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'The Last Airbender' Trailer is Here!

'The Last Airbender' Trailer is Here!

Check out the latest from M. Night Shyamalan – it’s the trailer for The Last Airbender!

The film, based on the show Avatar: The Last Airbender, tells the story of Aang, a young man who has to bring peace and balance back to the four nations of the world after a war breaks out and wreaks havoc on the world.

Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel and Twilight‘s Jackson Rathbone star.

The Last Airbender hits theaters July 2!

The Last Airbender – Trailer
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  • Jo

    Racebending is never cool. Before your decide to go see this movie you should educate yourself on the casting.

  • Jay

    white innuit eskimos, white tibetian monks, booooooooooooo. This is harry potter with martial arts.

  • ke$haluv


  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …i fcuking hate shyamalan, he sucks! he’s ruined one of my all time favorite cartoons! the casting sucks! a twilight geek for sokka, a big eared slumdog for what one of the best characters ever created – zuko?! c’mon. they even got a skinny guy playing uncle iroh. dev patel doesn’t even have a big enough scar. what’s that little booboo on the side of his face??

    aang is white, should of had a white kid play him.

  • luvd80s2

    @Jo: I so agree with you! This movie does injustice to the actual serious itself!

  • pines

    Obviously you know nothing about the series, don’t be ignorant and educate yourself before you judge.

  • luvd80s2

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: It is a white kid playing him.

  • Des

    I’m very disappointed with the whitewashing of the main characters.. from Shyamalan of all people. He ruined a great opportunity to build a diverse cast.

  • black

    ——–Who cares?———–It´s Hollywood——Mr. Night is Hollywood, and has been so for years.
    And come on now—-how many Inuitactros do you know? How many would b good enough to even participate in a movie of this scale?

  • cleanfun

    this looks really bad

  • Dani

    I really want this movie to be good but I just disappointed with EVERYTHING!!! The whitewashing of the cast, The director, the trailer. If you’re a huge fan of this series then you won’t support this garbage!!!

  • Jay

    @ pines Actually, you know nothing about the series. The kids in the cartoon were Asian, encompassing the entire Asian Diaspora, hence the different skin tones, cultures, dress, martial arts, etc. The kids cast for the film are Caucasian, and no offense, but it looks ridiculous to have white kids pretending to be innuits(or as some know them Eskimos), a white kid as the last of a tribe clearly based on the Tibetan monks, and East Indians portraying a culture that is clearly based on ancient Japan. The movie should have been the equivalent of Harry Potter in scale and adventure, but with a predominantly Asian/ minority cast. An opportunity for young Asian children to see themselves in a story about themselves and their culture, as well as an opportunity for all to kids and adults who love a good story to be witness to something amazing. Instead, it has, as I stated, turned in Harry Potter with martial arts. So – before you comment, do some research. This goes for anyone else who would defend the casting of this movie by saying that the kids in the cartoon weren’t Asian b/c they never said they were, or because it’s not based on Earth, or it’s reverse racism (which makes no sense since those of us against it are arguing FOR the casting of ethnically appropriate minorities, NOT against white people) , or any of the other idiotic excuses … But hey, I’ll give you benefit of the doubt that you merely misunderstood my original comment.

  • Venom

    God, I almost wanted to see this until I saw Dev Patel is in it.
    He is horrible.

  • rocky


    While I TOTALLY agree with you, I’m such a fan, it’s going to be bad and go see it. I understand completely where you’re coming from, but I just have to see it. I’ve got the entire series on DVD. It was worth every penny. I don’t mind Patel, but where’s Zuko’s scare and why have a tall skinny actor (Ben Kingsly) play his uncle? There are so many things wrong with this casting, but again, I’m a junky for ‘Avatar – The Last Air Bender’ and will sneak in and watch it. If my friend finds out I’m in deep sh**.

