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Megan Fox: I'm Really Maternal

Megan Fox: I'm Really Maternal

Megan Fox spends quality time shopping with her boyfriend Brian Austin Green and his son Kassius in Los Angeles on Monday (February 15).

Currently, the 23-year-old Transformers actress graces the cover of W Magazine‘s March issue.

Inside the mag, Megan shares about her views on motherhood.

“No one believes me when I talk about this, but I’m really maternal,” Megan told the magazine. “I worry that because I’ve always wanted [children] so much, as the world goes sometimes, I won’t be able to have them. Even though I would be able to provide them with such an amazing environment.”

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox being maternal with her boyfriend’s son…

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  • anna4

    Shes so friggin’ GORGEOUS without makeup. Shes a sweet girl

  • bianca

    No, Megan, you’re not “really maternal”, you’re “really angelina obsessed” :)

  • alison


  • jt

    Idk what all the fuss is about her. She’s really just average!

  • Nicole for Gerry.

    # 2
    * the mature companion, check,
    * the bisexuality admission, check,
    * the maternal instinct, cehck,…
    Next step : the professional humanitarian at the UN.
    Stay tuned !

  • bianca

    Nicole for Gerry, u’re totally right. Although, if she started with “the professional humanitarian at the UN” I would even respect her, because she’d be of some use, no matter if it’s sincere or not. This way, she only copies things that Angelina got over & just talks about those that really matter – like maternity, but without any sense & brain…

  • bianca

    & one more thing…. if she’s feeling maternal, isn’t it logical that she acts like another mom to her partner’s kid? this way she speaks that “she would be able to provide them with such an amazing environment.”, and isn’t noticing that a kid walks with her and she already has someone to provide “such an amazing environment.” she talks about her child like she’s waiting some little person to provide with all the best in the world, and her boyfriend’s kid isn’t worth it? well, that’s something her idol would never do. angelina was more mother to billy bob’s kids when she didn’t have her own, than megan will ever be.

  • gaunt

    She’s really sweet…l think this year will be the year that she breaks through the pinup image that has formed. l like ‘er because she is herself and an added bonus is that she’s gorgeous, she definitely got the lottery on looks.

  • Ladyb

    The boy is lucky to have a beautiful mother in Vanessa and another beautiful step mother in Megan.

    Please..she’s wearing makeup powder. Most stars just put on the powder and one thinks they are not wearing makeup. They are..not just the blush, shadow and lipstick.

  • sheryll


    She looks so maternal with her partners son. NOT She looks freakin bored and would rather be somewhere else. She’s such a ******** and totally agree Angelina obsessed.

  • ivanka

    copying angelinaa much? i dont like angelina, but her copycat is more annoying

  • CanadaGirl

    @sheryll:She looks more annoyed at the paps and not being with the boy.
    @gaunt: Agreed. I think she looks beautiful.

  • xxx

    She is such a little whore.
    She just said that because she thought it would get her some more attention because people would be like “what megan? a mother??” and then she gets another 15 minutes.
    Good job, meggie! You got it, girlfriend!! You go girl!

  • engineersdating

    she is so young

  • Pat

    so they didn’t break up..

  • brightside

    Didn’t she once say that she felt like stabbing her b/f with a knife? And that is an amazing environment for a child, how exactly? This girl has a diseased and fame addicted brain, which is why so much shite spews out every time she opens that a_hole mouth of hers.

  • Eve

    You can really tell that Brian adores his son and it seems like he and Kassius are the only ones that are having fun. I would believe Megan more if had something substantial to say. Kassius is growing up fast and looks more like his mom than his dad. I commend Brian and Vanessa for keeping a healthy relationship between the two of them for the sake of their son.

  • Lola

    I think she’s gorgeous! I like her and Brian together and they seem to spend a decent amount of time with his son. Is she really maternal? If she says she is, then she is. I like her frankness and find her refreshing.

  • gaunt

    @sheryll: l usually jump when attacked but, strangely, l didn’t. You’ve conjured the ”Jolie-totally-obssessed” image. She hasn’t done anything, yet. She hasn’t even shown a charitable interest. l say, lay off, if she’s a ”bad” actress then okay but if she’s great then l’m definitely gonna be rooting for her 100% of the way.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i wont say anything about her maternal comment, she could possibly be but idk
    i like megan in these pics
    she’s wearing like clothes u would wear at home and she still looks pretty good in them

  • lily

    she looks pissed and ignoring his adorable son

  • See Megan Faux b4 surgery



  • aeg

    GOSH I HATE HER!!!!!

  • See Megan Faux b4 surgery

    she’ll never be as naturally beautiful as his ex vanessa. and she looks like she has an adam’s apple. and her clothes remind me of what Jolie likes to wear.

