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Victoria Beckham: Fashion For Haiti Relief!

Victoria Beckham: Fashion For Haiti Relief!

Victoria Beckham is fashion forward at Naomi Campbell‘s Fashion For Relief Haiti NYC 2010 fashion show at Bryant Park in New York City on Friday (February 12).

The 35-year-old fashionista paired a structured blazer with a Fashion For Haiti t-shirtBeyonce showed her support for the cause earlier this week!

Vic recently spoke out about the sudden death of designer Alexander McQueen.

McQueen was a master of fashion, creative genius and an inspiration,” Victoria said (via UKPA). “The fashion industry has lost a true great, an icon of all time. He made all he touched beautiful and will be desperately missed.”

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Photos: Dimitrios Kambouris/FFR/Getty
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  • jenny

    victoria beckham’s face looks oily

  • Whoever

    Two fashion greats! Love Naomi! One of the bests who ever done it and she still looks amazing! Love V Beckham closet… although I am surprised to see her so dressed down!!

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Love Love Posh So Much

  • Dieter

    Posh is the most beautiful woman in the world!

  • Seth

    Posh of course inspired by McQueen – she completely ripped him off!!

  • V

    I like this look on Victoria. For me i think this is the best shes looked in a while.

  • Lys

    that ugly sperficial woman!

  • Mel

    Victoria…You are at the top girl! Stay forever!

  • Right On

    She’s SOOOOOO UGLY! Ugh!

  • She’s VILE

    Bet this fugly piece of worthless shi* just showed up to get herself photographed as if she was actually doing something good. Can see right through her narcissistic, selfish self… Why no mention of how much $$$ this cow donated, hmmm? Cause she didn’t, that’s why! Everything she does is for her own selfish pursuits- she doesn’t care one iota about Haiti or any other natural disaster- it doesn’t affect her life, now does it? Only there to be papped. Worthless piece of manure sh**!- That’s Victoria Beckham. VILE

  • Wesie

    She is always amazing.

  • Beca

    In reply to the vile person who left a comment saying that Victoria is selfish…who do you think you are?? Do you know her? Of course not, I don’t know her either but I do not make assumptions like this about no one.
    You write why not mention how much $$$ this cow donated? Cause she didn’t.
    Well you don’t do your research because the Beckhams have donated millions to those who need. They don’t tell the world about it because it shouldn’t be something worth mentioning so that everyone can see how generous they are. Everyone should do their part for charity and not have to tell the world about it. Do you do your part? Not only celebrities are supposed to help others, we all are.
    Have you done anything for Haiti or any other cause? I bet not… VILE!

  • yo sista

    “Fashion For Haiti”???? Da Fu.c.k??!!

    People are dead & dying and those b!tches are posing for a so-called “good cause”! Gimme an effing break, it’s all PR!

    Look at Angelina she didn’t pose with full make-up & high heels & be like “ohai i’m here for charity, look at my tight Jeans”!!!!!

    B!tch please!

  • ummahyk

    i totally dislike this woman:)

  • Nic

    She can TOTALLY hold her own against anyone, even a supermodel like Naomi. Now that is what means having the x-factor, you dont have to be drop dead gorgeous, certain attitude and tons of swagger is always cooler. I really like her.

  • serge

    The woman ripped off McQueen, RM, Jil Sander. Look at their back seasons and you will see all Posh’s stuff. Only foolish journalists desperate for gifts praise her. Other designers don’t behind her back.
    She is as good at design as she was singing…nuff said

  • Re: “yo sista”

    yo sista: Totally Agree!

    @ Beca: you’ve shown yout true colors- jumpin all over other ppl’s posts. Last I knew this was a gossip site/message board & ppl. are ENTITLED to leave their very own unique opinions whether you agree with them or not. What have YOU done for Haiti relief, hmmm? You lose out on your whole argument when you start name-calling and putting other poster’s opinions down. So what if poster #11 does not like this woman- what’s it to you? Do you know her personally? R U family? I think not, then why let another person’s opinion bother you so much? You like her, fine- # 11 doesn’t- what’s it to you?

