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Jessica Biel: Safari in South Africa!

Jessica Biel: Safari in South Africa!

Jessica Biel takes a break from Hollywood and goes on safari in South Africa on Thursday (February 12)!

The 27-year-old actress took in the nature around her and documented the trip by taking photos of the wildlife.

This past month, Jess traveled to Tanzania and reached the Uhuru Peak of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness of the planet’s water crisis.

On the business front, THR reports that Jess‘ film, Valentine’s Day, is expected to top the box office with $45 million or more.

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  • bynia

    She better should look for a work. She is getting every day sicker. Can’t believe that.

  • tanya

    I thought we will have a break from her fugly mouth, why the hell are you showing her stupid pictures here? She should better find a psychiatrist

  • xxx

    Hmm… where’s Justin? Don’t leave him unattended in a completely different continent, jess….. oh oh trouble in paradise.

  • xxx

    Oooh, where’s Justin? Leaving your man unattended on a completely different continent is not a good idea. Oh oh.. trouble in paradise??



  • tasha

    SHE SHOULD NEVER COME BACK! we surly don’t miss her!

  • larissa

    finally, she found the right place! i really was scared about jessicas activities in the last time, but now she is foundig to herself!
    that’s great!

  • wowowow

    wow she even called the photogs in africa to take pics of her. that’s really pathetic.

  • alice

    she is completey sick. i really don’t understand why you take her so seriously. I get upset when i have to see her and her ugliness.

  • brightside

    Don’t like her – but have to admire her for climbing Kili. OK so, as mountains go, it’s no Kenya or Meru – but she did it for a very good cause and that’s more than can be said for most of the vacant-brained airheads in Hollywood. Stand up and be recognised the Rachel Bilsons and Lindsay Lohans of Hollywood because you are now more useless than Jessica Biel!

  • ่jimmy

    love her.

  • mikan

    she looks ugly as always. there are so many ( famous) peope who go to safari trip every year, why just jessica biel get photographed. she is not world most famous person.

  • alan

    her brain is cell free, her thinking is mysterious

  • S3WA

    She looks great. I wish I could go on a safari too, I’ve had enough of this winter….

  • vox

    the woman next to her looks like lily allen

  • yo sista

    I hope a Lion eats her! Go Go Go Lion, be our Hero & save the humanity, one less dumb hollywood b!tch!

    OMG Lions are so HAWT!!!

    Send Timberlame’s a$$ to Africa too & Kanye & his freaky hoe & beyAWNce & Gay-Z!!!! So they all get eaten by them Hero Starving Lions!

    OMG the World would b such a better place!

  • lexy

    Jessica looks fine and the reason you see so much of her is b/c she’s got a movie out. At least she can be considered an actual actress and celebrity unlike some has-beens JJ seems to love. Not only did Jessica climb the mountain she & Alba were out there last year helping raise awareness for breast cancer.
    I think Justin is just laying low so as to not take away the spotlight from her and her movie. I think it’s great she does her own thing and doesn’t NEED Justin to take care of her or pay her bills. Justin’s probably working or hanging out with him mom and grandma enjoying some southern cooking! He’s a self-proclaimed mama’s boy and it’s adorable!

  • franziska

    @lexy – what the hell has her f…… movie to do with that trip. she is really pathetik and it’s not going to be better

  • Lola

    So many ignorant people with ignorant, hateful comments on here. They must have really sad, miserable lives.

  • matt

    @lexy, she is more sick than any other celebrety in this world. her inside ugliness is very public and is going to be stranger every day more.

  • tasha

    @Lola……..,,,,,,,,look better at your own f…… life!

  • arta

    that douche should better take more care to her career than to do this time wasting activities

  • AutumnM

    A total butter face Jess is

  • http://justjared abailey6666

    Soooooooo many JEALOUS ass hater’s of Jessica Biel. Jessica doesn’t need or ask anybody DAMMpermision on what she does. Justin and Jessica is pretty much kept privat.That’s why some people make up SHIT,because they don’t kiss the tabloid media ass.

