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Gerard Butler Needs Healing Arts

Gerard Butler Needs Healing Arts

Gerard Butler visits the the Santa Monica Healing Arts office in Los Angeles to receive therapy for his shoulder injury on Thursday (February 11).

The 40-year-old actor’s Bounty Hunter co-star, Jennifer Aniston recently sat down with Access Hollywood where she talked about their relationship.

“We just had so much fun together you know. He’s just fun. Gerry‘s the most unpretentious guy,” Jen said. “He’s a guy’s guy, but he’s absolutely the most lovely and sort of self-deprecating … and just what you see is what you get. We look at work the same way…we always had each other’s back.”

FYI: Gerard is wearing the Paul Smith “Chadwick” sunglasses.

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  • Fritz

    Gee, I hope he’sok.

  • CJ

    Still fashion challenged….I thought he might be going to see the doctor for the shots he’ll need for Rio..or picking up a supply of penicillin?

  • shoulder injury

    It’s from over using his right hand. He has pulled his shoulder from too much pulling his pud.


    Another student of Rachel’s PR school. The bounty hunter will be the biggest flop of the year.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Love the beard Gerry…..

  • seriously?

    Why is this news? Do we need an update on his hemorrhoids too? I am sick of seeing this d/ouchebag famewh/ore.
    Good grief, JJ, you are just as bad as his pathetic PR people. Are you on speed dial with them?

  • hellotheregb

    I like the shades and the shirt is not bad. Not to keen on the shorts he is wearing in one of the photos. Going to read. need a break until the rio parties start up.

  • injury?

    Does acupuncture cure STDs?

  • Meridia

    Love this man. Hope his shoulder gets better. The beard looks great, but will he shave it in Rio?

  • spanky

    Caption should have read “Gerard Butler Needs Kneeling Tarts”.

  • Mr. Giggles

    If not…… perhaps the herbal medicine will !!!!

  • Mr. Giggles

    …Caption should have read “Gerard Butler Needs Kneeling Tarts”…

    I think that only comes with the package deals….. two for one special

  • Mr. Giggles

    That shouldn’t read …. medicine @ spanky …… what the hell is going on with this site !!!!
    JJ needs an exorcist

  • passage to india

    If the ligament is torn he will need surgery to repair it. No amount of acupucture can cure that and could take months to recover.

  • sugar

    new Gerry pics, yay!!1

  • spanky

    @Mr. Giggles: Depending how Rio goes ” Gerard Butler may be Feeling Warts”

  • sugar

    Just out of curiosity when will stop hearing about Jen in every Gerry thread? April?

  • twitterfan

    he looks annoyed..not very happy. shoulder injury can be very painful and there are no easy cures. one of them is to let it rest and not lift heavy weights which is exactly the opposite of what his training calls for.

  • spanky

    One more …..if he eats bad food in Rio.? …yes you guessed it …”Gerard Butler has Squealing Farts”…just as newsworthy eh JJ?

  • Trying to figure it out


    He should carry his bag on his other shoulder, that would help too.

  • twitterfan

    Gerry is still a sexy beast. *sigh*

    His beard must feel really soft by the look of it. From now on he can count on the paps waiting at the clinic for him going in for daily treatment.

  • gossiphound


    And what man doesn’t when you come right down to it? LOL.

  • Darlin’

    Awww he looks great, pissed, but great. Looks good in METS colors!! I hope he’s ok … poor baby.

  • twitterfan

    @Trying, I know. But Gerry seems to always manage to be his own worst enemy. He is not a very logical person, or a person with normal dose of common sense.

  • stupidfans

    @sugar: You only have to wait about two days in between Gerry photos. Don’t worry. He won’t let anyone forget him.

  • Mike

    Probably need healing from STD’s.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    So if that shoulder is injured, why is he carrying his bag on THAT shoulder? Something smells fishy….

  • hailie

    I think this is one of the injuries he suffered during the making of 300. He’ll just go on making it worse filming Coriolanus which will irritate it more, because that will be in part an action movie. GB, take care of yourself.

  • wondering

    Who’s the girl?

  • My Adidas

    Ger is donning Adidas. Be still my heart…

  • Oh Just STOP. Please!