  • CanadaGirl

    Victoria looks great. This look is very cute on her. The jeans are interesting.
    @Nic: I agree! She looks just as good (even a teeny bit better) than the beautiful Naomi. I love the picture of the two of them together.

  • yelp

    @#2 It’s for a good cause so I wont challenge the “two fashion greats” comment.. I can only see one. I commend Naomi for organizing another successful charity event, she really is “great” (hint, hint!)

  • meowz

    For once the pretentious Beckham woman had the common sense and decency to dress down, instead of trying to steal the limelight in some outlandish outfit. I know it’s for a good cause but cannot warm to the icky clothes horse for toffee.

  • lola

    Naomi (bad behavior aside) is the epitome of a true fashion icon with years of experience to back her up. The fugly victoria beckham is a sad, pathetic wannabee just like that old spice girl’s song- she’s nothing of importance-just a wannabee singer, a wannabee wife, a wannabee mother, a wannabee so called fashion desinger. She’s laughable and so utterly pathetic.

  • true

    Beckham is very pretty.

  • Sky

    beckham looks like a dried up prune, an oily swine, a wet cat and ferret all rolled into one. She’s one hideously unattractive woman- lucky for her she got preggers with that first beckham brat and davey-boy did the gentlemanly thing and married this fug-face disaster. Ick- can’t imagine waking up to that ^^^ every morning.

  • smh

    i wonder if these celebrities really care about Haiti?

  • boo

    You know Naomi was the first one to raise large sums for Katrina with her spontaneous fashion event and now Haiti. The press seems to focus only on her bad incidents never the good stuff. She has done more for fashion than useless victoria & has made much less money for doing so. She’s broke color barriers, healthy body image with having a strong physic, organizes charities and still can walk a runway like no other. Amazing!!

  • mickey

    Benefits for Haiti are the new black.

    This has become an all too trendy way for vacuous celebrities to feel important and good about themselves. I hope someone is really keeping track of where all this money is actually going. Concern for Haiti was in there somewhere at the start but I fear with the proliferation of all of these “benefits” I fear the real intent is getting lost and the focus is more about the celebrities putting on and participating in the events than the cause itself.

  • mickey


    Some do, most don’t.

  • nursedatingsite

    she is so pretty, shortpeopledate

  • nokia

    She looks pretty here….

    Why so many hatred… Is not like she is stealing someone elses husband, like Angelina?

  • yoyo

    Ppl. hate on her because she’s a fake, conceited, talentless, stuck-up bioitch who clearly thinks that she is someone important because she was a spice girl (gag me) and happens to be married to david beckham. She’s a worthless piece of sh**!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i like how victoria looks
    nothing ridiculous, she just choose some normal stuff and worked it out nicely
    looks kinda cute tbh
    and wtf happened 2 naomi’s face, it kinda looks bloated….

  • Frankie

    First she was going to be a dancer, then luckily for her she sang in a girl group, then she said she was a serious solo singer and thats all she ever wanted to do, coz she failed on all those attempts at fame she decides shes now a fashion designer. WHAT A JOKE, all her clothes are taken from RM. To make things worse the woman is an anorexic.

    How David is still married to this woman is beyond me.

  • chaos

    #27 @Mickey: COMPLETELY AGREE with your post. Once celebs get involved in these benefits, it becomes all about them and a marketing ploy/PR vehicle. Who knows if the money even reaches the real destination. Unfortunately, media is complicit the hypocrisy.

    Naomi and Posh, both useless waste of oxygen and space!

  • lalalaove

    Love VB. She’s even fashionable in a T.

    Once upon a time I was a McQueen fan, that was before all the horns, skulls and crossbones. The man killed himself, that says alot. May his sould R.I.P. He was powerhouse in the fashion industry.

  • bbwdatingfriends

    she is so pretty

  • oco

    Ugly is as Ugly poses. UGLY!