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Chris Brown Buckles Down For Fashion Week

Chris Brown Buckles Down For Fashion Week

Chris Brown checks out the latest at the Buckler runway show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City on Thursday (February 12).

The 20-year-old entertainer posed for photos with designer Andrew Buckler and saw the newest from the “menswear line that melds the Roguish American icon with a Brit edge”.

Chris also checked out shows overseas during Paris and Milan’s respective Fashion Weeks.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Brown buckling down…

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chris brown andrew buckler fall 2010 fashion week 01
chris brown andrew buckler fall 2010 fashion week 02
chris brown andrew buckler fall 2010 fashion week 03
chris brown andrew buckler fall 2010 fashion week 04
chris brown andrew buckler fall 2010 fashion week 05
chris brown andrew buckler fall 2010 fashion week 06
chris brown andrew buckler fall 2010 fashion week 07
chris brown andrew buckler fall 2010 fashion week 08
chris brown andrew buckler fall 2010 fashion week 09
chris brown andrew buckler fall 2010 fashion week 10

Photos: Andres Otero/WENN
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  • brightside

    Isn’t he supposed to be in Takers? No mention of that, JJ! Why? Is it that bad!

  • Yas

    sWexy everyday

  • Aaron


  • breezybot

    Yesssssssss Christopher you smexy beast!

  • happy girl

    idiot! i am soooo happy the grammys and all the award shows ignored this creep. what is he smiling about? you were just charged for beating your ex idiot!

  • Jen

    I like the outfit. He looks good

  • roronutz

    he looks good
    get over it
    chris brown didn’t beat yall

  • yo sista


  • Andrew

    He was doing what he was suppose to be doing no one ignored him. Go crawl in the hole you came out of.

  • nope


  • will

    What an idiot, Too bad nobody in the crowd ran up to him and PUNCHED his ugly face!
    Maybe THAT would wipe that disgusting smile off his mug.

  • Carly

    What a pig, Go home you failure. Nobody wants to see him do anything

  • dd

    He looks like such an ass

  • tami

    What an ugly big buck tooth smile this jackass has.

  • tami

    I meant

  • xxx

    All his fans get to see that you can beat someone to a pulp, and then continue having a successful career making millions and millions of dollars.

    What a great example and also well done to the justice system, really. Great job. And while I’m at it – shame on you Rihanna for not trying to get him jailed…….


  • Yo

    are you kidding me? ahaha he beat rihanna a s s

  • ck

    i dnt know wat yall talking about….if he whooped her ass…n he still on tv then the govt dnt give a f$$k about the spoilt indisciplined kids of the western kids is indisciplined anyway so wat is there to role model yo a** for….go to hell n leave him alone

  • $$


  • ck say what?

    @ck: Umm, I think you’re tring to say something……But you make no sense. try again later

  • kenza

    He looks really good here!

  • carolina


  • lalalaove

    Okay, this is my first time finding this kid even remotely attractive. Looking good kid, keep it up!

  • max

    I wish this violent girlfriend-bashing punk would just go away

  • 2010

    I hope you got it together, Chris. No one should be thrown away and not be given a 2nd chance at such young age. You look good, make it work with honor this time.
    Sometimes both parties need counseling, sometimes women push buttons, which is no excuse but it certainly doesn’t help.

