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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Peace Pair

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Peace Pair

Leonardo DiCaprio attends the Annual Cinema For Peace Gala with his girlfriend Bar Refaeli duing the 60th Berlin International Film Festival held at Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt on Monday (February 15) in Berlin, Germany.

The 35-year-old actor attended the annual event that honors social and humanitarian achievements connected to the world of film.

Last Saturday, Leo spoke to the Associated Press about what it was like to work on his newest movie Shutter Island, which comes out on Friday.

“This was a complex jigsaw puzzle of emotional back stories and dream sequences and truth and fiction,” Leo said. “It was challenging and fulfilling.”

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli attending the Cinema For Peace Gala…

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leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 01
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 02
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 03
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 04
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 05
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 06
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 07
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 08
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 09
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 10
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 11
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 12
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 13
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 14
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 15
leonardo dicaprio refaeli peace pair 16

Photos: Rentz/Getty
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  • Joy

    First time he takes her to an official event.
    Seems like they’re getting serious.

  • french

    Stay with this girl Leo, you really deserve her.

  • bb

    I’m shocked. Makes you wonder if they did get engaged after all. Just want the best for Leo.

  • Pat

    what i like about both Gisele and Bar is that they’re natural and nice
    Leo finds really special girls
    good for him=)

  • meme

    leo is sooooooooooooo handsome…..and bar is gorgeous………what a couple!!! don’t let her get away leo………..time to marry and have babies leo……….u guys seem perfect for each other!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    “I’m shocked.”
    Because Leo is checking out her handbag?

  • bb

    Whens the Oscars?

  • bb

    Whens the Oscars?

  • Joy

    @Emily: He touches her, not her handbag. And they both look really happy with each other.@ke$haluv: WTF? You’re right, he should leave her and be with you LOL.

  • french

    Finally, he found the perfect girl for him ( as stupid as him). I wish them hapiness, i think Gisele took a good decision to dump him. He is just a manwh*re.

  • Gisele all over again

    Remember when Leo took Gisele to the Oscars everyone thought they were getting married…soon after the Oscar outing the great Gisele and Leo DiCaprio broke up. HINT HINT

    This is Barf’s oscars. Break up will soon to follow!

  • Pene

    Peace pair ?

    Viva la palestine !

  • look again

    “He touches her, not her handbag.”
    No, he doesn’t, Leo was just interested in her handbag.

  • edskee

    I don’t understand why he only dates models. He is surrounded by beautiful and intelligent women some acrtress and some not in the entertainment industry.

  • Kitty

    you look again-
    And after these pictures you can’t say he looks like he’s suffering every time he’s with her.

  • Annoymous

    Gorgeous couple. Thanks, Jared

  • kay

    HOLY SHIT i am actually speechless……………you gotta admit guys they make a pretty stunning couple!!

  • Gisele all over again

    @Kitty: even Ike and Tina Turner had a ‘good’ day once in awhile. And these pics dont show love,… it shows horiness.

  • d

    hahaha where is lisa rose celebrate gir celebrate!!!

  • Indiana

    Leo has not neck hahahahahahhahah Fugly Leo.

  • CanadaGirl

    Like a leech, she’s attached.
    It looks like they are together. :(

  • abbie

    Yes! What a trhrill it is to watch Leo and Bar at such an important event!!!! They look sooooo in love. AND YES, THEY ARE DEFINITELY SERIOUS! Thans Jared for these fabulous pictures!

  • Candycotton

    Omg!Are u guys really falling for this..??Yeah he let out of the closet cause barfy begged him too!!!He needed someone to go with..So Barfy dragged herself along…as Usaual!!!Barfy justs wants her picture taken with a Movie Star!!!Since she’s sooo fu*cked up In the head about not making the SI cover!!! Barfy thinks Oh since no ones paying a attension to me I just Go and Suck UP Leo’s Fame!!!!Attension DON’T LET THE FAKE SMILE FOOL YOU PEOPLE!!!!EMPTY SHELL) ..Notice they walked seperately on the carpet!!!AND where is IRMELIN????she probally didt want to be seen with this STUPiD B*TCH…Who can Blame her!!LEO must have low self esteem if he settles for this (EMPTY SHELL)…Sooo come on YOU KnOw BARFY’s going too Milk tHIS For What she can!!!! BArfy looks more like a USED DISHRAG everyday!!! SHe does NOT look like a SUPERMODEL!!!BARfY only FAKE Smiling cause she Knows EVERYONE will see Her EMPTY SHELL face And PaNcake MaN shoulders!!!!LEO can Do Much MUch Better than this fAME WH*ORE!!! SO BARFY GO back to ISRAEL and PAY YOUR TAXES IDIOT!!!!!!! …OH GO BROOKLYN :)

  • @14

    We are ( were ) on the same side but don`t forget one thing. Gisele left Leo after the Oscars and this d*mb, trailer park b*tch is not going anywhere. Leo seems to be stupid enough to fall for her so yeah, they deserve each other. Like Dumb and Dumber….
    Abbie ( Tzipi ), you must know them personally to say `THEY ARE DEFINITELY SERIOUS` Idi*t!

