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Alexis Bledel: Gilmore Girls Movie?

Alexis Bledel: Gilmore Girls Movie?

Alexis Bledel mesmerizes with her piercing blue eyes at a press junket for her new film, The Good Guy at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles on Thursday (February 11).

At the junket, the 28-year-old actress was asked if she would star in a Gilmore Girls movie. “I don’t know what story is left to tell,” Alexis told E!‘s Marc Malkin. “But I’d very curious to read a script.”

As for her character Rory being a mother by now, Alexis shared, “Oh my god—a baby bump! Could you imagine? I actually always thought they were going to do that in the series. Since Lorelai got pregnant early, I thought my character was supposed to get pregnant early because she had all these boyfriends. Rory always had boyfriends.”

FYI: Alexis is wearing a dress from H&M. Looks so much more expensive, though! She paired her dress with Andromeda booties by Jerome C. Rousseau.

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  • anon

    Her eyes are gorgeous and the dress is cute but the shoes are totally wrong.

  • Gigliola

    OMG Alexis is freaking awesome! :)

  • Joey

    so pretty

  • Saudia

    Omg how about a Gilmore Girls reunion?? I adore this show .. too bad it ended. Alexis looks gorgeous here .

  • sara

    i love her so much!!! i want GG back!

  • Jeren

    she s cute in any age..she s still gorgeous ..missed GG

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Gilmore

    omg i would love there to be a gilmore girls movie that would be awesome

  • victoria


  • Melody1836

    so beautiful :)))
    ideally I would have like for Gilmore Girls to not end like it did :((((
    but a GG movie would be so awesome ! !
    I miss Lauren Graham too, she was just perfect

  • yo sista

    She’s cute and Jared what’s upp with the slow updating?

  • CanadaGirl

    What beautiful eyes. She’s a beautiful girl, but she needs to stay out of the sun; she has a little sun damage/spots on her chest.

  • Sarah

    I love her!
    And I love Gilmore Girls!

    It was be amazing if there was a GG movie!
    Maybe a reunion between her and milo?
    They maybe a gorgeous couple! :)

  • Dreadlocks

    Damn…..Her eyes are sooooo… Ha. GORGEOUS. I remember I watched Gilmore girls when I was little..Well, I wasn’t even 10 years old I mean……..I’m 20 now. I don’t think I even saw the end of the series. Would be interesting to see a movie but usually they slaughter a series when they make it into a movie….just sayin’.

  • Lux

    @canadagirl. I’m pretty sure she just has freckles. She’s always been pale.

    I never find stuff like this dress at my H&M :(

  • nat

    I would love a GG movie! The finale was disappointing! GG is one of my favorite shows, I still watch the reruns. I do hope for a GG movie. But I wouldn’t like Rory to be a mom.

  • Jenny

    Alexis is 28, but damn sure doesn’t look it. At all!!!

  • essie

    bah it’s ppl like her that makes life so unfair wahwah

  • jeris

    Jeeez Jared why are you always feature Alexis on “weekends” Anyways thanks for it!

  • mars

    I lover her and I missed her. Good to see her back w/ another movie,… And GO w/ the GG movie… YAY!!!

  • emmett

    HURRAY for the Most Beautiful GIrl In HW and stating that she’s just pretty or cute would be an understatement.

  • booboo

    Alexis Bledel mesmerizes with her piercing blue eyes…

    RIGHT ON Jared, she’s always is!!!

  • claude

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous and awesomely sexy!!!!

  • round face aguilera fans

    … don’t know what the big deal is with her …. am i missing somethin’?

  • kaizz

    Alexis still rocks… she is one of the only people in Hollywood who does not play into the media. I love her and can’t wait for her new movie!

  • mamma-mia

    Alexis has great features! A well-proportioned face, straight nose, gorgeous lips and great bone structure. She is very attractive. Her skin looks flawless & un-retouch. She is not at all average looking – she is “above average good looking”.

  • ceecee

    I’d watch a gilmore girls movie… anytime, so do it now ASAP!!!

  • rune

    Most CAPTIVATING eyes on the planet!!!

  • niles
  • niles

    @ FYI: Alexis is wearing a dress from H&M. Looks so much more expensive, though!

    I love the way she dress, she dresses very simply and not over done, and still look very fantastic without a lot effort and look very comfy. And with the beige dress on, she can pull off a sexy and hot & at the same time very classy & ethereal looking.

  • sloane

    Alexis looks (forever) young, fresh, and perky here…

  • pristine

    Cant wait for another Alexis movie, The Conspirator w/ the now hotlister & real actor James MCavoy

  • nicky

    YES!!!,…the show should still be on!!!I say bring the show back!Make it like the end was just a bad dream!..BRING BACK GILMORE GIRLS!!!!!!

  • arlus

    I swear Alexis never ages… like she really drunk that water from that Tuck Everlasting movie LOL

  • shanshan

    Even if a GG reunion would be a musical, I’ll still dig it (lol)
    Its Lorelai & Rory forever & ever!!!

  • giette

    Alexis has the most gorgeous face and the brightest eyes!!!! stunning goddess!

  • anonix

    A GG Movie?!
    YES, that would be great!
    I love this show and there are still some loose threads that need to be tied up…

  • schnickels

    I love seeing Lauren Graham anytime and esp with Alexis! Oh the memories of enjoying GG. They’re probably the two women in hollywood with the best chemistry. i dont think anyone ever played mother/daughter of someone and had this much chemistry
    So its a MUST GO!!!

  • rafferty

    I love GIlmore Girls! So Alexis & Lauren have pity on us and make a movie now – seriously…

  • still_a_trory


  • larcey

    Beautiful… Lovely… Funny… Sincere… any of these adjectives more than describe Alexis!

  • loverducky

    Gilmore Girls movie? yes please!

  • marlough
  • tennille

    She’s too adorable for words, the more I learn about her the more I just love her. I love how awkward she is in interviews, so cute, so humble yet interesting…

  • CanadaGirl

    @Lux: Freckles (and brownish sun spots) ARE sun damage. It’s your bodies way of saying get the hell out of the sun. :)


    Alexis needs to be seen more & more rather than those “fugsome airheads” that Jared had been regularly post on his site. Get that Jared and you know whom I’m talking about?!

  • samaire

    I think Alexis should match her dress w/ the shoes that wore at this event…
    Just sayin… but she’s still looks “rocking so good”!

  • samaire
  • sterling

    Totally gorgeous! So unpretentious, so genuine, so down-to-earth. What a gracious & wonderful lady…Wishing Alexis all the best on her acting career.

  • krissy

    I just love Alexis. She has so much class. And I love her movies, they may be mostly chick flicks, but I just lover her. She is so beautiful and down to earth. I would love to opportunity to just chat with her.

  • carmichael

    Alexis eyes look always dreamy, its an electrifying blue color. She has the most beautiful, gorgeous looking eyes, soo piercing, no wonder that everyone can’t help complimenting them. Plus she does her own style not like a Hollywood puppet & slutty type! She’s truly a “face in crowd”.