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Angelina Jolie to Adopt From Haiti?

Angelina Jolie to Adopt From Haiti?

Angelina Jolie talks to CNN if she’s planning to adopt from Haiti.

“I’m always open to children around the world,” said the 34-year-old UN Goodwill Ambassador. “We’re that kind of family. [My partner Brad Pitt] and I talk about that.”

Angie continued, “But that’s not what we’re focusing on at this time, by any means. We’re not here for that. We’re here to see how we can help protect the children in country and scale up the needs here.”

Brad and Angie already have donated $1 million to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti quake relief efforts.

Watch the video of Angie‘s interview inside…

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  • Frenchy

    Um No. Glad she put all those false rumors to rest

  • Lovely

    She always looks more lovely in real time.

    Keep doing the good work Ang..

  • reBecca

    The best goodwill Ambassador ever! I hope she keeps the attention on Haiti for a while

  • bourgie

    two fanstastic women taking with each other. how civil. Can’t wait to see this.

  • Cindy

    Don’t be silly – she said she is not there to adopt, but to raise awareness.

  • Topaz

    So proud of our girl Angelina. JJ you rock.

  • Tina

    She is really doing alot to keep Haiti in the public eye – so inspiring.

  • Tim

    God – she is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • um

    she’s not but many others have.

  • whodunit?

    Love her. Glad she put it out there or the tabloids would obsess about her adopting from there for the next 5 months—-oh wait they’ll do that no matter what.

  • Lisa

    When is this interview airing? I would like to see the whole thing.

  • fresh

    She looks great. I would be dead after all that travelling.

  • Petite

    I love, love, love Angelina. She is so beautiful and I love that she does so much good for people.

  • Marie Carmel

    As a Haitian American, I appreciate all the efforts everyone has put in for this humanitarian crisis. There’s nothing that is too little. Even a smile or to just listen to them people goes a long way.

  • Joy

    She looks great, how does she do it. No makeup, no hair stylist, just totally beautiful after a busy few days. Pitt said in an interview that her beauty never gets tired. ;)

  • Gwen

    wow! can this woman be any more inspiring!?! love her and her beautiful famly to bits!!!

  • dundies

    i hope i made the first page

  • ?

    When is the full interview?

  • Yok

    We forget about things so quickly in the USA – Haiti becomes almost old news, but the people will need assistance in rebuilding their country for several years to come. Bless Angelina for not letting us forget about the people around the world that need help.

  • well

    Hmm seems like this was posted in the last thread last night. Oh well.

    Seems like eveyone was happy to see her in the field. She’s earned her stripes.

  • derek

    She’s hot. I would switch place with Brad in a heartbeat. Travelling around the world having all these incredible adventures. My life is so damn boring.

  • dianna

    oh my god say it isnt so,shes becoming like the nursery rhyme the old lady that lived in a shoe

  • Lowest denominator

    What the hell are “Docots” and why are there borders around them?

  • Marie Carmel

    There are many many Haitians and Haitian Americans in the US let alone, Canada, Latin America and Europe. As long as there is a Haitian around,, this crisis will never be old news. Thanks again to all who care.

  • Some Bunny

    I think she is the best. Look at how raw and real Angelina Jolie is, and just all around a good human being. I hate that people ask her personal questions, taking the spot light off the reason she is there. This is about getting Help to Haiti, but I guess it had to be asked to blow the next week’s tabloid stories. Love to the JP’s and their fabulous fans.

  • Isla

    She does so much good in the world, I am sure she is not perfect (none of use are), but at least she lives her life to the fullest and tries to make the world a better place. I also think she is a saint to adopt children, many kids around the world need help and she is providing a loving home for them. I love my kids and couldn’t imagine life without kids and a partner to share it all with. :)

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @dundies: …why do you hope that? do first pagers win a prize?!? ahahahahahahaha.. the first page will be the last page in mins. LOL..
    fcuk angie and her bony-baby-buying ass. she’s dcik riding haiti like so many other fame hungry fcukers. my props goes to brad for being the only one to still cares, and do work for new orleans.

  • anon

    It’s great that this interview will go around the global news world. Less gossip sites more international news sites. She should do less and less Hollywood stuff and more and more humanitarian and world issues.

  • Pokeman

    she said brad & I talked about that. she didn’t say my partner & i talked about that. please fix it.

  • Pokeman

    she said brad & I talked about that. she didn’t say my partner & i talked about that. please fix it.

  • Fred

    She is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen! Don’t tell me wife though….

  • 2010

    Seriously, shame on you Jared.

  • cool

    Angelina & Brad have sentimental feelings for Haiti
    It’s nice that they care. Angelina? 10 freaking years with UNHCR. Well done.

    Her UNHCR video of her mission to refugees who escaped the then unknown Taliban was the one CNN used right after 9/11.

  • teri

    Wow did Anderson Cooper get drug through the dirt when asked that question? Leave Angelina alone if you have nothing nice to say. She’s one he!! of a great woman and it irks me when negative Nellies talk bad about her. Love this great inspiring family, wishing them all the best.

  • Ellen

    Nice to know that her effort is being appreciated.

  • ……………….

    infamous do you work?….or you’re just a ghetto living in the hood? I take that are you a beast in a man’s body?

