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Adam Lambert: 'Can You Get Off Your Phone?'

Adam Lambert: 'Can You Get Off Your Phone?'

Adam Lambert looks rocker chic as he shoots an interview at the Kimberly Hotel’s rooftop lounge Upstairs in New York City on Monday (February 15).

At the 28-year-old entertainer’s iheartradio secret show last night at NYC’s PC Richard & Son Theater, Adam had to ask a chatty cell phone talker standing up front to get off the phone while he sang over her!

“You’re not watching TV, honey – it’s a live show!” he said before starting a performance of “Whataya Want From Me?” for a second time.

At the G-Star fashion show earlier tonight, Adam addressed the phone situation, telling, “Oh, it’s all out there already. I don’t need to bring it up again. Every media outlet out there already picked it up!”

Adam Lambert @ iheartradio Show
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88 Responses to “Adam Lambert: 'Can You Get Off Your Phone?'”

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  1. 26
    lol Says:

    @WTF:And if you watch the FULL video you will HEAR the on her cellphone SHOUTING into it like a yob. They were planning to do 3 takes of WWFM anyway so try again.

  2. 27
    Terry Says:

    @FroFro: She was escorted out for being a smartas$ and acted like one on her FB afterwards bragging about being that girl, like it’s something to brag about lmao wtf.

  3. 28
    WRONG Says:

    @whoa: SHE made the call and was SHOUTING into it. Watch the FULL video. This only comes at the end of the song about 10 seconds away from the ending. She was plain RUDE and everyone kept looking at her to shut up. Watch the full vid people.

  4. 29
    WATCH Says:



  5. 30
    Pandora Says:

    He’s looking hot as always. I don’t think he was snarky in the least. I listened to the full vid and can’t imagine what the twit was thinking. Beyond rude! I think he handled it perfectly well.

  6. 31
    RIGHT Says:

    @ LOL
    I watched it 10 or 15 times over and over and I must be deaf because I do not hear the girl yelling on the phone I do hear a lot of unnecessary hooting and hollering from the fans tho’..( all while he/she was trying to sing) oh, but they must have wanted to be recorded, huh?

  7. 32
    JG Says:

    The on her phone was YELLING into it. She was then escorted out of the building for being a smartas.s instead of turning her phone off. You’d think she would be embarrassed but she went on her FB and started bragging about it. Umm who does that lmfao.

  8. 33
    WATCH Says:

    fixed link

    He is AMAZING

  9. 34
    FroFro Says:

    Hey T! You dont show up at the regular places anymore! ~waves~ Come around more!

  10. 35
    no Says:

    Nope it was only one person and she made the call bragging about the front row seats she’d bragged. Everyone was looking at her to shut up. He called her out 10 secs before the end – she still acted like a stupid smartass afterwards.

  11. 36
    o9s Says:

    LOL. That was hilarious, classy, polite and fierce all at the same time.

  12. 37
    Brooke Says:

    Adam, I love you more each day.

  13. 38
    kk Says:

    Adam is f-n SASSY as hell. He is also f-n sweet. EVERYONE who meets him has said this. Everyone.

    Mike Ruiz: “Adam Lambert is one of the coolest people I’ve ever worked with (he’s worked with EVERYONE) hysterical sense of humor!”

    “I love working for Adam bc what you see is what you get, he is plain NICE, always has been”

    “Adam Lambert is a DOLL. Too sweet for words.”

    FACT: she was a rude and he called her out on it finally at the end of his song. FABULOUS, classy and polite even with a HEAD COLD.

  14. 39
    HA!!! Says:

    Omg that was so sassy lol. Love it. As a performer I wanted to step into the screen and slap that girl. He was so polite about it.

  15. 40
    jKingston Says:

    This small intimate acoustic gig was being FILMED for a PROMO.

    That girl was plain rude, during and after. He was awesome and classy when he finally called her out. The audience were relieved too.

  16. 41
    um Says:

    @WTF: WRONG. How could he “start off” when this was 15 seconds before the ending?

    Him and the band were panning to do 3 takes of this to begin with so again, your comment makes NO sense lmfao.

  17. 42
    facts Says:

    This was a secret acoustic gig filmed for a promo. This one girl in the front row made a call in the middle & he only called her out 15 secs before the end. She was literally SHOUTING into her phone [watch the full vid] bragging about blagging front row tickets while eveyrone was looking at her to shut up. Instead of turning her phone off she started mouthing off at the security & was escorted out for being a smartass. She then went on her FB & started BRAGGING like it’s something to brag about.

  18. 43
    m Says:

    ok ,ya she shouldn’t have been on the phone.. But, WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS? He really needs to shrink his head a little bit more !!!!!!!!!

  19. 44
    James Says:

    Hahahaha. Nice.

  20. 45
    FroFro Says:


    Umm… He is the performer of whose concert she was interupting so rudely. Who the hell does she think SHE is?

  21. 46
    brightside Says:

    Quite right, too. It’s ignorant people like that, that stop others from enjoying the performance. Leave the phone at home and go to enjoy the show. Should have rammed the phone somewhere painful. And kicked her out.

  22. 47
    Ben Says:

    Lambert handles himself well, always. What sort of muppet yells into a phone during a soft, intimate acoustic performance? Let alone makes a call in the middle of a secret gig to begin with? People have no manners and sense of awareness these days.

  23. 48
    MomTerryLady Says:

    @whoa: I don’t think she was merely holding her phone for the person to hear. She was actually talking continuously and loudly while he was trying to sing. He had every right to stop and ask her to please not do that. She was being rude, plain and simple.

  24. 49
    lol Says:

    i can’t believe this chick went on her FB bragging like she was famous then went on Z100 w a diff story wtf!!! she aint no fan shes a troll. or just an obnoxious entitled fan

  25. 50
    Boo Says:

    She had to yell because no one else would shut the f**k up.

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