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Miranda Kerr is Melbourne Fashion Fabulous

Miranda Kerr is Melbourne Fashion Fabulous

Miranda Kerr takes to the catwalk for David Jones’ winter collection held at Docklands’ Peninsula in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday (February 17).

During the show, the 26-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel wore a blue jumpsuit by Bianca Spender.

Last week, she launched her signature skincare range, Kora, at a David Jones store in Sydney, Australia.

“With my hectic schedule at the moment … I have written a book and started a skincare line. I am quite happy at the moment,” Miranda told the Herald Sun. “There is so much I really want to do, and I am passionate about health and wellness.”

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  • Tegan

    She’s usually always so stunnning, but this hairstlye doesn’t suit her. Stunning anyways.

  • Hollie

    Ugly clothes

  • lovely

    Miranda looks so classy yet very modern, she really is a very beautiful woman.

  • Lovethatjoker

    what a pretty boy

  • beautiful girl….

    Miranda is unique in that she looks both sexy and classy
    at the same time, I guess that’s why she’s so versatile in
    being able to do runway and model for VS.

  • @4…..lovethatjoker

    A “boy”……yeah right……I’ve never seen a “boy” with such gorgeous
    long shapely legs…..and who 6 million men voted as one of the
    most desirable women in the world…

  • Miranda Kerrvless

    Chicken legs: check
    cabbage patch face: check
    Lifeless hair that needs extensions to have a body: check
    Pale skin that needs spray tan to look good: check
    A push up bra to give a lift to a flat chest: check
    Need loads of makeup to look good: check
    Loser model who is doing the catwalk for a stupid department store while real supermodels work for Calvin Klein, Versace, and Ralph Lauren: check

    All good in the world of Miranda Kerrvless

  • lennie

    Never liked her. Soo boring. The most money-driven of all supermodels. She is pretty but ugly inside. Dull. Dumb.

  • Naima

    She is so skinny she doesn’t even look like a woman..only bones..She is like 40 kg?
    I know modeld should be thin but not so much.

  • talan

    I am not impressed with this fashion. Models are live less, colors are boring, this type of shoes doesn’t fit the overall (btw, Miranda is too flat all over her body for overalls), her hairstyle is not the best. And Miranda could look way better than here. I know that DJ is not considered to be the high or ultra modern fashion, but I think that even the women who buy their clothes in the department store deserves better . All is a kind of old fashioned. Personally, I would buy nothing of that.

  • Jayne

    when does she have time 4 herself and orlando doing all that and she wants 2 do more orlando would do it 4 me.

  • Zenatta

    Her face is not very pretty without lots of makeup. She also looks good only with her hair down and covering her face. When it is is pulled back like that it highlights her flaws. I don’t like her. I wish we had more Cindy Crawfords and Naomi’s around. These were the good old day.

  • Gale

    This chick needs lot and lots and lots of makeup to look good, but in the end she does. However, take off the makeup and you’ve got a plain lass.

  • Jayne

    i want more of orlando what he doing a part from hes film.

  • calite

    She is amazing, but I don’t like this hairstyle.

  • wesie

    @Naima: 40kg? Are you blind? LOL
    You must weight 80kg!

  • @7….

    posts over and over under different names…….check

    Miranda Kerr will still be stunningly beautiful no matter how
    many nasty bitter things I post about her…..check……lol.

  • weirdos

    Wow, I see all the jealous haters are out today…..scary!!!

  • Sarah

    wtf is wrong with all you haters of miranda kerr?
    she’s obviously beautiful otherwise she wouldnt be a model.

  • LOL!

    Oh, you haters are just so pathetic.
    She is gorgeous, successful, kind and dating Orlando
    You just can’t stand it, can you.

  • @7

    Reality check:
    “Chicken legs”
    Your opinion. But a LOT of people would disagree
    “cabbage patch face”
    Boring OLD insult. She has dimples. Is that a crime?
    “Lifeless hair that needs extensions to have a body”
    Her hair is beautiful. Extensions are used on the VS runway on ALL the girls.
    “Pale skin that needs spray tan to look good”
    now that is not an opinion, it’s just flat out wrong. She has GORGEOUS skin.
    “A push up bra to give a lift to a flat chest”
    Oh, so only buxom women are beautiful to you? That’s a bit misogynistic, wouldn’t you say?
    “Need loads of makeup to look good”
    Wrong, IMO. She looks just as good fresh and natural.
    “Loser model who is doing the catwalk for a stupid department store while real supermodels work for Calvin Klein, Versace, and Ralph Lauren”
    Top ten model in the world for a couple of years now. That equals “loser” to you? Your jealousy is showing.
    “All good in the world of Miranda Kerrvless”
    Must no be good in your world to spend so much time focusing on the negative 24/7.

  • @8

    Yeah! All other models work for free!!!!!!!!
    oh wait.

  • omg

    she’s pretty.

  • NativeNYker


    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • lola

    Why is this ‘supermodel’ in Melbourne, when every other supermodel is in New York for fashion week?

  • @25….lola

    Miranda’s in Melbourne getting paid mega bucks for being the
    face of David Jones.

    Besides in March she’ll be modeling for Balenagica in Paris and Milan.

