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Sophia Bush: Valentine's Day Plans with Austin Nichols!

Sophia Bush: Valentine's Day Plans with Austin Nichols!

Sophia Bush cozies up to One Tree Hill co-star (and real-life boyfriend) Austin Nichols at the alice + olivia NY Fashion Week presentation at Provocateur at The Hotel Gansevoort on Saturday (February 13) in New York City.

“I’ve been planning my summer, looking at doing a fun movie then,” the 27-year-old actress shared with “It’s a drama but has some great action sequences. I did some action stuff in The Hitcher and would really love to get back to that.”

As for Valentine’s Day (TODAY!), Austin has a full full full romantic day planned out for Sophia. Details to come so as not to ruin the surprise for Sophia! Hint: American Idol.

At the party, Sophia was seen mingling with fellow OTH star Shantel Van Santen.

FYI: This is Austin‘s first presentation ever at NY Fashion Week — Sophia is breaking him in!

UPDATE: RUDE. Another media outlet spilled the beans, hopefully Sophia wasn’t spoiled! Austin had plans to grab Italian fare at Il Buco, see the Broadway musical Rock of Ages and then to check out the private Guns N’ Roses concert.

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols during NY Fashion Week…

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Credit: Justin Campbell; Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty
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  • D

    Jared you HAVE to post about this before perez beats you to it, too hilarious

  • Kayla

    Sophia looks AMAZING!!!

  • Jen

    They make an adorable couple. Love these two together.

    She looks very pretty.

  • Halli

    I don’t buy it that Austin and Sophia are exclusive. Jakey G. must not be far behind in his mind.

  • alex09

    They are so cute, can’t wait to hear more about Austin’s plan for Valentine’s day! You’re such a tease Jared! :D

  • Norma Stitz

    Look at that face, that hair, those eyes and that body…………But who’s the chick standing next to him?

  • let me guess

    Austin’s plan for Valentine’s day – ditch Sophia and have fun with guys!

  • marne

    Got it wrong again.

    This isn’t Austin’s first fashion week.

  • lili

    They are soooooooooooo cute together <333
    I’m so curious I really want to know what are Austin’s plans for Valentine’s day ! lol

  • Lia

    I love these pictures. Sophia looks beautiful as always and I love her dress.
    Thanks for posting these Jared. Especially after seeing those insane Heidi Montag pictures in the post before this. Everyone should go check those pictures out….if anything, it’ll provide a good laugh.

  • Nicole

    Actually, this isn’t Austin first FW. He was spotted with Sophia in 2008.

  • wrong

    “This is Austin’s first NY Fashion Week”
    That’s a LIE, this is not the first NY Fashion Week for Sophia and her friend Austin.

  • ana

    Shantel looks amazing!!

  • lili

    LOL it’s not a big deal ! So what ? It isn’t his first FW, it’s still great we got pics !

  • hanah

    LOL glad to see her fashion sense isn;t getting any better. Why does she wear these tones that conpletely wash her out, and why does she ALWAYS part her hair in the middle? NOT ATTRACTIVE.

  • Iris

    LOL who cares how many times he has been to FW…anyways Sophia looks stunning. They make a beautiful couple.

    Haters just GTFO

  • Ally

    Oh Please.
    Sophia’s fashon sense ROCKS. I love her outfits and plenty of fashion critics who actually determine who has good fashion sense and who doesn’t for a living, love many of Sophia’s fashion choices and her sense of style as well.
    So all in all, she looks VERY ATTRACTIVE.

  • stunningsophia

    Sophia looks gorgeous and apparently she was a sweetheart to everyone who interviewed her yesterday.

    I dont get it, what is his plan for today? Are they watching AI together?


  • Firis

    Stupid fangirls just GTFO

  • Esther

    “LOL it’s not a big deal !”
    Not a big deal for brainless fans who believe everything they read on the Internet.

  • lili

    PATHETIC !!! Some haters are just pathetic, it’s sad !

  • Nat

    ohmggggg! please tell us after valentine’s day what the whole day had in store!? she looks breathtaking!

  • Just Jared

    I just want to say that any negative comments or bashing of any sorts will NOT be tolerated. Refrain from making negative comments about one another as well as about the people the posts are about. Act mature and if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.
    The same applies for other posts as well.

  • Sarah

    Am I the only one who does not find Austin Nichols attractive?
    Sophia Bush is gorgeous!

  • emmas


  • Sarah

    Austin Nichols is a NOBODY and is only famous because Sophia drags him around like a puppy! PERIOD

  • Kristina

    Sophia Bush is Gorgeous.
    And Austin Nichols is Hott.

  • xx

    Shantel looks older than Sophia which is wierd cause isnt Shantel like 24…

    Sophia & Austin are both gorgeous! But Austin looks a bit pale here..

    The dress is gorgeous, can anybody ID?

  • Emma T.

