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Mariska Hargitay: Bikini in St. Bart's!

Mariska Hargitay: Bikini in St. Bart's!

Mariska Hargitay and her family spend some time on the beach together in St Bart’s on Friday (February 12).

The 46-year-old Law & Order: SVU actress wore a bikini and one-piece on her day in the sun.

Mariska played in the water with husband Peter Hermann and son August, 3, who looks like he’s already comfortable in the water!

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mariska hargitay bikini st barts 01
mariska hargitay bikini st barts 02
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  • Giuliano


  • shenanyginz

    love her.

  • Hannah

    She looks good.

  • 1 hotgirl

    Love her on SVU….she’s my ‘older woman’ girl crush.

  • kami

    she looks great. very healthy and in good shape.

  • Whoever

    Never knew she was that old! Looking good!

  • lol

    I’d totally DO her.

  • erin

    Women of Hollywood – this is what a forty six year old mother is supposed to look like. I love, love, love Mariska.

  • bella

    So agree, Erin. She’s thin, but not skin and bones (recently read in an article that she’s a size 8,) and has, *gasp* CURVES!!
    But she really is a stunning woman, espesilly for 46. And August is so adorable, he has amazing genes. (Does anyone beside me have a hard time picturing Jayne Mansfield as a grandmother?)

  • Annabelle

    Wow, I guess I should consider myself lucky. At 49 I look better than her, even after kids and without exercise!
    I might start working out to see what I can really look like.
    Thank you mom and dad for the good genes!!!!!!!

  • lol

    Can you be more full of yourself,???lol

  • Raichill

    @Annabelle: Such modesty.

  • Alexa

    Wow, she looks amazing. What a beautiful woman and a stunning family!

  • CJ

    Actually Jayne Mansfield was a very loving mother so I think she would have made a wonderful grandmother..

  • lalala

    @Annabelle: at 49, you sound like a child. i would consider you pathetic.

  • kez

    i think she looks wonderful
    she looks better than me and i am 20 years younger than her!
    ahh embarassing
    one thing i dont really understand is-
    why go swimming with so much jewelry on? wouldn’t you be worried that you might lose it in the surf?

  • Annabelle

    Ha ha, you can think what you want, I can’t help I don’t have those stumpy thighs and extra rolls!


    G – R – E – A – T !!!!

  • Keep fooling yourself


    You supposedly have a better body, but I doubt your face and personality are anywhere as lovely as Mrs. Hargitay’s.

  • Meela

    Mariska looks amazing! She definitely doesn’t need make-up, she’s naturally stunning. She’s a real class act.

  • Gustav

    Mariska simply beautiful. And one detail: all natural. The breasts are not silicone.

  • Gustav

    Put up a picture of yourself along with your comment. Imagine the disappointment. Talk is cheap

  • MrMarleyFAN


    Annebelle I bet my bottom dollar, is really a stub of a girl with the girth of a small fishing boat and smell of one also. Crustacians and barnicles on her bum and worn down soles on only one side of her. Birkenstocks on her size 10 feet due to her knocked knees of which no man has ever parted.

    And she’s really 55

    the end

  • Leandro

    Mariska is amazing for his age. It remains beautiful and sexy.

  • Patsy

    She looks fine to me: normal and slim enough, just not as super skinny as some actresses. She is a thinner than I am at this moment, that’s for sure! Anyway, it is important to have a healthy weight, but there is much more to life than having great looking body. I would much rather be a size 8 with a nice husband and a sweet boy, than be a size 0 or size 2 and very lonely. I love Mariska: beautifull and classy, involved in charity and an example to many.

  • K

    Mariska looks great.August is so cute.Thanks for posting.

  • Alice

    She looks very happy and healthy! Definitely an actress to be commended for.

  • Odi

    I donĀ“t think she looks good at all

  • mousse

    Don’t be so hard on Annebelle. Once you passed the 45 your body leads a life of its own ;-)
    I can only reach what the pics show by a diet, so I can understand someone of this age is proud to look good, or look even better. Without having a feeling of competition.
    It’s nice anyway to see the natural beauty of Mariska Hargitay.. Amazing even to think her child is only that young (my daughter is 20 years older than her child!).
    And I look “a l m o s t ” as good as she does ;-)

  • Lenny

    I agree with mousse, don’t be hard on Annebelle, she’s sitting on a computer eating her second bag of donuts and with her diet coke after her husband told her he’d be home late again. She got to take out of someone.

  • lillyb

    Wow, she looks fabulous.

  • OhMyGreatness

    Notice how Annabelle has got nothing to say after she has been challenged to put her money where her mouth is!

  • anonymous

    Love her, she is my favorite actress on television.

  • ItIsI

    I LOVE MH! She is looking great, regardless of her age. Very womanly. The scrawny starved chicken look spoted by so many women is such a turn off for me! GO MH!

  • commonsense

    I could only hope to look that good at 46, her parents’ genes has done her well.

  • soi

    Mariska is gorgeous -love her!

  • zzzz

    I am rubbing my eyes-I can’t believe I’m seeing a healthy, beautiful NATURAL woman from Hollywood! You go, Marishka! As for Annabelle, I find it sad that she has not learned about humility by age 49, and cannot root for other women her age.

  • Susan

    With Mickey Hargitay and Jayne Mansfield for parents, of course she’s gorgeous and a classy lady as well! :-)

  • Ana Carol

    Mariska still beautiful and sexy at age 46.

  • angiefan

    Mariska looks fantastic as always!!!!!

  • Ana Claudia

    No good. I love this woman so much that for me it will always be the most beautiful. And she is really beautiful.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow she looks great
    nice 2 see her enjoying herself with her family as well =]
    looking great for 45

  • Dani

    To me it seems to have only 30. I like that she is thin, has no cellulite and I’m 20 I already have. Her thighs are beautiful. She is a very beautiful mother.

  • engineersdating

    her mom was hotter

  • Luciana

    aww she look awesom!!!! amazing woman!!! and great body don’t you think????

  • Bernard

    Mariska is a beautiful woman and class. Your beachwear is perfectly suited for a lady like her. It is incredible, and appears not to have 46

  • Annabelle

    Sorry for late repply. I don’t sit around- I have things to do and no I don’t drink soda -at all. I would not drink diet anything. I like doughnuts thou. And yes I have flaws too! I am loosing hair due to my hormones. I have bad arthritis and I wear glasses and contacts.
    Even if I posted picture somewhere, would you beleive it’s me? I am 49, 5’6″.128 lb. 34 natural D, 28″ waist, 35 hips. Yes I have little fat on me too on my tummy but it is flat. Me and my 28 year old daughter wear same size clothes and shoes. I guess we are lucky, we have lots of fun.

  • Samantha

    And that doesn’t make you anymore attractive than Mariska. She’s beautiful inside and out – not just a beautiful face, but a beautiful heart.

  • Evangeline

    I believe you Annabelle, about your size. I just don’t believe for a second that you look better than Mariska, which is what you claimed. Look at how beautiful she is, and you still think you look better than Mariska Hargitay? I think everyone here knows you wouldn’t be. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful, but it’s only fair, trying to compete with those features? Nope, not gonna happen.

  • bran

    Didn’t she have a C-Section? Yay..nay? I don’t remember, but she looks AMAZING!
    Love Mariska! <3 She’s great.