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Suri Cruise: Sephora Time with Katie Holmes!

Suri Cruise: Sephora Time with Katie Holmes!

Suri Cruise catches snowflakes on her tongue as she walks with mama Katie Holmes in New York City on Wednesday (February 10).

The cutie pie daughter of Katie and Tom Cruise headed to Sephora with her mama to check out products – Suri had her eye on a pink lip gloss! They were also seen picking up cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery.

Yesterday, Katie and Suri were spotted braving the NYC snow and going out to lunch together.

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise‘s adventures in the snow and at Sephora…

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suri cruise snow sephora 01
suri cruise snow sephora 02
suri cruise snow sephora 03
suri cruise snow sephora 04
suri cruise snow sephora 05
suri cruise snow sephora 06
suri cruise snow sephora 07
suri cruise snow sephora 08
suri cruise snow sephora 09
suri cruise snow sephora 10
suri cruise snow sephora 11
suri cruise snow sephora 12
suri cruise snow sephora 13
suri cruise snow sephora 14
suri cruise snow sephora 15
suri cruise snow sephora 16
suri cruise snow sephora 17

Photos: Famepictures
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  • boyet


  • nic

    it must be nice to be Suri, she’s 3 and she’s been doing almost everything!

  • boyet

    LOVELY !!!!!!

  • romantique
  • miapocca

    are these people serious,..its freezing and her chest is open to the elements..this is frigging stupidity!

  • Wren

    Nice….winter storm and let’s take her coat off!! Yea!! That’s it! Idiots.

  • Lizzie

    In the middle of a blizzard the kid is out with no boots, an open jacket and a sleeveless dress. Oh yea…..thats normal. Stepping in puddles, freezing cold ice and snow. Yet her “mother” (and I use the term loosely as she’s not much of a mother) is dressed for the weather. The woman is a complete imbecile and incapable of parenting.

    I feel sorry for this kid. She has morons for parents. It would be nice if Holmes dressed her appropriately on occasion.

  • marnie

    She is three years old and NEVER properly dressed. Blizzard conditions and she has on a sundress, light raincoat that is not even done up and ballet slipper style running shoes. I guess it is an improvement over her usual blanket only trips out into the freezing cold. Of course she is a cute little girl and none of this is her fault but the adults in her life could use a reality check.

  • its robo-bride

    Ohmigod. She is picking her nose in the store and then touching things. YUCK.

  • toria

    Guess no one ever told Katie that most of your body heat escapes through the head. The kid should have a hat on if Katie is going to drag her around town in a thin coat and no boots.
    Oh wait. That would mean Suri wouldn’t be as cute of a bug when the paraded out in front of the paps.l
    Disgusting parent.

  • next paris hilton

    Aww so adorable, just ho your kid out looking so sexy. I’m sure most of her fans are pedaphiles.

  • Pac Man

    She doesn’t nor does she ever seem to mind, #7. Get over it and mind your own kids.

  • y?

    thin silk fugly dress.

  • Lizzie

    @ Pac Man

    Pardon me? I’m entitled to my opinion and who are you to tell me what to do or say? If you’re uncomfortable with the comments here, simply don’t read them. You have no right to tell anyone who to “mind”.

    The fact is the child is dressed inappropriately. If that fact bothers you, deal with it.

  • guess suri chose red
  • guess suri chose red 2
  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..magnolia bakery’s soooooooooo fcuking overrated. i cant believe they stay with a line around the corner. i was far from impressed when i tried a few of their cupcakes. buttercup and cupcake-stop have better cupcakes.

  • Pry

    She took off the jacket while INSIDE the store, she was not @ the snow. She is always smiling ans health looking, Katie must be a better parent than most of you ever had. Hating on a child!

  • AP

    These photos are so disturbing and inappropriate on so many levels. Then I clicked on the link that #15 provided and wanted to throw up.

  • AP

    Learn how to spell and form a sentence #18. And nobody is hating on the kid, they are hating on the idiotic, moron of a mother. Learn how to read please.

  • bella

    In the photo where Suri has her coat off she is in a store but she has it on outside.Suri is such a sweet little girl

  • @ guess suri chose red

    i am officially no longer a fan of tomkat. they are sick!

  • haha

    That’s the excuse now? she’s INSIDE the store. I dare any of you dress your children the way Holmes dresses Suri before you come up with an idiotic excuses. Oh yeah I forgot. That’s ok. Due to Suri’s “special condition”, she doesn’t get cold or doesn’t mind cold whether in the rain or in the snowstorm. RIGHT?

  • i i

    INthe photo where Suri has her coat off she is in the store but she has it on outside Suri is such a sweet little girl

  • to #15

    thx for the pic. they’ve gone too far.

