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Zac Efron: Surfing Down Under

Zac Efron: Surfing Down Under

Zac Efron hits the beach for some surf lessons at Bondi beach in Australia on Monday (February 15).

The 22-year-old High School Musical actor joined Australian champion surfers Layne Beachley and Tom Whitaker to help oromote the Oakley’s Learn to Ride surfing day charity event.

The next day, Zac got to spend some quality time with his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens with some friends.

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron teaching others how to surf…

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zac efron surf down under 01
zac efron surf down under 02
zac efron surf down under 03
zac efron surf down under 04
zac efron surf down under 05
zac efron surf down under 06
zac efron surf down under 07
zac efron surf down under 08
zac efron surf down under 09
zac efron surf down under 10
zac efron surf down under 11
zac efron surf down under 12
zac efron surf down under 13
zac efron surf down under 14
zac efron surf down under 15
zac efron surf down under 16
zac efron surf down under 17
zac efron surf down under 18
zac efron surf down under 19

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  • peter

    I don’t think he looks good with his hair short like that and combed away from his face. He looks better w/ the shaggy look.

  • jefe

    much better. he looks more of a man and less of a 12 year old lesbian sephora store.

  • e

    He always looks gay

  • Kate

    How tall is Zac? He looks kinda short and stocky

  • Diana

    my god he looks good. vanessa is one lucky girl.

  • rosielee9

    It was’nt the next day that Zac got to spend time with Vanessa she was there withh him at the event but stayed out of the spotlight as it was work for Zac.

  • Sophi

    hahaahahah! hes so feminine!

  • tiayahii

    He looks gorgeous as usual! I think he should take off his shirt at some point ;)

  • honey

    Hottie :)

  • ++Logan++

    he looks fine

    but i hate how obvious it is that Oakley paid him to wear there brand. Including the sunglasses and red rashie top…lame

  • meowtime

    is it me or does everytime I see him he looks douchey? Its like he is trying to be the next leo dicaprio….he was in a couple singing high school musicals, what else has he done that hasnt bombed? he seems like he has about 15 IQ points and the attitude of Naomi campbell…..sister please, you better stop actin a diva…

  • lilly

    @meowtime: Actually I think you will find that Zac is very intelligent and tries to be himself, not anyone else. In fact he is better than Leo as he is a good, decent guy and not up his own ass. Also, Hairspray didn’t bomb, nither did 17 Again and nither did MAOW. So you can go away with your stupid, uninformaed comment.

    He looks great here, glad he and V are spending some time away together, they looked so cute in the Restaurant.

  • tree

    Great comeback lilly. I agree, Zac is very intelligent. He looks great in these and all the pictures from Australia.

  • pop86

    Look like Zac is having a great time despite the craziness that was at the beach.

    The water was really rough that day so he didn’t get a chance to surf because no way the Oakley and his team was going to risk his safety.

    BTW don’t be jealous that Oakley invited him and not you.

  • marisol


  • Divine Goddess

    @++Logan++: well he got paid 1/5 of a million dollars so of course he’s all oakleyed up…

  • efron

    i wanna surf down under his pants, cus daaaaamn is he hot or what!!!

  • norah

    sadly ZAc looks so gay.. in person he’e very short and skinny and so gay looking…

  • Bonnie Fuller is a psycho

    Are ya sure he’s not gay?

  • sarah

    He is so gay. I’ve never understood why girfriends don’t see it, sometimes is just so obvious.

  • demi

    He is seriously so feminine looking..

  • Weber from Brazil

    how dumbass some ppl are –’
    of course, Zac’s NOT gay
    only why Perez Hilton thinks he’s got a gay face, doesn’t it mean that Zac is gay :~
    He looks georgeous as always… but he’s STRAIGHT –’

  • vale


  • vale


  • Karen

    You know what is obvious? The fact that a bunch of you kids are off school because of the snow and that bunch of bratty kids are now hogging the computer at home thinking they are so cute by writing insults that they think will get people PO’ed who are fans of Zac. And you who are doing it should find a new person to pick on because after about 4 years of your feeble attempts to make people mad and try to make Zac look bad with the same ridiculous comments—-it just isn’t working anymore. Find a new victim whose fans are still unsuspecting of your tactics. However, I’m sure you would never go try to attack certain celebrities because the fans would chew your heads off and spit them back at you sooner than you could type your asinine comments and make you look like the adolescents you truly are.

