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Rihanna Rocks 'Ellen' with 'Rude Boy'!

Rihanna Rocks 'Ellen' with 'Rude Boy'!

Rihanna rocks the house as she performs “Rude Boy” on Ellen!

The 21-year-old beauty from Barbados has been traveling all around the world promoting Rated R and filled the Australian Associated Press in on what to expect from her in the coming year.

“We’re actually going on tour in April,” RiRi said (via NZ Herald). “We start in Europe and then to the US and then we come back [to Australia] in October, when it’s going to be spring, so I’m really excited about that.”

Rihanna – “Rude Boy” on Ellen

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  • Trinity

    Pre-taped show but she is still singing live, right?

  • Trinity

    She never sounds great live.

  • ana

    what is with her hair??? IMO she looked SO GOOD with long and brown hair

  • Lindsay’s Tatas

    Lose the bingo cap.

  • L

    ugh, her music is offensive and the lyrics…i’d hate to see young girls mouth the lyrics to these songs, call me a feminist and square i don’t care lol i’m 21 and i find this disgusting..everything is about sex, music,clothes,tv, everywhere.
    damn, what happened? i miss the 90s :/

  • L

    ugh, her music is offensive and the lyrics…i’d hate to see young girls mouth the lyrics to these songs, call me a feminist and square i don’t care lol i’m 21 and i find this disgusting..everything is about sex, music,clothes,tv, everywhere.
    damn, what happened? i miss the 90s :/

  • L

    oops, double post, i miss the days of Hanson and the spice girls lol, young girls deserve to have what we had.

  • eyda

    OMG her singing is so painful to listen… pls stop singing girl and go away

  • Rihanna Fan

    Love her but she is lucky she has good back up singers.

  • sassy mama

    It sounds pre-recorded, this hoe can’t sing live.

  • twenty-two

    @L: Agree, I think she’s gone overboard on the sex thing. It may help her sales but it seems to be all she’s about now.

  • yo sista

    Why does she always sounds like an angry cat who’s pissed on because he hungry? cannot sing for sh!t & lol at Jared refering to her as a “beauty” haha Rhianna is a “beauty”? Didn’t know that!

  • yo sista

    @twenty-two: Her sells are really low and her singles are flops, this one is already the 4th single!

  • i heart that

    For once, i like her hoops.

  • LiLoOx ….

    She so good ….. I like her clothes…But honestly I found that the lyrics are a a little bit too offensive…. also weird
    But after all…. She rocks the stage…!!

  • Wesie

    She is great!

  • just saying

    @Rihanna Fan: they do all the work for her. girl cannot sing. she’s cute though.

  • Ilia

    Why is this tone-deaf b*tch famous again? Remind me – please!





  • pr guy

    @Ilia: She’s a cute face marketed for profit by Def Jam records. Hope she saves her money and gets some song writing credits too.

  • kia

    she sounded good. yeah she is very pretty . provacative…idk if thats a plus. Why is she touching her cooch in some parts ?

    Idk but she looked ugly as hell with “long brown hair ” as one user said ,

  • Dawn

    I think she did great, though i’ll admit her voice can be a bit annoying sometimes. But still, she has gotten SO much better vocally in her live performances over the past couple of years!

  • tal


  • Dallas

    She needs voice lessons. Her back-up singers are not bad but imagine how good the song could be with the right singer.

  • Diego

    This is her third single Wait Your Turn (the wait is ova) was just a promo single or whatever they call em, I love this song this’ll be #1 IMO and I love JJ but it’s full of haters in here, you can hate on Rihanna only if u’re super beautiful with a killer body and rich and successful, didn’t think so! STFU h8ers

  • jillyro

    They hardly play songs from this album on my local radio station, just Hard, but nothing else. Is it doing well on the charts? Seems like she’s releasing a single every month! Maybe it’s just because she is E VERYWHERE, it feels like that. Ugh, she’s overexposed for someone who has a nasally annoying voice and fa ugly look.

  • susan

    I like her much better than that ugly, mouth-breathing, piece of s h i t, Chris Brown. One of these days, that fugly bastard is going to wind up with a bullet in his head, and I for one, can’t wait! Time to take out the trash, and that means you Chris Brown.

  • Lucy

    Totally unable to’ sing. Not even autotune she used “live” (lol… She’s never really live…) doesn’t save the world from her painful off key sgnarling.
    Her fans have to be deaf. Or masochistic.

  • Alecia

    She really needs to do something other than sex herself up. She is coming off as such a s*lut. So suggestive, so provocative. I could see her performing like that at a concert, but not on a daytime television show. Classless.

