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Tiger Woods to Make Public Apology on Friday

Tiger Woods to Make Public Apology on Friday

Tiger Woods plans to apologize for his behavior on Friday.

The 34-year-old golfer will be speaking to “a small group of friends, colleagues and close associates at 11:00 a.m. EST Friday at the TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida,” a statement from his agent said (via Bloomberg), adding, “Tiger plans to discuss his past and his future and he plans to apologize for his behavior.”

No questions or cameras will be allowed, but a pool of reporters will be at the event.

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  • ganymede30324

    If the pool of reporters is wearing bikinis, the apology’s off! Seriously, not that I’ve ever had much to apologize for, but I don’t recall ever scheduling one.

  • lakers fan in boston

    should be interesting
    i still wonder if elin is gonna take him back tho
    when i really think about it, he really effed up his career and life

  • Jun

    What has the guy got to apologize for? This is ridiculous, so the guy likes sex and lots of it, you honestly think his wife had no idea. The guy is filthy rich, handsome and famous, she should stop playing the wounded wife and take him back like you know she is going to.

  • Tim

    Nothing to apologize for my friend. You are my hero with all those lovely ladies. ;)

  • http://google toni

    Wow! he look quite stress out after the separation from his wife.
    I hope they get back together, no other women would want the best for him beside his wife, Elin. God blessed

  • other wives write books $$

    Wives of cheaters are writing books and promoting them making a
    fortune off of their husbands extra affairs.. So and Elin is not doing
    anything she is not making A PROFIT FROM HER HUSBANDS

  • Catalina

    Yes sure, real sorry. Sorry because he wants to play golf again and wants to be that guy everyone looks up to. Sorry Tiger, you’re a piece of garbage.

  • boo

    DO NOT APOLOGIZE TIGER!!!! Never apologize to the public!! What have you done wrong in your public life? NOTHING!! You have done nothing wrong. You have achieved greatness in your game & have broken barriers in THE most openly racist sport in the world, He’s a sports figure NOT an elected politician!!! If they make him do this, than every other golfer should too!! Your private life is your private life and not for stupid jilted middle age blogettes to judge…

  • lexy

    What does he have to apologize to fans for? He wasn’t running a fake charity and stealing the money. He only owes his wife and kids an apology – the rest of us don’t need one.

  • boo

    Don’t forget Elin signed a pre-nup. She will get nothing without Tiger by her side. Ask any starter wife…

  • http://justjared FOXY BROWN

    Don’t do it Tiger!!! Let your talent do your talking–go out and win the next golf tournament or win the next few :) I’m not interested in your personal life only your skill as a golfer–your being unfaithful has nothing to do with your fans–apologize to for your wife.

  • Bonnie Fuller is a psycho

    You know what, I have seen MEN ABUSE ALL WOMEN, wife or not, (VERBALLY, EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY)….. and the only good things I can say is, Elin and none of the other women stated Tiger was verbally or physically ABUSIVE.
    I know some pretty bad jackholes who feel they’re entitled… to what I dunno… and they abuse ppl like anything.
    Atleast Tiger never abused anyone… verbally or physically.
    I know men who have disrespected women to the ultimate degree… the worst men…. worse than a persian dictator…. evil to its fullest.
    And Tiger is nothing compared to them.
    Tiger just has some sex addiction problem.
    John Mayer and Brad Pitt need more therapy than him.

  • black

    ———What for?————-What for?———–What for?———WHAT FOR????????
    Next thing, you´ll see him apologize because he divorced his wife…

  • #1 fan of Tiger

    Tiger Woods is an UGLY, piece of trash, that just happens to be arguably, the greatest golfer of all time. If not for the fact that he’s a celebrity, I doubt Tiger would be getting any play from the ladies. Between his googly eyes, fish lips, and receding hairline, he’s not pretty in the least! Also, his body isn’t that remarkable but as long as some women are star struck, he’ll remain a “hot” commodity. Tiger is ugly, through and through, I don’t care how much money he has.

