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Tiger Woods Returns to Golf!

Tiger Woods Returns to Golf!

Tiger Woods hits the golf course and is seen publicly for the first time on the greens in Windermere, Florida on Thursday (February 18).

Tiger, 34, seemed to be in good spirits and even flashed his trademark smile!

As reported earlier, the Nike-sponsored golfer will be making a public apology on Friday at the TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse although no cameras will be allowed.

He was first seen out in public yesterday morning in Orlando, Florida taking a job with his personal trainer.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Tiger to return to golf – YAY or NAY?

15+ pictures inside of Tiger Woods returning to golf..

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Photos: Sam Greenwood/Getty
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  • jake

    What is he smiling about, after what his done ? He should not be smiling at this moment, it gives the wrong tone, esp for someone who will apologize tomorrow

  • jake

    He looks good and well rested though. Its like he want to a spa and came back looking really good, as if he has no care in the world and everything is just PERFECT.

  • Sam

    Tiger has definitely piled on the pounds since he has been in rehab, I guess he is getting less exercise than he used to….lets hope he keeps up the running!!

    To see chubby Tiger click here

  • martin

    To be honest, I’m not really over the moon about golf, sorry.

  • cocoa lux

    It’s between him and his wife at the end to of the day, not the general public, media etc so long as he did not commit a heinous crime . You don’t have to like him but he is to golf what Ali was to boxing and Pele was to football. His private life shouldn’t be apart of that but the media doesn’t know how to separate the two. So YAY!

  • A

    I don’t think he got chubby. Seems like all muscle to me. I agree that he shouldn’t be smiling. He probably just wants to try to make everything seem normal, but it makes him look insensitive in my opinion.

  • cocoa lux

    It’s between him and his wife at the end to of the day, not the general public, media etc so long as he did not commit a heinous crime . You don’t have to like him but he is to golf what Ali was to boxing and Pele was to football. His private life shouldn’t be apart of that but the media doesn’t know how to separate the two. So YAY!

    What’s the problem with him smiling. Normality has to ensue eventually. Sick of the coverage tbh.

  • Paul

    YAY! Cant wait to see the legend return

  • boo

    YEAH!!!!!! Go TIger!!!!

  • ykw

    I really don’t care one way or the other.
    I never liked him anyway with his impersonal cold acting azzzz.
    Mr, cablaNasian.

  • ykw/you know who

    Oh snap…he’s only hot! in bed. riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  • ykw/you know who


    STILL GOT Hundreds of millions of dollars…STILL got his wife and family…STILL got his career…STILL got his health and strEngth.
    Why wouldn’t everything be perfect?

  • ykw


  • ykw


    He is insensitive, cold, uncaring and he has a blatant disrespect for women…uhhhh, how many? 65?

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    He’s gross in that smile picture; as if he fooled all of the dumb public .

  • meh

    not buying your PR brainwashing, cheetah woods.

  • Ali

    no, not at all interested in him.

  • xxx

    That prick shouldn’t be smiling. He is obviously an arrogant fool who thinks he;s better than everybody else.

  • xxx

    @cocoa lux:

    If he wanted his life to be private he wouldn’t have made his life so public and sign so many endorsement deals and portray himself as a nice guy.
    He put himself out there. Now, he has to deal with it!

  • DMS

    Why is his top front right tooth a different color than the rest of them?
    Perhaps it is one of the replacement teeth that he had implanted after Elin knocked it out with the golf club

  • xxx

    By the way, Tiger, you are very ugly and you only got a wife and so many women for your fame and money.
    You’re looks and personality are repulsive.

  • joochi

    Man, it shows how hateful this world can be, infidelity goes way back from the beginning of times it’s old news, what Tiger has done is nothing new, he has a problem with sex and he didn’t hurt any of those so called women that came forward. I do believe that he & his wife will be able to begin the healing process but on their own terms not ours, so leave the guy alone and hush up with all your hate comments, no ones perfect not even yourselves, the only difference is he’s media target and very much in the public eye.
    I do really miss golf and I honestly haven’t been watching since his situation, I bet they lost alot of revenues.

