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Renee Zellweger: The Jury Is Out

Renee Zellweger: The Jury Is Out

Renee Zellweger sits amongst the International Jury at a press conference during day one of the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Thursday (February 11) in Berlin, Germany.

The 40-year-old actress is among the seven-member jury deciding the awards at the closing ceremony on February 20. The festival kicked off with the world premiere of Apart Together, a period drama from China which tells the story of a soldier who fought Mao’s Communist forces until forced to retreat to Taiwan in 1949.

Roman Polanski‘s latest movie The Ghost Writer will be unveiled, despite the fact that he is under house arrest in a Swiss chalet.

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Photos: Sean Gallup/Getty
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  • boom

    Has she had plastc surgery? She looks strange. Are her eyes half way closed or she just can’t open them any further? I am buying that Bradley Cooper “romance” less and less.

  • D

    she’s 40!? she looks more like 50!
    compare her to Halle berry who is 42 or even Maniston!
    this hag just looks plain OLD, time to smack on some of that suncreen

  • Nina

    Lol #2 my thoughts exactly…botox honey you should use some ;)

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    She looks great. She needs a more established person than Bradley Cooper. That guy looks like he is always on the prowl. Odd.

  • Lisa

    she looks flabby…

  • The other Lisa

    Boy, some people are overly critical! I am in my forties and I think she looks great! You can’t just look at the natural features like the shape of the eyes…that’s just nature and genetics…her skin looks firm and her cheeks and jowels (sp?) are not sagging! She is adorable!

  • Chara

    She looks REAL and not pasted on make-ups. Love her.

  • hillary

    She looks good for 40, but that is not her usual face. Here are top 10 reasons she might be looking bad in some of those pics:
    10. Botox wearing off
    9.Hasn’t plucked since landing in Berlin
    8. Wants to fit in with hairy ” au natural” Germans
    7.Is battling a cold or flu or sinus infection
    6. Is grieving over…. a failed romance?
    5. May want to consider an eyelid lift
    4. Doesn’t want to glamorize her job at hand on the Jury panel
    3. Jet Lagged in Berlin
    2. Cold in Berlin
    1. Separated at birth with Gena Rowlands

  • J.Jackson

    Gosh, I understand why she always has her glasses on! She’s horrible!
    WTF Bradley COOPER find attractive in her? Jennifer ANISTON is 1000000000% better looking and they’ve the same age!


  • NativeNYker

    Luv Renee!

    Rants,. Thoughts & Merde

  • Layla

    what the hell do you mean no make up? of course she has make up on, she just isn’t wearing eye make up, HUGE difference. I don’t know what the fascination is with her, I just don’t see the appeal. I think she is a sub par actress who thinks far too much of herself. She is quite the snob if you ask me.

  • happygolucky

    40? yeah 20 years ago. she looks old, rough, haggard and really just odd. what did she do to her (already odd looking) face? she looks puffy and strange. i guess having a younger man around is not as great as one would think.. eh renee

  • Renee

    She just looks tired to me. Within like 3 days she went from LA to NY then to Berlin. Give the girl a break, geez. In some of these pictures she looks pretty good…others like she just woke up. I just wish she wasn’t wearing those sunglasses on top of her head. It looks like they are inside and looks kinda silly. All I know is I am 41 as well and don’t look half as good as she does. Not everyone gets plastic surgery just because they get older…hm, hm JA

  • infamous

    Botox and Anorexia/Bulimia, bad combination.

  • life

    I like her a lot! Great actress.

  • kookabear

    truly talented actress, esp in comedies.

    like her hair – simple yet elegant.

  • http://hotmailaustralia trish

    Really love Renee, just wished we saw more of her.

  • Anne

    She always looks really old compared to most others in the spotlight. But reading some of your comments makes me sad, because I’m 38 and I look at least as old as she does and I take really good care of myself. It’s genes.. simple as that. Not all of us are lucky to get the jackpot.