  • spicylily, Thailand

    RIP : Alexander McQueen.
    I’m neither in a fashion world nor having your clothes but have always heard about your creativity, daring and inspiring work of atrs. People say ‘ Life starts at 40′ but you clearly didn’t agree…….
    You will be missed *-*

  • spicylily, Thailand

    I thought I was in Alexander McQueen tread.

  • asg

    this is the worst casting of all times i love the cartoon but i can’t watch the movie why shyamalan why are you so rasist you should stick on the real story not your imaginary one

  • carrienae

    Casting may be bad but I will still watch this. The story and the effects are awesome!!!! Always love the Last Airbender.

  • aznman

    FYI.. In 2005, Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko created Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender. The show became a huge success and went on for three seasons.

    The show is advertised by Nickelodeon as “set in a fantastical Asian world” and is described by the writers themselves as taking place in “an ancient, fantastical Asian environment, primarily Chinese.”

    I for one am not going to watch this film (theaters, bluray, rental, cable, tv) and will be encouraging friends and family to do the same across the globe. I’m tired of Hollywood white washing. White is good. Black is evil. That’s just wrong.

  • lis

    OMG what a major fail in casting. This is like when they cast all white actors for Dragon Ball Z and that was a fail too (box-office wise). There are TONS of asian actors out there, ones that speak PERFECT english but are not given a chance in what can only be described as a racist and homophobic hollywood

  • Art Jackson

    What about “fantastical” don’t these people understand? Why does anyone suppose that Mike & Brian have their names in such big type across the credits of this movie?

    They took Hindu stuff (from India, not China) to create the initial conception of Avatar. Then they mixed in American professional wrestlers, bushy Western beards, Cajun rednecks, suburban teenage mores, every eye color, every hair color, every facial shape and phenotype, ancient myths from a dozen lands, even a bit of early 20th century Western technology… along with plenty of Asian culture into one beautiful mixed up FANTASY.

    The choice for Sokka & Katara look more like the original cartoons than any Inuit ever has or could… because the Southern Water Tribe are not Inuits, and the show merely borrowed from the Inuit what any race living in such extreme a climate would need to survive, and then created a Northern Water Tribe that is entirely fantastical and without any mundane earthly precedent.

    Disagree with me if you like, I won’t be offended, but don’t be so sure that your view is the only correct one.

  • Macchiato

    wooww the trailer looks really good ! i´m excited

  • we21d

    WTF???? Dev Patel play Zuko???? What the hell??

  • Deedz

    I adoooooore the series. So, I’ll see this anyway.

  • GeoQueen

    Frankly I’m glad he mixed the cast up. Dev Patel, Cliff Curtis, Aasif Mandvi, are Indian that’s South Asian. Now all different kids can look at it and say that person looks like me. The Earth Nation is reported to have citizens of African and East Asian decent. The Water Tribe has both Caucasian and Native America. This is a fantasy world he can put any race in any nation he wants. The Northern Arctic doesn’t have to be Inuit like it is here on Earth. The show had Asian elements but it never made it clear what race they were. Sokka and Katara aren’t Inuit names. Aang is not an Asian name (though Anh is) Aang comes from the latin root word for Angle or To Bend.

    If he tried to make it look like a cheesy Kung Fu it wouldn’t look like the show. Noah Ringer looks like Aang in the cartoon. I think he looks great. I think the trailer looks great. Can’t wait to see it.

    And for the record I’m a cultural geographer, fan of Asian history and the show, and I’m not white…and I’m not offended so…yeah stop hating. It may not look like what you originally imagined but try to embrace the positive aspect of the diverse cast.

  • GeoQueen

    @Art Jackson: Bravo

  • GeoQueen

    Last names from the Cast (tell me this isn’t diverse): Patel, Peltz, Mandvi, Toub, Ringer, Kim, Cortes, Gabriel, Sim, Khan, Baker, Queroli, Ali, Rathbone, Awad, Dunn, Apollonio, Cesare, Curtis, Delconte, Descano, Houghton, Giello, Kim, Lewandowski, Nadu, Lombardi, Papas, Parekh, Soto, Tyler, Veizaga….

