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Reese Witherspoon is a Smiley Shopper

Reese Witherspoon is a Smiley Shopper

Reese Witherspoon is all smiles as she goes out with a friend to do some furniture shopping in L.A. on Wednesday (February 17).

The 33-year-old actress and her friend shared a laugh as they walked together on their way. Love that they both wore ruffle detailing on their tops!

Life & Style is reporting that Reese and CAA talent agent Jim Toth have been dating – check out the details posted earlier today!

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# 1
serafinaAffleck's secret twin @ 02/17/2010 at 10:35 pm

Daaayum, jared! Are you on the Reese Witherspoon payroll? You really should be. Reese out shopping with friends, getting coffee with friends, walking with friends. We get it. ” Look at me! Look at how smiling and cute and happy I am! ” Great. But I really don’t need to see it four times a week. Once a month would be too much.

# 2

OMG not this faker again?!!

# 3

What faker??

I love Reese, you can keep her info coming! :) Although I love her, she is sooo dumb for dumping Jake—-CALL ME JAKE ; )

# 4

That’s her assistant.

# 5

dear reese witherspoon,

please stop wearing those same black flats, that same purse and the same rotation of dresses, jeans and tops. i know you have more clothes than that. you said it yourself, you ”swap with friends.” so SWAP already!!

# 6
Simplythetruth @ 02/17/2010 at 11:10 pm

She’s awesome! Buzz off haters. She rocks! I wish her the best!

# 7

Dear Bex : Take care of your own wardrobe and less about what a celebrity wears. You sound a little obsessed with me.

Reese Witherspoon x

# 8

I’m not a hater, but I agree that this is over doing it. Reese is OK. But it’s like you feature her doing nothing all the time, jared. It’s boring and I am beginning to feel like she is over exposing herself on purpose. Almost as if she wants to show the world she is a survivor. I guess Jake really did dump her! LOL!

# 9

Hard not to like Reece….
Great story, love your coverage… Looking for more positive coverage of the biggest names in Hollywood, check out

Of course she’s smiling…she’s finally getting some after a years long drought being attached at the hip to ol’ toothy.

Reese is so pretty and cute! And she is from New Orleans too.

That fugly and boring biitch again?

Actually a lot of celebs wear the same outifts for the paps. It keeps the value of their photos DOWN and so the paps don’t earn as much. How many pics can the tabloids or boards run where Reese or the other celebs look exactly the same??
Go Reese! Why should the paps make money stalking you and your children!!

Ughh, another scheduled photo op. Paps do NOT stalk boring Reese, she schedules the photo ops because she is desperate to make sure she has some PR. Now Jared will fulfill his paycheck from her PR team and give us daily Reese photo ops posts for the next 4 or 5 days. Poster #6, tell your bosses at CAA that they are finally getting the hang of good intern posts. This time you didn’t over do it on the flattery.

Oh so let me get this straight: Reese is always going on and on about how much she hates the paps and yet we literally get her fake smiling at them at least three or four times a week now. I’m starting to believe that Jake was in fact the one who dumped her and not the other way around as her official mouthpiece, US Weekly, claimed.

That Life and Style story is totally bogus BTW. It says that they’ve been on “at least” ten dates in three weeks, but he hasn’t met her kids, yet she was in Nashville last weekend and had her kids the weekend before that. The weekend before that was when they were seen together (arriving and leaving seperately, after a 1 hour and 40 minute “date” – it must have been a hoot – and only hugging at the end). So when and where are they going on all these dates?

Use some common sense Jared.

It’s bad enough when you’re pimping ridiculously staged photographs of her smiling about, now you’re pimping make believe dates and boyfriends as well?

I like her but does she EVER do anything but shop and buy coffee?

DAYYYYYYUM! Look t her fat ASSistant!!! She has porker thighs. Honey, a dress doesn’t help what you have. It looks like her snatch is eating her dress.

@Britt: she’s from nashville…..

reese looks pretty as she naturally she
im still skeptical on those rumors about her dating an agent
she looks hotter when she’s with this friend lol

@me….I think the same thing….must be nice to have endless money to just shop, sip coffee and walk around.

another staged photo op right on time, every two days, freakin attentino *****

I clearly don’t get why people hate her. She seems nice and sweet. And her style is cute.

Good choice of companion….so fat Reese will look extra good in comparison. No wonder she’s laughing.

For a couple of years Jake was her rock and the guy who made her feel good. Then, poof, he’s dumped and she looks as if she didn’t care the least little bit. Hmmmm…maybe those bearding rumors WERE true.

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