  • tori


  • Karen


    That’s a nice thought but Zac is nowhere near 5’11″. And he isn’t the 5’10″ that a lot of bio says he is either. Years ago when Tom Cruise just started to become a big star they used to use that standard 5’10″ business with him too and now we know he is more like 5’7″ or 5’8″ at the most. If someone isn’t at least 5’10″ they say they are anyway—unless you were Elijah Wood or Sean Astin who played Hobbits in The Lord of the Rings and everyone already knew for a FACT they were fairly short. There is no sin in being a less than 6′. Many a legendary actor from the Golden Screen days was on the average of 5’7″—some even shorter.

  • birdie

    Zac’s looking good and he brings a positive energy . Looks like they made the best of the bad weather conditions and had fun anyway.
    Lots of jealousy and insecurity on this post. How sad and bitter you
    must be. Instead of sitting on your butts trying to tear down one of the
    nicest, best looking celebrities out there why don’t you go out and try to make some friends?

  • Trina

    Hmmmm. Same person making the same type of comment under different names. One right after the other. I’d say ONE kid is out of school today. And that kid should know that when you call someone else gay or do gay bashing, that means you are the one who is gay. Think about it. Have a talk with your parents or a school counselor to resolve your issues. No need to take your frustrations out on Zac.

  • pottersfield

    @Kate: He is 5′ 61/2″ tall. And he seems to have gained some weight. Looks good on him

  • http://celebuzz mary joy

    talaga lang ah masyado kayong mapanghusga ah………………………
    kung kayo kaya ang nasa kalagayan niya just be happy kasi
    masaya silang dalawa and im proud of it……………………….
    loosers dah…………………..

  • http://celebuzz mary joy

    dah……………….. who are you to judge him………………
    and beside he did not even know you…………………
    so shot up you little ugly………………

  • http://celebuzz mary joy

    gay? are you crazy zac was a gay ……………………
    wer did you get that news…………..
    or you are just ah crazy little puppy dog dah………………

  • rampy

    are all you guys commenting that hes gay the same person using different names? cuz you guys need to get over yourselves and get a life. if saying that hes gay the worst thing you guys can say about him, then hey, call him gay all you want. but its just SO annoying because you all know very well that he is not gay and never will be. so sorry to break that to your immature selves.

  • Karen

    In a world where everyone screams Equal Rights and wants everyone be accepted for whoever and whatever each person is doesn’t it show just how hypocritical a someone is when they try to belittle and insult a person for their height, their religion, their ethnic background, and especially to say they are “gay” when all you are trying to do is be mean-spirited and HURT someone? Does that make you people feel good to think you hurt someone’s reputation or feelings?

    The fact that everyone is suppose to let the other guy have his space and be who he feels he is only makes you—the insulting poster—look stupid, not the one you are writing about. It seems to me that when someone wants to write something hurtful towards a celebrity they always use that “he’s so gay” if it is a guy and “she’s a slut” if it is a female. It’s shows how dumb and lazy you are. You can even think up a good insult. It shows you just want to say something negative and you have no clue as to what you are talking about.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Kay

    Personally, I find him very femenine

  • whatever

    @Weber from Brazil: gosh, calm down!!

  • Blas

    @Karen: whatever, just wait a few years and you’ll see these rumors everywhere. Because, unfortunately, he doesn’t have what it takes to come out.

  • Karen


    So, are you going to be one of those people who in 10 years when Zac is married and as a child or maybe two that you will continually go on about him being gay just because there is no way for anybody to prove without a doubt he isn’t? Will you make that feel better?

    I don’t know how old you are but when John Travolta was young and hot they said the same thing about him and they STILL say it about him even though he has been married for many years and has had two children.

    It has also been said about George Clooney.

    Also, your comment makes no sense. You say “just wait a few years and you’ll see these rumors everywhere”. We see them everywhere now and have done so since he first came to everyone’s attention. Then you say “unfortunately, he doesn’t have what it takes to come out.” What does that mean exactly? If he is and he doesn’t have what it takes to come out then why in a few years will it be any different than it is now? As I said, after all these years, marriage, and 2 children, some continue to say it about John Travolta. Just exactly WHEN do people like YOU start to look stupid?

