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Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth Getting Serious?

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth Getting Serious?

Reese Witherspoon and CAA talent agent Jim Toth have been dating, if Life & Style is to be believed. (They were first outed as a couple two weeks ago.) Here are some quotes from their inside:

On the last three weeks: “They’ve been on at least 10 dates. They’ve been to each other’s houses and out to dinner together. Jim is trying to keep it quiet, but he and Reese are together, he’s told friends… They’ve been acting like a couple ­ they’ve even double-dated. You don’t go out with another couple unless you’re dating. They spend several nights a week together.”

On Jim not pressuring Reese into long-term commitment: “He’s reassessed his life. He suffered a loss last year–the death of his father–and Jim feels it’s time to settle down. He’s definitely grown up from his younger days as a cocky agent.”

FYI: Jim has yet to meet Reese‘s two kids — Ava and Deacon.

DO YOU THINK Reese really is dating Jim? Think they make a good couple?

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36 Responses to “Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth Getting Serious?”

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  1. 26
    showmance Says:

    “Reese is going to regret the day she let Jake go”
    Jake ended the showmance with Reese Witherspoon.
    Jake and Reese never dated, never lived together, the relationship was just PR charade.
    Boring and dumped Reese used Jake to get press, that CAA guy looks like her next marketing tool.

  2. 27
    Anon2 Says:

    Reese needs an escort to the Oscars next month. She doesn’t mind walking the red carpet alone, but she must have a date to attend the parties. Otherwise, she’s the “woman without a man” and gawd forbid anyone should think that about her.

  3. 28
    nursefriends Says:

    she deserves a straight man

  4. 29
    emma Says:


    You’re a fool. You know perfectly well that she and Jake were together, lived together, screwed each other and everything else. You just like to pretend otherwise because you’re too pathetic to admit that your man crush Jake likes the ladies.

    Because you go by the username “showmance” and repeat the same idiotic thing over and over again, doesn’t make the fact that Jake and Reese were together for THREE YEARS any less true. Let me ask you a question: if it’s raining outside and you want it to be sunny, do you just pretend that it’s sunny outside? Do you, when others tell you that it’s raining, continue to repeat that it’s sunny regardless?

    Does making up nonsense on gossip message boards actually make you feel better about yourself? Is your life THAT sad that this is the only satisfaction you get everyday?

    It’s called a life, showmance reject, go get one. Now go hide under a bridge until the next story comes on justjared and you repeat the same moronic thing all over again.

  5. 30
    crazy? Says:

    I keep hearing that she is a controlling nightmare to live with.

  6. 31
    Kennedy Says:

    I think that Reese has proven herself to be a woman of character and class. it’s very possible that after breaking up with Jake, she would be looking for a male role in her life to be a friend. To say that you wish she was more caring and a better himan being is a little off kilter. She spends alot of her time and fame to further the wellbeing of many different organizations. Reese is a great role model, but an even better mom. Nothing that is posted in magazines should be taken to seriously.

  7. 32
    sg Says:

    If these two procreate, their kids are going to have chins a mile long.

  8. 33
    mrcool Says:

    I heard that guy is a drunk loser. who goes from Jake to that ugly drunk donkey? Come on Reese!

  9. 34
    JM Says:

    Wow. She found Jake’s long lost 40 year-old twin.

  10. 35
    True Blood Bleds Says:

    Jim Toth, pretends to be his assistant, at work because after he shaves his
    head, no one recognizes him. Thoth has to get a toupee and report back to work.
    Jim yells at Reese, and a loan shark, bookie pulled an automatic rifle on him
    for a $25,000 loan. Jim is a closet Moslem, and an illegal immigrant who
    regularly reads the quoran and goes to the a mosque. He works at Creative
    Artists and gets free dinner … as a bribery for auditions and SAG

    Jim Toth, psychopathic Moslem, accused of fraternizing with male and female
    clients at Talent Agency. Supposedly screamed at a movie star, calling her a
    ‘loser.’ Accused of going to loan shark, and going in debt; gets brutally
    threatened outside Beverly Hills,by bodyguards and then shark with gun in a
    truck+ van. Noone knows all the details but bad rep for Jim.

    C Jim Toth of Creative Artists Talent has been reported to the FBI for
    fratenizing with artists and celebrities at his agency. He has been asked by the
    cops to stay out of celebrity parties. He has recieved several death threats at
    Creative Artists. He has been a bi sexual artist for quite some time.

    JIm Toth, threatened with a rifle and a shotgun, semi automatic weapon. Toth
    hits on male nurse Sunday after reporting incident.

    Showbiz Tonight: Jim Toth found to be a Moslem and abusive to Reese. He screams,
    yells and goes to a Mosque! He owes a loan shark 25,000$. He is a bad card and
    liker tocall her a “loser.” He had a gun pulled on him outside Beverly Hills.
    Toth needs a rehab all he does is prescription drugs.

    Jim Toth, supposed closetly a Moslem, reads his Quoran twice to three times a
    week, attends two mosques, had a rifle pulled on him in the street outside
    Beverly Hills.Toth supposedly borrowed $25,000 from a loan shark. Toth had a
    gage rifle pointed at him with semi automatics in Los Angeles. Toth was
    threatened by Reese’s body guards for jeapordizing her life. Toth and Reese
    Witherspoon have been dating …for several months but Jim is a bad
    card bringing misfortune.

    The National Enquirer Deserves the Pulitzer Prize: … Just Jim Toth
    threatened with a rifle outside Beverly Hills on Saturday for going to a loan
    shark for 25,000 dollars. Bodyguards threatened to beat the hell out of Jim
    after they found out. They pullf out a 16 gage rifle to threaten him with a 12
    gage shotgun in the back of a van and a semi automatic pistol aimed at Toth on
    the street outside his Talent Agency CA. Toth bad card puts Reese in danger. …
    She might need a restraining order against him to get Toth out of her

  11. 36
    Glynn Says:

    jake was a cry whiny baby. This guy is a man. Maybe that appealed to her but whatever, this guy is major cute, unlike Jake with that weird hair, and he is older, with money of his own. They are married now with a kid on the way. I wish the best for them.

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