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Jennifer Aniston: Joyful Heart for Mariska Hargitay!

Jennifer Aniston: Joyful Heart for Mariska Hargitay!

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are all working to empower and support survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse through Mariska Hargitay‘s charity, the Joyful Heart Foundation.

The Law & Order: SVU star worked with t-shirt brand Michael Stars to come up with a limited edition cotton knit shirt featuring inspirational words including “survival” and “love” – for every shirt sold, a donation is made to the Joyful Heart Foundation!

At a party for Mariska and Michael Stars‘ partnership, celebs like Jen and Courteney sported the shirts to show their support!

Pick up your own tee at!

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Photos: Tiffany Mortenson
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  • …….

    Don’t by the caring part at all but just her wanting to be seen.

  • brit

    Courtney please never invite jen to be on your show, I love you but just don’t like Jen.

  • 2010

    Where’s that video that talks about Aniston fake crying and falling apart when she is asked a serious question about this very issue she supports? If you are a celebrity that supports a cause, you ought to be able to stand up and speak up for it..not run to your publicist and whine.
    The reporter was fired for asking Aniston a question about her charity but yet Jolie gets asked every stupid personal question under the sun.

  • tim

    stop hatin biatches, instead buy the shirt and hopefully save a life.

  • brit

    Jen should really start with her own mother. I feel awful that she abandoned her and talks so negative about her.

  • crissy

    How about just writing a check and be done with it. God knows all three have millions to give in spare change.

  • crissy

    tim aka tammy why the fake name?

  • crissy

    Jen doesn’t have time she’s out saving mexico you goofs.

  • fresh

    #3 here it is :…;feature=player_embedded

    4:30 mark—-she had the guy fired. What a ******

  • derek

    Why does she seem so phony to me? Im sure she’s a nice gal but she definitely comes across as fake.

  • jdub

    courtney cox is very fortunate looking….just sayin

  • Mariska not jen

    Mariska Hargitay should be in the headline not jennay. For heavens sakes she can carry her own damn name JJ without taking her clothes off.

  • ade

    You haters are just crazy. I wonder if YOU do something for change. And I’m SO SURE that Aniston does. She’s amazing! And I think Courteney should invite Jen to her show. Both amazing, brilliant, gorgeous celebs. LOVE YOU, JENNIFER! Keep going with your amazing 41 ;)

  • 2010


    Sorry, your link didn’t work but I did find it. 4:30 mark? Thanks!

  • Piper

    that’s a horriable picture of all of them. they look like a bunch of old floozies!

    seriously can this girl do anything without involving clothes, tan and cocktails?

  • Anne Marie


    “Jen should really start with her own mother. I feel awful that she abandoned her and talks so negative about her.”

    I guess you didn’t read where Jen and her mother are reconciled. Jen stated in People magazine awhile back that she has reconciled with Nancy who, now at the age of 70, is living in Colorado and has a boyfriend. In fact, it was Christmas of 2008 when Jen had a huge Christmas Day party at her new home and her father, mother and brothers were all there. Jen went on record saying that it was the first time since she was 9 years old that her whole family was together under one roof and that it was the best Christmas she had had in years.

    Read more:

  • Piper

    derek @ 02/12/2010 at 2:09 pm Why does she seem so phony to me? Im sure she’s a nice gal but she definitely comes across as fake.

    because she is. anyone who has to work at being “normal and cool” seldom is.

  • Anne Marie


    “How about just writing a check and be done with it. God knows all three have millions to give in spare change.”

    How do you know they didn’t write a check? Hmmmm? 9 times out of 10, they all contributed before leaving the event. One usually doesn’t attend a fundraiser without making a donation.

    Read more:


    I love Mariska. Watch Law&Order SVU every week. Why does she not get the headline? Another JA thread really?? MUST WE SEE HER OVER AND OVER AGAIN??????????

  • QQQQ


  • lillyb


    if Jennifer Aniston does something for charity…she is the devil, a fake, phoney, fugly, blah, blah…


    If a certain other scarecrow looking fugly actress does something for charity…she is a saint.

    spare me the cra%p please.

    alrightey then.

  • fakery

    Fake smile. Got someone fired because she couldn’t answer the question about the issue (rape benefit) she was supporting.
    Go to 4:30

  • Bella

    Why do you find every charity and good will from Jennifer Aniston as a way for her to get publicity. I don’t care about the reason(not just from Aniston but from anyone) as long as something good is done. How have we all became so ungrateful about such things!

  • 2010

    “Why do so many women get raped by men they know?” sounds like a reasonable question for a woman that supposedly was chairing a charity supporting rape victims. She could have been the voice for so many victims.

    Jennifer should have been able to handle the question.

  • Pinkrose

    They , all three, look like self-indulged, overexposed , badly-aging, stupid biatches. They do not look like people interested in helping others, just promoting themselves. The longer you stay in Hollywood and breathe the air, the more self-obsessed and narcissistic you become. Please biatches, leave the sunshine, tanning and constant makeup and the Hollywood fakeness, travel the world, meet other people, learn other perspectives, help other people and GROW.

  • ade

    You guys are being ridiculous.

  • Wannabet

    fakery @ 02/12/2010 at 2:27 pm

    Fake smile. Got someone fired because she couldn’t answer the question about the issue (rape benefit) she was supporting.
    Go to 4:30

    Read more:
    I feel so sorry for the guy to be fired because of this pathetic Aniston.

  • Betcha

    ade @ 02/12/2010 at 2:30 pm

    You guys are being ridiculous.

    It’s Maniston who’s ridiculous for getting someone fired because she didn’t know how to answer a question about the benefit she was supporting. It showed how fake and airhead she was.

