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Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron: Kissing Cute

Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron: Kissing Cute

Zac Efron shows some PDA and plants a kiss on his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens while spending some time with friends at North Bondi Italian in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday (February 16).

After laughing and having a good time, Zac, 22, and Vanessa, 21, then slipped out the back door to spend some time alone.

The High School Musical sweethearts are in town to raise awareness for Oakley sunglasses’ OneSight Foundation’s Learn-To-Ride program.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens showing some PDA in Sydney…

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vanessa hudgens zac efron lunchtime kissers 01
vanessa hudgens zac efron lunchtime kissers 02
vanessa hudgens zac efron lunchtime kissers 03
vanessa hudgens zac efron lunchtime kissers 04
vanessa hudgens zac efron lunchtime kissers 05
vanessa hudgens zac efron lunchtime kissers 06
vanessa hudgens zac efron lunchtime kissers 07
vanessa hudgens zac efron lunchtime kissers 08
vanessa hudgens zac efron lunchtime kissers 09
vanessa hudgens zac efron lunchtime kissers 10
vanessa hudgens zac efron lunchtime kissers 11
vanessa hudgens zac efron lunchtime kissers 12

Credit: Scope Features; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Flynet
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  • gaby

    they are WITHOUT A DOUBT the CUTEST couple on this PLANET!
    LOVE THEMMM! <3333

  • gaby

    they are WITHOUT A DOUBT the CUTEST couple on this PLANET!
    LOVE THEMMM! <3333

  • Macchiato

    post about him on the JR site !!!!!!!!!!

  • heather

    they’re cute. Vanessa looks gorgeoussss

  • sara12

    love them

  • Wesie

    Cute couple :)

  • bibi

    Gotta love them. So rare to see them kiss in public, true love is a wonderful thing to see!

  • Mac

    Adorable!!! Such a great looking pair together!

  • go sox

    It’s really special when, after 4+ years, he still greets her like this, not caring who sees. It’s also not surprising that they feel more relaxed away from the craziness of LA. They really have such a great mix of love, respect, support, passion, physical attraction, and friendship in their relationship. Doesn’t matter how old they are; they just have it. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • lslsharon

    Super sweet!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Ehehehhe, this makes me giggle and awe at their cuteness. They really have something special between the two of them. Although I wish they had their privacy… its still great to see them and seeing them kiss is really rare. Zanessa is FOREVER !! :D

  • Karen

    They always seem so lighthearted when they are off on a vacation or away from the prying eyes of LA. They both love Australia too. Even though it is kind of a working vacation for Zac, it has been a FUN type work for him.

  • blahblahblah

    they’re so cute

  • OOOO

    I hope Zac and Vanessa will always love each other forever….

    thank you Z & V for making me really happy and smile when read ur news and see ur pics…I always pray for u n God bless u

  • Shannon

    freaking love these two so cute and romantic they dont give a eff who’s watching

  • rosielee9

    @Karen: Hi there Karen hope your well.

    Have to agree that’s when we seem to get some georgous photo’s of them when the pap’s aren’t in their face’s and they are just trying to be like any other couple and the greeting that Zac gave Vanessa was again something that a boyfriend does when he see’s his girl, add to that they both love Aussie and obvioulsy feel relaxed enough to be able to show PDA like this with one another no matter who shows it first is lovely to see. I hope they enjoy the rest of their stay.

    Maybe their ‘alone’ time together after the event was at a more secluded beach as the top that Vanessa has on looks like a bikini tope to me but I could be wrong.

    Love the woman’s face on picture number 5 it looks so comical, and Zac’s wide eyed look on picture number 8 is like the look of someone being told something that is quite unusal. All in all great photo’s of them both and there’s only photo number 6 that Vanessa to me looks really tired but other than that one she is full of smiles.

    Agree to with everything that Boji said they seem so more happy, relaxed, content when out of L.A. especially when they are out of LA. together. Guess as Zac put it they love to spend as much time together as possible.

  • rosielee9

    @go sox: You got them spot on, long may it contiune.

  • april

    Just sooooo cute ! Love them!

  • pottersfield

    My God Zac, What has happened to you. You never made a spectacle of yourself before. Shame on you.

  • Jess!

    awwwwwww they’re so cute

  • Evangeline(:

    Awwww Zachary’s glowing! :D <3
    SO CUTE! x

  • Clémentine

    They’re so cute ^^
    Vanessa is beautiful and Zac is lovely with her. Adorable !

  • kate

    @go sox:



    As always i agree with eerything you say.

    i love how these days Zac shows more affection towards Vanessa

    I love these pics so much and hope they can spend the rest of there Mini vacation in peace.

  • pop86

    so cute

  • curiosity

    Such an adorable couple. Vanessa of course is just simply gorgeous!!

