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Kris Allen: Headed to Haiti!

Kris Allen: Headed to Haiti!

American Idol winner Kris Allen will travel to Haiti tomorrow (February 19) to meet with U.N. staff!

The 24-year-old singer will perform on the Idol results show next Thursday (February 25) and share footage from his trip.

“I’m looking forward to traveling to Haiti to see the U.N.’s work firsthand,” Kris said in a statement (via MTV). “The people of Haiti are rebuilding their country, and the U.N. is there to help them every step of the way. I look forward to sharing the images and stories from my trip with Idol viewers across the country.”

Kris‘ visit is part of Idol Gives Back’s charity work – judge Randy Jackson suggested this year’s contributions go toward Haiti relief efforts, according to MTV.

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  • tanzey

    yawn. who cares? he kinda looks like a younger mark ruffalo…


    Who is Chris Allen again.. wait a minute .. isn’t he the winner since
    we never hear from him any more just the drag queen runner up..

    So why show up now.. y not have the runner up do it instead.. American Idol should be called the runner up show since the
    runner up gets way more publicity and promotion than the winner

  • Timothy

    That’s great for him to do…at least he is in the news doing something that IS important and needed. Not going to fashion shows.

  • Britt

    He’s cute.

  • Starr

    It’s great that Kris is able to participate and give back to the people of Haiti. Since he is going with the UN Foundation, he should be able to really get some work done – may it be through spotlighting certain devastated areas or simply doing leg work, which he has experience in from his previous humanitarian trips to places like Thailand and Morocco.

    Kris will also be traveling to Rwanda in coordination with TOMS Shoes, a foundation that has a One for One program where every shoe bought is a shoe donated to a child in need. I’m glad he is participating in all these relief efforts. It shows he really is an American Idol inside and out.

  • Caitlin

    #1 Are you serious? How sad for you. Your reaction to someone going to Haiti to help out is “yawn, who cares”? Anyways, good for Kris. I’m glad he is helping out and doing good. Can’t wait to see him perform on Idol. Love him!

  • michaela

    He’s a great person! Good luck Chris in all you do.

  • Sarah

    That’s great for Kris. He’s done that type of volunteer work before Idol, so he’s the perfect person to go!

  • KrisKrazyMe

    I think it’s amazing that he takes the time to do this. He just came home from Asia but here he goes again to help the people of Haiti.
    I’m so proud of him.

  • Anna

    This isn’t the first time Kris has traveled to help others. Keep bringing us Kris Allen news as he is very easy to like!!

  • lisa kadre

    kris, you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kimberly

    Glad to see Kris getting the opportunity to carry on his humanitarian endeavors as he did before Idol, namely building homes in Thailand after the Tsunami. Keeping Haiti foremost in the hearts and minds of the world is vital. Love or hate American Idol, there is no denying the power it has to help in aiding those in Haiti. Stay safe, Kris Allen and all those involved.

  • Amanda

    This is very good since it’s going to remind people who have already forgotten that Haiti still needs help. Showing the footage during idol every night will keep them in peoples mind.
    Kris has done this before in Thailand, South Africa, Morocco and Burma sos this isn’t new to him. I bet he wished he could do more if time was on his side. God bless him.

  • SarahB

    Jared, it’s so good to see Kris on your site, thank you so much! This is a wonderful opportunity for Kris and, considering he’s done other humanitarian work in the past, something that is near and dear to his heart and something you know he’s doing because he truly wants to help. We should be proud to have him as the American Idol. He makes it easy to love him. And, he’s adorable. :)

  • HH

    This is great news! Thanks for sharing it!

  • razzmatazz4

    It’s so nice to see that most of the commenters here get the significance of the article & don’t just come here to spread negativity! Kris sounds like a benevolent & caring young man. He’s an excellent role model.

  • Chris

    Very nice to see positive celebrity news instead of the normal shallow buzz.

    I really enjoy Kris Allen as a singer and songwriter, but I keep being more and more impressed by him as a person. As others have said, this isn’t the first time he’s done relief work following a disaster.

    If you haven’t heard this before, listen to his ‘Land of Smiles’ which he was inspired to write after one of these trips.

  • Ilia

    Where else would they wanna listen to this guy?

  • Florida

    The people of Haiti have suffered enough. They don’t need Chris Allain foisted on them.

  • LA

    United Nations! I know Kris Allen has helped do with hard dirty work in different countries before. Like he build houses after the Tsunami devastation – but wow. The United freakin’ Nations man. I’m so glad he stayed true to himself even after American Idol.