  • lisali

    Bar reminds me of Renee Zellweger in the face. Anyone else notice the resemblance?

  • fake

    He’s ugly !

  • oh well

    I agree with No.1! This DOES indeed look as if it is serious by now. It is the first time he took her to a public event and then there have been all these rumors since the weekend that they got engaged on Valentines Day… (though the ring on her finger does not look like an engagement ring…ah well, he might have told her not to wear it to avoid attention)
    Anyway, it is the way it is….

  • lakers fan in boston

    im extremely shocked that her took her out
    i think this is the 1st time they’ve ever been seen out together at an event
    lol, i think even she’s surprised he asked her 2 come with him judging by the way she’s looking at him
    ill admit they do look kinda cute together, we’ll see where they go from here

  • xxx

    Why do so many men who seem actually somewhat smart and kind people date these types of bimbos that offfer nothing but their so-called “looks.” Leo, you deserve somebody intelligent.

    This girl is nasty and she SMOKES!!! ewwww.

  • Bea

    what is she wearing? she looks trashy and cheap as always. The blazer doesn´t fit her properly, and she is showing her belly on a black tie event??? and don´t get me starting on the purse…. and her hair with the roots…..oh my god, leo this is not good, not a nice way to show a nice image. I do believe that this situation is strange and not a good one.

  • brooklyn

    i’am fed up of this girl she is a teens and she is using him .that ‘so unfair. i will not see his movies if he is still with this b!tch

  • carle

    he lost my respect to dating this girl

  • Jess

    I’ve never thought he was good looking, especially as he ages. But here he looks good, and they look like an attractive couple. She looks very pretty as usual. I always wondered why so many were down on her. You don’t know her so it’s rather immature the way you go on as though you went to school with her or she lived nextdoor to you, or you had the inside track. Now I see it’s likely ugly little girls and dark minded Arabs who hold her beautiful looks and origin against her. Move on. Hatred is so unhealthy!

  • Anna

    She is no a trailer park b****, she comes from a very rich family.
    Her mother was also a successful model, and she looks exactly like her.
    Here’s her mother when she was 13, on music video of one of the most famous Israeli singers

  • john

    jess why you speak about arabs girl. are you rascist??????? i think they are many arabes girl who are very pretty . i just go in egypt and i saw many wonderful women there

  • @38

    I couldn’t care less about her family and especially her mother. I heard nothing but bad things about her. No wonder she has a daughter like Barf. She strikes me like someone from a trailer park.
    I completely agree Barf is cheap and trashy, degrading for Leo.

  • Jess


    LOL Right. I bet they were as beautiful as your grammar is correct, “John”.

  • coco

    That ring is a gold ring – I don’t see a diamond so it does not appear to be an engagement ring. She has worn a gold ring on her finger before so it could be the same one. She is definitely moving up on the food chain though by going to this public event because usually she stays back at the hotel renting movies.

  • @43

    Thanks. No surprise there. After whining for commitment ( and got dumped – happy times ) I assume Leo threw her the publicity bone. Let’s see how long it’s going to last!

  • me

    on the zimbio site, there are pictures of the two of them looking quite cosy at the gala dinner thing, its quite depressing that there are finally pictures of the two of them acknowledging each other in public. sorry i cant post the link, but there are 46 pics and 41 and 42 are of particular interest.

  • I saw those photos but all I see is that Barf is staring at him but he usually doesn`t even look at her or touching her. I`m surprised that Leo took someone this shallow to an event like that…

  • M

    @Jess: I totally agree. Based on the vitriol always heaped at this girl, I can only surmise it is due to one of two things: bigots or Gisele fans mad that she was basically dumped. Either way, it is completely unhealthy for people to obsess over celebrities in such an insane way.

    If Leo has found love and happiness, more power to him.

  • @47

    Gisele dumped Leo FYI and Leo keeps dumping Barf whenever he feels like it. What kind of m*ron puts up with that?

  • ella

    Maybe he took her just because he doesn’t want to be alone in the dinner. Even though it seems like they’re not interacting to each other, it doesn’t hurt either to bring a date so at least people won’t think he’s a loser or something
    As for the smile, Bar sometimes smiles even though nothing is happening around her, just like the Lakers games, she smiled even though nothing was funny or Leo is talking to her.

    My guess is Leo is still with her because he’s feeling lonely
    But i think everybody know that when the right woman comes along,he’ll leave her in shutter speed

  • M

    @@47: He wouldn’t marry her, so same thing. If Bar wants to put up with him, then that is her business.

  • happy girl

    Bar: stay AWAY from my man!

  • T


    Good God, you’re insufferable.

  • Naima


    Thank you!!!

  • yogalovematch

    He is washed up