  • Joanne

    how bout he keep the action on the course this time

  • Cristobal

    Still like him

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …so… he was seen for the first time.. for the 10th time?!? cool. go tiger. ahahahahahahahahahaha

  • blah

    I hate saying this but I would totally do him. He has a sexy body

  • laurie

    What a DBag

  • Sandra

    You guys have a bunch of double standards. If the roles had been reversed and Tiger was the one attacking Elin with a golf club, his career would be over. But because she’s a woman she gets a pass? She’s also nothing but a gold digger which is why she has two kids by him and why she’s stayed with him, so she can receive a bigger pay out.


  • mare

    Still like him //really? Humility Tiger, Try it….dumb smile ..Can you say photo op??

  • Barbie

    He’s gross and needs to keep it in his pants. What he did was light years beyond having a simple affair. That happens and can be better understood; having 20 women on the side at one time, though, that’s beyond explanation and downright nasty.

  • Anna

    He grosses me out.

  • Asher G.

    Wow. Check out his interview when he left Sex Rehab…LOL

  • Asher G.

    Wow. Check out his interview when he left sex rehab! LOL

  • anne

    @cocoa lux: yup, i agree and there was a 54% drop in viewership since he left. all of y’all ain’t perfect and besides we don’t know if he did do all these h*es or not. not my business, not my problem. it’s funny how everyone wants to build you up, but when you get to the top, they just look for ways to tear you down.

  • shoes4life

    Tiger looks great! I am looking forward to his return to golf, he’s the only reason I watch golf.

    Let his personal issues be what it should have been from the get, personal.

  • CanadaGirl

    @jake: here, here.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Sandra: You need a new comment. You’ve already posted that one almost verbatim before.

  • Passing Through

    Let’s put it this way – Without Tiger the PGA Tour is a big snoozefest. They’ll be so glad to see Tiger back on the tour that they won’t care if he nails each of their wives on a different green on the TPC at Sawgrass course.

  • I’ll be the judge …?.

    We all fall short of the glory of God. Every human being born into this world is a sinner. Thus, as Christ said ” let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. If you’ve ever lied even a little white lie that sin of lying is the same as adultery. As God said, sin is sin there are no different levels of it in Gods’ eyes.

    I pray for Tiger, his wife and children, his mother and extended family. I pray his family comes out of this with a closer relationship with God and Christ.

    I pray that he comes to know and understand why he chose to committ these sinful acts and risk throwing away a wonderful career that he worked so hard since childhood to achieve.

    God bless you Tiger, Elin your children your mom and all those who love and care for you.

    Remember the only forgiveness anyone of us should seek first is the forgiveness of God through Christ Jesus.

    Much love and peace in Christ Jesus to all in the world who struggle daily against our sinful nature.

  • longchamp

    downright psychotic. it’s as if nothing registered w/him, and he’s 110% sure he’s snowed everyone, even before the canned public ‘statement’ has been delivered. narcissistic, psychotic freak.

  • Kayko

    He didn’t hurt any of the women? Dude (allegedly) banged bareback. Without the other women knowing. Maybe back in the day that was no big thing, but nowadays,if it’s true, I think that’s close to premeditated murder. All that money, and still a loser…

  • Marieme

    Gee don’t you just love these Tiger-generated fake-candid shots. Looks like the Woods P.R. team is on full blast. He’s such a dikk smiling for the camera in those pics too. If this is how he believes he can “win-over” people, he’s got his head up his ayss.

  • MajorIndulgence

    I was expecting him to have a good cry on Oprah before returning to golf.

  • lori

    he should die a slow death of aids and his wife should laugh all the way to the bank with his kids and he is gross looking at him and those disgusting big lips i could vomit!!!!!!! im sure he will get lots of booes and if not he paid the ppl to shut up like he does everything else god will take care of him!

  • guest

    hes nothing but a lowlife n—er and thats it enough said elin take all his money and then run dont walk to sweeden or wherever he doesnt deserve you

  • Bobby

    Golfing and f…ing that will keep him in shape! A real tiger.

  • jill


  • TriniRammi


  • Divine Goddess

    What is he smiling about? He is disgusting. How could he be so happy after what he did to his family? What a f_uckin as_s hole. God help his wife and children. I hope he changes and never hurts his poor family again. Still don’t get the public apology. You are not a politician damnit, apologize to your wife and kids not us!

  • Divine Goddess

    @TriniRammi: you are a racist idiot -_-