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Pamela Anderson Busts Out for Richie Rich

Pamela Anderson Busts Out for Richie Rich

Pamela Anderson shows off her assets while walking in the Richie Rich AMUSE Fashion Show in New York City on Wednesday (February 17).

The 42-year-old Canadian is reportedly in talks to join the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars! The season starts on March 22 and the final contestants will be announced on March 1 during The Bachelor finale…

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Pamela Anderson strut her stuff on the dance floor – YAY or NAY?

15+ pictures inside of Pamela Anderson busting out for Richie Rich

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pamela anderson busts out richie rich 01
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 02
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 03
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 04
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 05
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 06
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 07
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 08
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 09
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 10
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 11
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 12
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 13
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 14
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 15
pamela anderson busts out richie rich 16

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35 Responses to “Pamela Anderson Busts Out for Richie Rich”

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  1. 1
    cathy Says:

    pam…please go away….your day is done.

    retreat with some dignity…you have young pre-teen boys at home….how do they feel about this?….really!

    so pathetic your constant need for the spotlight.

  2. 2
    a Says:

    ugh-keep your clothes on!

  3. 3
    gigi Says:

    What a H.A.M… u can do so much better :(

  4. 4
    happy girl Says:

    no words. do mean really find this attractive? and is she really only 42? oh, pamela, clothes, clothes pamela.

  5. 5
    brightside Says:

    Gross – Pam, you’re 42 – please, no one wants to see your over-inflated plastic mammaries. Put some GODDAMN CLOTHES ON!!!!

  6. 6
    anthony Says:

    I pray for the day when she stops strutting her stuff… please

  7. 7
    michelle Says:

    Yuck, why did I have to see this before breakfast!

  8. 8
    Dawn9476 Says:

    I feel so sorry for her boys. They are old enough to come online and find this crap or here about it from their friends. How embarrassing for them.

  9. 9
    Angelove Says:


  10. 10
    Lisa2 Says:

    She is really getting too old for this. Doesn’t she know her days are over? Now she is just a joke. She should just focus on her boys.

  11. 11
    mary Says:

    she needs counseling.

  12. 12
    Ilia Says:

    I am hard right now. This woman makes my blood flow in all the right places! HOT, HOT, HOT!

  13. 13
    shoes4life Says:

    Pam is a beautiful woman and she has made lots of money because of her beauty. However, there is a point and time when you must take what you’ve earned and look for other business opportunities. She is not old but she has outgrown the bikini model phase and she needs to embrace it.

  14. 14
    LuckyL Says:

    That’s why it’s best to get married and stay married or you may be parading around like this for attention.

  15. 15
    **** Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is two years younger but Pamela Anderson looks like she could be her mother’s troubled sister. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will do that to ya.

  16. 16
    Its me bitches Says:

    Oh Pam

  17. 17
    justmyopinion Says:

    Oh my gosh…she looks totally disgusting!!! What an embarrassment she is. She needs to give it up as her looks are fading. Others are right, she should be at home taking care of her sons not parading around like a 20 year old!!!

  18. 18
    Maxi Says:

    Look Pammie is showing everything.,…. yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19
    Jen is a **** Says:

    This is sad in so many ways when you actually think about it. She was known for her body.. and that is all she has to play up so to speak.. an aging woman doing this is beyond pathetic. I wished she would have kept acting. That show she had was not what you would call great, but she was not bad in it. This taking your clothes off for every event is just.. shaking my head.. W R O N G.. just W R O N G”

    From all accounts she is a good mother. Very supportive of her children, but still.. Pam grow up and keep your clothes on.

  20. 20
    Jaliah Says:

    Something about her reminds me of J Anistion. Maybe the it’s te same sort of pose from some magazine where she was lying nu*de wearing just a tie on top of naked men or maybe it’s because they both rely so much on their bodies for attention from the press and public.

  21. 21
    Lisa2 Says:

    It seems the last 5 or so years haven’t been too kind to her. It seems they have made her look like she is 20 years older. What she really needs to do is “re-event” herself as other women her age. Maybe like a Jerry Hall, or Lauren Hutton who still have their looks but don’t flaunt it. Once these women reach the height, they learn enough to go behind the scenes. Even Janice Dickenson has toned it down some, even though in my opinion looks better then Pam and is older.

  22. 22
    wm Says:

    She’s disgusting. I feel sorry for her sons. How embarrassing for them having their tacky mother prancing around have naked. Pam, it’s time to put some clothes on and grow up!

  23. 23
    brightside Says:

    @wm: Tacky, tacky is such a good word! Less bust, more clothes! Her inflatables look about ready to take out the entire NY city. They are close to exploding. Exploding mega-boobs and barely covered lady garden is not, not, not a good look for a mature woman.

  24. 24
    Diego Says:

    I didn’t know she was Canadian lol Canadians must be embarrassed

  25. 25
    belinda Says:

    This wh*re is a disgusting filthy piece of trash. That is all she ever did: strip, make p*rn movies and dance around half naked. It was already unbearable ten years ago but now it is just sickly. Poor boys having such a Wh*re as a mother. But there is no hope for us: she is going to drag her naked **** all around even when it is saggy because this is all this b*tch knows. Go and get a real job woman and stop parading your inflated tits and your dried up hair!

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