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Heidi Montag: Valentine's Day Photo Shoot!

Heidi Montag: Valentine's Day Photo Shoot!

Heidi Montag shows off some major post-plastic surgery leg in another ridiculous photo shoot for Valentine’s Day on Saturday (February 13) at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The suite, which was decorated by Fredericks of Hollywood, was set up by her husband Spencer Pratt. Romantic, right?

Later in the evening, Heidi and Spencer hosted the Valentine’s party at the resort’s Pure nightclub. When Heidi‘s song “Body Language” played, she went up to the front of the VIP area, danced and waved to her fans below her from the main stage.

10+ pictures inside of Heidi Montag‘s Valentine’s Day photo shoot…

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heidi montag valentines day spencer pratt 01
heidi montag valentines day spencer pratt 02
heidi montag valentines day spencer pratt 03
heidi montag valentines day spencer pratt 04
heidi montag valentines day spencer pratt 05
heidi montag valentines day spencer pratt 06
heidi montag valentines day spencer pratt 07
heidi montag valentines day spencer pratt 08
heidi montag valentines day spencer pratt 09
heidi montag valentines day spencer pratt 10
heidi montag valentines day spencer pratt 11
heidi montag valentines day spencer pratt 12

Credit: Kevin Perkins; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Yo

    she loooks scaryyy! theyre both crazy

  • Bren

    Bobble head, bobble tits, big bobble feet. What an ugly person.

  • Cristobal

    I feel bad for her.

  • teri

    Just why? Such a very dumb thing to do because she looks ten to fifteen years older now.

  • Dan


  • teri

    Spencer actually looks younger than she does. He has a baby face and she looks more like his mother.

  • Carrie

    Shouldn’t the title to this article be “Jocelyn Wildenstein: Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot” ?!

    Why would any sane person want to look like that? It’s quite tragic really; the naive young girl, crushed to conform to Hollywood and her controlling husband who simply sees her as a ticket to ‘fame’. Sad.

  • xx

    If its ridiculous, why are you posting it?

  • wak

    I feel bad and sad for her. I can’t believe she did this to herself. I think she was prettier b4 all the surgery. Sigh…..

  • yuck

    just yuck

  • burgerqueen

    who are these “fans”that were waving at her?
    they were probably pointing and laughing at her…

  • ditto

    oh my!!!! she looks so OLD ! she’s only 23 ? now she looks like 40!

  • Edit

    It’s Valentine’s Day so I’m going to be nice.

    Spencer is a freaking loser, sorry dumb POS.

    Heidi. Well, I just think she might live to regret all this surgery. However, what is done, is done and I hope she doesn’t do anything drastic to herself…down the road.

    My advice to Heidi: DUMP SPENCER

  • ofhie

    Despite her surgeries, you can still see her ugly face.

  • annuk

    oh. my. god.

  • a

    she is not happy with herself..the biggest sign of unhappiness is when u start changing your appearence and so radically..what we can’t fix on the inside we try to fix on the outside…she needs to go to a therapist….otherwise she’ll just keep changing her appearence, feeling more and more miserable on the’s like people who overeat to treat past abuse, or issues from their past..well she’s over-surgerizing…

  • Joey

    lol, he looks like a pimp

  • hindusfindus

    shit, i should not have looked at this. it’s pretty depressing

  • Dreadlocks

    The saddest thing about all this is that she was so pretty before all the surgery………I don’t understand, really. Why would she need to do that to herself. She made herself ugly, not prettier. There are much uglier people out there who won’t be stupid enough to cut themselves to feel more beautiful or sexier. She was. I can only feel pity for her. She destroyed her face and beauty she once had. She’ll regret it for the rest of her life. She definitely should see a therapist because she’s INSANE. Only someone uncomfortable with herself inside could do this….. I can’t even imagine how low her self-esteem probably is. And I thought mine was the lowest ever XD

  • Dreadlocks

    @hindusfindus: INDEED.

