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Jennifer Garner: Valentine's With Seraphina

Jennifer Garner: Valentine's With Seraphina

Jennifer Garner spends Valentines Day with her 1-year-old daughter Seraphina and heads to Whole Foods to pick up some groceries on Sunday (February 14) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 37-year-old Valentine’s Day actress then headed to Caffe Luxxe to grab some coffee as her husband Ben Affleck waited in the car.

Recently there was buzz on the potential to cast Jen and Jessica Biel for a new Laverne and Shirley remake. When Extra asked them if they’d be up to play the famous comedy pair, Jen responded “Are you kidding? We’re dying to do it!”

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner spending her Valentine’s Day with Seraphina

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jennifer garner valentines seraphina 01
jennifer garner valentines seraphina 02
jennifer garner valentines seraphina 03
jennifer garner valentines seraphina 04
jennifer garner valentines seraphina 05
jennifer garner valentines seraphina 06
jennifer garner valentines seraphina 07
jennifer garner valentines seraphina 08
jennifer garner valentines seraphina 09
jennifer garner valentines seraphina 10

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  • CanadaGirl

    Damn… the Garners make some cute looking babies.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, we can’t even remember her husband’s last name.

  • Kaily

    the GARNERS???? YOu mean the AFFLECKS don’t you????

  • Kaily

    Well, its in the above blurb for those to stupid to not remember.

  • Kaily

    *too stupid.

  • mimi

    oh boy. here is jen garner showing us her boring mug and babies again. go away.

  • jamie

    Whole media is back! Poor Seraphina.

  • jamie


  • Ginnie

    Am I imagining it or does Jennifer Garner look pregnant?

  • LuckyL

    So easy to bate her psychotic fans.

  • happiness is contagious?

    she looks happy…

  • jillyro

    Man she wears the FUGLIEST casual clothes, it always looks like her clothes were lying on the floor of her bedroom and she just threw them on, all creased. She tries for a “I’m so cute I can go natural look”, but nope, she’s not that cute, she needs help to be cute. Her entire casual look is circa 1980, just awful. With Ben’s wandering eye, you would think she would try harder. to keep his eyes on her!

  • Sarah

    She does kinda look pregnant. But who knows I’m always wrong bout those things. I hope she is pregnant!!!!!

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Garner affleck fan

    Seraphina is so adorable

  • ddd

    it seems she is pregnant

  • Honeybunn

    Ben could care less what Jen wears out and about running errands. Ben wants what under the clothes like most men. He must like what Jen has to offer underneath the comfortable clothes. They do have two kids to show for it.

  • CanadaGirl

    @LuckyL: Haha… my bad. I wonder if it means anything that I CAN”T remember his last name? Still in recovery from the Bennifer I guess.

  • Sarah

    @Honeybunn: haha thats funny. true.

  • Monday mania

    I love how these are 2 different sets of pictures at 2 different locations, but put together to make one set of pictures.

    Crazy write up; “….as her husband Ben Affleck waited in the car”, ever think he was waiting in the car with Violet. Or that he went to go get the car? JJ, your write up is strange.

    Again, 2 different sets of pictures.

    Preggers? I think not. Did you see pics of her in that red dress at the Lopez show? Not even.

  • carly


    Yep the Afflecks it is. Jennifer only uses Garner for acting, otherwise her legal name is Jennifer Affleck.

  • Katsaridoula

    she looks horrid, I would never wear those clothes even going to put the trash out… yuck… her T-shirt looks as if it’s been worn non-stop for the past 20 years and her jeans look like those of a McDonald’s worker… get lost, minger JG!!!

  • Sarah

    @Monday mania: that doesnt mean a thing. she looks easily pregnant here

  • becky

    Ben looks like he wants to drive off and leave her ass.

  • Monday mania

    BTW if you look at the WHOLE set of pics when Jen is getting coffee, Sera is in the car with Ben.

    And it seems the pics on JJ are the most unflattering of the bunch.

  • Monday mania


    Could be, but more pics in the set show a different angle and she does not look so in other pics. Just saying. Good for them if so.

  • Kaily

    Boy, Jen must get sick of the is she preggers? rumors. Must get annoying.

  • rebecca

    she definitely looks pregnant. didnt she hint at another kid on the ellen degeneres show…..?

