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Bar Refaeli: Shutter Island Soiree!

Bar Refaeli: Shutter Island Soiree!

Bar Refaeli is looking lovely at an Armani Ristorante cocktail party to celebrate the New York premiere of Shutter Island on Tuesday (February 17) in New York City.

The 24-year-old model came out to support her boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, who stars in the movie! Bar spent time with Roberta Armani and Michelle Trachtenberg at the party.

Leo recently sat down with E! News and admitted he was taken aback when photogs caught him shopping at Target with Bar!

“You can never get used to [the paparazzi],” Leo said. “It always shocks the hell out of you when these people pop out of nowhere….but it is what it is!”

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bar refaeli shutter island party armani ristorante 01
bar refaeli shutter island party armani ristorante 02
bar refaeli shutter island party armani ristorante 03
bar refaeli shutter island party armani ristorante 04
bar refaeli shutter island party armani ristorante 05
bar refaeli shutter island party armani ristorante 06
bar refaeli shutter island party armani ristorante 07
bar refaeli shutter island party armani ristorante 08

Photos: Larry Busacca/Getty
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  • ke$haluv


  • ke$haluv

    same worn out purse, hahaha what trash

  • G

    I totally agree with Leo’s remarks. People throw a big fuss about nosy friends, neighbors, government, etc. Can you imagine 24-7 press? It would drive anyone nuts. I’m frankly impressed how some people handle it really well and sympathetic to those who punch paparazzi in the face.

  • ella

    Was Leo with her ?

  • ke$haluv


    he needs to blame barfy, she calls them

  • ke$haluv


    i sure hope not

  • Halli

    Hey Leo its your gal-pal tax-dodger Bar Rafaeli who calls the paps. This guy isn’t that bright is he?

  • Fan of Beauty

    SHE IS GORGEOUS! I love her elegant dress, so classy. What a lovely young woman and how happy she looks. No wonder Leo is still with her after four years. Glad to see she was tat the party to support her man. Thanks a lot, JARED for the pictures.

  • Tazina

    Why does a beautiful woman like this waste her time on DeCaprio. He’s never going to marry her. All she is for him is arm candy.

  • lapeeps

    I agree Tazina, I just saw him on the today show and he says marriage is for his distant future. not anytime soon. He seems like all he wants to do is play play play! grow up leo!

  • mice

    I just looked it up online and guess what, Leo was there but they didn’t go to the event as a couple but separated

    Looks like that Cinema for Peace gala thing was strictly publicity

  • ivanka

    she is so gorgeous, really i cant understand the hate, she is beautiful and leo is an amazing and talente guy

  • meh

    Get over it. It’s part of your job.

  • coco

    @Fan of Beauty: Hi Tzipi Refaeli!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Tazina: …why would leo waste his time on this clothes hanger/ eye candy?!? ahahahaha.. he can get a good looking girl with substance.

  • hater

    Haters can say all they want about Bar. Whatever makes them happy. But she is here to stay…until the next breakup.
    Leo said on good morning america today that he needs another 10 years to grow up etc. He is not settling down any time soon according to his own words.
    She is lucky to get to spend time with hot beautiful talented Leo. That man is gorgeous beyond belief. I never thought he was sexy until he hit his 30s and got more masculine and a body. He looks sooo good!

  • envy

    She’s hot. She can’t help it…

  • :(

    Fresh out of a trailer park. Nice pick, Leo! Keep degrading yourself with this idi*t!

  • Bar Perfect 10

    She is soo pretty…….and gorgeous!!!! Gorgeous face, gorgeous body..

    @ke$haluv you are just jealous of her. Because you are fat and ugly and no boyfriend. What a barf life you have.

  • Lola

    This is so stupid! One minute its a big no-no to being seen together (Pompeit) then its okay to be be seen together (Peace dinner) and now its back “no-no”….also, how much clearer does the man have to be that he is not interested in getting married to this skank? If he wants to get married and have kids, it’s not going to be w/Barfy! He has said over and over it has to happen “naturally” and if fake tata Barfy keeps wearing a cheap gold ring on her finger and calling the paps, that is her trying to get free press riding on his coat-tails and how far from natural is that? She needs to take her fake tatas, fake tan and fat *ss back to Israel, pay her back-owned taxes and do the military service she avoid when she married her sugar-daddy when she was only 18. Her momma taught her how to use her body and men to get ahead. My bet is she will end up some old geeser’s trophy wife or center of PB.

  • tr

    Everyone knows Bar is the one texting and calling the paparazi.
    If Leo is “shocked” that the photogs knew he was going to Target, he must be really naive and should take a look at the video.
    You can see Bar is looking for the photographers from the second they walked in and made sure they can see her face and got her picture several times.

  • Amanda

    The people telling Leo to grow up made me lol…

    Why do you care when he wants to get married? I don’t want to get married until I’m at least 40. So what? That’s my choice.

  • Simplythetruth

    Buzz off haters. She’s a beautiful girl. Leo is a big boy. I’m sure if he hated her as much as you do, he wouldn’t be with her. They look good together. Leave them alone.

  • Bea

    No wonder she is wearing the snake purse again, it suits her! since she is one herself!

  • xxx

    Wow.. she usually looks woeful but she looks quite nice here. Her eyes are beautiful.

    Unfortuantely I don’t think the outside matches the inside….

  • Logan

    Bar looks great, as does Roberta, but oh my, Michelle T. looks downright translucent. She is whiter than Nicole Kidman.

  • tal

    stuning girl !!!