  • ade

    Yeah, so what? I hate those rumors and stuff, Jennifer is amazing and I still believe on that.

  • AutumnM

    Jen still thinks she’s like 15 or something. I don’t buy that she cares so much. This is just a photo op for her. When is this chick gonna grow up?


    Aniston is a looser, only she would get someone fired for her lack of intelligence. Poor bltch is desperate to paint her a good light. Popularity is still down. That Movie she did with GB will tank. hahaha

  • Miami Girl

    Now these are “real ladies”…Everything they touch turns to gold…I will be getting my shirt ASAP…I love to help American charities…We need to look out for our own…Nobama certainly isn’t going to look out for us… “Kudo’s girls…Keep up the good work! The best of the best right there in that pic!


  • Miami Girl

    btw~keep up the multiple postings hater…None of us can even tell that you are one in the same…(yeah right)…”yawn”…:)

  • CelebFan

    thank you Jen for all the hard work you do!

    LOVE you JA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janeth

    All you dumb as* people talking shi* are just some bitter old as* putas! Or young whor*s!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a freaking life, I don’t understand all the HATE are all you lonely Bitche* that desperate or bitter that you have to talk about someone you haven’t even meet. You tards need counseling. Your damned if you DO damned if you don’t… I find her just lovely and great.

  • Kim

    OMG Jen ‘bikini queen” Aniston didn’t make Playboy sexiest celeb list well there is always the FHM , Maxim and Empire Lists oops she didn’t make those lists either. Well thats OK she has , well Gerard until the Bounty Hunter comes out.

  • Jen’s Film The Baster

    Jen’s late film, The Baster, will now have a new title. Here is the news about the film being released August 20th.

    As exciting as a romantic comedy featuring Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston is, a title like “The Baster” (after, yes, a turkey baster) isn’t one to inspire immediate interest. The title was inspired by the Jeffrey Eugenides short story which is what it was based on, also titled “Baster.” MTV News got a chance recently to talk to the scribe behind the project, Allan Loeb, and found out that we weren’t the only ones unenthused about the project.

    “I believe we are not going to be calling it ‘The Baster’,” Allan said. “As a movie title, it doesn’t seem to be as exciting to the powers that be that are going to have to market it. So the title will change.”

    Only time will tell what the film will end up being called but, with a release date of August 20, said powers that be will have plenty of time to brainstorm.

    Considering the context of the turkey baster used in the story, it seems politically correct that the title be changed. Jennifer’s character Kassie uses the baster to artificially inseminate herself with sperm from a donor, which it actually turns out her best friend Wally, played by Jason, replaced with his own. Seven years later when the friends reunite, Wally needs to struggle with his secret.

    “I can tell you that the movie is wonderful. I am very proud of it and very happy with it,” Alan said. “Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman both shine amazingly in this movie. Fans of Jason Bateman and Jennifer are going to be very happy and very excited to see their performances in this picture.”

  • Luvee

    Janeth @ 02/12/2010 at 2:45 pm
    You are the one who needs to go to an anger management program. Why so angry if it’s not true?

  • anon

    She’s a big loser, but i like court and mar.


    It is disgusting that a 41 y/o woman would flaunt her body on the beach for days to show off, like that is all women in the world need, just keep that body tan and tone and you will do fine. You don’t need any brains.

    Aniston is an insult to all women who have a mind and can use it.

  • AutumnM

    @Miami Girl

    You shallow, stupid, child.

    Yes everyone, take a look, THESE are the kinds of fans Jennifer Aniston attracts. Shallow, racist, nasty, ignorant and always hating on other countries. Other countries need more help and that’s just a fact. If people are suffering and in need of help, who the hell cares where they are from? Have a heart!

    And to the idiot Jen fan saying that Jen is always called a fake, while Angie is called a saint, this happens because Angelina is SINCERE about her charitable efforts and has been recognized by leaders from all over for all she’s done. Jennifer is phoney and once “joked” that “charity was not her thing”. She doesn’t care about helping out. I have never ONCE SEEN THIS WOMAN VISITING orphanages or interacting WITH LOCALS from poorer countries!!! She will NEVER do that. Angie on the other hand takes the time to actually SPEAK with suffering people and donates money as well. She gives a lot of time and effort to help others and is CONSTANTLY recognized for her efforts by countless organizations and even WORLD LEADERS. Has Jen ever in her life been recognized by a world leader like Angie has? Didn’t think so. Angie is genuine, Jen is not.

    Jennifer wearing some t-shirt that advocates for the rights to help abused women doesn’t prove much. What effort does she really make? When is Jennifer ever going to talk to abused women face to face or locals in poor countries or visit orphanages? She doesn’t care. This is why many feel she’s fake.

  • JonMeyer


  • Maniston is Ugly

    Everytime she is pictured with a woman, ANY woman, her fug self strike back in full force.
    She is FUGLY to the core and has the face of a tranny !

  • mickey

    I like Mariska.

  • Fred

    Buy clothes and go on vacations – saving the world Anison style.

  • Cindy

    I cannot stand Aniston – she is becoming more annoying each day. And we just know that her massive PR machine has decided to make her more charitable after using her divorce for PR for the last five years.

  • Maniston looks OLDER

    How come Mariska and Courntney who are both mother and older than Aniston looks much younger than her ?

  • Ellen


  • Cindy

    Anything for PR – this gal did not give a $hit about charity before people started calling her on her vapid lifestyle and the fact that she lied about wanting kids. Aging girlfriend wants to suntan, star in B-movies, date losers and go on and on about kids – where are the kids then? Have one already but stop pretending you want kids when your every move says something different.

  • Bruce

    Mariska is so beautiful! She looks so vibrant and youthful putting those other 2 old ladies in the photo to shame!