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Bar Refaeli Reaches SI Swimsuit Overtime

Bar Refaeli Reaches SI Swimsuit Overtime

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Bar Refaeli stays classic in black at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 24/7: SI Swimsuit Overtime party held at TAO Nightclub at the Venetian on Friday (February 12) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 24-year-old Israeli model was the cover girl for 2009′s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. When asked what she thought of Brooklyn Decker winning this year’s cover, Bar shared, “She deserves it so much. I texted her and congratulated her. I was crossing my fingers that she would win. She’s so beautiful and kind.”

Also p ictured below: SI Swimsuit model Hilary Rhoda.

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bar refaeli si swimsuit overtime 02
bar refaeli si swimsuit overtime 03
bar refaeli si swimsuit overtime 04
bar refaeli si swimsuit overtime 05
bar refaeli si swimsuit overtime 06

Photos: Isaac Brekken/Getty
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  • http://JustJared Kem

    This bit…ch said that she┬┤ll be in Germany, I hope not with Leo in the red carpet. LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ke$haluv


  • dundies

    don’t know what shes doing, but here it works. your welcome

  • yo sista


  • Mari

    Sounds like someone is trying to do some damage control from reports that she acted like a complete brat about Brooklyn Decker getting the SI cover.

    Her statement that, “I was crossing my fingers that she would win” is completely unbelievable. Now we are supposed to believe that Bar didn’t even want the cover? Please.

  • She looks fat and OLD!
    Kem, I doubt she is going to be on the red carpet but you can be sure she is going to Berlin and NYC for his premiere. I think she mentioned LA before going to Israel so it`s obvious they`re going be together. Brace yourself!
    Her comment on Brooklyn is ridiculous I seriously doubt that she kept her fingers crossed for her. This is what happens when a model talks! LOL!

  • Lona

    She looks very hot, but her legs are weird…

  • cleanfun

    looks a little busted, but still ok

  • Dog Lover


  • Daisy

    Gorgeous, but a total piece of work.

  • french

    she is ridiculous

  • lexy

    She’s very pretty! I’m sure she expected gossip and rumors to be spread around. Perhaps someone finally ASKED her about it instead of presuming she was jealous!

  • pup


  • @13

    Yeah, I`m sure that`s the case. And she was acting b*tchy at the NYC party just because she was in the mood, right?

  • Whatever

    If you see Bar beside the other SI models, she looks heavy. She has to keep doing the arm on the hip pose because her arms have that flabby pancake look.

  • sara

    this girl might be avarege but no way she’s ugly. whoever is saying she is fat, ugly and old must be a jealous Leo fan or just an ugly bitch who likes to hate on everyone in the interweb. get a life! now Hilary Rhoda is just too beautiful. she should have gotten the cover

  • brightside

    That first shot must be a really weird camera angle. She looks like a fun-house mirror reflection. Very long torso, big butt and short, short legs. Odd.

  • Catalina

    Fat and ugly? I wish I was that fat and ugly.

  • xxx

    Wow, she puts on a few around the mid-section!
    I bet she is so pissed she didn’t get the cover!!!

  • lalala

    Wow, for a “supermodel” she sure has short legs.

  • It might be just the angle but she does look fat to me. And thanks to smoking she does look way older than 24.

  • daria

    she is otally piss she didnt got the cover , i hope she never get the cover again!!! there are so many other interesting real model around…

  • http://isreal Lisa rose

    you haters are not BORED already from saying the same things about her OVER AND OVER?????????
    shes sick (she said that herself), and this is why she didnt shining there!
    and all the rumors that she was upset over Brooklyn are just redicoules!!! she got the cover already, and shes also a friend with Brooklyn for a long time…… its makes sance that shes happy for her!!

    shes just sick people…… leave her alon!

  • http://isreal Lisa rose

    and even when shes sick she looks better then all of us together!!!

  • cacey

    SHE IS TRULY GORGEUOS AND is not BONEY LIKE tHE rest of them.

  • @24

    yeah, lisa rose, she did look VERY SICK partying in Vegas, smoking and drinking last night. Give me a brake. Sour grapes that she couldn`t get the cover again even though she crawled back to Leo`s bed for some publicity. Being sick is a good excuse for being a B*TCH!
    Her b*tt looks huge in that dress.

  • ella

    Bar’s face is not ugly,but her attitude makes how people look her that way. That Hilary Rhoda girl is much much prettier

  • http://isreal Lisa rose

    @@24: the only B*TCH here is you!!!! where exactly did you sew her smoking and drinking in Vegas??? please, give me the links!!!
    you doesnt feels like an idiot cus you still hate her becouse shes the girlfriend of Leo?? ITS FOUR YEARS ALEADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!!!!! THEY ARE TOGETHER FOR 4 YEARS ALREDY AND ITS DOESNT SEEMS LIKE ITS COMING TO AN END ANYTIME SOON!!!!! SO, JUST GET OVER IIIIITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if shes using Leo or he using her of if they are hateing eachother or if they are madly in love- THEY ARE TOGETHER!!!! 4 YEARS!!!!

    SO GET OVER IT!!!!

    I’m personally will prefer to be back with Leo then to get another cover… I really dont think that she cares that much, love is in the top of everything.

