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'We Are The World 25 For Haiti' Debuts TONIGHT!

'We Are The World 25 For Haiti' Debuts TONIGHT!

The world premiere of the “We Are The World” reboot will air tonight (February 12) at 8:45/7:45c during the Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics!

With more than 80 artists involved and a good reason to re-record the song, “We Are The World 25 For Haiti” will raise money and make grants for efficient Haiti relief and continual development of programs to benefit the nation in the future through the newly created We Are The World Foundation.

As soon as the song premieres on NBC, it’ll be available for download and on, iTunes and on YouTube. You can see the music video on all three sites.

To see the complete list of artists involved or to donate, visit!

We Are The World 25 For Haiti
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  • happy girl

    glad they are doing this for haiti. i wish some of the people from the first version were in this. i hope it sounds ok. please don’t ruin a good song. please!! either way, will buy it to help the kids in haiti.

  • yo sista

    A bunch of Has Beens, trying to get back to the spotlight for a second.

  • jj

    Meh, Nobody good showed up.

  • Naomi

    weird all the has beens are in the front and the real artists are peppered in the middle/back

  • AutumnM

    Real artists are in the back? Yeah unless you consider people like Justin Bieber, Black eyed peas and others REAL artists. No matter if some are has been’s or not, the likes of Barbra Streisand have more talent in their pinky than most of these young, talentless hacks have in their entire bodies. When will you silly little children on this site understand this?

  • Naomi

    @AutumnM: excuse me, more relevant artists: Josh Groban, Jonas Bros, Adam Levine, BEP, Justin B…yeah you’re right but babs is not hot in the streets right now SORRY OLD LADY!!

  • AutumnM

    I’m 22, you silly child. I wasn’t even around when Streisand was at her peak, but thank god my Parents always played good music around the house so I know better. I know real talent and good music. I don’t care whose relevant or not. That doesn’t mean anything to me. Their music still sucks! Although I do like Jason Mraz and very few of these newer artists. These artists today can’t even sell records anyway. You’re considered successful these days if you go platinum, whereas before that was a joke. Artists in the 70′s,80′s and 90′s were selling 20 million records an album. Only thing is they had the talent to back it up as well.

    Most of these artists today have no talent and can’t sell records (Beyonce, Gaga, Lil Wayne, Eminem are exceptions).

  • AutumnM

    Oh, Alicia Keys as well I meant to say. She is young and has both talent and can sell records. A rare combination these days.

    Speaking of has been’s, guess who’s #1 on the charts this week selling over 400,000 copies of their album? SADE! Haha, that’s right. 50 years old and selling more records than most of these young artists. I love when these older artists kick these newer, talentless artists ass.

  • Naomi

    @AutumnM: sade is amazing but lil wayne is just terrible so you lose. don’t be mad grandma!

  • Naomi

    also was sade even there? i don’t think so. i guess you’re just rambling cause you’re old and cranky.

  • Pixy

    I still don’t understand why they couldn’t write a new song…Why redo it….?? It just seems uncreative….

  • LadyB

    I just saw this..Though I love what they did with the song..the voices are not as strong as the original.

  • S

    Saying that someone like Streisand is a has-been is pure ignorance and stupid.

    Check the facts… out from a 20 tour date in 2006 the woman made 92$mil, she was part of the highest grossing comedy movie ever (Meet the Fockers in 2004) and her latest album “Love Is The Answer” debut at #1 last year, making her the only artist ever to achieve #1 albums in five consecutive decades.

  • John N.

    I would donate to Haiti, many times over before I bought this song. Horrible and terrible song, out of sync with the video and the producers made a point of not including anyone from the original. Why was Michael Jackson in the video, he is gone, you can stop adding him into everything.

  • wtf

    OMG this was horrible!!!!!! so so so terrible.

  • Lola

    Wyclef is embarrassing!

  • blamchops

    nothing will ever be able to top the original.

  • Leila

    OMG can’t believe Justin Bieber sang this.. he totally ruined the song

  • gopoleen

    Original was so much better
    Wyclef’s part was off-putting

  • Cedric

    Completely and utterly horrendous! From the rapping to the over-singing by some artists, it was dreadful.

  • Susan

    Not bad but nothing will ever top the original version of this song and lil Wayne? Please!!! *rolls eyes*

  • mcgranahand

    at first i thought it was a girl singing to opening part but it was justin B who has not hit puberty yet

  • :)

    its pretty good :)

  • flyer172

    @happy girl: barely sounded like the original. Sounded like a bunch of wannabe’s trying get their name on a song they should have left alone. Leave the attitude at home! The original version did not have “rap”…poor decision Quincy!

  • Chanel

    @AutumnM: Amen!

    I’m only 17 and I know this isn’t good.

    Nothing will top Michael.


  • hi

    funny, i just felt a sense of peace on this thread

  • cindy

    So it….. was nothing like the first We Are The World. Nothing can compare to that one!

  • Sgt Friday

    Holy cow, even if Babs isn’t the latest, hottest thing, anyone who thinks she’s washed up voice-wise needs to get some Murine and clean the wax out of their ears.

