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Gerard Butler is Bare In Brazil

Gerard Butler is Bare In Brazil

A shirtless Gerard Butler steps out on the balcony of his suite at Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday (February 14).

Yesterday, the 40-year-old Scottish actor was spotted hanging out with 300 costar Rodrigo Santoro.

In March, you’ll be able to hear Gerard‘s voice as an old viking mentor in How to Train Your Dragon. He’ll be playing Stoick the Vast in the animated film about a young viking who becomes friends with a young dragon.

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  • Camille Barrett


    I heard Gerard is messing with a chick in LA, but she’s married to some studio exec, so it can’t be “serious” just really stupid.
    I just remember thinking Gerard better be careful if he sh*ts where he eats. Bad idea, I’m hoping untrue.
    Any of u other LA’ers “heard” rumors round the Roger room crew etc?

  • Camille Barrett

    Sorry, married or engaged or something, just that the woman is NOT single.
    Studio exec’s woman = stupid selfish Gerard.

  • Fritz

    @Camille Barrett:

    It takes two to tango.

  • Idiot

    @Kp Hearts Butler
    You make no sense and you constantly contradict yourself.
    Grow up!

  • CJ
  • Stinkylouise

    Studio exec’s woman=possible career killer.
    Would he be that stupid?

    Hi to all the regulars! I see G has been a busy boy.He looks like he’s having a great time.Love the beard.But the orange has got to go.

  • CJ
    For you Spanky

  • Webwatcher
  • Tracey in Tulsa, OK


    I agree…”IF” Gerry is actually that dumb…the same can be said for her.
    Let’s hope he isn’t.
    So where is pic of Alpharetta fannnie winning and crying into her chocolate sundae with happiness??

  • asfasdf

    Nicole S. is so Gerry’s type, and she is newly single.

  • http://jenardison jenardison

    Huvane is always the responsibility with you is too funny! I feel it will be a disappointment in the future days.


    Funny how most of you only see what you want to see.Because if you would have paid close attention you would clearly see that he is with his b/f.No it is not nick and not rodrigo.

    Pictures with women by his side is pure PR.Alan is working his a$$ off.

  • sukar


    I just googled her she is very beautiful. But apparently had a lot of plastic surgery?

  • ManLESSton, I likely
  • Webwatcher
  • On Behalf of N.S.:

    I wish you guys wouldnt talk about my friend Nicole S.!
    She is a wonderful woman and still “hurting” a lot from her break up.
    They still talk and she would like nothing more than to be back with him –
    Gerard is a nice man, lovely to talk with/to but Nicole is not interested and Gerard was even less.
    Gossip just hurts everyone involved. She is more than aware the internet “yap” has started, but honestly, there is nothing happening. Her heart still belongs to someone else.
    Thank you.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Thanks! Now Jenardison will have a hard time denying straight from Gerard’s mouth that he says they are just friends…. Maybe it will take a gossip site to get through to it. he he

  • sixoclock

    Who is Nicole anyway? An old friend of Gerry’s to meet up at Rio? I absolutely believe there is nothing going on between them or with any other girl; Gerry is in Rio for the Carnival and then he is gone and moved on to other destinations. He is the man on the go and definitely not to try to tie himself down by finding some sort of relationship for now.

  • yo

    oh, lucky nicole…from the way he was looking at her last night i can bet something happened or will

  • The Doctor Is In

    Butler is all about hit it then quit it. Fortunately for him the world is full of easy POA. Hope he brought his penicillin for that nasty drip he might develop from these roadkill encounters.

  • Nobody You Know

    @ManLESSton, I likely: @ManLESSton, I likely:

    I see one of his regular buddies has shown up. He is in the pic with Gerry and Alan on the balcony. This is the same guy he was with in Aspen, at a NY hockey game last year, and at the movie premiere in NY recently. (he was referred to as apple core guy in those photos)

  • yo

    @ The Doctor Is In…have your ever heard about condoms? it’s a great 20th century invention!

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Nobody You Know:
    I believe his nickname is AppleBob.