  • meme

    I don’t care what ethnicity these actor are or what type of exotic names these actors have. They should have looked for actors that looked like the characters in the cartoons. NONE of the actors look like the characters in the cartoon. Disappointment.

  • M

    As a huge fan of the cartoon series, I have mixed feelings for this movie for a long time. Visually, it looks very nice and M.Night is not a bad director and for once the story here is very strong. As an Asian-America, I AM tired of Hollywood white-washing in general. They have to re-make so many ‘Asian’ movies — why can’t they just show the original film (Shutter, My Sassy Girl etc etc)? There are talented Asian/Asian-American actors out there that could have played these parts. However, I will go see the movie before make final judgment. From the trailer, the little boy will probably be good as Aang due to his martial arts skill but the rest of the cast, esp. Katara and Zuko (I like Dev but not for this role) are not yet convincing.

  • jim zilla

    You guys are fools, the characters in the cartoon have blue eyes. White people have blue eyes, the main character in the cartoon looked pretty white to me, so casting some kid who is white makes sense.

  • AnnieBlack

    cant wait to see Jackson in action!!

    she looks awesomee!

    :) i love him!

  • teachersdatingsite

    Looks really good

  • http://JustJared hollywoodsweetheart

    People this is just a movie. Look past the color of skin. Just enjoy the show. You’re right this is Hollywood and a movie based on a cartoon. This movie looks really good and very much like the cartoon. If you have ever watched the cartoon the characters really don’t look Asian and they really don’t sound Asian. They are just cartoon people. What a crazy world we live in.

  • enough

    That’s it!

    I’m sick and tired of racists-haters pulling the race card on just about every movie that comes out.

    I like these types of movies because, for just a little while, I can forget about all these racially motivated inbreeds who are looking for someone/something to blame.

    I’m watching this movie. I don’t care if it’s got pink poodles in it. I’m gonna see it.

    No one tells me what to do with my hard-earned cash. And, this time, The Last Airbender’s going to get some of it.

    Nuff said

  • Kandah T

    well said. ur so positive, keep it up. I think people should give it a chance. It’s not about who plays the roll, it all comes down to how the roll is played.

    -peace, everyone, and God bless!

  • black

    ———And please, come on now——-this looks wooorlds better than Harry Potter by any means.————–
    Have you actually watched the HPmovies? Bad acting, no sense of speed, not a single deeply portraied emotion- nothing.
    People watch HP because it is a big project, a big book, with tons of millions of fans. Certainly not because of the cast or action—-or….story.

  • lakers fan in boston

    this movie looks amazing
    im a big fan of the cartoon, i watched every episode =-]
    i really cant w8 till it comes out, altho it does look like a repeat of every episode theyve soon but it just looks like it’s gonna be an incredible movie

  • Victor

    I think its sad that all these so called fans of the series are so racist….so what if some of the actors are white. Deal with it and move one. were in 2010 people, racist attitudes should be done with already.

  • Eric

    Actually, I think the movie is going to be really good. The trailers are epic and I love the story of Avatar. And as for the casting, I don’t care. I don’t go to movies to see a certain actor, I go to see the movie itself. It doesn’t matter to me whom plays whom.

  • chloe

    Meh. Of course the fans of the animated show are flipping about this. Like a lot of books or other series, everyone has a mindset on what the ideal actor would be for the fictional counterpart. I used to catch episodes here and there, and I think the kid playing Aang is just fine. But that’s me. Everyone else I’m kind of iffy on, but damn…you’re all dismissing it as a “piece of garbage” (quoting from someone earlier) before you even saw much of the film.

    I’m pretty sure if there was a cast for my favorite book, whoever chose them would probably not pick someone I like either. But to dismiss something before you even see much of it (really, how can you judge how good or bad these people are; they haven’t been in too many movies yet)…well, have an open mind about it. I think GeoQueen explained it nicely.

  • Last Airbender Fan

    @Art Jackson well said!

