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Miranda Kerr Keeps Up With Kora

Miranda Kerr Keeps Up With Kora

Miranda Kerr makes a public appearance to chat up her organic skincare range Kora at the David Jones Elizabeth Street store on Thursday (February 11) in Sydney, Australia.

Yesterday, the 26-year-old Aussie modeled at the David Jones launch and was supported by grandparents Peter and Anne and parents Therese and John Kerr. Check out the pic of Miranda‘s relatives at!

If you missed it, checked out Miranda‘s Kora ad.

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr keeping up with Kora…

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miranda kerr kora 03
miranda kerr kora 04
miranda kerr kora 05
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miranda kerr kora 07
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miranda kerr kora 23

Credit: Gaye Gerard/Getty; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Flynetonline
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  • zara


  • Pry

    Mrianda is gorgeous. Perfect skin:)

  • Pry

    @zara: OMG, Madonna and Jesus hooking up LOL Circo Voador is such a cheap place in Brazil, I can’t understand how she was there in the middle of the crowd so relaxed!

  • Bella

    I have no problem with Miranda and I think that she is great as a model. But the fact that every celebrity tries to make his own line of skin care products, perfumes and clothes is really annoying to me! They want to make money from fans or people who have them as role models.
    Especially for products…if we could see what Miranda uses (or any other celebrity with his own line) I bet it wouldn’t be her products but from a famous company!
    Thats my own opinion, I haven’t tested the products and I am not planning too.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ugly hanger.

  • raelyn

    She is a pretty girl and one of our own but she is completely overrated…I have seen alot of beautiful girls just walking around, and i wouldn’t call Miranda beautiful.Alot of aussies are sick of seeing/hearing about her all the time.Like i said Overrated!!!!

  • Fox

    What for each time to mention age ?

  • @6…raelyn

    I’m an Aussie and I’m not sick of her and neither are my friends.

    We think she’s beautiful and that it’s great the she comes back
    to Australia to model when obviously she doesn’t have to, you
    sound like you have a bad case of sour grapes.

  • See Megan Faux b4 surgery

    pretty girl. but seriously ive never seen such skinny legs. shes too skinny. veryyyyyyyyy unsexy.

  • Love Jolie, Hate her fans

    Can she get any cuter?? Look at that heart-shaped face. Do NOT know much else about her. But I’ll try her skin care Kora if it’s available.

  • Love Jolie, Hate her fans

    Agree, her legs r to die for.

  • She’s lovely

    Miranda has a petite somewhat delicate body build given her by Mother Nature. Considering her build, she’s nicely proportioned. She’s firm and taut with nothing ‘jiggling.’ Not everyone may appreciate her ‘type.’ Some prefer fuller figures with more rounded voluptuous curves. Personally, I think she’s beautiful – lean, sylph-like and graceful.

  • @4

    Actually, she has been using this line for over a year. She wanted to make sure that it was something that she could proudly stand behind before offering it to the public.
    Her skin is beautiful testimony that it is a VERY good product.
    It’s fine that you don’t want to test the products. But a lot of people have, and they really like them.

  • andamentothat

    i heart that white shirt

  • Bella

    I didn’t know that and it may be a good line. Personally I don’t believe the celebrities when they talk about the way they stay beautiful and fit. She might say the truth or not…..we would never going to find out(and for all the celebrities in general)!

    PS: I liked the way you replied! Exactly how a conversation should be made.

  • NativeNYker

    Great pics! She looks fabulous.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • @15

    She has always been open about how hard she works at staying fit and healthy. She has never been one of those obnoxious models who say ‘oh, I can eat anything I want’, or ‘I never exercise’. She states flat out that what you put in your body matters, and she often talks about working with a trainer 3-4 times a week. She knows that it takes an effort to have abs like hers, which makes her all the more likeable. To me, anyway.

  • grace!

    Does anyone know what bag is has.


    I have worked with Miranda & she’s a doll! Shy, delicate girl, but up for fun & jokes around. She know how to deliver on the runway, at press conferences & she seems to deliver as a good person. Cheers to her!!!

  • Landon

    Jarad, you never fail me. Everyday I come on to see this stunning beauty! Gah, seriously she is so perfect. Stupid Orlando!

  • Rjfdkjd
  • @18

    It’s a Prada bag

  • @raelyn

    Speak for yourself. No aussie is sick of her, maybe just you. Are you jealous a fellow aussie is garning so much attention? I haven’t seen more beautiful girls on the street then Miranda. She’s the most beautiful thing to come from Aus!

  • alexa

    she is so beautiful and has the BEST fashion sense. I want to know where all her clothes are from

  • couldbebetter

    How does she work out with her trainer 3-4 times a week if she’s flying to 3 countries a week? Logistically impossibly. Somebody’s fibbing.

