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Leo DiCaprio: 'Esquire' March 2010 Cover Splash!

Leo DiCaprio: 'Esquire' March 2010 Cover Splash!

Leonardo DiCaprio holds onto a cigar and makes a splash on the “The Essentials” edition of Esquire‘s March 2010 issue, on stands February 16. Here’s what some of what the 35-year-old actor spilled:

On fame before Titanic: “It wasn’t the era of penetrating Internet paparazzi that we have now. But my name wasn’t me anymore. I was sort of this thing. Kate felt it, too. But a lot of the attention was on me because of the teenage girls who repeatedly went to see the movie. I had the blond hair, and I was Jack Dawson, this heroic figure.”
When I sat in the theater, it was, Oh, my God, she’s the only person who looks completely natural. She’s the only person who has actually made her character into a real human being who would have an erratic moment because those erratic moments are what make you more human. That was a huge moment of discovery.

On Meryl Streep being the greatest actor in the world: “When I sat in the theater, it was, Oh, my God, she’s the only person who looks completely natural. She’s the only person who has actually made her character into a real human being who would have an erratic moment because those erratic moments are what make you more human. That was a huge moment of discovery. Meryl may be the greatest actor in the world.”

For more of Leo‘s cover spread, visit! Exclusive HQ pic of Leo below!

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Photos: Nigel Parry
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  • Lindley

    I love Leo. He is no doubt the best actor of his generation. Good to see him on a magazine. ;-)

  • french

    He is wonderful <3

  • Abbie

    He looks fabulous! Great to see him on such a magazine cover! He looks good, healthy and very very happy!!!!!

  • Leo looks great! Happy and smiley like always when Barf is not around him! Time to get rid of her!

  • Annoymous

    Loving the Leo . Looking great

  • Anon

    Aww, he looks good.

  • french


    you are right

  • Dawn9476

    An actor doing a cover story when they have a movie coming out? I though JA only did that. LOL.

  • gary

    you’ve repeated a huge chunk of text in there, it’s very confusing.

  • april

    i just watched titanic best movie ever he’s so cute

  • mary

    HE is so HANDSOME!!! ♥♥ him!!

  • I agree April #10

    I just watched Titanic too, and I agree with you . Kate Windslet was gorgeous in it, and Billy Zane rocked.

    Meryl Streep is the best actress!

  • dani

    He´s perfect!

  • sayuri

    Esse homem é TUDO. O melhor ator da sua geração. =)

  • slambang

    He used to be so cute. Now, meh.

  • mary

    I am so in love!!

  • Kats

    Wow he is really very good looking! I don’t know enough about him to know if he’s a nice guy or not but seems pretty harmless.

  • I agree #16

    I ‘m with you slambang. He’s not much to look at, but he is a good actor. I see tons of better looking guys everyday, but they don’t have his acting chops, so I’ll give him that.

  • leo’s wife :)

    but im not a model.. only an engineer…..
    so I have no chance with him!!! :\

  • happy girl

    He is sooooooo hot. Wow. That’s all I have to say. Wow.

  • ummm

    How on earth is he a douchebag? He’s one of the most generous, non-hypcritical rich people living today. And a fantastic actor.

  • Lindsay

    Leo is looking good :-) Can’t wait for Shutter Island!

  • happy girl

    He makes Robert Pattinson look like a dreamboat!

  • Team Bar

    ok i know a lot of people hates bar but im wondering what happen whit her last night, she didn´t show up in Vegas…

  • @25

    There were photos of her on the plane taking the SI models to Vegas on gettyimages . com but it didn`t seem like anyone missed her in Vegas. LOL! And there was an article in the Daily News that she was pretty b*tchy at the SI launch party in NYC. Must be tough that even now that she is back with Leo she couldn`t get the cover this year. LOL!

  • carrie

    frank sinatra?!!

  • CanadaGirl

    Great actor. I’ve watched and re-watched “The Departed” because his performance is fantastic.
    It’s nice to see him poke fun of his playboy status on the cover – required cigar and scotch….

  • Team Bar

    @26 yes i saw the photos… that´s why im asking why she wasn´t at the Jet party… may be this is not “the place” for a Bar fan but i would be happy if somebody tells me what happen ( in a nice way if it´s possible, i know it´s hard but im being nice and don´t want to start a fight here)

  • lb

    woah i love him, he looks hotttt

  • luks

    maybe she was was taken away by the toilet flush back to her country! kkk i bet nobody misses her…

  • @29

    I honestly don`t think you came to the right place for an answer. I saw that photo on the plane and that`s it. Maybe she got sick? To tell the truth I don`t really care. I`m sure she is not lost for good, we are not that lucky…

  • lexy

    He truly is a great actor and it stinks that it often gets overlooked b/c of his looks. Can’t wait for his next movie!

  • Annoymous

    One talented , sexy, and goodlooking man ! Thanks, Jared

  • even

    HE GOT OLD!!!!

    not attractive…..

  • ugly

    this douche bag is a mediocre actor .

  • hi

    where is leo now? please dont tell me hes in vegas with bar.

  • teachersdatingsite

    He’s a good character actor now

  • @37

    I believe Leo is in Europe promoting SI and the movie premieres in Berlin this Saturday if I`m not mistaken. I think I heard he was in London the other day so I doubt he has/had time to go to Vegas. BTW I`m not even sure if Barf is in Vegas since there`s no photo of her even though the other models are there.

  • poochie

    Gorgeous man. Swoon.

  • Amber-louise

    I like him. As an actor, he has this amazing range and he seems to have class too unlike a lot of the no talent, wooden acting so-called heart throbs of this generation. Also, he looks good. So sick of these guys who look to have barely hit puberty shoved at us in the media. Oder guys are hotter. Would never date someone my own age or younger.

  • candice00

    …Unfortunately Bar might be back in Europe with LEo…that’s why she couldn’t get to VEgas

  • BARF


  • french


    She is still in Vegas ( there are many pics)

  • http://isreal Lisa rose
  • @45

    So what? It`s yesterday`s news. Why don`t you repost the link of Barf being b*tchy at the SI launch party earlier this week?

  • http://isreal Lisa rose

    @Lisa rose: the part of Bar & Leo start at 01:50!

  • @47

    You are PATHETIC just like Barf!

  • french

    @Lisa rose:

    Already posted. Even when he touches her, he seems to be forced

  • Team Bar

    Bar is in Vegas, Leo is in German… and talking about Leo: i read in Bellazon that Bar was yesterday on ustream (or somethig like that) whit the S.I girls and she was really uncomfortable whit Anne V what makes me think that somethig really happened last summer betwen them…