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Lady Gaga: Three-Layer Cake Dress!

Lady Gaga: Three-Layer Cake Dress!

Lady Gaga wears a white triple-tiered dress on the red carpet at The Brit Awards at Earls Court on Tuesday (February 16) in London, England.

The 23-year-old singer topped off her look with a towering headpiece and a lace mask.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lady Gaga’s red carpet outfit — HOT or NOT? Is she keeping fashion fun or has it become all about costuming?

10+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga looking like a three-layer cake…

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lady gaga brit awards white tier dress 01
lady gaga brit awards white tier dress 02
lady gaga brit awards white tier dress 03
lady gaga brit awards white tier dress 04
lady gaga brit awards white tier dress 05
lady gaga brit awards white tier dress 06
lady gaga brit awards white tier dress 07
lady gaga brit awards white tier dress 08
lady gaga brit awards white tier dress 09
lady gaga brit awards white tier dress 10

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103 Responses to “Lady Gaga: Three-Layer Cake Dress!”

  1. 1
    Channy Says:

    It just looks weird but whatever floats her boat :)

  2. 2
    tina Says:

    lady gaga looks good !love her !!!

  3. 3
    chachhe Says:

    so weird.

  4. 4
    yo sista Says:

    Crazy b!tch, this is NOT a f.u.c.king “art”! This is attention!

  5. 5
    ann Says:

    i like it!

  6. 6
    Weber from Brazil Says:

    J’adore *——–*

    She looks AWESOME

    Gaga always WOWS me *-*

    D I V A ♥

  7. 7
    yo sista Says:

    @tina: You’re joking aren’t you? I really hope you are joking!

  8. 8
    Rose Says:

    OMG! I am wearing the exact same outfit today at work. Awkward.

  9. 9
    SubSub Says:

    She’s Lady Gaga, so her style suits her. Definitely YAY!

  10. 10
    lakta Says:

    she looks like frankenstein’s bride! but I like it! Very GaGa… <3<3<3

  11. 11
    anon Says:

    She tries way too hard to be different and she looks ridiculous. I’m starting to think that the whole costume thing is to distract from her facial features. Is there a real person underneath all of the antics?

  12. 12
    Gagaloo Says:


  13. 13
    Gagaloo Says:

    Make BAD ROMANCE and TELEPHONE #1 ON Billboard Hot 100!!!

  14. 14
    os2guy Says:

    There is simply no one better on the music scene today then Lady GaGa. She looks beautiful in these shots. What I find amazing is her attention to detail – the dress is not poorly made or thrown together, it is a work of art just as her hair and lace face mask are. Put it all together and you’ve got a twenty-first century Mona Lisa! She is gorgeous. What a delight it would be to actually be there and see her come down the red carpet. Kudos to her!

  15. 15
    puffin Says:

    How does she expect anyone to take her “art” seriously when she wears things like this?

  16. 16
    vbn Says:

    Yuck, she is disgusting. Ugly tanny mess.

  17. 17
    Kayla Says:

    ATTENTION *****……OOOOOoo look at me I am different. I am dying for attention. ATTENTION ***** alert.

    cut it out gaga it’s getting to be really boring and predictable from you. Focus on your music because it all sounds the same.


  18. 18
    m Says:

    WTH is that? I know she wants to look different, however her choices are just damn awful.

  19. 19
    lucy Says:

    ok i respect her as an artist and as a woman and i applaud her the fact that she’s not like others pop stars but in this kind of situation she looks awful!!! sorry but this is ridiculous!

  20. 20
    Angelique from Bitchin' Lifestyle Says:

    She does not ‘look great’… as some of you out it. She looks bizarre and that’s what she’s going for. She does not look in the mirror and go “yup… this lace mask and mountain hair-do definitely compliments my eyes”

    We like Gaga because she’s beyond looking good…. she wants to change it up and shock us every time. Mission accomplished. Except one day… she will run out of crazy wigs and shoulder pads… she’ll have to shock us the old fashion way…

  21. 21
    Jenny.s. Says:

    lucy- I completely agree!!