  • @25

    I magine that she sees her trainers when she is in LA or NY, but then just works out by herself when on the road. You don’t have a torso like hers without working out.

  • couldbebetter

    @26 — that’s not what she said in the interview. She said she works out WITH her trainer 3-4 times a week. Does this person travel with her?

  • @27

    Did she say that she works put with a trainer three times a week while she travels? I don’t remember that interview.
    I imagine that she works out with a trainer when she is at home. It’s like me saying that I cook three meals a day, when I don’t cook at all when out of town. Not a fib, just a difference.

  • Beatrix


    I completely agree with you. All you have to do is walk in Bondi to see prettier girls.

  • Kate

    Anyway, I like her makeup in these pics. She looks completely different. See I don’t like her face without makeup, but I think that one of the reasons she’s famous is that they can completely change her look with different styles of makeup. So her face is flexible. Here’s she looks very different than any other pic I saw of her.

  • wow

    She looks radiant in these pictures.
    Her skin is amazing.

  • t

    For all you Miranda fans- here is a new interview of Miranda on the Morning Show in Australia

  • Unknown

    eat a burger you disgusting rake

  • xxx

    Yay, I love her :)
    I’m jealous of her but I still love her hehe

  • xxx


    hey thanks for that!! :)

  • misstester

    So flawless – I was one of the first 50 there to buy a product from the KORA range so I got to get a photo signed & talk to her, she was so genuine and lovely, and you can tell she truly believes in her range. I had a chat with her Nan about it as well, and the whole Noni juice thing is completely true; I think it’s great that she’s making such an effort to help girls to look after themselves and be healthy. Can’t wait for her book to come out, she’s an inspiration… and of course, she’s beautiful!

  • Beatrix

    I’ve tried the noni juice for a couple of months and it didn’t do anything. I think it depends who you talk to, some people swear by it and others say it is all a farce. But remember she is a spokesperson for them so of course she has to say they are great.

  • bbwlovers

    She is pretty

  • @Beatrix

    :| I can’t believe that. I’ve been to Bondi a couple of times, not once have I found even one more attractive then Miranda Kerr!!! Just be happy you have one of the most beautiful girls representing your country. I would be proud if Miranda or Adriana Lima were representing my country! :O

  • crazy woman

    Why is pumpkin face everywhere in this website. Kora sounds like shit, i’ll never get it..ewww

  • crazy woman


    Being annorexic and selling phoney range of products is not an inspiration. You’ve gotten ripped off honey.

  • clay

    love it! Living the life she wants!

  • Haaaaa!

    Delphites, you guys are funny!!! Oh, you don’t like the fact Miranda is everywhere these days??? Hahaha. So sad.

  • LOL!

    Oh, they’re just mad.
    One of them messed up and spoiled their fun.
    They posted that Orlando would be too busy filming to make it to Australia. In other words, they showed their hand too early. They were wanting to wait, so that they could apply their double standards.
    If Orlando flew down to be with Miranda for Valentine’s Day they would say that he was neglecting his work to be with her.
    If Orlando didn’t fly down, they would have said that it proves that he doesn’t care about her, because surely he could have taken a couple of days off if he really wanted too.
    But one of them spoiled that excuse by saying that he wiuld be too busy.
    Now they are just pulling out the old insults because they are desperate.

  • Size matters

    Oh, yeah – being “plus size” is really something to aspire to (LOL). This girl is elegant, graceful, slender and doll-like. No thanks to ‘chunky’ thighs with ‘ample’ frames spilling out of size 14′s and 16′s. I’ll take a size 4 or 6 ‘Miranda type’ any day.

  • Jayne

    does she ever take some time out if orlando was mine i would take more time off 2 b with him she must have lots of money by now just 2 take time off and girl out there u cant have skin like her if u had her money.

  • @46

    Actually, she is at a critical point in her career. She is becoming more well known, and she needs to keep her career moving to go forward. She and Orlando spent almost an entire month together around Christmas/New Year’s, but she can’t take too much time off, or her career will stagnate. Once she is better established she can take all the time off she wants.

  • Raelyn

    @8 Yes, it must be a case of sour grapes because i only think she’s pretty and not beautiful, wise observation lol

    @23 No, actually i speak on behalf of everyone i know…There is no jealousy towards Miranda on my part, i doubt i would have admitted that i think she’s pretty if there was. Would have ragged her out big time instead. Just stated facts, you should leave your house some time Australia is full of beautiful ladies, far more so than Miranda.

  • @47

    They spent 2 weeks together, not more than that, cause she was in OZ till the 20th dec and back to work around 5th january.

  • @49

    They were at a Golden Globes afterparty together on Jan 17th.