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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Pravda Pair

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Pravda Pair

Kate Bosworth attends the launch of the fourth issue of The Last Magazine at Pravda with Alexander Skarsgard on Wednesday (February 17) in New York City.

Kate, 27, and Alex, 33, seemed to have kept their distance at the party.

Most recently when the rumored couple was brought up with Kate, she simply replied that they are just friends and that she “adored” him.

The pair first met in Louisiana on the set of Straw Dogs last year.

FYI: Kate is wearing the Loewe “Flor” clutch in black goatskin.

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Photos: Sussman/Getty
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  • true blood

    Alex looks tired but good.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • so meh…

    Skarsgard is sooo over rated looks wise, he has a nice body
    but a very average face and looks years older than his age.

  • TBL

    They both look beat.

  • oasis

    He is gorgeous but looks terrible.
    She looks sick.

  • WTF

    WTF happened to her hair?

  • Eon

    Good scoop, JJ. Maybe they really are just friends.

  • blah

    They’re both losing their hair. Don’t see any pretty here. Double blah.

  • canuck

    Sorry, black is not her colour and she looks like she’s balding.
    Skarsgard is a hottie but yeah, he looks beat.

  • NotAgain

    Seriously..not again with these two. She is totally not news worthy. What the hell? And he is just a real disappointment. Sorry thought he was not like the typical Hollywood actor but was obviously mistaken. By chasing(according to Kate’s camp) after this pathetical, cranked out, homewrecker shows that he has no taste or backbone and will do anything to score him what he thinks is a great hwood actress. I’m starting to think he acting ability doesn’t go far and above Eric the Vampire and that is why he is resorting to playing these stupid PR/Paparazzi games with this one trying to keep their names in the press with the whole are they/aren’t they thing. He is filming now and this is the only way to keep his name in the press. So not impressed and heard he lost Captain America too. What is that now Thor, Flash Gordon, Captain America…..and counting….loser. Ditch the crankhead and maybe you could actually get better roles b/c this one’s sleaziness is rubbing off big time.

  • evian

    that man gets a big UNF UNF.. thats just his look, not tired but serious, like it a lot showing his serious side! (but he’s working alot.) it would be great if he was featured in this mag? bc its really tiring when all the recognition he gets is because of his hotness, someone need to make more intelligent features with this great fellow.

  • ..

    @ not again; youre his number one hater you deserve a prize for being so dedicated. ;)

  • NotAgain

    Just Jared can you start writing about actors that actually um work on a regular basis, do amazing charity work, are humble, sweet, kind, not homewreckers, and um how about work.
    And yeah Alex does LOOK great but hearing lots of bad things about him too. Like the Lady Gaga being fat thing, the chasing Kate Bosworth(of all people) around thing, cheating on ERW, being crappy on set of True Blood to his co-stars, running around Griffith Park(allegedly). Too much bad about him too soon. He is still too new to hwood for all that. Kate is the worst thing he could have done to his reputation. And calling someone fat is really low. Not everyone has a non-existent relationship with food like Kate does. Sorry.
    Show more Anna Paquin/Stephen Moyer or Dax and Kristen or Emily Blunt and James Brad and Angelina…you know good actors.
    Is Kate actually balding b/c I read somewhere that her hairstylist said that she was and they had to style her hair a certain way to cover it up? Strange she is only 27 but she looks so much older tho.

  • R&M

    We’re looking at pix of Bosworth, why exactly? When’s the last time she was even seen in a movie? And his looks are going downhill already. He used to be so hot. Run, Alex, run!

  • Wilson

    She has early onset female pattern baldness.

  • PAW


  • Quest

    The True Blood dude has enough bags under his eyes for an airport. Dude needs some rest.

  • Wilson

    I hope she talks about it. She could help a lot of women..

  • lookinggreat

    skarsgard, looking beautiful and cool..

  • yeah

    woah, does is nose always look like that? looks like he has a black eye/nose swelling or something.

    i don’t see what the other posters see re: her hair. she has a high/wide forehead and thin hair, but balding? where?

  • Veruca

    Not the best pictures of him, but I’m sure that filming on a vampire’s schedule (lots of late night shoots) takes that kind of a toll on someone.

    I still adore him though.

    As for the Lady Gaga comments people have mentioned… she has said that she would give him a kiss if she saw him, that they got along great, that he was patient with her when teaching her Swedish for the shoot… sounds like someone’s trying to create drama.

  • wow

    He went from hot to fug in 60 seconds. Is it the Angelina effect? Kate’s sucked the hotness out of him.

  • sophy

    they kept their distance? i believe that. but i don’t believe it’s simply a coincidence they were both in new york at the same time. there’s definitely something going on between the two of them; though i wish there wasn’t. he needs someone like rachel mcadams, not kate bosworth.