  22. 22
    dfdf Says:

    she must have at least 100 people behind that brand yet they make it seem like it’s all her creative mojo and the average mind eat it all up. lol.

  23. 23
    jj Says:

    I love how creative and open minded she is. She doesnt care about the trolls bashing her on some blog. Her TRUE fans love her and thats what matters.

  24. 24
    monique Says:

    ur the 2nd blog to complain about this….but hey its gaga…come on we love it!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  25. 25
    hopper Says:

    clothes like this do not make her an artist. people who think her music is art have most certainly never heard what real art sounds like.

  26. 26
    offtheproperty Says:

    she has a fabulous army and it’s on a chessboard and it just feels like art or whatever art everybody’s talking about when they’re talking about her.

  27. 27
    Patric Says:

    love it. for those who believe she does this just for attention, she doesn’t need to chase attention. her music has earned her all the attention she’s received and more. it’s just a crime that that talentless, off-key taylor swift stole so many awards from someone so clearly more deserving.

  28. 28
    fabio Says:


  29. 29
    eyda Says:

    amazing gaga…love heeeeeeeeer:))

  30. 30
    Mick Says:

    LMAO Keep going Lady Gaga.

  31. 31
    rpatzfan Says:

    patetic attention wh*** that with halloween costumes blinds everyone with her lame “art”

  32. 32
    Wesie Says:

    Bjork wannabe.

  33. 33
    brightside Says:

    Not hot, no! Not art, no! Just another grotesque costume on a plain face woman with a voice.

  34. 34
    Lillianne Says:

    I love what she wears and always look forward to seeing what’s next.

  35. 35
    Tina Says:

    Simply Retarded….

  36. 36
    Ru Says:

    If her intent was to look like a clown, then she succeeded. Otherwise this is just a tragic fashion disaster. We’ve seen her in some great costumes, a bar has been set.

  37. 37
    Just Interested Says:


  38. 38
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Rose: haha

    She cracks me up. I love Gagaloo. She’s young, famous, beautiful, and having fun.

  39. 39
    engineersdating Says:

    i love her style

  40. 40
    toni Says:

    very intertaining!

  41. 41
    um Says:


    The WTF look on the security guys face on the far right of photo #4 says it all.

  42. 42
    carolyne Says:


  43. 43
    yo sista Says:

    @CanadaGirl: lol at “beautiful” haha so funny…

  44. 44
    Dr. Fluffaluffalump Says:

    Lady Gaga is amazing, and the reason she wears stuff like that is because, no matter what she wears people will love her (also she can afford it) hopper blow me

  45. 45
    M. Says:

    OMG!! I LOVE the Hair!!
    She is soooo HOT!!

  46. 46
    lee Says:

    Gaga is walking Art!
    She is an amazing talent.
    She gets people talking!
    weather it’s good or bad…..THAT is art…
    Sorry kiddos!

  47. 47
    Qboi Says:

    Gaga is HOT! deff YAY!!

  48. 48
    Dean Says:


  49. 49
    rETA Says:

    She is just a colossal joke. There is nothing even remotely attractive or interesting about her rediculous over the top costumes. Anybody who is supposed to be a singer, writer, piano player-artist that has to resort to this type of outlandish behavior to get attention must not think much of their actual “talents”. To have to resort to being a one-woman circus freak to stay in the media is pathetic. How about the old time stars like Etta james or Billie Holiday who made it strickly on their awesome talent and not because they made a specticle of themselves. ra ra ra ra ra!!!

  50. 50
    Rico Says:

    Gaga’s performance at the Brit ‘s was amazzzzing!
    She is a legend .

  51. 51
    Sammie Says:

    Lady Gaga is a friggin star!

  52. 52
    LAUREN Says:

    um, yeha you missed a couple spots honey- good job covering your nasty body, but next time could you make sure your face is FULLY covered?? it would really reduce my daily stress level knowing i wont have to accidentally come across a picture of that octogenarian mouth, poop-colored eyes, and VOLLASA RAPTOR nose!! K THANKS!