    I am a fan of the animated series and as such I will be going to see this film. Its fantasy! Its based on a cartoon which admittedly does take inspiration from Eastern cultures, but come one even in the animation the characters did not look particularly Asian. I don’t care what color the actors are, if it’s a good film and it stays as faithful as it can to the series then I for one will be happy.

    The haters amongst you really need to get out more and experience life beyond your TVs. You haven’t even seen the film yet and if you all stick to your word you won’t see it and for pathetic reasons. Your attitudes are cheating you out of what could be a good film. I may be wrong it may be bad, but until I see it I won’t know! Unlike you poor little haters I can’t make such decisions about films I have yet to see!

    By the way by spewing so much hatred, and claiming a film you have not yet seen is going to be rubbish you are just making yourselves look ignorant and stupid.

  • david

    Casting – FAIL

    At least they backtracked on hiring Jesse McCartney for Zuko.

  • dt

    Anyway, why should audiences be color-blind when the casting of the film CLEARLY wasn’t?

    “Caucasian or any other ethnicity.” That was the casting call for all the major characters. Seriously, that bit of information is really hard to ignore.

  • Dark enV

    @Dani: I disagree with you, I’m a die hard fan of the show and I see nothing wrong with this film in the least, so what the main actors are mostly white if the movie stays true to the story and represents the show well you still won’t go see it because there are white people in there? The whole point of not having an all Asian cast is because the filmmakers wanted to show that the world is not just derived of just one culture but of many, if you look at the cast of the fire nation you will notice that the majority is Indian, if you look at the Earth Kingdom you will see the majority is Asian, with the Water Tribe it’s mostly caucasian and eskimo, there are different cultures in the world that was the idea for the film. And don’t forget that the creators of the show are the exec. producers of the film, if anything is shown in the movie than they had to give the okay for it to happen because Shyamalan went through them before he did anything. So if the people who made the show and created all of what we’re talking about are okay with the changes than that’s good enough for me. Bottom line this is just a movie guys movies are meant to entertain us if we complain about every little detail of a things that weren’t the same as the show and what not than we’re forcing ourselves not to enjoy this film. Did The Lord of the Rings keep everything the same as they had it in the books? or Harry Potter for that matter? No they didn’t things change when transitioning for film but did that stop us from enjoying the films or ruin them? No they were great (though debated for some of the Potter books) even casting changes, heck Viggo Mortensen wasn’t even supposed to be Aragorn but I’m glad he ended up doing it. Don’t rob yourselves of just enjoying a fun and amazing story be put on the big screen just because things are different it’s just a movie. The cast isn’t what it should have been and I agree with that but there isn’t a thing we can do about it. The more we complain about the less likely anything is going to happen.

  • Jenny

    I’m not going to waste my money on this racist movie. First, think about this. Fat Albert was a cartoon with African-American characters. There is no doubt about that, right? Avatar The Last Airbender was a cartoon with Asian characters. You can tell by the Chinese calligraphy they read, the asian inspired clothes they wore, their black and dark brown hair, the martial arts, the foods they ate, the chopsticks they used, the dragons, their names(zhao, fong, yue, mai, ty lee, the list goes on and on) the architecture, Uncle Iroh’s accent! What if they casted all white actors in the live action movie for Fat Albert? Wouldn’t that be racist? And they casted all whites for the main cast in The Last Airbender except Dev Patel, which still is wrong because Zuko is not Indian. Zuko is pale. Uncle Iroh has a Japanese accent. I dont think Shaun Toub can play that off. I have also read that they took out the chinese calligraphy in this movie and replaced it with some random scribbles. I have a feeling that the asian culture that was so rich in the cartoon is going to be totally lost in the movie. Being Asian American and a huge fan of the original series and Nickelodeon, I am disappointed and offended.

  • luna

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    How do you know Aang is white? You sound so stupid, and just because a character has a race, doesn’t mean the actor portraying that character has to be of the same race.