  • Britt

    Ah, she looks so pretty here. Love the hair and the black does wonders for her. I love this look!

  • tr

    I’m not a fan, but I’ll admit that curls do frame her face in a better way than the straight locks.
    It softens her face and brings out the better features.

  • justme

    What a gorgeous young woman! There were a lot of photos of her and Leo together in the German press while staying in Berlin: leaving a museum, having a romantic Valentine’s dinner. They make a nice couple!

  • Perfect 10

    She is so pretty………both in Ads, magazines and in candid photos like these. Looked at her SI photos, every picture is like a cover shoot quality. She is just too pretty and healthy body, not like those skinny sick model bodies.

  • BARF

    Leo dont go with BARFY,you need a good lady and not a whore!!!!!!!

  • Joy

    I think Michelle looks beautiful! I love pale skin.

  • Pandora

    She looks lovely. Maybe he’ll marry her, maybe he won’t. She’s still young enough to enjoy her time with him, and then move on if that’s what the future holds.

  • rechalle

    she doesnt deserve being called barfy, i mean come-on that sounds like jealousy. I will admit I am not her fan and don’t think she is all that (she is pretty) but dang to be called that???? she clearly is not! lol
    im sure if you girls woke up looking like her you wouldnt be sitting on justjared all day. lol same goes for all the jealous girls who call all the beautiful models/celebs names on this site. its just jealousy. admit it. ok fine done admit it. in the end you are looking them up……………….that speaks for itself. to me it says, you cant stop staring at them becuase you really think they are beautiful. or your jealousy has gotten the best of you and you want to spewww more words of hate or see what other jealous girls are saying, so you can feel better about yourself and “believe it” bc other jj posters are saying the same thing, so it must be true right? lol just remeber online/internt/jj communiity is a tiny teeny tiny minority of people. they are called HATERS.

    have a nice day

  • Naima

    She is a fat assed Israeli. I don’t have to dye my hair to look exotic bc Arab women have natural good looks than God for that!

  • Bea

    It´s not her looks we critize, it´s her attitude towards everything. We don´t like her interior, her vibe, her energy, and unfortunately that permeates into the exterior. We don´t like her as a person. So, when you don´t like someone´s interior (soul), it´s very difficult to like the exterior. It has nothing to do with jealousy. Have a nice day you too!

  • mice

    @Naima: We know that you’re proud of your heritage but can’t you just stop ?

  • Jessica

    MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG IS SO PALE! but she’s beautiful!

  • Lars

    I’m sorry, but all the Arab women I have seen were really ugly.
    I can understand why they cover themselves and why Arabs hate the Israelis.
    By exotic beauty do you mean “I have mustache and a huge nose and I look like a shemale”?

  • Mari

    @Naima and @Lars, please stop with the anti-Israeli & anti-Arab remarks. It makes both of you sound small-minded and mean spirited, not to mention prejudiced. Can we just agree that there are beautiful women all over the world, including Israel and Saudi Arabia? Thank you.

  • anne

    i just was trying to get what people like about bar, when their relationship was at the beginning i made an effort to like her or see qualities but the time has pass and i dislike more every time i would like to heard sth that you “bar fans” has to say about her….i mean…
    BEAUTY: she not the ugliest woman but is far from being a monumental woman and yes she is looking older that she is now
    TALENT: if that girl had talent she would been working for people like armani, prada, dolce gabbana, doing american vogue cover and she is not even close to get a work like that and i bet this people not even know her as far as i know she dont act well and not sing either
    bad habits: she does interviews saying how she like to keep healthy and stuff and smokes
    SHE MARRIED an old men to avoid military service when many other girls dont have problem w that and says she doesnt care about her country
    TRYING NOT TO PAY TAXES! c mon what wrong w her she should pay like every single person in the world does…
    CLASSY: she is not classy at all looking to pictures w hair on her plate, straching in the chair, she is in a gala event and what the hell she is wearing?? and many times she doesnt dress appropriately
    when they broke up her headlines are she and some old rich guy dating what someone should think for a girls w this behavior?
    i could keep listing many things, she just give reason to people dont like her and i just dont get why someone see on her
    i have some option: you people are related to her or work for her because i dont see anything good about her at all!

  • Naima


    Lars you are a racist!!! arab woman are sexy and alluring and dark and mysterious not with everything hanging out like ugly barfy Israeli. we don’t have the head lice she has. You are probably Barfy’s brother!

  • Lars

    I’m just saying the truth.
    There are many Arab immigrants where I live, and they have the ugliest women I have ever seen, sorry.
    Thank god for the burqa, they should all wear one.

  • Lars

    And btw, @Naima, you’re calling me racist while you started making the racist comments about Bar.
    Not only you’re ugly, you’re stupid and hypocrite too.

  • Joe Schlong

    I think she is pretty but not model pretty, sorta like the hot girl in high school, but she is really really over hyped. Besides she is such a celeb-ho and my cousin in Israel says she sleeps around BIG TIME with any one thats got over 10million in the bank, between her break in June until they got back together she was with 8 Israeli guys and 1 brazilian polo player c’mon in 4 months wowowza lol lol

  • miss_aveiro


  • lakers fan in boston

    if leo really cared about her she could have supported him by going 2 the movie premiere
    but leo obviously doesnt care about her, i bet u she had 2 pay 2 see the movie
    not her best look, she looks pretty boring tbh, she only looks good in bikinis or a really short dress

  • unseen

    She looks like my mom and I’m 23 years old

  • cougarsdatingsite

    She is so pretty!