  • joochi

    This is really stupid! Tiger has got nothing to apologize for, it’s his stupid agents telling him what to do, for what IMAGE! He’s already got an image, his personal problems are his and his wife’s problem not anyone else, so what he is a public figure, the damn media just needs to stay out of things.
    Truthfully, Tiger ows no one an apologiy, not even his peers, no one is perfect, so no one should judge him for his personal problems, he seeked help, how he deals with it will determin his future.
    Leave the guy alone.

  • rhonda

    one word of advice to Tiger Woods: no matter what happens with Elin do not take your ho’s any where around the other wives. They will not be happy, therefore their husbands will be miserable which means your life will be shot once again!

  • unbelieveable

    Tiger u are one of my favorite athletes ever but this is so weak. First ur about four months to late, next picking the reporters ur going to talk to and not taking questions isn’t going make this go away, u need to sit in front of a fireing squad of reporters and swollow ur medicine and move on from there. I hope u come back to the tour soon last weekends tournament was a mess without u and u need to come back and reestablish urself as the greatest ever

  • Huio

    Move on Tiger – no need to apologize.

  • AutumnM

    Tiger doesn’t owe the public any apology. It’s not like he committed a crime. The only person he needs to apologize to is his wife and family. Bottom line. I don’t understand why he’s doing this.

  • walmart ripped me off. losers

    Good Lord. The media needs to get a new story. The public doesn’t need to hear his apology. WE don’t even know him personally and it isn’t even our business.

  • Marieme


    Why so worried about public image now, a-hole?

  • lexy

    I don’t know why he’s so worried either. This man’s got millons – more than enough to live a comfortable life without ever getting another endorsement deal. I agree – go back to golfing – that’s your job. You don’t need to apologize to the public for cheating on your wife. Again, unless you are molesting children or robbing fans or any crimes commited against the public, you owe us no apology.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    @ Lakers Fan and
    @ Toni

    I read on another site, and I think it was on one I stumbled on by
    mistake that I had never seen called or,
    that Tiger had already asked Elin to come home and work on the
    marriage. He apologized profusely, and has scheduled sessions of
    marriage counseling, according to someone, ” in the woods camp.”

    A neighbor claimed to have seen her and the two children back at their house. Who really knows from some of these sites? LOL

  • Kate

    Nothing to apologize about – there is nothing wrong with having sex and no one cares about his wife.

  • boycott Vanity Fair

    Sex addict? Seriously? Fourteen women? Sorry, that is crossing the line. Back in the day we had words for guys like this and ‘addict’ was not one of them.

    Dirty Scoundrel
    Dirty Old Man

    I swear, you people are NUTS for celebrating this BUM!

  • boycott Vanity Fair



    Sex Addict? NOT! This guy was telling FOURTEEN women that they were his “soul mates”!!!

    A sex addict is a guy who watches a bit too much pofn or who can’t be alone and always has to have a girlfriend or a relationship going with one or two women. Tiger is just a selfish dirt bag and if his wive takes him back then she deserves all the future heartache she gets.

  • chaos

    really do not understand all the fuss about Tiger Woods. Surely his cheating is between him and his wife. He is not a public official so I could not care less.

    I also thought that he was taking a year off. Has it been a year already? He is returning to public life a lot sooner. Wonder why?

  • Go Ask Alice

    @boycott Vanity Fair:
    I agree.
    You forgot who’re monger is another old term for guys like him.

  • AutumnM

    @Boycott Vanity Fair

    OKay and even with all that, how does Tiger’s cheating affect you or me or anyone who doesn’t know him personally? What does that have to do with his career? It’s not as though he killed or raped anybody, geesh. His infidelity is a private manner between him and his wife.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Who are this guys, managers, agents, lawyers, pr people????

    He already issued some bland statements in Nov. on his website.

    He and his wfie and kids and mother have been off of the covers for a while now. Why rehash all of this and put himself out and them out there again and put the Shanks 14 out there too.

  • Divine Goddess

    um ok tiger we all know you are a lying cheating dumbass man wh0re but why the hell are you apologizing to US? u didn’t cheat on the public u dum f_uck, you cheated on ur wife. so go home and beg for elin’s forgiveness, not ours. u didn’t hurt anybody except for her and those precious children so keep ur d!ck in ur pants and get it together. its time to be a real husband and father. have fun

  • clay

    Apologize for what? I thought he had already read a letter of apology to Elin. Please! If he apologizes again I think that would be overkill. Besides, he doesn’t owe us an apology.