  • hmmm

    12 years ago, Pitt + Aniston=Buddies (husband) till media busted them out.
    Now, Butler + Aniston = Buddies
    4 years ago Vaughn + Aniston = Break Up(boyfriend)
    Now, Butler + Aniston = Bounty Hunter (buddies)
    last year Mayer + Aniston = Cabo getaway (boyfriend)
    Now,Butler + Aniston = Buddies

    yeah their buddies alright.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    hmmm idiot 2 hours ago = idiot 2 hours later
    today: Pitt in committed relationship with someone who is not Nippy
    today: Butler kissing and loving in Rio lots of someones who are not Nippy
    today: Vaughn engaged to someone who is not Nippy
    today: Mayer happily alone after dumping Nippy twice
    today: Bradley Cooper in committed relationship with someone who is not Nippy
    today: Norman in committed relationship with Nippy as long as she doesn’t forget to leave the door open.
    Question: why aren’t you spamming Nippy’s thread. The ho bag could really use some hits…since she can’t generate any in the theaters on her own.
    Keep dreaming…. Gerry should be in NYC by the 18th… Stickbug Week anyone?

  • CynicalButNot

    Whoever said Huvane has figured out that the Gerry Butler Express left the station yesterday and is now putting out the word (it was in People mag, too) that they’re just “buddies”, I think really nailed it. I’m just amazed (and more than slightly appalled) that they really thought if they kept saying “it’s so!” that it would miraculously become so. At least long enough to get TBH out. While I wish there had been a way for GB to get his point across without macking on women he snatched off the street, I have to tip my hat to him — it worked. Good job, Ger!

  • hmmm

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    you are so funny
    still pisssy now= and will be pissy forever. You are totally subjective what did Aniston do to you? such a hater. love your comments you’re entertaining.

  • sixoclock

    Gerboy is his own man – he proved it this time. At least he has the integrity not to join forces with Aniston’s PR team lying about the fake romance. He may just end up selling more seats for TBH because of that….count me in seeing the movie when it comes out.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Tipping my hat to you, too.
    It’s like the blinded Jenhens on here. If they scream and post it long enough it just might come true. I bet they are waiting for their lottery tickets too. Geeeesh

  • CynicalButNot

    @ManLESSton, I likely: “I bet they are waiting for their lottery tickets too. Geeeesh”


    …if only that really worked…

  • Bee

    Guys… Copacabana Palace is not near Rio de Janeiro, IT IS in Rio de Janeiro. It is located at Copacabana Beach in Station 3. It’s a beautiful and amazing 5 star hotel in front of the ocean and from there you are able to see the Sugar Loaf and the whole Copacabana shore. So, please, before posting anything, get the right information, OK?

  • myspacey

    Bee, are you from Rio? what Gerry is up to now? Any new development? He is forever tirelessly looking for pleasures of sight and sound. What a man.

  • diva do olodum

    Please, someone buy a world map to Just jared! LOL
    They don’t even check Goggle maps!
    Don’t worry
    We – brazilians women -are taking care of Gerard Bulter and he shows more than you can imagine…trust me!!!

  • numbersgame

    Oh yeah we can imagine…he is not a shy man when it comes mooning…but he so far has been quite tight on showing his manhood. Every part of his body is well documented except the you-know-what. Hope you all have a blast in Rio.

  • cubedweller

    @diva do olodum:
    “We – brazilians women -are taking care of Gerard Bulter and he shows more than you can imagine‚Ķtrust me!!!”
    Glad to hear Butler is being so well taken care of. Just what exactly is he showing? Inquiring minds would love to know.

  • JJ Postars

    are giving the us brasilia womens bad names!
    Gerard is respectable man, no moon and show body part.
    He has many friend, they are nice he tri to spek portugesa!!!

    No woman he has now layter who know?

  • Prawn Star


    You should go jump in a lake

  • teachersdatingsite

    Is he in a fake relationship?

  • hmmm

    another observation, Butler has been saying that the linkage between Aniston and himself is due to the movie. I did not they were promoting BH in Mexico. So shouldn’t he be going to Rio with Aniston to promote it. I don’t recall any movie being promoted 6 weeks prior the premier. Just remember the man is a lier I mean a lawyer.