  • Pete

    They both have seen better days. She must have low self-esteem if she keeps following a guy who doesn’t want to be her bf.

  • Pete

    Unless she’s waiting for Chris Martin to divorce his wife?

  • my3cents

    Not sure what’s up there but this is deja vu of the ERW Gucci event and you know how that turned out.

    Agree, AS looks like he needs serious sleep.

  • Jean

    I thought she said she was too busy for fashion week.Guess not!

    I assume they’ll be going to a show today,together.

  • yep


    I thought the same thing. He has the same look on his face. Methinks someone has a stalker.

  • lookinggreat

    dont get the eyebag-thing? not very noticable, all people with high cheekbones have them, he looks real and very hot imo, at bit james dean, better than those bearlike and boring hollywood men. i love his delicate features, still very manly. lol.

    he’s a great as ever, people always hating on the jj.
    great man

  • ls

    ewww he is UGLY and creepy looking..especially the eyes…scary sh**

  • HK


    Heard that rumor more then once. Desperate hanger-on.

  • Deedz

    @wow: I have to agree — definitely over him now.

  • Mila

    He’s so hot. Can’t wait to see him in True Blood.

  • Jean

    If they really wanted to keep their distance.One of them would have left when they saw the other one their.

  • CB

    That would be unnecessarily rude, Jean. It’s not like they’re enemies.

  • Jean

    Yeah but if they’re “good friends” why would they avoid each other?

    I’m sure they did on purpose so people would think their not together.

  • Joy

    He doesn’t have high cheekbones.

  • justme

    Her cheek implants are awful, she looked so much better without them, and she seriously needs to cut back on the bleaching, her hairline is disappearing faster than the mac n cheese bin at Old Country Buffet.

  • CB

    Good point. But maybe they’ were not avoiding each other, just hanging out with different people.

  • Ha!

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t see what the fuss is about this guy. Seen True Blood, wasn’t really impressed with him.

  • lookinggreat

    His eyes is one of the most attractive things about him, expressive and emotional.
    @Joy theyre super high I’d say. actually think it’s a very goodlooking thing, what you call “eyebags” i refer to as “male features” :) not that im into shallow stuff, but look at all the top male models, all eyebags.
    luckily he’s a fun guy otherwise he’d get that stern model look.
    lol this discussion. just didnt get the fear of the very small eyebags.

    seriously; i hate that everything posted about skarsgard on jj gets into a shallow mess of gossip-stan hatred contra remarks about his looks, really.

    I love AS as an actor and as a man! He deserves much more than shallow gossip.

  • Gorgeous

    They both look gorgeous, but Alex does look tired. I guess his work schedule is tough. I understand he works mostly nights as his character is a vampire.

  • LALA

    He and Nelsan Ellis are the only good things on that show.

    Hopefully Eric will take off his clothes this season.

  • Raven

    I think they had a fling, tested the waters and it didn’t work for him. Compare pix of them at the same parties from a month or so ago. They were definitely hanging out and not afraid to be seem together. Specifically one from 2 months ago at the CM where she wore that flowered housecoat. Wasn’t afraid to be seen with her then. Now? Not so much. Homegirl needs to move on.

  • RedRock

    @justme: I thought she was looking a little better recently but she looks ill in the close-ups.

    I noticed his eye bags too. They’re quite prominent in these photos. I suspect he’s just dead tired and they’ll disappear once he gets enough sleep.

  • @41

    Yes, I think he often works nights. They both look gorgeous. They both are gorgeous!

  • iggy

    Alex and Kate on a date…NEXT!!!

    According to some gossip, he is chasng after her, she does not want him in that way.

    MMMMM, maybe Alex is the stalker?

    Hey I’m just the messenger Fangurls. Don’t hurl at me…lol

  • Val

    Elle UK posted an article about KB’s looks last night and here’s what they had to say: “Kate Bosworth
    The look: A swept back messy bun offset with peachy and polished make-up. It doesn’t get much chicer than that.”
    They went on to say she gets it right every time.
    GO KATE!

  • Lame Bo

    She is a smug b*i*t*c*h with crazy ears. You ain’t got nothing to be smug about sweetheart, no one wants to be you and you prematurely aged a hot guy by about 10 years. Piss off.

  • the_boyfriend

    i love when he looks really strung out but i’m dead curious to see a full length shot of him, what was he wearing on the bottom.

    and they’re starting to look alike..

  • Dean


    Too bad the majority of Kate haters (aka Alex fangurls) don’t read Elle UK….they wouldn’t know fashion if it bit them in the face. Every single one of the looks they’ve ripped Kate apart for has become a trend. Obv her stylist is getting clothes from the people who set the trends…neutral palettes, floral prints, tiered ruffled skirts – it must make the bashers furious to realize their petty attempts to cast her as an unfashionable wannabe have been proven W R O N G.

    Envy makes you ugly, ladies. Try being happy for a change.