    Um, we would care if she was 5’10, darker-skinned and had squinty eyes.
    Since she is short fat, caucasoid like most of us here and has four weeks of sleep luggage under her eyes chances are she’s just another patient there getting sh*t sucked out of her a**.


  • Mr. Giggles

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    …………………..Something smells fishy…………………………….
    You smell it too ?!?! —- thank god G’s seeing a doctor about it ……

  • Tracey in Tulsa, OK

    All of these comments are cracking me up like you would NOT believe.
    You people are funny as hell.
    If gerard had std’s…dont you think someone would say SOMETHING since of course he’s had all the women you people claim he’s had??

    Whatever. Keep dreaming.

  • spanky

    @ManLESSton, I likely: fishy smell you say…well remember who he was with only days ago

  • Haili

    I think this is an injury he suffered during the making of 300. Hope he is OK. That and a sliced hand he suffered on the last day of filming 300. I think he’ll only make it worse during filming for Coriolanus, which will be half dramatic, half action. He pushes himself too far.

  • spanky

    @Mr. Giggles: beat me to it giggles lol

  • wondering

    you are funny… thanks. The man is hot, but he is such a ho… I would be afraid his tonka toy would fall off.

  • stupidfans

    @wondering: Give it an hour and the phannies will have her name, her DOB, her BMI and her GPA from college.

  • wondering

    #30 … I thought the same thing. I have a pair on now. Love them!

  • Darlin’

    The girl could be someone who works there helping him carry all that stuff out. He didn’t go in with that bag so he’s only carrying it to the car, and sometimes pressure on an injury makes it feel better.

    Who the hell knows? I only care that he’s ok. I wish the paps would leave him alone. You know they asked him some stupid question about the past weekend. What else would make him so upset looking? B*stards.

  • Old Mia

    At last, a few regulars. I’ve been lurking, but leary of coming back. The last few threads have been insane. See you in Rio.

  • twitterfan

    Finally a break from the loonies on Jen’s case.

    We can expect the next set of Gerry’s pix to hit on Saturday if JJ keeps up the two-day Gerry intervals. The Rio pix will be much more fun to look at. Actors have way too much time on hand; they could easiy fit in three movies a year if scheduled properly. I’d rather see Gerry working on a movie set than him hanging around at NYC or LA with his dubious activities.

  • snore….

    Oh good grief. Who cares what he did to his shoulder? It obviously isn’t anything serious or he wouldn’t have been on vacation and preparing to go out the country again. And he would be bandaged up all the time if he was really injured.
    One thing is for sure, he didn’t slip in the shower. That would require him actually bathing.

  • wondering



  • stupidfans

    @Tracey in Tulsa, OK: You mean like saying “I caught an STD from Gerard Butler?” Right. Women are lining up to share that.

    Giggles you are bad. I love it.

    @Haili: It didn’t stop him from skiing in Aspen. It didn’t stop him from swimming in the ocean in Barbados. It didn’t keep him from running his hands all over the violinist. He’ll be dancing and partying away in Rio in another day or two. He can’t be that hurt.

    It’s his usual routine. “I’m looking for my soul mate. I’m working so hard. I got sick or injured on the set.”

  • sugar

    He looks hot here, like he did in 300

  • snore….

    It’s his usual routine. “I’m looking for my soul mate. I’m working so hard. I got sick or injured on the set.”

    I can hear it now:
    “I insisted that they use a real stun gun in the scene in The Bounty Hunter because I wanted it to be authentic. Unfortunately, when I fell I wrenched my shoulder aggravating an old injury from ’300″.”

    ***He always seems to throw in some reference to “300″ in old interviews too.

  • OMG

    He is just the hottest man ever. GJB is beautiful. I go way back to Gus and Attila. What a devine man.

  • twitterfan

    As a fan I do love him and wish him the best, esp. a speedy recovery from whatever injury he is suffering. Once a joint is injured the recurrent rate is very high so he really needs to moderate his training routines. With the kind of extreme training he went through for 300 I suspect the shoulder injury is not the only one he inflicted on himself.

  • Cheesy

    Is he still hosting screenings of 300 in his house???
    Does he really use “Have you seen 300″ as a pick up line???
    Or was he kidding??
    Save him from himself.
    The fat chick blocking the view is another healing arts patron. Duh.