  • guest

    She looks so different!

  • TLCC

    A Valentine’s shoot for what? Who is she? What is she posing for? These people are so self absorbed they have nothing to do in life but pose, crave the attention, go under the knife, spend all day looking in the mirror and thinking the world revolves around them. She should go to nursing school and find a career that actually contributes to society.

  • Ronda

    Someone needs to counsel her to stop now! She’s turning herself into a joke rather than whatever it is she’s trying to achieve. It’s so sad that she actually seems to think it’s a good look. It ‘s not at all.

  • Sandra

    Oh my.

  • Kristina

    waved to her fans? who are u kiddin? :D:D:D im sure they were just laughing at her. lol

  • Anastacia

    she looks like a whore!!
    or like a plastic sex doll!! …
    plus she scares me +.+

  • Pearl

    She is so stupid. Like she looked before, she was almost perfect.
    I thought she is dum*bass, but looks almost perfect.
    Now she did a surgery to be imperfect ?
    Wow that is … find no words for that.
    She looked youthfully before and now like 50 years old.
    I assume she had bided that everyone says: Aww how pretty.
    Tcha, is a dead loss. Her mother looks now younger than she does.

    Btw, for what is she and her Hobbit are famous for ?

  • a

    She looks plastic &, as usual, he looks like a tool! wtf with all his bracelets? UGH!!

  • Flisbeth

    I use to just find her annoying, but I feel genuinly sad for her now. She must have no self-confidence at all to do this to herself. She looks like plastic! Perhaps it was a different kind of doctor she should have consulted…

  • Andy

    Damn she ugly now.

  • lala

    OMG she scares me

  • Norma Stitz

    Hooker & Pimp.

  • justLikeapill


  • Bea

    Fugly, old, plastic, and extremely boring and so forgettable.

  • Eva

    She just looks absolutely atrocious..

  • jess

    still a horse face. sucks to be her

  • jdub


    i’m sorry, but she seriously looks retarded. especially in the pic of her laying on the bed

  • brightside

    Trashy, superficial, attention-seeking idiocy! A fitting advertisment for the shallow culture of the z-list wannabe! A truly grotesque exhibition!

  • Frida

    This is so gross, these two are just a waste of space.

  • bae

    her family needs to stage an INTERVENTION…from that drug called spencer..he’s ruining her life..jeez…she didn’t feel the need for all these surgeries when she was without him….

  • j

    talk about mr and mrs hoochie he looks more like her pimp then her husband

  • Marta


  • Stephanie

    please justjared, stop posting anything involving these two.


    Only the women who lack self esteem would be addicted to plastic surgery. This is one of the examples. The face has been totally disfigured. This woman can’t even smile properly, she looks cold like a robot.
    Psychiatric help needs to be given to her. She is sick and pathetic!


    Soon she will be in the porn industry!


    Soon she will be in a hard core adult industry movies.

  • fiona

    Barf & puke

  • Sweetness

    She looks sooo bad…like an old p*rn star now. EVERYONE who had a hand in letting her get all that plastic surgery should hold their heads in absolute shame..She literally disfigured herself. She was an attractive silly reality star and now she’s a pathetic example of too much plastic surgery.
    Her doctors should be sued for every penny touching a woman who clearly had no need for such surgeries.

  • susan

    She was much prettier before! It’s too bad she felt such pressure to “conform” to Hollywood’s standards of beauty. I like her much more that Spencer, although they’re both media whores. However, I do think that she can do better than that feckless, rat-faced ne’er-do-well.

  • nysro

    Don’t blame is bad look on looking old.. there are people in their 60s that look good, so age factor has little to do with it.. Bad is Bad.. Looking at her you think, wow she has a lot of surgery.. which is NOT what you are supposed to get when you alter yourself to look better.. She will butcher herself many more time to try and correct this. I hope she is happy, becuase she is one dumb cvnt.