    She’s got the best of both worlds.

    Highest paid model in Australia with huge exposure, one of the highest paid VS angels and she does high fashion as well.

    There’s a reason why she’s the 9th most successful model in the

  • @26

    Stop getting facts in the way of the hater rants.
    Silly person

  • Girl’s got it

    Beautiful girl. Slim, svelte, perfectly proportioned. Looks good in lingerie, looks good in designer clothes. Angelic face. Ultra-feminine and sweet. She’s the total package.

  • Jayne

    i would not want 2 b a model.

  • @25

    She earns a lot of money and she has constant work. Who cares if she’s a model, a supermodel or a supermegamodel? She’s got more professional activity and benefits than most people.
    I see most people who insult her do it picking on her work and appearance and I think it’s quite silly. Those are not precisely her weak spots.

  • Britt

    Actaully, Miranda looks best with little to no make-up. She’s gorgeous.

  • yes!


  • FR

    “I’ve never seen a “boy” with such gorgeous
    long shapely legs”

    HAHA look at most of the drag queens around who have killer legs so…

  • Britt

    Since when do drag queens have killer legs? They got man legs. Miranda has woman legs. Jealous, jealous. ;)

  • alexa

    she looks beautiful and she has a unique look

  • LOL

    LMFAO at the white knight signing with different names to make it look like miranda has more than one fan

  • @36

    I think that you have it backwards.
    It’s the HATERS that use sockpuppets.
    You can always tell by their unimaginative insults and poor grammar.

  • LOL

    @@36: so there’s only 1 hater and 1 white knight. You’re insulting each other in every Mirankerr thread, it’s funny, please go on !

  • belinda

    I absolutely agree: She is not beautiful or even pretty. This is my opinion and I am not jealous or a hater. There are very many very good looking women around but I do not consider this girl one of them. Something is terribly wrong with her face at the best of times but with this hairstyle she just looks ugly. Her body is a different matter. No two ways about it but she has to put on a little weight. And I truely believe that had this person not been going out with Orlando B. for the last year, there is no way she would be as successful as she currently is. So stop calling everybody who does not find her hot or beautiful A HATER

  • Miranda Kerrvless


    hheheh Bull/shit. She needs lots of makeup to look good.

  • sivana

    She is so beautiful I may just cry. Too much beauty to take in one post. *-*

  • Vsweet

    Beauty is subjective. It’s in the eye of the beholder, we are going to find something beautiful as say someone else. It all depends on taste on prefrence.
    I’m not a fan of Miranda neither am I a hater, she is so-so with me most of the time but I would never go as far to say Miranda is “Ugly” because she is obviously not. I’ve seen “ugly” and Miranda is certainly no where near that in my eyes. I do find her quite delicate, like a doll, sometimes I look at her and can’t believe what I’m seeing, she’s a life-size doll. Very sweet, sometimes exotic- she’s a perfect blend of beautiful, sweet, cute and sexy. Just unreal.
    She’s really high on looks the looks department.
    Also, I think biasim may play a part in what we find beautiful or not. Someone who doesn’t like Miranda for some reason and holds a ‘grudge’ against her, then her beauty is wrecked for them and they automatically will call her ‘ugly’ and vice-versa. But speaking generally if she didn’t have a name, and was just a face and body in the modeling industry then I doubt I’d be hearing ‘ugly’ anywhere in her thread.

  • lakers fan in boston

    @lola: lol, i agree with u, but judging by the way ur saying it u dont seem 2 like miranda
    i wish that she could have done a show in NY

    i think she looked better at least years show
    this year nothing impressive and her hair looks horrible
    like i said i wish that she were in NY instead, i really wonder why she doesnt do any fashion shows, i mean she’s skinny enough for it and surely prettier than some models who do runway shows
    wonder what her book is about

  • Joshy Josh

    Just keep in mind that David Jones is really clever getting Miranda Kerr on board. This isn’t so much about Miranda kerr as it is all about David Jones positioning themselves and ensuring that they connect with the Y generation girls who are growing up and wanting to take care of their skin etc. and also having someone to look up to and aspire to be.

    If you don’t like Miranda Kerr its simple, don’t buy Kora. I don’t like Miranda Kerr so I will not be supporing her product by using my hard earned cash to buy it.

  • @44

    Your loss.
    It’s a great product, IMO.
    I love it.
    You may not like her, but your skin would like her product.

  • @17

    All of us Miranda fans can always depend on you to give back to the haters…… I love you! Too funny.
    I think Miranda would be foolish not to brand herself, hey maybe she’s doing this so she can slow down and have babies with Orlando.

  • teachersdatingsite

    When will she get married?

  • Paige


    I completely agree with you. I think her face is unique and different, but not beautiful. She’s a miss with me and no I am not a hater.

  • Smuckers

    I’ve always thought Miranda was of Asian, Serbian and Iranian heritage but found an interview with her on JJ where she said that it is not true and that she is mainly of English and Scottish background. Don’t see her appeal either way.

  • sara

    My definition of a hater:
    ANYONE who feels the need to post negative comments on a thread that no one forced them to visit.
    If you aren’t a fan, then why bother visiting a thread?
    Believe me, we aren’t waiting with baited breath for your ‘opinions’.