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Knox & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: Twins on the Water Taxi!

Knox & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: Twins on the Water Taxi!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take their little ones out for ice cream before getting on a water taxi in Venice, Italy on Tuesday (February 16).

Ang held hands with Zahara as they went to get ice cream together, and when on the taxi, held on tight to twins Knox and Vivienne, 1, and bundled them up in adorable winter hats.

The family is in town to support Ang as she films The Tourist with Johnny Depp. Earlier today, the family took a ride down the Grand Canal!

FYI: Angie is wearing a white Ferragamo custom-made coat.

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angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne water taxi 01
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne water taxi 02
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne water taxi 03
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne water taxi 04
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne water taxi 05

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  • Deedz

    Omg, the twins are adorable.

  • Sweetness

    OMG their babies are so adorably cute…No matter what is said about AJ and Brad Pitt ..the one thing people can not dispute is their DNA combined makes gorgeous babies.

  • Celia

    They’re so cute!!! Knox looks just like Brad and Vivienne looks like Angelina!!

  • eliott

    Great photos. Sorry trolls, Angie didn’t somehow manage to wake-up ugly. She’s as gorgeous as ever. Now go binge-eat, trolls, and spare us your hot air.

  • Sarah

    BEAUTIFUL! They both look like Shiloh! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!

  • Brad twin
  • Love them

    OMG can they make more perfect babies? These 2 are so cute! One looks just like Angie one looks just like Brad-Perfection!!!!!!!

  • eliott

    @Love them:

    Yep, those babies are adorable.

  • toria

    How cute. Glad we finally get to see them!

  • missy

    You’re late JJ. Thanks anyway

  • Meghan

    They are the most beautiful kids and family! Angelina is gorgeous and the twins look just like Shiloh!

  • Frenchy

    Hello Allll!!!! Waving to all fans!!!! Wow I click on JJ and BAM, it’s the JP’s. Fabulous!

  • hechizera

    A day late and a dollar short Jared jjb had those photos up yesterday. Stop trying to do damage control for those fake photos you posted on the other thread. What happened, you finally realized those pics were fake?

  • eliott



  • missy

    Knox looks like shiloh when she was at that age.
    Chubby cheeks… cute!

  • squee!!!!

    Nice. They look like they are enjoying themselves.

  • Shar

    FINALLY Jared!!!! Everyone else had these pictures posted for 2 days already.

  • AJ is an alien

    look at the most freak couple!!! such a losers!!!
    AJ is an alien!! evidence: anomaly in the neck, sick thin and a disgusting vein in forehead!!!

  • InFamouslyStupid

    Love them. Everyone looks alike

  • bruin

    they’re so cute. they’re like little shilohs

  • the truth

    Gorgeous family.

  • reBECCA

    They’ve got their hands full. Before you know it, the children will all be 18 years old!

  • Iva

    there she she goes… the thief of husbands… they are not a admirable family… on the contrary…

  • aussie Girl

    Oh they are so adorable…Viv looks just like She at the sane age!!
    Love the J-P’s and have been waitning to see the twins!!!

  • Love them

    @ AJ is an alien- jealous because the one kid you spit out looks like ET??? Yeah your jealousy is showing, these kids are gorgeous! Take your ET looking baby and your homely ass somewhere else! Oh sorry your parked here 24/7 aren’t you Conni/lena/ajisanalien/it’sso over and the many other names you use. How about just using Psycho from now on, we know it;s you anyway pathetic loser!

  • Courtney

    The twins!!!

  • alexanderina

    cuteness overload

  • Angie
  • Aussie Girl

    I so so happy to see the twins at last.They look like Shi,so cute.
    Whar fake pics what happened–I only missed one day

    #19 How old are you???b/c your post is silly & small and you are telling fairy-tales–my guess is 14

  • Love them

    Could just pinch those cheeks! Oh sorry I mean could pinch the babies cheeks- whew was thinking of Brad for a minute there- lost myself!!!
    They make beautiful babies!

  • hi

    brad only seems to care about his natural children. rarely does he hold the adopted kids. angie cares more for the adopted ones. he’s too selfish to love non-white, non-biological babies.

  • Neil

    OK Jared, Whatever…..

  • eliott

    @Love them# 26:

    Don’t forget the name *Daughter of a Hollywood Legend.* Of all the troll’s names (and there have been MANY), I think that’s a personal favorite. HA!!!!

  • Sshhii_baby

    OMG!! what a surprise! The kids are absolutely beautiful! The twins looks exactly like Shiloh. That little girl looked too cute with her monkey hat. Drop dead gorgeous without even trying. Boy, you’re gonna hear alot of scream from the ocean..hehhehehe

  • I’M A FAN BUT…

    I believe the breakup rumors was a publicity stunt leading up to the Oscars and that these two are behind it. Masters that they are at self promotion it worked, now pics of them are everywhere again.

    If they really didn’t care what others thought about them they wouldn’t go out of their way to publicize their ” togetherness”.

    Just saying.

  • eliott

    @I’M A FAN BUT…:

    How about just NOT saying . . . why don’t you give that a try?

  • Aussie Girl

    @hi: So,Brad has NEVER taken the adopted kids anywhere???Is that what you are claiming.
    What about the two superbowls they recently attended-and what 8yr old wants to be held.Brad is always with all of his kids regulary–bio&adopted.— Fool

  • Love them

    @ eliott you are right, forgot that one.

  • lmao

    dang these pictures were already posted yesterday on the last thread….

  • AGA

    @hi: If Brad is selfish(as you claim) WHY WHY WHY would he adopt them and give then his surname! He is spotted out & about with all kids regularly!! That’s a lame,lying post.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    ~The Twins are beautiful!! Zahara is beautiful with her Afro Puffs. :)

  • AGA

    @hechizera: What fake photo’s. I missed only a day and half by not checking in with JJ. What Happened

  • I’m the real fan

    # 36 I’m a fan but
    I believe you are paid by Huvane (Aniston’s publicist) to float rumors. The purpose is to promote Jen’s upcoming movie because the industry insider has been saying the movie is a DUD !!!

  • briseis

    “Publicity stunt leading up to the Oscars”? WTF? They are not even nominated (Angie didn’t have a movie in 2009 and Brad wasn’t nommed for IB) … God, what a lame post. Just throwing anything including the kitchen sink at the JPs hoping something would stick. A BIG FAIL!!!!

  • hopeso

    Simply gorgeous! Thank you Jared, you are a little late but what the heckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  • jpfan

    Love the jps. The twins are so cute! Little Knox is the spitting image of stunning Shiloh. And gorgeous Viv looks like gorgeous Angie. If Jared included the twins pics with all the JP’s going down the canal pics — the hits would implode his server. HeHe. The JP’s rule!

  • Melissa

    @hi: I totally agree!!

  • jpfan

    P.S hater trolls, our lovely Angie beautiful in white. Personally, I love black too. Suck it haters. P.S. love Zahara’s little high pigtails.

  • lmao

    @I’M A FAN BUT…:

    They have nothing to do with the Oscars you moron. They have been living their lives as usual but the tabs and trolls have created this other universe as the JP’s have been involved in doing family and humanitarian things.

  • LuckyL