  • bajan


  • enoughalready

    Someone told her sex sales and that’s all she knows now, her label knows she dont have the real talent, so they work only on the suggestive moves with over sexual overtones no matter the audience… Try making her being more creative artistic you know the kind that comes with talent! Oh! she dont have any….Rihanna is cute and that’s the only major thing she has going for her but on that talent tip, nothing and when did them moves come out and the poor thang could’nt pull that off…She’s doing any and every thing now cause she’s no more the it girl….It girls are coming now with real talent.

  • xxx

    Horrible song… so gross.

  • ROCK

    buen tema………ella siempre hace cosas nuevas, aparte de ser muy bella, tiene el talento, es bastante autentica por lo demas me gusta la musica de esta artista.
    Con respecto del sitio es muy bueno, lamentablemente los visita gente amargada y negativa, ya que deben de ser fans de otras artistas, como beyonce que ella si baila muy sexualmente, lady gaga que me parece burda y sucia, britney spears que a etas alturas ya se volvio aburrida, madona siempre a sido loca y rara, entre otras.
    Cada quien tiene sus gustos, lo que si no hacer de uncomentario algo ofensivo, ya que a nadie le es agradable leer estupideses.
    Sean cortes y no sean groseros. Esas conductas se reflejan en nuestra vida cotidiana.
    Me encanta JJ.

  • Diego

    @ROCK Como que Lady GaGa burda y sucia? que te pasa?

  • See Megan Faux b4 surgery

    she did excellent. i give her. never seen her so confident on stage. i think she too singing and dancing lessons.

  • asap

    I applaud Rihanna, she is serious about her craft. Everything about Rihanna, shows growth and improvement. I appreciate this from a true artist and respect with much love. I am proud of this entertainer, Rihanna, stay true to your game.

  • Rose

    I love her new album. Pity none of my friends like her, otherwise i would love to go to her Sydney show :(

  • jamie

    i like rihanna and all but what the hell has happened to music. I aam so sick of autotune. and i miss the rihanna days with SOS and pon de replay. after hearing this it proves that rihanna fooled us all that she could sing. I miss the music back in 2004 and the years preceding it. What happened to those teen artists, like Christina aguilera, Stacie orrico and Jojo not having to use autotune to sing. Music in 2010 sucks sos far.

  • http://justjared Point Blank

    Everytime I read bashing comments underneath Ri’s name, I but up on enoughalready. She and all the other haters always find time to search and comment under her name. They claim they dont like her. If you do not like someone, just move along, don’t even look at their picture that you are jealous of. Come on.. why are you looking at her? Why are you watching the video, Go look at your favourit people. Or find someplace to put your face……

  • yogalovematch

    she is so pretty

  • Not quite so much

    For being on a generally family type day show (that I have experienced watching Ellen) I would put this close to a Janet Jackson… that son is very clearly sexual and she didn’t play it down with her dance, either…. I don’t mind sex, or sexually natured songs.. but being played in this venue.. kinda disappointed in Ellen’s show for allowing it (“whats get it up mean, Mommy?”… ooops…). Well, she didn’t call it Rated R for nothing…. I have to agree. You don’t need “the word” or a curse to come out for a topic to be not suitable for all audiences…

    (Oh, and I guess she doesn’t want the pretty thing.. so I am trying to accept her hair, but completely agree.. thought she was sooo pretty with the long hair.. and, edgy, yes, but not loving the short dos).

  • James

    The guitar player is wasted…

  • Khristi

    I don’t get why people find people talking about sex “offensive”-it’s natural and everyone has it. Not saying that that’s all should be talked about, but what do people talk about when you go to the hair salon? Also, I don’t think that Rihanna has the best voice, but most people in the industry with the exception of a few are there only because they can double as a model not because they are brilliant vocally. Britney Spears can’t hold a note live and she doesn’t (she lips syncs) and she doesn’ t get half as much crap as Rihanna does.

  • Molly

    i agree so much. are people LISTENING to what this girl is saying?! she is telling 12 and up girls that she is going to have so much sex with a guy!?!?!?! LISTEN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • art

    teeeeeeeeeeeee amoooooooooooooooooooo rihanna !

  • 4 REAL





  • 4 REAL


  • Sara

    Love you RiRi!.UR Amazing girl(L).

  • SU


    I completely agree. I, too, am in my twenties, but I still hate the fact that this song is becoming popular, with lyrics like “can you get it up?” No, I’m not a prude, nor am I religious. But if this is what we’re throwing our money at, we can’t blame anyone but ourselves when we wake up one day and the world has gone to the crapper due to lost morals and values.