  • @29

    Go to tmz that shows SI models with cigarettes, Barf leading the pack smoking and drinking.
    Barf is a soar loser B*TCH and I can`t wait for the day Leo sends her packing again. `madly in love` That is funny, just like your comments which are hard to understand because of your spelling… Get lose, lisa rose and take your beloved Barf with you.

  • luks

    Lisa Rose you should realize that you are the only person who likes her and thinks she is beautiful most of people dislike her for some reason its not only one so that sth! you should get over, its clearly she is boring and when she is not wth leo she is nobody and soon when he get tired of her she will disapear and married some rich old israel guy!

  • http://isreal Lisa rose

    @luks: so what the f*ck are you all doing in HER posts?????????????????? go to Leo’s posts!!!!!! idiot!!!

  • @29

    Here is the link. Can you see the cigarette in her mouth and the glass in her hand? Check out all the photos and you`re going to see her partying and not looking sick or like she is recovering.
    I was shocked to see ( and read in comments ) how many ( SI ) models smoke as part of their `diet`. I always thought it was a disgusting habit.
    luks, you are absolutely right!!!

  • @32

    Take your medication already. M*ron!

  • abbie

    Well, well, well…. don’t we have our bunch of jealous losers posting vomiting their envy about Bar again here…Lol, Lol!!! It is sooo hard for you idiots to realize once more how beautiful and confident Bar appears. I know it’s hard for you…. But eat your hearts out, she’s going to Europe to meet Leo for Valentine’s Day!

  • LuckyL

    So she’s becoming a sl*t to compete with the other b*tch?

  • @35

    Yeah, it`s all about jealousy. Not everyone admires a famewh*re who lacks character and class except for losers like you. Beautiful, right. Too bad she looks like Esti`s mother not like a fellow model. If she is going to Europe to be with Leo is to get some attention since without him nobody cares about her. Leo is an idiot to stick with someone trashy and low class like her.

  • Team Leo

    @Lisa rose: Lisa Rose shut the fck up, you post on Leo thread about Barf all the time and

    Abbie you worry Leo is going to dump her as$ and she will be quickly forgotten and get married to a farmer like her mother…and then Team Leo will have the last laugh! Even you know deep down that they’re going to break up in the end! Eat that piece!

    Team Leo will WIN IN THE END!! Will win in THE END!

  • Team Leo

    in other words Leo is going to dump her EVENTUALLY!!! When Leo said he didnt want to have kids what he really meant was that he didnt want to have kids with a whoore like Bar but with a decent woman!!

  • Cool

    She has a great body. Much better than Gisele’s, whose body is odolized by stupid women and gay men.

    Bar’s body appeals to straight men. Very sexy.

  • Ret

    Give it up cool she will never be Gisele.
    Gisele is a goddess and no.1.

  • Andy

    At least she is much prettier than Brooklyn Decker a.k.a. plain Jane with big tits. Brooklyn ‘ Bar are in the same groupie

  • tal


  • luks

    now that links about bar and her bad habits appeared lisa rose disappeared! its funny now how how you can you defend her??? that why she is fat, sick, ugly and getting old fast!!

  • Candycotton

    Barfy is such a b*tch she’s sooooo jealous that Brooklyn got the SI cover…You can just see the cheapness in her face…..watching Brooklyn interviews she ‘s funny,witty down to earth And has natural charisma….While barfy just an EMPTY SHELL….And she wants every one to think that’s she ‘s engaged to Leo..Which I Hope is Not true!! Barfy is caught up in her own hype..she wants people to fall over themselves for her!!Lol Barfy this is Not Israel …you may have them fooled but not US (United States)…Lisa rose must work for Barfy or is Love With her!! Ahh Barfy doesNot give a sh*t about You..okay Wake Up!!Barfy wants to be FAMOUS!!She said in an Interview that wish she could sing !!!And that she was jealous of Rhianna,cause she so talented!!SOMETHING that Barfy will never hear in Her Lifetime!! Even Barfy’s mother Zipi was prettier than her in Her younger years!!Barfy will never be A REAL Supermodel!!I hate to think what she’sgoing to look like when she’s 35..uhhhhhhhh.ahhhh wait I NeedA BUCKET…(vomits)…I’m okay…. .ummmm were was I Oh yeah back to BARFYB*TCHARELI..!!SO BARFY Stop trying to be Something that your NOT!!A NICE PERSON!! Barfy says that she wants children !!Ahh what are u going to Teach them… to date famous men to get on the SI cover and avoid paying your taxes…Yeah thats goodparenting……NOT!!Leo is Wasting his time with this EMPTY SHELL!! So there Barfy Fans!!GO NUTS…….:p

  • french


    Your comment made me laugh, you are right.

  • shortpeopledate

    she is so pretty

  • lakers fan in boston

    hmm, bar had been looking pretty hot lately
    love this dress she’s wearing especially the side boob she’s getting out of it =D
    i usually like hilary rhoda but meh, i dont like her dress, it all looks boring
    2 much overexposure of all these SI models lately

  • Candycotton

    @French thanks hon …..Hey do think Lisa Rose commited suicide ?lol

  • coco

    Anne V was not smoking cigarettes and looks very pretty, tall, and classy. I like her!

  • chichi

    Thanks Abbie aka Tzipi Refaeli for the video! Bar seems pretty smug, let’s see if she gets a ring! Keep us posted Tzipi.