  • See Megan Faux b4 surgery



  • Big Pimpin’

    damn, she’s nothing without makeup. she’s so pale and has a skinny neck. yuck.

  • Jane

    Hottie. No doubt about it. Natural beauty too, like Jennifer Connoly.

  • Lala

    uhhh… that a transformers t shirt? wooow. megan can never handle kids.

  • Vivien

    I think she seems nice and she looks beautiful without makeup, my god, she is a natural beauty and doesn’t need to wear all the makeup she usually does!!!!

  • @24 and so on

    She looks different and yeah, she’s probably had work done but she was still pretty beforehand so what’s your point? Jealous much?

  • @24 and so on

    She looks different and yeah, she’s probably had work done but she was still pretty beforehand so what’s your point? Jealous much?

  • efron

    ok, so like, angelina jolie invented motherhood? nice i didnt knew that!!
    c’mon guys stop with the comparisons, a girl wanting kids its pretty average
    grow up.

  • Mega Fox

    she’s beautiful… keep comparing = compiment, yes,

  • Iggles


    THANK YOU for stating the OBVIOUS!
    I agree 100%. Seriously, she looks so uninterested I don’t understand how so many posters overlooked this. Smacks of willful ignorance if you ask me..

  • waffle bowl

    @efron: I agree, people act as though Angelina Jolie invented motherhood. Just the same way people act as though she invented adoption and charity. Who are any of you to judge? You don’t know if Megan is fit to be a parent or not, nor do you have any proof that she isn’t. Oh, you see a picture with her stepson and she looks “uninterested”, therefore she must be a bad parent, yeah, you guys know so much… NOT. Did Saint Angelina look like the parenting type herself when she was wearing a vial of blood and making out with her brother on the red carpet? Yeah, I thought so. Don’t judge ’til you know better.

  • ke$haluv

    OMG luv her, just like hilary duff who lost her dog, so cute!!

  • polly

    What are the odds! Just in the moment when an interview comes out about her view on motherhood appear paparazzi photos with her and kassius.

  • rocky

    is that a voltron shirt?

  • jdub

    1) she still looks effin hott with zero makeup
    2) she does look PISSED/annoyed
    3) i think she’d be a good mom…but she has plenty of time for that. even tho BAG isnt getting any younger
    4) she still looks effin hott with zero makeup

  • Lovethatjoker

    she looks depressed, better call the doc and get a refill on antidepressants, turn that sour puss into a smile

  • Carmensandiego

    She looks completely overjoyed with the opportunity to be maternal to her step-son.

  • Lisa2


    I agree, she doesn’t even look like she wants to be with them in these photos…. The headline of her wanting to be maternal is just plain silly…. The headline should be.. ” I feel like a I am the third wheel of a father and son day at the mall!”…. lol

  • The Real One

    Megan Fox looks so sweet without makeup. A far cry from her made-up vampy self! And she is definitely less fake than Angelina Jolie, who looks terrible these days.

  • kara

    I can’t stop laughing when I read that she is NATURAL… nose job, boobs job, lips done, …. yeah, really natural ahah


    “Even though I would be able to provide them with such an amazing environment.” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. YEA RIGHT..

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    You people kill me with the AJ crap! She is not trying to be AJ. YOu folks really need help…

  • Britt

    Can we just keep quiet about Angelina. This isn’t even her theard. The whole Megan/Angelina comparsions were something to talk about in July. Its over people, stop talking about Angelina! There two differnt people. A lot of hollywood stars get plastic surgery. Nothing new there. Can we just not argue? Honestly, Megan is loaded with money now. Even if her carear falls short. She’ll be set for life. I really don’t think she cares what we think.

  • Linzi

    Wait, how is she copying Angelina?

    Just because she’s hanging out with her boyfriend and his kid? Because she used the word “Maternal”? Seriously? People need to grow up.

  • yah

    next up adopting kids all over the world?

  • Run This Town

    I find it rather comical that the individuals on this post are not very perceptive. Angie rarely spends time with the children that she has BOTH concieved and adopted. She was rather promiscuous when she was young. Weird with Thorton’s vile of blood attached to her neck. She tongue-kissed her brother. Partied, drank, did drugs, and went both ways. Not to mention she stole Jeniifer Anniston from Pitt. Her own father declared her mentally insane. What have we heard or seen of Megan Fox really? Her and Brian leaving Targets! She does not party, drink, do drugs, not a serial dater (She’s been with Green since the age of 18), and she is a self-proclaimed homebody. A lot more sane that Angie was @ age 23! Something Angie is NOT! I do believe that she would make a much better mother than Angie. Brad Pitt looks drained. Ask youself this does Green look as stressed as Brad Pitt? No, because Green will be the 1st person to let the world know that she has been a full-time mother to his son. Get it together people!