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Reese Witherspoon is a Brentwood Babe

Reese Witherspoon is a Brentwood Babe

Reese Witherspoon does some grocery shopping at Whole Foods on Saturday (February 13) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress also grabbed coffee for a quick pick-me-up while she was out.

Late last week, it was announced that Reese will join Bradley Cooper on the big screen in This Means War, a romantic comedy about two best friends who fall for the same woman!

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon out and about in Brentwood…

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reese witherspoon coffee whole foods 01
reese witherspoon coffee whole foods 02
reese witherspoon coffee whole foods 03
reese witherspoon coffee whole foods 04
reese witherspoon coffee whole foods 05
reese witherspoon coffee whole foods 06
reese witherspoon coffee whole foods 07
reese witherspoon coffee whole foods 08
reese witherspoon coffee whole foods 09
reese witherspoon coffee whole foods 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • cacey

    Here is another JENNIFER Aniston, the only differece is that THIS ONE has kids. I don’t know how u let JAKE out of ur life. Good luck.

  • Lisa

    Another Reese arranged photo op. It’s about a week or so since the last one, so now she needs her pap fix. I’m betting we are in for daily photo ops for the next few days. Wonder if the next photo op she schedules will be going/coming from the gym, shopping or with one of her kids. I’m betting gym first, then her son.

  • yo sista

    She looks really pretty & fresh.

  • eeeeewwwwww

    Boring hag.

  • UV

    @cacey: Reese Witherspoon didn’t dump anyone,
    Gyllenhaal ended the showmance.

  • Pattycake

    No mention of the bandaid on her face? Is that for real or just to give the impression this wasn’t an arranged photo op? Reese, you make me so cynical.

  • jon

    she used to have beautiful hair and now it’s so limp, you think with all that money she could do something about that

  • ka-blamo

    Oh no, not another romantic comedy!! Gaahhhhhh!!!!!

  • lucy

    she looks cute!

  • madmax

    oh goodie another romantic comedy. 4 Xmases did SO well for her….NOT!

    Her career is going downhill How much money did her last movie get her? Maybe she made money on Monsters VS Aliens cause we didn’t have to SEE her ugly mug.

    I don’t think the movie she did in Philly will do anything for her either. And this one won’t either.

  • NativeNYker

    She is too cute!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Marion

    Oh my! She goes outside and its a photo opp! Such a ridiculious thought.. So she can’t go anywhere because well then its a photo opp? Yeaah right! Reese is awesome!

  • ke$haluv

    why does everyone hate her? She looks kinda cute for 30′s

  • Reese Phony B!tch Witherspoon

    Can’t stand her rat face.


    Why wasn’t she in Valentines Day movie is did 54 million this weekend.!! She needs a good movie …Brentwood girls are sooo
    boring.. man all they do is walk up a sidewalk and go to the farmers
    market…nothing special at all..maybe she had a mole removed and
    they do put band aids on their faces people know..

  • ChildMODE

    Love her!

  • What a BICHT!

    @ke$haluv : i think you should have your eyes checked, look at the 3rd,5th and 7th pictures you’ll see that she’s far to 30′s cuty but near to unactrative and pale 40′s!

    RW is average at best; look at her arms and you’ll see that it aren’t toned for someone who does sport almost every, her arms look like the arms of 60′s old lady.

    Sometimes ( on the red carpet and magize’s cover) they manage to make her looks kind a cuty but the truth is she is NOT SORRY!

  • SK

    She looks really pretty here.

  • What a BICHT!

    @cacey : I do agree with you! JA and RW are in the same league.

    Both are Girl Next Door, American Sweetheart, Goodie-Goodie and Miss Litlle Perfect image.

    Both have PR who give them this image that all theirs fans buy and believe in ( THey believe everything that RW and her PR team say to the mag like US Weekly).

    Both act like a SAINT and they never are at fault!

    Both always plays in comedy movie rom-com, even if RW has a Oscar already but she’s still a mediocre actress like JA.

    Both are always in movies with B and C-lister that why you’ll never see RW in movie like VD.

    @ Reese fan : RW is by far the fakest one! She is glowing by her phoniness that it make her shinning so much! She is fake as HELL! YEP I am a HATER, that woman is one of the most fake and phony actress in Hollywood! (and worst actress)
    She is acting like a goodie-goodie while she is paying for her Charity work for Avon.
    Now, she is doing the same thing for Haiti, this woman make me vomit!
    Only her image count and she’ll do anything for her SAINT Reese image.
    Worst of all, her Stans and fans think that she is a Good Girl and Perfect and a Good Mother

  • What a BICHT!



    I’ve met Reese, she’s vapid and fake

  • Bella

    Jealous much, bitches? If you dislike this talented actress, why are you scrutinizing her pictures, looking for flaws. I have actually met Reese. She is sweet and funny. She was amazing in Walk the Line.

    Since when is going to the market without having her hair syled and without make-up a photo-op?

  • NM

    Without make up and her hair done she is fugly.
    Walk The Line? when was that?! What has she done since? third rate rom coms. why doesn’t she get good projects anymore??

  • zzzzzz

    Reese Witherspoon – most overrated actress ever and most boring phony in Hollywood.

  • E

    Twice dumped and geting really old, but this woman still makes tons of $$ and is one of the most populars gals in Hollywood. Say what you want but she is smart and practical. Also,her hair looks always nice

  • remember da truth

    Please don’t compare Reese to Jen Aniston! At least this one can act, and can play more than one role.

    And yes, has kids and seems to have better taste in men, too…..

  • remember da truth

    This woman is talented and should stop with the rom coms. My only guess is that you have a shelf life for those, and she’s thinking she can do that and make quick, easy films while the kids are small.

    Then she can do dramas later on. But she should take a page from Sandra Bullock, who is also talented and can do comedy or drama, and quit for a couple of years if you can’t do the work you know you are capable of. Bullock came back with a bang in Crash, willing to take a smaller role to prove again her ability and now she’s headed for Oscar with The Blind Side and had fun with The Proposal, too.

    Reese needs to be choosier.

  • cassandra

    Her hair looks limp and stringy.

  • lakers fan in boston

    reese can do almost no wrong
    even in a simple tee and some jeans she looks amazing =]
    she’s such a cutie
    love yah reese

  • firemandatingsite

    Who will she marry next?

  • yuck

    Reese is dumb and ugly. Will she ever learn to dress?

  • Twi-baby

    Fame-slut. She can’t get a decent role anymore and can’t seem to hold a man. Poor kids, at least their manwhore daddy has finally stabilized, or seems to have. Who knows.

  • doubting

    I always found her cute, but… the pics since she left Jake are all too “arranged”. I do not like her so much anymore.

    How much do celebs pay the paps to make a photo session, daily?