    He is with a gorgeous TWENTY-ONE year old woman who does not need to be with someone who is gay nor does she need to forfeit a passionate romantic existence to protect some guy that is gay. Also, I seriously doubt this young man would stay with one female and continue to have adult relations with her just to protect his sexuality when he could simply act like he is a “player” and APPEAR to go from one girl to another. That would save him from having to have a relationship with a woman if that is not his preference and then he could have “gaps” between female love interests like he can’t find the right woman and all the time be making time with some guy. Wouldn’t THAT make more sense in hiding your sexuality and still looking like a gentleman or whatever excuse you will come up with?

    As I said, too many people only want to try to cause this young man grief–probably out of resentment that he is doing so well and they don’t think he deserves it. They think it has all been handed to him to easily when they have had to work hard, etc. Well, that’s just how the cards of life was dealt, buddy. If you don’t like it, take it up with the Almighty God and creator. And if you don’t believe in such then you are just going to have to clock it up to fate—which yours is just not as good and prosperous. Zac Efron, George Clooney, and John Travolta or anyone else who has to deal with imbeciles like you are not to blame.

  • teachersdatingsite

    I love his hair

  • Tiptoes

    Thanks for posting these pics – better late than never.

    And for all of those who say that Zac is not working hard or has no future in this business, major news is that Zac has inked a first look deal with WB with his own production company. Bringing this over from the ZAC forum:

  • Malia


    We fans who read all of these news items know what is going on as far as Zac’s career is concerned. That makes the comments from “uninformed” people look pretty desperate and pathetic.

  • Karen

    I am so thrilled and proud of Zac. It goes to show how hard he has worked and that his hard work has been noticed by some really impressive people who obviously are impressed with Zac! What a mouthful!!! LOL I can only imagine how he and Vanessa are celebrating on their vacation right now or how puffed up with pride Zac’s parents must be right now! They need to pat themselves on the back right now for bringing that boy up with such a good work ethic.

  • Tiptoes

    And he is in good company….

    More A-List Deals at Warner Bros.

    ‘The Downeys, Matt & Ben and Efron join Steve Carell, Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio, who already have overall deals at Warner Bros. ‘

  • Karen

    Mmmm…you’d think something like this would be NEWS worthy enough to warrant a mention on the main page of JJ, wouldn’t you?

  • Malia


    You’re right, that deal with WB is BIG news. I am proud of Zac for “making this happen” as he said in a recent interview. It shows he knows how things work in the business and that he has a good head on his shoulders. More power to him for taking charge of his career and his future.

  • Claudia

    yeah, you know?..whatever..i looooove Zac Efron so much and i think he looks sooooo great and soooo hot!!!…if you don’t like him, ok, he doesn’t care about you hahaha…

    i looooooove you Zac!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blas


    John Travolta was caught kissing a man just as he was stepping into his private plane, there are pictures. Yes, he is married, that is what makes it so disgusting, another closeted gay. Just like this Zac, it is pathetic, it’s because of people like them that things don’t change. As I said, just wait a few years…

  • Karen


    SO, just because John kissed some guy that makes him gay? Just because 2 females kiss each other that makes them gay? I have seen mother’s and sons kiss goodbye on the lips as they say goodbye, does that make them an incestuous couple? Some people are soooo ready to find something wrong with every little thing that that’s what causes trouble in this world. Some people cannot or will not think outside the box. I see people hugging and kissing all the time that does not include some questionable behavior. My husband’s family were all big kissers, mine were not. Is there something wrong with my in-laws or wrong with mine? Was John in some big romantic lip-lock or was that something you and others like you read into it?

    Let’s see, what keeps me or you or anyone else from saying Brad Pitt who has always been a pretty boy is some closeted gay? Maybe he is disgusting too because he is using Angelina and all these kids to cover up his homosexuality??? Don’t you see there is no purpose to saying such stupid stuff? You or I or anyone else can say those things about ANYBODY. It doesn’t make it so and it doesn’t make it not so! It’s useless to say such stuff. And what do you think will change anyway? Do you think you or I can change someone? That is not within my power—or yours.

    I have a feeling if someone was saying something about you that was not correct–that you are gay, a liar, a cheat—you’d think that was pretty unfair and that that kind of thing should be prevented. SO, with no absolute proof, you should watch what you say. What goes around, comes around one way or another. In other words, you will be held accountable for it at some point.