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Megan Fox Covers 'W' Magazine March 2010

Megan Fox Covers 'W' Magazine March 2010

Megan Fox is looking lovely in Armani and jewelry by David Yurman on the cover of W magazine’s March issue, on newsstands next Tuesday (February 23).

Here’s what the 23-year-old Transformers hottie had to share with the mag:

On people in the entertainment industry: “I don’t trust people in this industry, but I especially don’t trust girls in this industry, because it’s incredibly competitive, and I’m just not interested.”

On posing as the new face of Armani: “There are some women you could put in underwear and photograph them, and it looks really classy and it doesn’t necessarily provoke a pinup image. But with me it does, immediately, as soon as I’m in underwear. I’m a Vargas girl.”

On the fashion element of her job: “I feel intimidated by fashion. I hate doing photo shoots.”

For more from Megan, check out!

Megan Fox – W Photoshoot

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • vool

    shut the f*ck up Megan Fox: no one wants to hear you speak

  • derek

    Such a phony. Pretty girl and possibly a nice girl but she seems so fake. I want to give her the benefit of doubt though.

  • cassie

    i am not one to hate but i still would like to see one day what her talent is rather than her beauty. until then shes just another Publicity Stunt object to me.

  • helen

    i don’t like her, but i like her laugh

  • Ryan

    So basically when she says she hate doing photoshoot, why the mag continue along with the photoshoot. She is basically making them look like one of a bunch of the needy assssssssss magazine.

  • ka

    she should thank the plastic surgery without it she should be this ugly girl

  • Joanne

    such a pretty girl. maybe she should stick to modeling

  • Kate

    she means that when seh does photoshoots the clothes will over throw her, INSECURE.
    she doesnt have confidence in wearing the clothes to out shine it.

  • Zoey


  • Jene

    I LOVE her

  • Jene

    I LOVE her

  • selena

    Her boobs are way bigger than usual– surgery??
    I think she’s hot, but she has no real acting-talent..

  • rocketsingh

    she is gud i like her

  • gee


  • Lisa

    She’s beautiful, but what is with the frumpy outfit? She looks like she should be on a middle aged woman’s magazine. I think it is a very crappy W Magazine cover.

  • Lisa

    She’s beautiful, but what is with the frumpy outfit? She looks like she should be on a middle aged woman’s magazine. I think it is a very crappy W Magazine cover.

  • Divine Goddess

    very pretty. i wanna see her in more movies.

  • Genny*

    ughhh! she is so ugly.

  • Joy

    She’s so beautiful!

  • jillyro

    She looks like a brunette Heidi Pratt!! First time I see it, but I’m seeing it BIG-time…anybody else???

  • anna4

    If you say she’s ugly then there must be something wrong with your head. Yeah you might not like the girl, but she’s super GORGEOUS. It must suck that YOU are ugly and she’s up there named as most sexiest and gorgeous woman alive. Yeah it sucks…

  • Dreadlocks

    @jillyro: yeah she probably underwent as many surgeries but kept it low key like everybody else in the business. I bet. Well, I’m certainly not defending Heidi though, they’re all crazy for cutting themselves hoping to look better that way……I personally think it makes them lose their natural beauty and makes them fake and dare I say, plain ugly. Anyway, Megan is indeed pretty but THAT’S ABOUT IT. Can you tell me why else she’s famous? She’s known as a pretty girl, nothing else. Her acting is ….ugh, there’s no word for it. When I saw the transformers movie, I was shocked. Really shocked and I wondered how it could be possible to be in such a shallow world. I mean, the producers would make anybody who’s pretty star in their movie even when that somebody sucks at acting. How depressing !

  • Carrie

    Another ‘celebrity’ with a bad case of HIGH self esteem. Poor thing.

  • Cammie

    She is overrated and losing star power…Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is prettier then Her.

  • Lola

    crater face

  • Lola

    crater face

  • JAck

    GREAT interview. She is so down to earth, both in her tv interviews and print. Beautiful girl on the inside and the outside. Fantastic actress.

  • JAck

    GREAT interview. She is so down to earth, both in her tv interviews and print. Beautiful girl on the inside and the outside. Fantastic actress.

  • yo sista

    She’s stunning!

  • Courtney

    she’s another over hyped underwhelming actress with no screen precence what so ever why should we take what she says seriously not all girls/women in the film business are vain insecure or airheaded like she seems to be

  • Wth.

    shes looking plastic especially around her mouth area. Shes a female zoolander when it comes to photoshoots.

    She especially doesnt trust girls? Lol? Yea because your talent & roles are so desirable.

    She seems like she has ZERO friends.

  • jdub

    megan fox is a hottie biscotti with a naughty body…she’s awesome. hate all you want. i agree with her on not being interested in being competitive with other girls. its a waste of time and energy

  • ^^

    Give us the thumbs up will you Megan?

  • Christie


    Follow me on twitter @imalibuchristie

  • ivanka

    @ka: amen

  • engineersdating

    she is so pretty

  • Blaksey

    lol are you serious???

  • lakers fan in boston

    did she really say she looked classy in the underwear??!!
    i thought those pics were horrible, i dont even like victoria beckham and she did that underwear better
    megan just made it look cheap
    i keep asking myself why i dont like her and she just answered me, she’s a very stupid girl
    pretty but my god she’s dumb
    i at least want some brains in a girl

  • et

    @ lakers fan in boston…if you read the article carefully, she does NOT say that she looks classy in underwear. Stop hating!

    I think Megan Fox has potential, but she just needs to work on her acting. She’s still fairly new in the acting world so it makes sense that her performance is lackluster to some. She just needs more experience. People should give her a chance and not just hate on her for her looks or for the character that the media portrays her as.

  • See Megan Faux b4 surgery

    @anna4: shut the french up. and look at THIS:

  • waffle bowl

    I want to like her, I really do, she’s a pretty girl and at times can be real, but most of the time she’s the female John Mayer, she opens her mouth and shit comes tumbling out, and just when you were about to give her the benefit of the doubt she says something to make you dislike her. Maybe people would be friendlier to her if she was humble and could act, there are plenty of beautiful actresses that women have no problem with, it’s just that Megan can be stuck up as hell sometimes, and that is not a pretty quality, especially when you don’t have the talent to back it up. Maybe she should go away for awhile, take some acting classes, eat some humble pie, then come back in some good indie films instead of crappy blockbusters like “Transformers” and she may actually do well and have a career. As for her hopes of being a mother, well if she can be a good mother, then I hope she does have kids. They might give her a new perspective on life. But I hope she won’t be the one helping them with their homework.

  • See Megan Faux b4 surgery

    her face literally looks like a tranny.

  • yeah

    she’s physically beautiful, sure. but still no amount of photoshop-ing will hide how dumb she is. and who ever the photographer was, they should be ashamed for such a boring, 1980s catalog-looking pose & shot. blah.

  • i dont know

    i think the cover is pretty she looks great, but still plasticy

  • RodneyClint

    There are so many stupid people on here, it’s quite amusing. Most of you can’t spell worth a flip and are calling everybody who is anybody dumb and you’re hiding behind screenames and calling all these people ugly, finding all their flaws and pointing them out. I know it’s online, but it’s still quite sad. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this interview and everything she says makes sense, get your heads out of your asses. She is intimidated by fashion and gets nervous to do photoshoots because it’s not her, she is a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl and it’s uncomfortable for her to be something else. I think a lot of people could relate to that, if only you guys had brains.

  • anna

    That is a really nice cover!

  • memoi
  • Daily News

    she is so pitty i jus love her ,,,,,,

  • newsever

    i luv u megan fox u r great