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Ryan Gosling: Early Valentine's Day Date?

Ryan Gosling: Early Valentine's Day Date?

Ryan Gosling grabs lunch with a mystery blonde at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles on Saturday (February 13).

Does it look like these two are on an early Valentine’s date? Completely platonic?

It’s now being reported than Ryan will be replacing Hugh Jackman as a getaway driver in Drive. Cinematical is also saying that Neil Marshall was supposed to direct but he also has been replaced by Nicolas Winding Refn.

More pics at X17!

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  • Helena

    Well, the guy in the front is just awesome.

  • del

    looks platonic to me.

  • susan

    I’m not familar with too much of Ryan Gosling’s work, nor do I care to be. However, he does seem like a decent guy. I find his looks to be grossly overrated, and always get a chuckle, when women act like he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread LOL. To each their own, but he does have an unremarkable appearance, at least by Hollywood’s s standards.

  • anoint

    Yeah the pics from X17 looks like they are just friends or aquaintances, nothing romantic happening??

  • Viper

    He is said to be a sweetie but, does have a side when press get in his face too much. I can understand that cameras in the face can make a person lash out. But, my guess she is a closer friend and maybe that is all it is. If it’s more guessing we will all see in time.

  • Miranda

    He’s hot! She’s hot! This is totally the type of girl I see him with.

  • Jaime

    I’m going to guess that everybody wants this to be platonic since nobody can accept him with anybody but his Notebook co-star. Whether it is or not-who knows!

  • Joy

    I love him!

  • Viper


    I checked X17 didn’t see anything on this do you have the link.

  • Viper

    Actually I might be one of the few that didn’t care for him with RMA she is good actress don’t get me wrong but, as far as them dating I didn’t think they meshed too well. My guess is he will go for a woman who isn’t a celebrity like he is. More behind the scenes.

  • Liz

    I’d like to think she was signing him up for a new movie! THAT would be news.

  • Is this a joke?

    That is his SISTER. You guys are crazy.

  • anoint
  • To #12

    That is definitely not his sister. I’ve never seen her before. She’s very pretty.

  • Anon

    LOL! How can anybody claim that is platonic or not? IMO, it’s inconclusive. And to the person who said that was his sister–no. LOL! This girl looks like model.

  • yo sista

    @RIP Alexander McQUEEN:
    Please die!


    It is his sister..from Ontario Canada..!!

  • Mary284

    well, i don’t know… could be his sister… but then i think if she was his sister, they would have written it…

    time will tell, i think, who this blonde is…

  • carly

    It’s not his sister, just some girl he screws on the side like the rest of his group of ‘girl’ friends. Trust.

  • andy
  • Liz

    @carly: I don’t get the point of posting nasty comments like this…

  • Jess

    I only liked him with Rachel anyway

  • sammy


  • canadian_gurl

    thats not his sister

  • Mary

    In what world is that his sister? It looks nothing like her. They are both blonde and that is about it. This girl is taller and much thinner than Mandi Gosling. She’s gorgeous. I would not be surprised if he was seeing her.

  • Viper

    I remember what Amanda looked like and pretty sure all the tabloids know and have seen Amanda more then once. Many have interviewed her. To me this isn’t Amanda his older sister they would report it if this were her. This isn’t her whomever she is once can see he isn’t romantically into her. I say she is a business meeting of some kind.

  • Viper


    Didn’t know he had tattoo’s

  • Celia

    Ryan Gosling is dating KAT DENNINGS!!! Duh!

  • canadian_gurl

    His older sister’s name is Mandi, not Amanda.
    I have no idea who this girl is. Could be a friend of his.

  • Vivien

    There a video on x17 and she is laughing a lot and they fist bump a few times (lol), so maybe they are on a date or getting to know each other.

  • voice of reason

    the girls name is “hilary rowland” she is a bunch of different things (editor, model, philanthropist, designer) and they share mutual friends through jessica alba but they were there on a “business” related meeting. Here is her website:

    plus, if you’re dating someone and you don’t want it known? you do not bring them to the chateau marmont.

  • JLK

    Yes, the girl look more like Hilary Rowland than Ryan’s sister. I thought the Marmont was where you went when you wanted to be seen.

  • jan

    you guys see enough people at chateau marmont to know that it’s more of a business place than anything else. meetings, photoshoots, interviews are all done there. most of the photocalls for movies are done there! it’s not really a date place at all.

  • Viper

    Wasn’t sure the sisters given name I heard it was Amanada but, I know he does call her Mandi at times. Not sure if she is married or not but, that was never ever mentioned..

    It looks more business then pleasure but, if he is dating good for him she looks like a decent woman someone who isn’t in the acting business but, behind it. I won’t try to say it’s his g/f till he comes out and makes that statement himself.

  • jack


    when do actors nowadays make their relationships known? pine and munn never formly annouced their courtship and neither has alot of people. those days of annoucing your an item are over because you dont need to. just go toa local hotspot and get photo’d.

  • hookupbbw

    She is so pretty

  • canadian_gurl

    I guess you could be right, Viper. Mandi is what he calls her, but thats all I know about it. As for this girl, it looks pretty platonic to me after giving the photos another look-over.


    She is pretty, if she isn’t his sister, it would be good if they are going out.

  • Neil

    @voice of reason:

    She sounds like an amazing woman. Great for Ryan if the two of them did become an item.

  • Venom

    He looks like a gentleman and, taking her to a classy restaurant. Holding his arm around her and, holding the door open for her. He is a gentleman! Nice to see that in a man for a change. Rather, then that being all about him and, bringing his eye candy out. He looked really into her.

  • Marnie

    The video is so cute of them! Love the flirting!

  • militarysinglesdate

    she is so pretty, V firemenmatch

  • summer

    hilary is a joke and is known around nyc/la/toronto as a total famewhore who has no real business – it is all fake – her ability to lure men is known despite not being that classically pretty (and a bad boob job to boot :)

    it is just annoying to know the truth – this girl has lied her way through her life and people never seem to call her out on it