  • bella

    They are the sweetest couple

  • Malia

    Sweet!!! Hope the rest of their stay there is less crazy. I saw the TV news report that said they had to end the event, or at least get Zac off the beach after 15 minutes because of the crazed fans. Glad they had lots of security. I’m sure Oakley appreciated those 15 minutes and all the media coverage. :)

    And I think those people surrounding them in the Italian restaurant work for Oakley. They’re the ones who made sure Vanessa was ok during the event.

  • rosielee9

    I can understand that fan’s are excited and pleased to see Zac but it’s a pity in some way that they do behave this way as it kinda spoils it for everyone involved as I’m sure that Zac would have loved to have spent more time in the water and at the beach as he love’s both but can understand why they took him off the beach safety comes first.

    You can see why when he and Vanessa do have a vacation that they go far away for it to secluded beaches where they can spent as much time in the water or Zac can just surf without the hassle of groups of fans whcih as I have said I’m sure he apprecates his fans just like Vanessa does her but everyone needs and deserves time to what they want in peace. At least some people were lucky enough to get help from Zac in the water I’m sure something they will always remeber.

    Sometimes I think that fans need to be a bit more understadning when their favourite celeb is doing something like this as much as it’s great to see them it is also a day of work for them so sometimes backing off is a better idea than screaming and surrounding your favourite star, give them some space.

  • Tata

    LOVE THEM!!!!!!!

  • hil

    OMG!!! I luv them!!!OH GOD!! I luv them:)
    it is without a doubt that they r so perfect!!!
    Zanessa the best in this world!!!

  • http://Justjared Jenny.s.

    Pottersfield: what do you mean ‘what has happened to you’, he is just kissing his girlfriend, I didn’t know that was something to be ashamed of?care to explain why it’s such a shame?

    In my opinion, they look adorable and I am happy their enjoying this mini vacation even if it was supposed to be work for zac

    Too cute <3 them

  • Karen

    According to Layne Beachley—someone who understands the conditions of the waves and the weather—she called the condition of the waves “cyclonic”. So, I don’t think it was really the fans fault that Zac left the beach sooner than planned. It was not his fault about the weather conditions of the day. It was just one of those things and the event could not go on as planned. But they certainly did get a lot of publicity it would seem. LOL I’m sure Zac was disappointed and in one interview I saw, he did say there would be no way he would go out on those ways the way they were. And he also pointed out how there was NOBODY out there trying it either.

  • pita

    Zac and Vanessa totally made my day.
    He is sooooooo passionate and sweet.She is glowing in all those pictures which is so nice to see.
    I love this couple so much.

  • susan1

    Adorable couple!!! i love them!!

  • Malia


    Well, one Australian tabloid was dissing Zac for only spending such a short time out there and not even surfing since Oakley had paid his and his girlfriend’s air fair to the event. Yes, he was blaming Zac for only spending 15 minutes instead of his “requisite” hour. Guess they couldn’t find anything else to gripe about. I didn’t hear them complaining because Layne Beachley wasn’t showing off her world champion skills by riding the waves.

  • Divine Goddess

    They are just a wonderful couple. God bless them. True love is a beautiful thing and after more than four years, they still have it.

  • Malia

    It was that UK tabloid the “Daily Mail” that was complaining about Zac. They are the worst. I’m surprised they didn’t come up with something more scandalous.

  • Ms Anonymous

    So when is Zac going to get some balls and dump her, like we keep hearing?

  • fan

    #38, Ms Anonymous…I am sorry that every guys and even gals had balls and dumped you multiple times. I hope you can get over your pain from being dumped by every guys or gals.



  • vfan

    They are the cutest couple!
    That just made my day! :)

  • kgg

    @Ms Anonymous: You keep hoping but it’s not happening dearie, so don’t hold your breath. Just enjoy the sweet kiss he gave her in the bar, just like the rest of us. Eat your heart out!


    Wait…are those…eyeballs? I was beginning to think he had plucked them out! Yes, you do look way kewl in the sunglasses, Zac, but your eyes are too pretty to hide them under shades 24/7!

  • ivanka


  • engineersdating

    they should get married

  • Trina

    @Ms Anonymous:

    Honey, we know who you are. Try to control you jealousy. Zac is NEVER going to be with that girl you want him to be with. Go back to you delusional fan forum and hang out with that bunch of angry bit****. That way you can all wallow in misery together.

  • lakers fan in boston

    even when they do some PDA they are boring as a couple
    the only reason they get publicity is because these 13 year old girls are still in2 both of them even tho they are big losers
    the blond in pic 5 represents how i feel about these losers

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    return after a holiday carnaval
    bele surprise that
    zac and vanessa is without doubt the most beautiful couple in the world

  • sony

    i must admit they’re look in love …………………..but sometimes zac looks wild in his eyes (rare)

  • OhMyjizzFace!x33

    how cute <3
    they love eachother so much xD