  • LuckyL

    CanadaGirl @ 02/15/2010 at 12:23 pm

    @LuckyL: Haha… my bad. I wonder if it means anything that I CAN”T remember his last name? Still in recovery from the Bennifer I guess.

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Some people are hyper-sensitive when it comes to this family. We barely see Ben anyway, I don’t blame you.

  • shamrock

    Looks like Jen had a fun-filled day with her dolls and her MAN!!! Ben should have purchased the coffee for his lady love. But, maybe Jen wanted to do it for her man on Valentine’s day. Whatever works for them and keeps them happy sounds good to me!!!

    All the best to the familia~

    Loved Jen in the Valentine’s day film!!
    Go see it everyone**

  • hong kong

    they are so cute and happy and loving! As for the pregnancy thing, it would be so nice for jen to have a son! :)

  • eliza

    Adorable little girl

  • Gladys

    It seems that Seraphina is ret/arded, just like her sister.

  • Pac Man

    How can you say such a thing, #34?

  • Tazina

    Ben doesn’t like the paps hanging around his car….who can blame him….I love Jennifer Garner but I have to agree on the tops she wears. A lot of them are gray – a horrible color for wearing out and about. Gray makes the person look washed out and well…..gray. She would look so good in some cute red tops, anything with a little color other than gray t-shirts and sweat tops. She would surely look really good in pink too.

  • susan

    This is just speculative, on my part, but I don’t think Jennifer Garner gives a flying f u c k ,what any of you captious b i t c h e s, think of her. I know I wouldn’t, if I was in her shoes. What shallow, petty, querelous lives you all must live. I feel bad for your spouses, assuming you have any.

  • Kate

    @susan: calm down.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol @ the pic of ben
    he just looks pissed off that she’s taking forever
    once again jen looking meh, she’s really been on this meh streak lately
    she needs 2 step it up a bit and look hot again

  • Child abuser

    This b*tch should be ashamed of herself parading that child out in front of the paps like that. PHOTO OP! Why couldn’t she stay in the car with her father? That’s why Ben looks annoyed, he wants to PROTECT his kids, not USE them to get himself press!

  • Pippi

    OK< I read all the previous comments and I have concluded that the ones at #34 & #40 are the most ridiculous and make absolutely no sense. I’m guesing they were made by the same unfortunate individual. Wonder who dropped that idiot on it’s head so many times while babysitting for it’s loser parents. Pity. The laws protecting children somehow failed to do so in those instances. And now, it has become society problem.

  • Pippi

    #40 it appears that you are the one who was abused as a child and clearly that is why you chose that name. Sad indeed.

    Sera and Jen are so cute. Thanks for their cute pics JJ. On btw, Seraphina was not in the car with Ben. The pics with Jen and Sera was taken when they went to the store with Chris Affleck (Ben’s mom). Ben and Jen were returning home *alone* after a lunch date and stopped to pick up pastries to take home.

  • g!na

    lol the baby seems not to have much hair on her sides. her hair may take a while to grow in thicker on the sides.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Seraphina is so freakin cute!!!!

  • Kate

    @Pippi: Its scary how you know all that.

  • equestrianlovematch

    I love her

  • chloe!!!

    Seraphina looks just like Ben !

  • Pippi

    Hey Kate #45, I make it my business to know about Jen. She is my idol and I have supported her and her family since the beginning. That’s what a die hard fan does. Do you have any celeb(s) that you admire? Some people just get their kicks by bashing celebs behind the safety or their computers. I hate when other only speculate and get diaherra of the mouth when they don’t even have a clue as to what is going on. They just want attention and go online and write crap without any concrete evidence to back up their claims. Hope that answers your question.

  • sarah

    Jen loves the attention. Ben does not. Doesn’t make for a balanced marriage. Won’t last imo unless Jen does what most hollywood wives do an turn a blind eye.

  • amy

    She looks awful. Sloppy, messy, unkempt. As usual.

  • mary

    Of course she turns a blind eye! She can’t get better than Ben. Think about it…what other great male actors are there in Hollywood with that much fame, power, money and Alist access? There are more women then men available and she’s going to turn a blind eye and pull an Elin as long as she can unless it goes public then it’s game over (usually this is the case for women whose husbands screw around).