    I’ve noticed that as well. I was at the alice + olivia presentation last night thanks to my aunt who helped organize the event and I met both girls for the first time yesterday. I didn’t really know that much about Sophia(I’ve seen her in a movie once, I think it was called The Hitcher) but she was very kind and very gracious. She looks even more beautiful in person and it doesn’t feel like you’re talking to a celebrity when you’re with her because she makes you feel really welcome and very comfortable. The other girl Shantel, on the other hand, was awkward. I didn’t really like talking to her, And she really did look older than Sophia because from what I understand, Sophia is older than her, yet Sophia looked younger. But any ways, the presentation was beautiful and it was a great night!

  • xx

    @Emma T.:

    aw thats so sweet! yeah, shantel looks like she would be a bit “awkward” to talk to…sophia just radiates this friendly vibe i think.

    how was the show?

  • jen

    Sophia looks gorgeous. I always look forward to Fashion Week to see what she wears. No comment about that thing she calls her boyfriend.

  • april

    they all look cute she could be a good action star

  • anna

    Are James Lafferty and Shantel dating?

  • Iris


    Yes but James fans are in denial, they still desperately believe in Rob&Shantel but truth is Rob is single and those two are together.

    Ask anyone around Wilmington…

  • AlexC

    Love her, such a beautiful woman!!!

  • Lori

    Sophia is well known in Hollywood to be Austin’s beard! Jared knows this! Austin is gay and it’s mutually beneficial for Sophia and Austin to get good press of their being a “couple.” It’s just for the cameras. Austin is the long time love of Jake Gylenhall, and I thought they were back together since Jake dumped his beard, Reese Witherspoon. Maybe not. Sophia can do better than this and find a real guy who is deserving of her heart.

  • Jenna

    Lori, keep this for your fanfics. LMAO

    Sophia didn’t get any good press for dating Austin, only more bashing from oth fans bc apparently she has a thing for co-stars.

    Also, if it’s for the cameras,then why they didn’t come out as a couple until last month and they’ve been dating since last summer. Give me a break.

  • Mel

    Lol. Here come the gay rumors. Just in the past week alone, I’ve heard that everyone from Brad Pitt to George Clooney to Will Smith(just to name a few) are all supposedly gay and that their girlfriends/wives are all their “beards.” Its started to get stupid…..just let it go already. Jeesh.
    Moving on, Sophia looks stunning. And I really want her dress-its sexy without being too revealing.

  • Dee Dee

    Austin has been to Fashion Week two or three other times, often with Sophia, when they were being honest about the fact that they have been friends forever, instead of lying to their fans this time around. Austin is “gay as glitter” (just ask Lainey) and Sophia is a beard.

    Meanwhile, someone has twittered that they saw Jake with his “child”–or should I say Toothy and Goose’s love child.

  • Rena

    @Dee Dee:
    That “child” you’re talking about was Jake’s niece. Get your facts straight. Don’t believe everything you hear or see at first glance.

  • Ava

    You don’t that was Ramona with Jake–the twitter said Jake’s child, not his niece. I”m sure if it had been Ramona then the person who posted that would have heard Jake being called Uncle.

  • Vera

    Just hope that Sophia will find a boyfriend soon, I really like her!

  • Nicole

    Sophia is happy and living her life. A woman doesn’t need a man to make her happy. I’m sure whoever she chooses to spend the rest of her life with will be a great guy who will treat her with love and respect. Whether thats Austin or someone else, time will tell. Now as for these pictures……I have to say that Sophia looks radiant. She has like the perfect skin!

  • Vicky

    You’re right about the fact that Sophia is an advocate for gay rights and gay marriage. So what the helll makes you think she would get involved in a relationship where she has to pretend to be someone’s girlfriend? And NO….its not because she’s trying to help out a friend. The topic of equal gay rights is very close to her heart because a person who was very dear to her and who also happened to be gay died a few years ago. Which is the biggest reason she is such a huge supporter of gay rights. She would never, ever stand or pretend to be with someone just to help the other person “remain in the closet” because she herself believes that you should never hide behind your true sexuality and not be afraid of what others may think. So you can sit there and say that she is a “beard” until you’re blue in the space, but that doesn’t make it true. There is NO proof that Austin is gay. And just because he is friends with Jake, doesn’t make him gay. Its just a rumor that was created by a few psycho fans on the internet which they spread around everyhwhere…..main reason being because of Ted C. who is the most dumbest gossip columnist on the planet. According to him, more than 90 percent of the actors in Hollywood are gay…..even the ones you think who can never be gay. So if you want to continue believing morons like him, then so be it. But that doesn’t make it any more true.

  • SK

    Usally kids Ramona’s age would just say Jake, not Uncle Jake. It’s not the first time he was spotted with Ramona and assumed it was his kid.

  • Ang

    ” I swear sometimes I think you should just call this site Bearding Central.”

    Agreed. LOL!

  • beards

    “I swear sometimes I think you should just call this site Bearding Central.”
    So true! lol
    But let’s be fair – it is not Jared’s fault that Hollywood is full of closeted gays and beards.

  • crazy123

    Austin looks awful, chad is more hot, sophia should dump austin and get back with chad.

  • coseacaso


    James is actually dating his other co-star, India

  • Mia


    And how do you know this?