  53. 53
    Carson Says:

    @Kayla: ROSIN MURPHY is a low budget h00ker, She is just mad cause nobody cares about her or her stupid music!
    Kayla Did you hear someone say that or something?? lol, dont jump on a train you nothing about,

  54. 54
    dita Says:

    I LOVE that some people “don’t “get” her! All you close minded wankers can sit in your little hole and be mad while the rest of the world enjoys being free and having fun with art & music…
    Too bad for you.

  55. 55
    allie Says:

    Hello!? Total YAY!!
    l love how playful she is, Gaga is wonderful

  56. 56
    Dana Says:

    @Rose: Haha! cute! <3

  57. 57
    Copycat Says:

    This is a copy off of the outfit Madonna wore in her “The Beast Within” video that is shown at the beginning of her Re-Invention Tour concert. I used to like Lady GaGa, but lately I’ve realized how much she tries to copy other people, especially Grace Jones.

  58. 58
    rpatzfan Says:

    ugly witch

  59. 59
    Ploopycat Says:

    @Copycat: Oh, Brother…..Get a clue

  60. 60
    mz.thang Says:

    HOT HOT HOT!!!
    YAY YAY YAY!!!!

  61. 61
    Randy Says:

    @Copycat: FAIL! I went to the Re-Invention Tour and THIS looks NOTHING like what Madonna wore at anytime. Nice try though loser.
    When will people just grow up!?

  62. 62
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    it’s so sad that some u think she’s fashionable or that she even looks great
    im not gonna lie, i like her music, but i just cant stand this bitzch’s personality, it’s just beyond what i can tolerate
    sigh, im just so sad
    it’s fashion week in ny and they’re showing great stuff
    and idiots come and think gaga is a fashion genius

  63. 63
    Piper Says:

    Omg! Lady G is so hot!
    YAY!!!! all the way!

  64. 64
    Gemmy Says:


    is that you perez?

  65. 65
    Bobby Says:

    She rocks no matter what she wears.

  66. 66
    bobo Says:

    she is so ugly that’s the reason she wear disguise all the time

  67. 67
    Vivien Says:

    haha she’s awesome!!!!

  68. 68
    efron Says:

    she’s a joke!
    this is not ”fashion” nor ”art”, its a costume, a desperately stunt for attention, same has all her previous outfits.
    i got to admit at first i kinda liked her, cus there was a little hint of fashion in her previous outfits, but this, this!!! just look at her
    there’s no doubt she can sing, cus she can, my only problem with her is that she should be focusing on her singing, showcasing her vocal abilities with the world instead of her ”fashions”
    its pretty sad that people actually think this is fashion

  69. 69
    Andy Says:

    LOL She Crazy!

  70. 70
    whatever Says:

    this looks like a sad christmas tree on crack LMAO this shemale is LAME and only gays and weirdos like her.. and this is getting wayyyy too old and predictable, and her retarded performance at the brit awards was whorrifying, cheryl cole squashed this tranny with her performance without even tryin! tranny start heading out cuz in a matter of time she will be forgotten and looked back as a sad pathetic clown on crack!

  71. 71
    happy girl Says:

    she must not have gotten a lot of attention when she was a kid. she should wear this for her wedding.

  72. 72
    Yawn Says:

    @Whatever: Yep, you got it! Only gays and weirdos like this bozo. The costumes she wears are not shocking, they’re just stupid and show a woman crying out for attention. I wonder if anyone would pay attention to this he-she if he-she only dressed in “regular” clothes? My guess is no.

  73. 73
    FroFro Says:

    I would not want to be the person that has to sit behind her in an outfit like this.

    Usually I like her getups, but this one is a bit much.

  74. 74
    leanne Says:

    I can just see her and her “people” dreaming up this b.s. everyday. Ridiculously stupid.

  75. 75
    T pain Says:

    Someone REALLY REALLY REALLY wants to be Bjork….

  76. 76
    mayer Says:

    Her music is no artistic … just the way she acts and performs make her popular now. and the attention by doin’ like this. UGLY is a WORD

  77. 77
    lu Says:


  78. 78
    Jokergurl Says:

    She has fun, she’s not boring that’s for sure and I like her songs. I just hope that cake layer hat isn’t too heavy, that can’t be good for the shoulder and neck muscles.