    You people don’t know a phenomenal voice when you hear it. Justin Bieber is what passes for good these days? Now that’s a laugh.

  • Ryan

    Pretty lame. I’d donate to Haiti just to not listen to this version.

  • faith87


    The original is way way way better! They should have just used that song for it.

  • Leni

    what’s the name of the person that began the song. He or she sounds awesome love it.

  • Sandra

    I just listened to the original so I could get the awful mix from the newer version out of my head…after I listened to the original I realized there was such a better mix(blues, country, rock, soul, pop). Every artist on the original I loved to hear their part. I just dont like Wyclef Jean on this Uggh what was going on with that? Also, I noticed that each time they moved into a group shot their were different people each time. Notice that except for the rap, most sang in studio? I was so hoping for something better this time. Bummer. But, it made me go back and enjoy the heck out of the first one.

  • faith87

    Instead of videotaping these artists singing boxed in their little room, they should have gone out there and got their hands dirty with those poor people instead of occasionally flashing back and forth between the two.

  • kiki

    I don’t mean to sound like a hater, but Justin B. Sounded HORRIBLE! like really really bad.
    and Jenifer Hudson sounded wonderful really great.

  • flo

    omg i nearly cried this is a very great video! god bless haiti

  • 2010

    I thought it was beautiful. Bringing this many people together was a tough feat. Thank you to all those gave their voice and time, you did a good job.

    It wasn’t suppose to sound totally like the original, why would it?

  • Rowena

    C’mon Justin Bieber? Miley? KANYE FREAKIN WEST?!!! WTF!

  • Ginger

    What’s great about the Black community is that when something tragic happens, they go out to help each other… Because Asia didn’t have this much exposure of support from American celebs during the Tsunami in 2004, the earthquake in China in 2008 or the earthquake in Pakinstan 2005… Angelina Jolie did go and visit the Pakinstan survivors after the earthquake however. Though some celebrities did donated money for these tragedies it wasn’t big of an impact as Haiti. Of course, Haiti needed more help since their country is below poverty… But maybe other race needs to be more involved with their own people during these kinds of tragedies and do something great like this.

  • Peter

    Wow you guys are pretty ignorant! The idea was to raise money for Haiti, the original version was for Africa. Who cares who sang, you are missing the point, they got together to help the cause in Haiti. Now go buy the song and support the cause, and stop being ignorant.

  • Ginger

    @faith87: I agree!!! You are right!!! They should’ve been out there with the survivors…

  • cc

    the only part i enjoyed was michael and janet :(

  • Anon

    Thank you to all the stars who worked on this version. I thought it sounded great. It’s not suppose to sound just like the original.
    This is about helping the people of Haiti and honoring MJ. Everyone is hardcore critics these days. Now please give.

  • Carrie Underwood

    Throw Kanye out there with the people suffering in Haiti and I’ll personally donate 500 bucks. Eff him….the big douchebag…pretending he cares.

  • Linda

    I hate this remake.
    I would rather buy Hope for Haiti again or Simon Cowell song than this.

  • sammy

    I think it doesnt come even close to the original, the original will always be the best because it had Michael Jackson in it, im glad they included him in it, but the part with him and Janet seemed a bit weird to me they couldve done it better.

  • mihay

    Personally I thought they ruined the song. A great song tunred into crap!

  • lalala yea!!

    hahaha it was awful the beginning was good until they brought miley who can not sing!!! ahhh she is only famous cuz she has little kids worshipping her..remember wen hilary duff was like that famous where is she now?..n the rapping ahhh i am ashamed to be black. wyclef was good in the begining then the end was a lil to dramtic. n poor bieber he has talent just not amazing talent.mj is rolling in his grave

  • rossy40

    I would have liked it better if a different song had been used instead. It makes it appear as if Haiti is the new “Africa” – It makes me think that there was no thought going into this & the fad of recycling/remaking songs &/or movies is… less time-consuming & easier than doing something new.
    Yes. When I first heard it I thought it somewhat corny for what it was meant to represent: famine in Ethiopia & the problems in Africa at that time. But it worked – I doubt ANY other song or event would have been successful.
    To me, Haiti deserves… better than a recycled song & rushed get-together to sing it in order to recapture the effect of 25 years ago; it takes away the importance of both the tragedy in Haiti, & the tragedy in Africa that inspired the song’s inception all those years ago.

  • adrianna

    Whaaaaaat!!!! OMG why didn’t they CUT justin beiber OMG it’s embarrassing and miley cyrus OH my a disaster !
    thank god jennifer hudson, pink, jamie fox, adam levine, josh groban CAN sing but the best part was mJ.

    oh and what was wyclef doind i don’t wanna be mean cause i know he CAN sing but it was kind of.. wierd

    the auto tune and rap parts were funny

  • Whatever

    WTF was that!!! Justn Beiber starting the song!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are u insane to whomever thought of this. And Miley Cyrus!!! Toy think that teens will buy this! Bunch of crap!