  • elixabeth

    Do not compare Renee with Jennifer . Renee is so much more mature . Jennifer needs to GROW UP !!! Renee is beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. Some of you people with negative comments should take the board out of your eye before trying to take it out of some else.

  • diane

    Who the heck did her eyebrows…they are too thick….her lipstick is too pale and she needs to get colored contact lenses…Also a tinted moisturizer may give her more pizzaz!

  • anonymous

    You hit the nail on the head. Not all of us are blessed with good genes. In addition, not all of us are interested in plastic surgery. I don’t understand why someone can’t just look like a normal human being without being totally ripped apart. She doesn’t try to sell herself on sex appeal. She acts in comedies. Why can’t we evaluate her talent rather than tear her down because she doesn’t look like a 19 year old anorexic!

  • nyxgdss

    you people are ridiculous! can someone be content with who they are, stop considering plastic surgery as a solution to everything….maybe Cooper likes her because SHES NICE, SMART AND SOPHISTICATED damn not everything is about whats on the outside…vain much?

  • bandit


    I think that Aniston has had a lot more plastic surgery. Zellwegger on the other hand has a bulemic look around her jaw. That round face, skinny body is an anorexic/bulemic trademark.

  • sojaded

    this is a gossip site, if you can’t handle catty people voicing opinions ( negative and positive) then don’t waste your time here. yes, we are vain and narcissistic here and we are going to talk sh*t about anyone and EVERYONE who is on this site, whether you like it or not.

  • Bradey Cooper

    J.Jackson @ 02/11/2010 at 10:33 am Gosh, I understand why she always has her glasses on! She’s horrible!
    WTF Bradley COOPER find attractive in her? Jennifer ANISTON is 1000000000% better looking and they’ve the same age!


    Yeah but Jen Aniston has Mayer’s stain in her
    double ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • l

    The droopy eyelid thing is what happens as you get older…I have it and I am 55.
    I think she looks great for her age and not plastic. All those other people that have no confidence about themselves run to get surgery by some Dr. who thinks they should look perfect.
    At least her face is not a wax face like all those younger people that have had their faces “fixed”. I would rather have imperfections and be different than look like someone else’s idea of a canned Barbie.

  • tom


    Evidentley, you did not see her in Cold Mountain. She stole the movie with a great performance!

  • zsuzsanna

    Some of you people are very harsh in you comments. Getting older is part of life. Let’s see how you will look at 40, not all age the same way. She happens to be a very good actress and I’m sure she will get many roles no matter her age or look.

  • kat5

    Why is it such a crime to go with out make up?
    I like that she’s *fine* with herself, and doesn’t feel the need to be *made up*…..when she goes out in public….
    What’s the big deal…and why do people think they get to rip apart some one just because they are famous…
    What did Renee ever do to you?

  • slambang

    Yikes! She looks like h*ll!

  • ColinCody

    Renee is an amazingly cute little doll-faced Texan with an athletic body. If there is any premature skin aging, she comes by it honestly as a result of spending her childhood outside playing in the Texas sun. That made her healthy and strong as are many people like us raised outdoors here.

    As a professional actor myself, I do not hesitate to state unequivocally that she is one of our very best and most highly talented actresses. In my not so humble opinion, she is on a par with Meryl Streep, no less. She can also sing and dance up a major storm as you can see by viewing “Chicago.”

    There is nothing not to admire about this beautiful, multi-talented young lady with the most interesting and appealing face in show business. I predict a long, healthy life making well above average to great movies around the world. I only hope she will soon ratify the terms of her passport to heaven (Luke 9:23 NKJ) because we Texas actor/singer/dancers could hang out together there from time to time in 60-70 years or so. We could worship dance and sing before the Throne of God together. I love a wonderful party, and this sounds like the greatest and most joyful of all parties to me. Marvelous fun…forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

  • Greg

    @J.Jackson: Perhaps Renee Zellweger is
    100000000% nicer person than Jennifer Aniston. Looks aren’t EVERYTHING!! Obviously Renee floats Bradley’s boat and Jennifer gives it the deep six. WHATEVER WORKS!!!