  • Kim

    @AP: OMG WTF I’ve seen hookers w/ less makeup on

  • http://google toni

    The most beautiful little princess of hollywood.
    Very adorable little girl, I bet Katie & Tom must be so proud to have such a beautiful daughter like Suri, all attentions and places she gone to also all of those pretty dresses she had. She is one lucky child to everything ready for her. Love her lifestyles.

  • http://google toni

    Please cover up the poor girl.



    JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT Jen Garner has kept Violet out of the
    lime light we have not seen either one of them so I guess the PIMP

  • the uk hates tomkat
  • Frenchy

    They should have gone to Crumbs instead. What in the world is Suri wearing in 20 degree blizzard like winds and snow on the ground?

  • happy girl

    i usually don’t comment on suri blogs cauase i think they get way too much attention but new york city is looking out for a blizzard. even if suri is walking to her limo, the little coat and dress are too thin for blizzard weather. period. no ifs or buts about it. irresponsible.

  • commonsense

    Get perspective people! While it’s snowing it’s 2 degrees in NY, that’s pretty warm. And if you look closely at the coat Suri is wearing it has quilted lining on the inside (which is very warm). Maybe Suri was feeling over heated and she is clearly showing no signs of discomfort. I have no doubt that if Suri were feeling cold, as a mother and a sane person Katie Holmes would see to her daughter’s needs, for anyone to imply otherwise is ridiculous!

    As for the make up, so what? She didn’t enter her daughter in a beauty pageant. She let her wear lipstick to go out, so she could feel special. Every mother has done this at least once with their little girl! It’s normal, it’s not like Suri wears makeup regularly and we would know if she did because the paparazzi is always bothering them. If this were Shiloh Pitt everyone would be like “she’s so cute and feminine!” Perspective people, there are worst thing that a child could endure!!

  • ellen

    she must have one heck of an immune system is all i can say!

  • Pac Man


  • Katie Bimbo

    Suri don’t forget used your make up to impress people and expensive dress !!!!

  • Steve

    BRAT out again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pac Man


  • @15

    Thanks for the pics. And along with heels, no coat, lipstick etc., it doesn’t appear TomKat has her in a car seat. That is the most reprehensible action of all.

  • miapocca

    why do people always defend against what is clearly shown in picutures…
    She is outside in a blizzards

    Her chest is fully open to the elements inside and outside the store

    From what I know of parenting..,most parents make sure the kids i sfull covered from head to toe with a hat even when its not this cold because they are concerned for the kids

    Its not like holmes grew up in california, she is from the midwest.its freaking cold in the midwest..whats srong with her

    No matter how you spin it even adults are fully covered up before goign out in blizzard weather…I did DC in the last storm and I had flats , it soaked through and almost got frost bite on my toes…

    There is something WRONG with the child and the parents..and I am not sure its scientology..its more like narcissitic stupidology!

  • stupid much katie?

    snot nose brat is picking her nose then touching the makeup what the h*ll is wrong w/ katie? I can’t stand that family and put a damn coat on that little homely brat……

  • adrianna

    @Lizzie: haha i love you ! you made me laugh my ass off thank you

    i don’t veen know what to say about that kid anymore.. i bet she knows what kind of make up she’s choosing maybe she does her mommy’s make up who knows..
    she’s a beautiful girl katie has to learn how to protect that kid !!!! it’s crazy

  • melissa

    @Pry: Saying that she is inappropriately dressed is not hating on a child. It is commenting on the fact that her parents make poor choices in what she wears in inclement weather. I have seem photos of her crying, wearing only a blanket, being carried around by Katie who is always bundled up. Allowing a 3 year old to choose their own clothes is a great way to allow them to exert some independence but as a parent you can provide sensible choices for them to select from. I don’t care if the kid does not like jackets or winter boots, she is a preschooler and the decision should not be hers. If she does not like a helmet, seat belt etc, will they allow her to forgo them as well?

  • AutumnM

    I live in NYC and it was snowing like crazy yesterday and chilly. Why is this child pictured without a coat? Either something is wrong with Suri why she seems insensitive to cold wheather or her parents are just stupid and negligent.

  • Pac Man


  • CC

    There is something seriously wrong with this family… It´s sad.

  • AutumnM


    I agree. Suri is such a cute little girl, but something is off with her I believe. It’s just not normal to constantly be this resistant to cold wheather. I believe something is amiss with this child.

  • http://justjared anthony

    wat is so cute about this kid?! her hair looks like its nvr been brushed! anyone agree???

  • http://justjared samantha nolan

    shes gorgous! she reminds me of bonnie from gone with the wind=-) lol!

  • dani

    No car seat in the car–the pics #15 shows. Bad, bad, bad. That is worse than no coat, her picking her nose and touching the make up, etc.