  79. 79
    Brits Says:

    lol she is adorable!!!

  80. 80
    Audrey Says:

    @anon: I totaly agree

  81. 81
    Its me bitches Says:

    I wish more people dressed like her

  82. 82
    raina Says:

    cant wait for her own fashion line….i’m so making the opening
    but hopefully its not too expensive

  83. 83
    Mika Says:

    I love this b:tch she’s so crazy haha love Gagita!

  84. 84
    BanoO Says:

    she look like her self

    she cute one

  85. 85
    rock Says:


  86. 86
    WTF Says:

    Okay, so why do people say “She looks wonderful” and when Rihanna wears clothes that are far more normal people call her a **** and an ugly tranny? I don’t get it. Rihanna is far more classically beautiful that Lady Gaga could ever dream of. I can’t wait until Lady Gaga’s 15 are up. People are already getting so sick of her overexposed ass. I swear, I hear a Lady Gaga song every time I turn on the radio. Can she just disappear already? Fake, pretentious, ugly rumplestiltskin fame *****.

  87. 87
    Adriana Says:

    @Randy: Actually, Madonna did wear a middle eastern inspired mask that was very similar to this mask. And I agree with everyone else, Lady Gaga rips off everyone in the book and makes it seem “So Avant, so original, so fame monster” Ugh! I just want someone to pull that mask off her in public…That would be SO funny. And everyone talks about other stars looking like trannys, well THIS thing is the ULTIMATE tranny. She looks like an ugly troll. Poor girl. Just wait until the public grows tired of this…It WILL happen and unfortunately for you Gaga fans, this is her only trick. It takes a true chameleon like Madonna to stay relevant forever. This is Lady Gaga’s first “era”…I doubt she’s gonna make it too much longer.

  88. 88
    Adriana Says:

    @Adriana: Oh yeah, and the dress is similar to Madonna’s red Boudouin inspired outfit that was in her video to “The Beast Within”. The only difference is with Madonna it actually IS artistic and actually does come off looking like purposeful performance art of the highest caliber. With Lady Gaga, it’s not really art per se, it’s more like a desperate cry for attention. So go ahead and look at Madonna’s video for extatic process, it really bears a strong resemblance. The only diff. is that Madonna’s outfit was red to parallel the “Scarlet Woman”/”***** of Babylon” intro where she was reciting lines from the book of Revelation and speaking about the Beast.

  89. 89
    gg Says:

    i luv her so all ya haterz and fake peps can go some where i think shes beatiful and a wonderful to look at i would luv to have tat much courage to go out there lik tat i absolutly think shes the best i luv how shes different than any one and i LUV how she noes shes pretty so ya haterz need to back up(yo sista) and all of those other HATERZ

  90. 90
    gg Says:


  91. 91
    gg Says:


  92. 92
    gg Says:


  93. 93
    ganymede30324 Says:

    Twenty- THREE???!!! There MUST be a typo! Her life can NOT have been that hard!

  94. 94
    ganymede30324 Says:

    Twenty-THREE???!!!! That MUST be a misprint, because no WAY she’s had THAT hard a life

  95. 95
    Jessica Says:

    I love you GA GA you are very diffrent and thats what i love about you
    Don`t worry about these haters she is awsome and her style is just so OUT there i would never wear those things out side my houde bue it sure fits her PERSONALITY =D go LADY GAGA ! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ily =D

  96. 96
    Yam Says:

    ugh she tries to be artistic or original, but she is ridiculous

  97. 97
    AutumnM Says:

    She tries way too hard. She is so ridiculous

  98. 98
    Gagaloo Says:

    Loves it!

  99. 99
    Gagaloo Says:

    Buy Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone” on itunes and

  100. 100
    Gagaloo Says:

    Waiting for the Video!

  101. 101
    Ripstitch Says:

    You know, it’d be lovely if you could enlighten us as to who the dress is by.

  102. 102
    jenn Says:

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  103. 103
    jet Says:

    lol her outfit here reminds me of the bad witch in the japanese anime spirited away

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