  • http://23 dan

    @<a href=”/2010/02/11/renee-zellweger-the-jury-is-out/comment-paZELLWIGGER LOOKS LIKE AN OLD HAG THANK GOD FOR FACE MAKEUP AND ANISTON HAS HAD PLASITIC SURGERY:

  • Di

    jennifer aniston is gorgeous! she looks a absolutely good for 41 without plastic surgery! renne not so much… but she is a great actress! and her boyfriend, omg!

  • Raejean

    Well, she does have those deep-set eyes and she’s starting to age a bit. What always bothered me about Renee is her tendency to pose with her lips pursed, giving her a stupid, faux-glamorous, fish-lipped look like the Olsen twins.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Anne: I wouldn’t take any stock of these b**ches. They always want to harp on and on about how women look and I’m sure they’re teen or twenty-something bubbleheads. They’ll know soon enough.
    Renee looks great. Cute face, fit body, and a hot bf!

  • Renee

    Just watch her on Inside the Actors Studio and you will see how sweet, intelligent and down to earth she really is. Her and Bradley have a lot in common as well. To hear people in interviews and just seeing pictures with her and other people, you can tell they just really adore her. Looks aren’t everything and only last for so long anyway. She’s a natural beauty and embraces aging rather than pays to change who she is.

  • GG357

    Maybe the problem is that we are so used to seeing celebs dressed to the nines, plucked within an inch of their life, spray tanned, made up with a foundation the consistency of spackle complete with 3″ long fake eyelashes, dressed by a stylist, hairdos that would be impossible for the average woman to achieve without the assistance of hair pieces, extensions, weaves, wigs, dyes, cans of hairspray as well as correct lighting, airbrushing, etc., etc. It’s kinda nice to see a celeb that is a real person, comfortable enough in their own skin to appear without a fake facade. You go, girl!

  • Janice Wortz

    Fugly without make-up and STILL FUGLY with make-up.

  • Janice Wortz

    Fugly without make-up and STILL FUGLY with make-up.

  • Jackman2369

    She is starting to look like Nicole Kidman after she started with the botox. and forehead/face lift(s)….Lord knows they both need to sit down to a nice plate of pasta and garlic bread!

  • gamerdatingsite

    She’s hotter than anistan!

  • Annabelle

    The poor thing doesn’t fotograph well. Needs some eye lift , make up and no close ups!!
    My god, she has the money to look better!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she needs 2 stop it with the botox
    her face looks horrible, wtf does b. coop see in her?
    i said it once and ill say it again, she’s the ugliest actress in hollywood

  • Alicia

    She looks jet lagged and very tired. Flew from LA to NYC to Berlin. Also, she looks pregnant in the pictures in the blue gown. If she is, that could have a lot to do with why she looks so bloody tired. I don’t think she’s had any surgery on her face and has eyes like that because her mother is Sami, a certain type of Norwegian, who all have “squinty eyes”.

  • Alicia

    No, sojaded, NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO VOICE CATTY STUPID BASELESS OPINIONS HERE. That’s the trouble; you see, some of us still manage to be shocked by idiocy. Of course, you’ll come back with yet another witless rejoinder. Go crazy…entertain each other, oh ye of little discrimination. Pop your gum while you’re at it.

  • mikal

    She’s got A Swiss father and a Sami Norwegian mother. She looks like an eskimo because, her mother is one, so she really is one. Pouty lips, high cheekbones,squinty eyes. Same as all eskimos. She’s never done botox. She must smile and shake her head, when she reads the botox comments. Eskimo’s always have round faces too. she was born in texas. All eskimos have a natural pout on their lips.She is of Eskimo people but born inTexas CHECK . She is a rare beauty. Now you know. I like her because she raises money for breast cancer research. To find a cure.