  • firemendate

    He is so great, better than adam

  • kelli


    Dude — its KRIS, not Chris. It isn’t that hard to remember.

    And Kris has done humanitarian missions in the past — he went to Thailand after the tsunami and he went to South Africa to help kids who have AIDS.

    Also, Kris’s single is about to go platinum and is currently charting higher on the Billboard Hot 100 (#21) than is Adam’s single (#31).

  • Rachel

    So proud of Kris. He genuinely cares and it is a great honor to be chosen to go with the UN Foundation. His album is awesome and addictive – just like Kris. He’s a wonderful role model. Love his music, love the man.

  • Brulee

    After a week or so of the tragedy I read he was asked whether he wanted to go to Haiti to help, he answered immediately answered “Absolutely!” I mean, he didn’t even ask for details before saying yes. It didn’t matter. That just hits me right there in the heart.

  • Maddie

    That’s great!! He’s such a good guy. Can’t wait to see him on the show next week!!

  • snap

    He was supposed to go back in January, but I think the logistics didn’t work out since he was tied to some Asian shows. So I’m glad he has the greenlight to go sooner than March as he said back in the LA Times interview back in January:

  • Beth

    Awww, I love Kris so much. So proud of him. The UN, wow! That’s great for him getting the opportunity to go over there and help. I know it means a lot to him. We’re lucky to have him as our Idol. I can’t wait to see him perform next week!

  • tink

    A couple of months ago I had the good fortune to meet Kris at a media event. I was blown away by this young mans sincerity , warmth and empathetic mature. It does not surprise me that he will be sent on these trips to Haiti and Africa, and he will make AI and America proud.
    Shame on those who had such nasty comments about this fine kid who is doing something to help at a sad time. What have YOU done?

  • Mary S.

    I’m so excited Kris has an opportunity like this to actually get out there and physically help the people of Haiti even if it is for a limited amount of time. And getting to work with the United Nations?! That’s so awesome… good for him!

  • whoisthis


  • DJ

    Awesome. Kris is a great artist, and this makes me so happy to be a fan of hims.

  • snap

    If you wondered about Kris’s character, ask the one who knows him first hand.

    [Ryan Seacrest]: …I mean Kris, I said to him, that he’s almost too nice. I’m worried about him.
    [Adam Lambert]: You know what, I…I think it comes across. He really is just a good guy. He really is…uh, he….He’s one of the most open-minded, an embracing all types of people, person I have ever met in my entire life…..He has a really good heart, and a good spirit. He just got a really good outlook. I think he’s an old soul. I think he’s really got a good outlook on the world and the universe and…I wish him nothing but the best.”

  • HATE

    I hate him.

    He’s sly. Nothing negative about him ever makes the press probably because he’s too boring.

    Like when a woman called into Seacerst’s radio show and called him sexy. Instead of being grateful or charming and just saying thanks, he said “ew”. It was so fkn awkward and rude Ryan had to change the subject quickly.

    I hate that he talks about peeing and farting and sweat all the time.

    I hHATE that his family support hunting. I hate that he eats un-fertilized animals and their eggs and their brains. I hate that he ate baby kangaroo and bragged about it. I hate (and laughed so hard) that he compared himself to MJ, RIP.

    He’s stunted. and sly. Hate. Bye.

  • ki

    @firemendate: LOL. why are you even comparing them like the music world is American Idol? Kris is still stuck in Idol world. Adam progressed past all that way back.

  • Pete J.

    @tink: A couple of months ago I met him and the other Idol kids

    Anoop was personable.

    Allison was awkward but hilarious.

    Lambert had the most executive realness and charisma. Hands down the easiest and friendliest to talk to.

    Kris Allen barely looked into anyone’s eyes when talking to them and he slurred a few words, I thought he was on weed! lol. Nice enough though.

  • $$$$$

    LOL more promotion for his sinking sleep inducing album and the Idol machine.

  • keys

    That is the first smiling photo of Kris Allen I’ve seen. Where did you find it Just Jared? And how appropriate lmfao.

  • naive

    @firemendate: Better in what way? Because he’s defintely not the better singer. Def. not a better performer.
    And if he was a better person, the answer here would have been “Kris”

    Look past the harmless plaid and jeans, that is so shallow and ignorant. I like Kris btw. It was your comment that was lame.

  • Haitis

    @Brulee: That’s because they had it planned already.

    Some people are hands-on type of guys. If I could help out, I would. But I’m not that type of person. I will only make the situation worse and more difficult. Most people’s hearts are in the right place, but not everyone is capable of the same thing.