  • Fangelina

    Angelina said that they are NOT considering adoption in this moment. For all Angelina news, info, gallery & discussions, join the best fan forum: ANGELINAJOLIE.FORUMOTIONS.COM

  • ……………….

    are you this whale ghetto ugly beast?… have the filthiest mouth. I was wondering how ugly you look like in person.

  • teri

    Love how it’s always blamed on Angelina as if Brad isn’t in the picture or helped to concieve her three children. Is Brad just incapable to raise his children too and make decisions as well as Angelina?

  • 2010

    I think CNN started this stupid gossip by Amanpour acting like a tabloid gossip reporter, then E! picked and ran. Jared is copying off of them as is CB.
    Maybe it is time to start boycotting. . as Angelina is the one that gets trashed for such stupid questions. Amanpour could have done the severe problem of child trafficking instead of failing to research Haiti adoption laws or asking stupid questions for ratings. Amanpour fails as a journalist.

  • Piper

    i so jealous!! i wish i look half as decent without makeup when travel-wary instead i look like a complete troll lol.


    Goddammmit JARED. I realize NOW why I don’t come here as often anymore. I guess we should be grateful you actually added a question mark.
    Now everyone is regurgitating the ‘adopt from Haiti,’ angle just because the question got asked, and just because they think everyone else is getting hits with it. I don’t know…guess it’s good, as you can read the MORE IMPORTANT salient answer from Angelina. Maybe that’s the plan, reel the idiots, morons and haters in with teh headline, then have them get some sense smacked into them by Angelina.
    That said…bringing over from the LAST thread…ENJOY (this is my response to someone who asked why Mayer seems scared of Maniston or overly concerned about what she thinks. lol

    JM is worried about what Maniston thinks, because he’s as insecure, neurotic, paranoid and fcked up as SHE is, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, they share the same agency, and he knows better than ANYONE what a vicious queen Stephen Huvane can be.
    If Jessica Simpson had had a powerful PR shark ready to kill for her, he wouldn’t have used her like so much toilet paper. See how this works.
    The p*ssy is scared of Huvaniston. Why do you think he signed the contract? “Do you know what this entails?” INDEED. That’s why he is so solicitous of her in this Playboy interview, he was probably ordered to do some kind of ‘do-over,’ AFTER he dissed her in Rollingstone by only CASUALLY saying he “LIKED” her several times(not loved).
    This was a DISS of EPIC proportions to Maniston, and he is telling you she (and Huvane) definitely pour over what he says about her – I’m sure she took him to task for treating their relationship so casually, and the Rollingstone interview, IMO, was set up to be a ‘do over,’ where he could correct that notion. In Playboy, he mentions ‘love,’ several times (while saying his ‘dumping her’ had to do with his being a young nubile boy-child….OF 32! LMAO Bahahaha…I “need to be 32″ he says, as if 32 is the new 19…HAHAHAHAH!!)
    It’s like he set out to make her and Huvane feel better, but because he was being pressured into it – his resentment and anger came out, and he just couldn’t HELP dissing her. HAHAHA! .

    *Courtesy of JJB
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    CHICAGO, Feb 12, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Playboy is bringing sexy back with its annual Sexiest Celebrities list. The magazine is once again revealing its picks for hottest celebs on earth in its annual March Sex and Music issue (on newsstands and online at http://www.playboydigital .com Friday, February 12, with additional photos available at http://www.playboy. com/celebs). The honor roll includes 26 actresses, reality TV stars, musicians and models – including Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie – in a sexy 6-page pictorial.
    The following celebrities are included on Playboy’s Sexiest Celebrities list (not ranked, but in order of appearance):
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    You mean to tell me, that neither the ever-stripping Maniston, nor Pee-boy Mayer’s ‘Sexual Napalm,’ made the list???!! WHAT??!! . BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA!!

  • Dawn9476

    She’s is not adopting from Haiti. First of all, any new adoptions for Haitian children are on hold for the time being. Plus, she is not eligible. I saw on NBC nightly news a couple of weeks that only couples who have been married 10 years and have no children can adopt from Haiti.

  • Dawn9476


    Please get help Clinqua. You are embarrassing yourself with your obsessive hatred for JA.

  • QQQQ

    See, had miss esteemed “journalist”, CA not asked this stupid question, all the stupid blogs would NOT have these ridiculous by line. I guess just asking Angie’s thoughts on Haitian adoption is not sleazy enough, gotta go down the tabloid route.

  • ffers jealous.
  • ……………….

    you claimed to be black but have you done anything to your own people besides running your filthy mouth ragging on others who does something. Also why are you in this thread when you could spend your bl@ck @ss praising megan fox. You’re disgusting and a big shame in your race. There are so many intelligent black people here and i know you don’t represent any of them. I don’t know where uyou came from or if you’re human at all or half- beast.But deifinetely, you’re character say so. I have seen you multiple times verbally attacking women poster’s here and i don’t you’re a man. I can’t imagine a real man as filthiest as the most vilest women here.I really don’t know, if you have a soul either.

  • yo sista

    She’s so amazing! I just wanna thank her for all that she’s doing for these kids. God Bless you Angie!

  • So

    @2010: So is this the reason Jared is putting up threads of Angie.Before we always had to Beg for a thread
    of Angelina.

  • teri

    Of course Angelina Jolie made the list, she’s simply sexy and very secure with herself without even trying. She is and always has been honest and people adore her and love how she doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not. What you see is exactly what you get from Mrs Jolie Pitt.