  • tasha

    @abailey6666 – ohh they pretty much do that. just wake up dude! they need the media and they need the fans to stay alive. they just have made some money and thinks they don’t need anyone anymore. they are the key to success and to be recognized. grow up dude, your live is not over yet!

  • haha

    how the THR know that the movie will top the box office with $45M or more when the movie opened today?

  • nena

    Does she always to show that fugly lips, we have seen enough the last days. she could wear a mask. just a tip for the future.

  • tasha

    i guess nobody goes to watch jessica biel, there are so many other actresses they go for. her leading role movies never gets to the cinema because nobody wants to watch them. any other arguments?you never read the press?

  • marief

    While she goes on safari in Africa photographs are taking her picture…Really ? Are we supposed to believe they keep on following her moves all the time ? She is a d-lister !

  • Amber-louise

    Is that butchy woman with Jessica her gf? I heard she likes women as well as guys.

  • twilightdude

    Wow! I never knew she had a hater. She’s so nice. Whats up with all these posts? Maybe it’s the guilt factor. She’s doing good for people and that makes all the haters feel bad about themselves.

  • twilightdude

    Also, why when other people get hater posts does jj take it off and here they dont?

  • marissa



    they can keep he untalented inflated butt

  • marissa


    how sad

  • A

    I’m not sure those are from Feb. 12th, I think after the Mt. Kilimanjaro climb she went to Africa so it’s probably around then.

  • jill

    @abailey6666: She thinks shes really hott (she said in an interview she was too attractive to get roles ) and witout jt…where would she be? she cant act for her life!

  • Yo. So LA!

    NICE! She’s using a Canon!

  • tasha

    @Yo. So LA!
    she should shoot herself with that, nobody needs her for anything!

  • flo

    jessica biel is really fugly, her face looks overcooked.

  • lexy

    LMAO!!! Wow! Some of you need to stop watching soap operas and E! News. Turn on CNN or the BBC so you can get a reality check.
    @ Marissa – oh please honey…save your foolish remarks for someone who cares. You act like you KNOW something but if you did you wouldn’t be here on this board. I’d see YOUR picture on the cover of all those tabloids at the supermarket as you told America the “truth” behind J&J and earned yourself a few bucks – just like Tiger Woods & Josh D’s women. Oh except of course these women DID know something as opposed to just talking trash!!

  • leslie

    before to give your surce, have you read the whole interview or just the part in gossip website?? because what she said it’s an exemple that a director said to her and not what she thinks about her but now people believe everything in the web and don’t know think by themselves. it’s easy to take some words and put them out of context!!!!

  • mirko

    i think this is a good therapy for jessica biel,
    she should accept herself how she is
    and not always run after guys and fulfill
    their sex fantasies.
    just to get more famous.
    That never ends good!

  • justin

    she should find to herself, find a real love- someone who loves you not just for your Body! and learn to live a normal live!

  • leslie

    i think too it wasn’t yesterday but last month when she was in africa to climb kilimanjaro

    i find her cute she doesn’t care to go out often without make up or bruhing!! i really love to know who are pretty according to you because under the make up they are the same as us.

    and you hate her so much so why waste your time to look her pics it’s not like there is JT or someone else famous that you like. your life is so boring and pathetic??
    i hate britney spears paris hilton miley cyrus angelina joli but i don’t go on their post just to say i hate them and criticize them. I just don’t care of them and i’m over them and their life!! i think it’s what it’s called maturity and most of you do need it.

  • tasha

    @leslie. Who the hell likes JT he is more sick than his prostitute boyfriend and she has really a depths mental problem.

  • nicole

    @ justin.
    jessica biel is not looking for real love, she just want to sell her body and get rich. that’s everything she wants to achieve in her live. and her whole family supports her at that.

  • leslie

    i really love to know how old are people who comment here may be i could be less worry

  • leslie

    so can someone explain me why you read look and comment pics of people you hate and don’t care?? what is it bring you? satisfaction to say the truth that they tried to hide us?? or it’s you who have depths mental problem!!!

  • nicole

    we younger than and you and more intelligent as you ever will be!

  • nicole

    i am 24years old and have never known such a dullness as you are before.