fans of his because of his acting.

  • yo sista

    Gelis b!tches stop making up lies about Alexander, he never called Lord Gaga “fat” & he’s not gay! Gawd Gelis people are pathetic, so desperately trying to make someone look bad. Get a life people!

  • sarah

    I didn’t attack her personally, I stated my opinion: continually posting nasty and hateful comments about someone who has NO IDEA you even exist smacks of a resentful attitude. If you or Nanny feel judged or ashamed based on this observation then that’s your problem, not mine. Frankly I think it’s hysterical that you’re so thin-skinned as to whip out the “personal attacks” card when all you seem to do is personally attack a person who is just living her life.

  • JustJoanie

    @sarah: LOL! I certainly didn’t attack KB or anyone on this site. I was just saying you shouldn’t make personal attacks at other posters while stating your opinions. I whip out the card when it applies. LOL You and I both know you were doing just that. There’s no need to get upset, I’m not judging or trying to make you feel ashamed. Simply stating a fact.

  • trina

    @pointless: did he say Lady Gaga was fat? source please :)

  • sarah

    Sigh. You really don’t get it. Why am I not surprised.

  • JustJoanie

    @sarah: Well at least we can agree that we find each others comments “hysterical”. :)

  • lori

    #95 I think you’re the one that doesn’t “get it” . Pot meet kettle. Oh, you probably won’t understand that either.

  • trina

    @Katee: women come in different sizes and shapes, and it’s disrespectful and misogynist to make fun about our differences, it is the same to make fun of someone for being fat or to call someone bony not a woman. Use your brain people.

  • pointless

    @bored I know for a fact he is not getting a lot of roles and invites because of the way he acts and for the people he hangs with!! Just wait and see. Alot of bigwigs in Hwood are really not too impressed with him and his acting “abilities” plus he looks much older than he really is and not really the leading man type. More the villain like in TB and Straw Dogs. He is too goofy looking.
    @Hans Okay so Alex should be happy that people like him at all for his looks(which are only average at best) because his acting abilities are….what strong acting abilities. This guy is playing the system like he did in Sweden. Hang out with famous people already “established”, get your name in the papers, blogs, mags, etc. as much as possible, and people will think he is something great. It’s all smoke and mirrors. He is not that strong, versatile, and definitely does not have a big range. Sorry but that is the truth. And he leads a shady private life to boot. And the Kate thing along with her reputation is just not good for him. Now the Lady Gaga thing and he should just pack his sh*t and go. And Lady Gaga NEVER denied that it happened. That is just Alex’s fangurls spreading that so people stop repeating. Heard that he is a REAL A**HOLE behind people’s backs all the time. He deserves to be with Kate. They are both losers trying to make it in Hwood.

  • pointless

    They are out for blood.
    Sorry but as a woman who is a minority I know what it is like to be discriminated against and made fun of b/c of the way you look which you cannot help. I think it is awful that Alexander would do such a thing to someone so sweet and a genuine artist. He always has to steal the spotlight and tries to rain on people’s parade.
    I really am no longer a fan after the Kate thing(dating a homewrecker) and the Lady Gaga thing. He really is base, base, base!!! The lowest you can go for that. Not even a good enough actor to let it go. And the best part of it is that he has NOT even made a public statement to deny it. He won’t b/c he is not sure what Lady Gaga will later say about the situation. So right now he is going around talking to the administrators of his fan sites getting them to vouch for him and debunk the rumors instead of making one himself. Loser. So obvious. At least Kate came out and denied the Martin rumors directly even though everyone knows that was majorly true. I hope Gwyneth has a nice surprise up her sleeve for Kate in the future.

  • Hans


    Seek help.