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Gabourey Sidibe Gears Up For V-Day

Gabourey Sidibe Gears Up For V-Day

Gabourey Sidibe rubs elbows with celebs as she attends V-Day’s 4th Annual L.A. Luncheon on Thursday (February 11).

The 26-year-old Precious actress, who served as one of the hosts for the event, met celebs including Rosario Dawson and Charlize Theron!

The luncheon featured a reading of Eve Ensler‘s latest work, I Am An Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the WorldEve and Rosario appeared on The Tyra Show today to speak about the book and anti-violence movement!

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# 1

Oh…my…GOD! There are no words. I don’t know where to begin. Those arms. :(

# 2

Where’s her neck?

# 3

I was going to say the exact same thing, those arms :/ It’s sad because she seems like a lovely woman, but she needs to get healthy.

# 4

Why are u people sooooo RUDE???

# 5
JewelryMaker @ 02/12/2010 at 5:21 pm

She was awesome on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. SO funny and able to keep up with that Cheeky Monkey. Love this woman.

# 6

5 Lola Jay @ 02/12/2010 at 5:17 pm
What did they say that is RUDE? What did they say that is NOT true?

# 7

Gabourey is talented and seems to be a great woman, but I hope she will do something with her weight (and her look is the last thing I think about). Such overweight is extremely unhealthy and it can be a cause of many serious diseases. She has now money, so she can fight with it and fame, so she could be a very good role-model for other women who struggle with obesity. Everyone is now talking about how harmful and dangerous anorexia is but we shouldn’t forget about obesity which is also very dangerous.

# 8
brightside @ 02/12/2010 at 6:23 pm

Luncheon!! OMG – they let her into a LUNCHEON! I hope they hid the food! She’s a talented actress, or several talented actresses looking at the size of her, but please, please, please she must do something about her weight. I swear she has grown larger! She’ll be developing her own gravity if she doesn’t slim down a bit.

# 9

Exactly! What did ppl say that was so RUDE?!! PPL were just stating the truth. PPL going on and on about anorexia when some actress appears to be overly slim and, that is not healthy. Being Morbidly obese is not healthy either. Dangers of heart disease, diabetes or stroking out. Plus, all the extra weight on the body is not good either. Back problems and, being forced to walk with a cain or, to a wheelchair b/c it is hard walking a distance. She seems like a nice enough person and, has talent. She should for her benefit lose some of that TON-AGE for her sake.

I know some fatties are proud to see a big girl get on film but, it is not healthy. You should want the person to be healthy and, not just liking her overweight to make the fatties out their feel good. Shsssh!

i have to agree on gabourey. love her acting and think she is charming and smart and funny BUT her weight is problematic. See, I think Jordin Sparks is healthy and at a good weight, for example but Gabourey is not at a healthy size for her age. So many health complications will come from this. She does not have to be a size 8 but she needs to start thinking of combating this weight – it’s too much. And when she does, I think it will be a nice message to girls her age. You can be a big girl but healthy – that should be the message.

Wow, Gabby’s hairline is really, really low. I’ve never noticed that before.

she’s not even trying to lose weight. :(
she decided she was happy and doesn’t care anymore. the director said it right, she’s in complete denial:

as for all of you saying that those who comment on her weight are being rude – someone once told me that being fat is actually very rude. I think it’s true, just think about it.

Please lose weight before you die…..

Awww her smile is priceless!

Lose some weight please!


How about you have a plate of STFU yourself.

I think the ladies look great. Gabby has real talent and she’s a beauty of her right. What a beautiful smile, she always seems cheerful. I hope she doesn’t read this comments, but if she does….you are loved, girl. don’t you ever stop smiling.

She has a lot going for her right now. She does need to lose weight. She would feel a whole better. She needs to do it for herself and nobody else.

She is an obese Brittany Murphy waiting to happen…. :(

She seems lovely, i like her smile, the one pictured with charlize is beautiful, they looked lovely, jared you should put that one in the front page, her eyes also looked cute on that one.

She needs a health intervention. Her hands are enormous in pic #4

Love her purple dress. Rosario also looks lovely and Charlize is stunnig as usual.

She’s not stupid. Obviously she knows she has an extreme health risk due to her obesity and has decided that she would rather eat what she wants than diet. It’s her deal, her body. You shouldn’t care so much.

People are so insensitive about her weight, and you don’t even stop to think that maybe she’s trying to lose. She’s enjoying her life right now, but she’s not dumb people. oI think she knows that eventually, if not sooner, she needs to think about cutting back and exercising more.

She looks smaller than when she filmed Precious and afterwards.
Obviously it will take some time to lose weight and be healthy, so we wont see the difference right away. But don’t rag on her like some of you have, saying they need to hide the food? Seriously, don’t bring others down. Only a handful of people give positive criticisms whenever JJ posts something about Gabourey .

I love Rosario’s dress. I would like to own that for myself. Anyone know who makes it?

remember da truth @ 02/12/2010 at 10:28 pm

Venom and Orchid, what makes you think it has to be false to be rude? If it were false, that’s awful, yes, and bad behavior like slamming people based on falsehoods in tabloids or saying someone has anorexia simply because they are thinner than you are IS rude, but so is stating the truth in a snide way.

Gabourey unfortunately is VERY unhealthily overweight, but ridiculing her is not helping. She also happens to be a delightful, sweet person in that body. Look past the arms to her heart, okay?

remember da truth @ 02/12/2010 at 10:31 pm

JewelryMaker, I was going to post the same thing!!! She was great on Craig Ferguson, and he seemed to really enjoy her. She surprised him with her ability to keep up with him!

OT: Don’t you love how Craig calls it “the Twitter”? Almost makes me want to join so I can be part of the robot skeleton army!!

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