  • Christine w/ the Auburn Eyes


    Yes the whole relationship with maniston is FAKE for promoting their dumb loser movie THE BOUNTY – dont go see it.
    The FAN LOSERS here like to put Gerry in a bunch of different relationships bc they themselves are LACKING relationships, real RELATIONSHIPs of any sort themselves. It’s quite sad.
    Carry on.

  • hellotheregb

    wow the Jen heads are still out tonight. Must be a full moon, honestly!! Hang in there Manlesston and cube we are out here supporting you so to speak. sooo strange, just posters bored and wanting to pick an argument. they need to chill and not as the other poster said spread so many crazy crap out there. all I am interested in is the G man and his parts. Ok i know we can’t really believe the poster but you know it is Rio and carnival what else are we thinking about!

  • Christine w/ the Auburn Eyes


    He is not with Jennifer Aniston. End of discussion, mkay?

  • cbinparadise

    I just don’t see Gerry going down to Mexico with a bunch of women if there wasn’t a little something else going on.
    And the girl in the alley with the umbrella sure did have the same body type/language as JA.

  • Floating Poop in Toilet

    But jen has no reason to lie but to make herself look more pathetic.
    why would he leave his GIRLFRIEND on valentines day you doof.
    it makes more sense that gerry is indeed screwing someone who is already “with” someone. then there are no expectations on his head and he gets to have all the fun but none of the commitment – AND the woman isnt going to talk bc SHE has something to lose too.
    I cant take it anymore. I was such a big fan of his. he has so disappointed me!

  • cbinparadise

    While I don’t think they are having a relationship I do think they are having fun/sex….

  • eliott

    Gerry, my good man, Rio becomes you. You seemed so unhappy in Mexico. It seems Aniston really does put the *meh* in Meh-hee-co. I’m glad to hear the Butiston romance rumors (courtesy of that silly bitch, Huvane) didn’t stick. The jenhens are like a terrier with a sock. It’s hard for them to let go.

  • hmmm

    @Floating Poop in Toilet:

    Should I think that he is better off with a woman in a relationship than Aniston? Wow that is different. Aniston has denied relationships before this is not the first. Remember Mayer who can’t keep his trap closed. That isn’t really her style. Look at Vaughn she kept that quiet till Oprah asked her on her show. The woman’s lovelife has been scrutinized all her relationship has been questioned. Why should divulge anything. Just look at the comments some of these women are downright mean and ugly. Maybe they want to keep just theirs.

  • Floating Turd in Toilet


    No. She is embarrassed and humiliated. That’s why she NEEDS to be with someone ALLLLWAYS. She cant be alone because a prettier and more headstrong woman (angelina) defeated her and stole her husband right from under her rhinoplastied nose.
    She needs a man to be “connected” TRUST ME when I say that GB thinks Jen is “nice” but she looks 41 and is 41. That is NOT GB’S STYLE. He tends toward the exotic yes, but has “wandered” off type…but still tall and attractive (I am talking dating NOT one nighters).
    Jen is too old and too used up. Sorry.

  • hmmm

    @Floating Poop in Toilet:

    Well if you want believe that Butler is only capable to have relationship with women who is already committed relationship, or only young women. I must have more faith in him. Aniston’s relationship with Pitt ended 5 years ago. She’s had other relationship Vaughn, Sculfor and Mayer. She has supported herself not needing a man. She is stronger than you think. She’s constantly put down because in our society if you are a woman and if you do not have a man you are a failure. But when you turn that around if she were George Clooney it’s different isn’t it. It’s called sexism. What I don’t understand as a woman why do other women need to put her down. Now she is not only fighting sexism it is also Agism. Maybe you’re right Butler is only capable very shallow relationship with a younger women or commited women . Maybe in many ways she is better than him.

  • Casseopeia

    Why does this guy ALWAYS look raggedy??
    Like he’s been living in a ditch in someone’s backyard for the past decade.
    How is he considered in the same category as like Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman – men who are HOT?
    Ew. and oh yeah, EW.