  • Hankwilliams

    Too bad you ole bad mouthing folks aren’t having ya lil ole pictures taking or walking a lil ole runway among the stars… Here’s a lil ole info for the folks that’s a wondering about that ole movie called ” Takers” honey don’t ya read anything beside’s these lil ole blogs… hell the movies release date is August… gee golly! Hell that lil ole boy they call Breezy is doing just fine, he’s headliner for that big ole concert in Tucson, AZ this month, no small venue this time, yep he’s the star, that ole white boy in Tucson is having that concert, yep! @xxx~ a horrible role model, who in the dang world would want another kid their kid role model… hell who would want Charlie Sheen their role model and his azz is on tv every night….. I guess it’s okay for us good ole whiteboys to abuse our women, hell we always get away with it… my good friend Josh Brolin, Christian Bale, OH SHUCKS too many too name but you know who they are. Hey ya…. ya don’t think that ole girl Rihanna is abusvie, read a while back in 2007 in that ole magazine called Complex that she said that she once was fighting her brother and hit him in the face with a glass bottle…. wow a glass bottle… unless things have changed but, where I come from that’s called physical abuse, also that ole site called tmz showed those lil ole court papers of her’s from that trial last year where she said that she had slapped that boy they called Breezy once before… abuse or do they give women passes for hitting people where ya come from. Aww… hell that boy got plenty ole money and don’t give a hoot about ya… Too bad ya ain’t God and can’t determine what God has for him( got that off another comment, he, he), so I guess ya just keep entertaining us on these ole blogs talking about ole Breezy and people gonna keep on inviting him to thos ole fashion shows, booking him on concerts etc. ya do see what’s happening here don’t ya!!! Awwww… hell ya too slow for me……. Breezy is back or what did you say… oh, that’s right, he never left. YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deb

    There will always be people who do not forgive and live in the past. The funny thing is they are the ones who suffer in their bitterness and judgemental ways. Please try to remember to pray for these people. That’s really all you can do. From what I see Chris is doing things differently For example. He is helping others involved in DV and he will find that helping others will benefit him the most. This is a good thing! Keep it up Chris!

  • wala

    he is so gorgeous! i hope he releases a video for “i love you”

  • wala

    takers is out next friday…feb 19th…can’t wait!

  • pines

    jared you never post his haiti relief work…



  • lalala

    he looks goooooood ;)
    i didn’t even bother to read any comments before writing this: stop hating. he hurt rihanna, he didn’t hurt you. if you can’t stand him, don’t click on this and waste your time writing about how you hate him and want him to die or something. he’s paying for his mistakes, give him a break and GET OVER IT. stop taking it so personally.

    on another note: ugh, he’s going overboard with the tattoos (you can see it peeking through this shirt).

  • wala

    he has the most adorable smile

  • CB&kayla


    AMEEN :D


  • me(:

    Love him. I don’t know why people are still hating on him. It’s been over a year now so suck it up and move on. Obviously he doesn’t care what you’re saying because he is too worried about doing what he’s supposed to do like giving his time to be in the BEST BUDDIES club and supported the help haiti thing. He’s also supported people who have been in domestic violence (idr if it was a club thing or organization or w.e) but he’s done a lot. Then on top of that he’s been doing his community service and counciling so what’s the problem? Exactly there is none. People just like to kick others when they’re down, well guess what; he’s not going anywhere because people still care about him. MOVE ON BECAUSE THIS IS JUST GETTING REDICULOUS!

  • w

    D.I.A.F. Chris Brown.

  • WTF

    EWWWW! Go away CB, no one likes you and if they do, they are retards! Go away, take off those gay shoes and leave fashion week! That’s Rihanna’s stomping grounds.

  • terri

    CD flopped so go adway!

  • gamerdatingsite

    I love his music, gamerdatingsite

  • sara

    i just can’t look at him the same anymore. yuck!

  • Cammie

    Naomi and Chris Brown

    2 convicted Beaters. in 1 fashion show. Chris Brown isn’t sorry that he beat Rihanna, look at the way him and friends acted after the beating. Iam glad he FLOPPED.

    He hasn’t done any major PR shows like Regis& Kelly, The View, Ellen, NOTHING…Nobody except Beater Naomi Campbell and Sorry BET wants him.

  • Kay

    He is so hot. I love his new mix tape, it so good! He such a talented artist.

    Say Ahh!

  • Amber Rose Rocks

    #5, #11, #25

    Go Educate yourselves!!! Losers.

  • Amber Rose Rocks

    Move on with ur lives! Chris has.

  • Cold Case

    He that is Without Sin Cast the 1st Stone!!!!

  • Move On Please

    @#39 & #42 —- Rihanna’s Album flopped too, selling @ 99cents a unit.

  • Move On Please


  • yellow

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  • yellow

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  • yellow

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