  • Ferosh

    @HATE: Wow, the hate is amazing here. I’m sure the world is a better place as long there are haters in the world right? Damn. Someone needs to calm down. Anyway, just because someone isn’t bubbly or social butterfly doesn’t mean they’re not feeling the same things on in the inside. There’s all types of people in this world, and some aren’t vocal as others. From the beginning, Kris has always been quiet, but has to learn to speak now that he’s in the music business. Anybody can say things that you want to hear, but a lot of the times it’s fake. Obviously, you LOVE to hate…i give you that.

  • Sam Gordon

    I don’t really watch American Idol (last year was my first year, kinda started watching half way) and I became an Adam Lambert fan after meeting him by accident (true story lol) he was super lovely and hilarious by the way. But good for Kris!!!! He is obviously one of those DIY people who finds it easy to help others physically. I’m the sort of person who faints at the sight of blood and I would be an absolute burden in such a situation. I wonder whether there will be video of this.

  • Matthew

    comment #2

    “So why show up now”

    Because his album is tanking. “Worst selling American Idol album in History” 19E need to make $$$$ before Idol goes off air (one can only pray).

    @Sam Gordon: Of course there will be video. Idol aren’t going to miss an opportunity to pimp their winner whilst making profits through charity are they. “Idol Gives Back!”

  • ****

    Kris who?

  • eyeroll


    No, he’s not better.

    Lambert’s Charity work never makes the news, wonder why.
    They’re so obsessed w everything & anything else about him.

    Kris Allen’s own brother said this: “Kris was closest to Adam. Allison & Matt too. Adam the most, they were roomates & became close reaching the Final 2. If you don’t know Adam Lambert personally, the mystery is that he’s just a nice guy. Just a chill, really nice, spirited funny guy. Him & Kris are actually V similar. Both laid back fun guys who always want the best for those around them. Adam’s really protective & caring. He was like a brother to me throughout this experience. Him & his family are so awesome, so amazing.”

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    eac hurl . com /oz
    each url . com /oA

    I don’t even understand why people bring Adam up when the topic is Kris. No one brings Kris up when Adam is the topic. The competition is dead and over.

    HAITI is the subject. Good luck, Kris.

  • Ferosh

    @eyeroll: I agree @Eyeroll. Neither fan of Kris or Adam should feel the need be saying that. Thanks for sharing what Kris’s brother said, who is actually the talkative one of the family (Kris is the quiet one). I also like what Adam said about Kris via what @snap shared. Kris and Adam’s friendship is a great example. Hate is poison. Anyway, Kris didn’t announce the Haiti thing until an radio person asked what he was going to do after the NFC, and he just said he’s going to Haiti. Everyone was asking about it since, so he mentioned it on Twitter. If people are not doing something about the matter, don’t judge someone for doing what they can.

  • wm

    I can’t believe some of the immature, negative comments from some posters. How old are you childish people anyway? Kris Allen is not only extremely talented but also a great guy and for years has done humanitarian work overseas on numerous occassions. Why was Adam even brought up? This article is about Kris going to Haiti, it has nothing to do with Adam. If you have nothing but hateful comments, why don’t you just keep them to yourselves? Love you Kris!, You have a big heart and great music!

  • Marie

    Hate – Wow, sorry for your life. Same for the other haters who decided to take a good thing like this and turn it into something negative. Going to Haiti because of sinking album sales? Wow, the stupidity is overwhelming. And, for what it’s worth, Kris’s album is not tanking, it’s doing very well. Ok, we get it, not as well as Adam’s or past Idol’s, but it’s still doing well. But, I can’t believe that’s even being discussed on a post like this that’s supposed to be about helping those in Haiti who are suffering and in need. Shame on the people in this country who are so selfish and care more about fluff than doing good works. Good for Kris. I know he’ll represent us well.

  • Cauliflower


    Hmm stuck in the Idol world? Last I checked he has a successful hit single and has been touring in Asia. People outside of the Idol bubble are responding to “Live Like We’re Dying”, so you might be just a tad delusional.

  • Denise


    The first smiling picture of Kris Allen? Clearly you’re not looking hard enough. Google Kris Allen and the first image that pops up is him with a giant smile on his face.

  • ang5433

    Wow, I see the Glamberts are out in full force today. Too bad they’re so filled with hate that they cannot appreciate anything that Kris Allen does. It’s honestly sad. I wish him nothing but the best. And I pray that he doesn’t meet with any harm and doesn’t get sick like he did in Morrocco. Kudos to Kris and to Simon Fuller for asking him to go to Haiti to raise awareness for the horrendous situation there.