  • lexy

    LOL! Sex addict??? What does that make those athletes and rock stars who are banging groupies left and right – many who are under age?? He’s a normal guy who likes sex. Nothing wrong with that as long as he’s having sex with consensual adults!

  • rossy40

    I’m not bothering to read any of the posts here, so if I’m repeating someone else… too bad.
    Why should he apologize to the public? Yes, he’s a public figure in that he plays professional golf… and isn’t Elin in drug rehab or something?
    The way the media has gone on about his private life… you’d think he was the ONLY man (women cheat too) to ever have a mistress or more. He didn’t create infidelity either – That’s been around a LONG LONG TIME – thousands of years, I’m sure. HELL, King Henry the 8th. had wives who had previously been his mistress… I’m not going into that whole history lesson.
    Was it because he’s young, a sports’ star… or, dare I ask it: black? Hell, Mel Gibson not only cheated but got her pregnant & then got divorced! Yet, I don’t remember much media coverage, or the rabidness that was directed at Tiger Woods. Why was that? Was it because Gibson was flawed & had embarrassing incidents that made the last a yawn in the public eyes, or rather the medias’ witch-hunt tactics?
    Was Tiger meant to be a saint – perfect in every way & never erring as human being tend to do. Even most Saints weren’t without flaws, you know. Seriously, how high up was his pedestal that his “fall” to Earth led to his having to apologize the the world for being flawed like everybody else.

  • Lillianne

    I agree – no need for apology. However, I have no regard for him anymore. He’s just another low-life, lying, cheating pervert. I don’t need to hear anything further from him.

  • wife


    I agree with you! But the media needs their pound of flesh! No other news worthy stories! And professional sports like any public anything….there is no bad press!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha

  • T

    Why the hell does he need to apologize to us for cheating on his wife?!

    That makes no sense at all. Save the apologies for the wife and family.

  • to boycott vanity fair

    Sex Addict? NOT! This guy was telling FOURTEEN women that they were his “soul mates”!!!
    let’s be clear here. each and everyone of these women knew that tiger is married. they chose to have an affair with him. it each of these women actually thought that he would have elin for her that’s too bad. as far as i’m concerned the poor little dears each got what they deserved.

  • John

    The guy’s an arrogant, imperious, beyond full of himself lowlife, always has been, always will be. It’s in the blood as it were.

    Look at all the equally pathetic apologists.

    And really………, what’s it gonna be, some perfunctory mea culpa, some ersatz contrition with his wife and kid by his side? Gimme a freakin’ break. Because it’s all about continuing the gravy train, the power, the beyond luxurious life he leads. The scumwad’s a charlatan, a liar, a con, as Potemkin Village a fraud as you’ll ever find. No morals, no ethics, no sense of propriety. And all his pathetic apologists……………. You scum make me sick and are a cabel of clear degenerates, period. You’d whore your wife or daughter out just to shake the atavist’s hand……………………

  • cougarsdatingsite

    He is so perfect! He can do no wron gin myeyes

  • sari

    @40 youre an ahole and tiger for you i hope you get aids die a slow death in severe pain and your wife watches and laughs all the way to the bank with your kids and also it was so nice not seeing his ugly big lipped face for awhile to bad we have to see him again im sure he will get booed alot i just hope one of the golf balls hits him in the head and goes brain dead no no thats to easy for him what i said first is best die a slow death of aids god will take care of him!

  • common sense

    Wow. This site is unbelievable. Derogatory comments are consistently left about girls and women being “trashy” and looking like “sluts” with their faces and bodies constantly criticized.

    And an a-hole who IS ACTUALLY a real slut, is celebrated?! Has fans?!?! Because he is MALE? Sick. Truly sickening. I can’t believe this world. This idiot is a disgusting, lying cheater who caused miscarriages, abortions and a broken family. Do his fans have any morals or braincells???