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Zachary Quinto Gets His Game Face On

Zachary Quinto Gets His Game Face On

Zachary Quinto leaves his yoga class and heads to lunch at Le Petite Greek Restaurant in Los Angeles on Wednesday (February 17).

For those gamers out there, the 32-year-old lends his voice in for the just released video game Star Trek Online.

Zach plays a hologram medical doctor in the game while Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in the original series, narrates in the game.

“I think this game has an opportunity to unify the Star Trek fans, many of whom really are serious gaming fans, with those who aren’t,” Zach told Reuters. “I think it’s great to unify these two groups and give people the opportunity to engage each other and play with each other online and have the experience of the game together.”

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  • Trick

    And so it begins…

  • derp

    @ka-blamo: wow you’re hilarious, every considered comedy?

  • guest

    Less Zach, more Milo, please!

  • -

    Who’s the lady friend? She looks familiar.

  • jenny

    I guess yoga works. He looks great.

  • firemendate

    Beam me up scottie

  • -

    He is looking good in those pictures:)

  • Dee

    Cool ZQuinto always!

  • Lola

    @ka-blamo: You are an ass.

  • Lola

    God, he’s a beautiful man.

  • Anonymous


    Everyone calm down there’s a troll aboard on this site please ignore the stupidity, thank you for your hospitality.

  • ka-blamo

    Honestly, as a gay man myself, I think Miss Zachary has the gay face going on. I’d love to see him dress as a queen.

  • Jen

    I don’t think Zach has done anything to make him “gay” or has he? I think it’s because people wants him to be gay…that’s why there’s all these stupid stories about him being gay or is it because people doesn’t want him to be gay….that’s why they say that he isn’t gay. Confusing!!

  • Lola

    His body is perfection.

  • ummmmmmmmmdd

    @Lola: LOL ew. FAR from perfection, wow.

  • Nina

    Believe me or not, but Zach is bi. I went to CMU with him and studied theatre. Went on a few dates with him, but it didn’t pan out. I still consider him a friend. Totally sweet guy and I knew he was going to be going places back then, I am so, so proud of him!

  • Poop

    Why…whyyyyy is he always wearing that stupid bag on his head in every damn paparazzi pic????Does he think he’s rastafarian? I wanna see his hair.

  • Who’s That Girl??!!

    The women is Emily Bergl from Men in Trees, The Good Wife, Southland, Taken, Gilmore Girls, and so on….

  • German Girl

    @Who´s that girl??!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have racked my brain cause I couldn´t remind her name!! I loved “Men in trees”! I envy Zach that he´s so into Yoga. I tried it too but I prefer to jog or to jump around! *lol*

  • jenny

    Oh my god zach has one more “ASSISTANT”

  • jenny

    Oh my !… zach has one more “assistent” he is like Tiger Woods.

  • Lola

    @ummmmmmmmmdd: Actually, it is. And his gorgeous face is even more perfect. Sorry for your life.

  • chriska

    I agree with LOLA he`s gorgeous, hot , perfect more delicious.

  • 2shy


    Can you tell us more about what he was like in college? I love good gossip, thanks :).

  • British Latin American

    @ummmmmmmmmdd: And what is your body like?

  • JLK

    Mmmm . . . Zach and Leonard Nimoy offering their voices to one game? I am not a gamer (I wouldn’t even know where to start), but it is tempting to check it out.

  • Nina

    2Shy- Zachary was a perfectionist and still is. Some took it the wrong way, and sometimes thought he was being rude, but he was always the first one to help you and the first one to give criticism.

    He lived close to home so a bunch of use used to have dinner at this mom’s house or go out. He has always been a very sweet man and still is. A good guy all around, very funny and a bit nutty and impetuous.

  • Michelle

    Thanks Nina for the tidbits…Zach is a sweetheart and very friendly. I can see him being a perfectionist and people taking it the wrong way especially after watching him work. He takes his career very seriously.

  • 2shy

    Thank you Nina, for the tidbits.

    I suspect people are now going to ask you some questions about his dating life/sex life at college (being a gossip site, happens). Personally, I’ve always gotten the bi-vibe from him anyway, he’s adorable and seems so open.

  • amtj2008

    I just want to say to any of you that believe this nina, you must either be idiots or not really Zach fans. Zach has stated he would not talk about his personal life and his real friends don’t. The stuff this girl wrote about his personality is common knowledge. If Zach wanted his friends to comment on his personal life, then the speculation would not exist. Anyone could write they knew/know/slept with Zach, this the internet.

  • my goodness

    amjt2008, what makes you think that you know so much about Zach? Maybe Zach doesn’t like to talk about his personal life and maybe his friends right at this moment won’t talk about him but maybe Nina only knows him from their college days so..maybe she’s just giving a little info from what she’s known about him back then. Don’t be so sensitive.

  • Michelle

    #30 Do please shut your silly fangirl mouth. You’re such a moron to come on here and act so superior. Perhaps you are Zach’s #1 psycho fan with your anti-Zach isn’t gay spiel. You arent a personal friend of his so you would have no clue as to how his friends think or what they would do. Most casual friends may talk but that doesnt mean anything. “Nina” never stated she was a “real friend” of his, just that she went to college with him and went out a couple times. Why would that be so farfetched? If it’s true, then it’s true. Noone here ever stated belief nor disbelief. I thanked her and moved on. You opened your big mouth and inserted your own foot by starting with the namecalling which was uncalled for. I happen to “like” Zach’s work so therefore I am a fan of the man but I’m not the obsessive fangirly type(kittens as a couple of the posters call them here). How about think before you post….

  • DailyZQPhoto

    I enter JustJared with a name obviously indicating there is some psycho fan operating behind the blog. It’s a constant shame. But I’m honest, and I straightforwardly admit, yes, I am a fangirl.

    That introduction out of the way, I want to concede that it is possible for anyone who has researched ZQ to make the broad statements Nina makes in her posts regarding his sometimes-misunderstood perfectionist attribute, his “good guy all around” attribute, and his “funny, nutty, impetuous” attributes. Then again, her post is too plain and simple in tone for a clever troll wanting to play around and manipulate users for fun, and the fact her last name is omitted means that the claim she is making cannot be associated with her own persona so as to achieve some kind of recognition for her connection to ZQ.

    Finally, a separate thing to consider is that it’s highly strange for someone to comment on someone they know on a site like this. I mean, once I graduate, ten years down the line, and I find out my old friend became famous, wouldn’t it be awkward to talk about him publicly on the Internet like this?

    I think it’s a little awkward – I don’t know about anyone else. Different strokes for different folks and all.


  • amtj2008

    @Michelle: Obviously I offended you and you are stupid, so I will leave it at that. Also I never stated anything about her assessment of his sexual orientation, so what the hell did you read? If you could read, I have never stated anything as fact about his sexual orientation. Only my opinion that there is no way to tell and everything has to be taken with a grain of salt. However, the manner in which you commented towards her post was that you believed her.

    I am not a fanatic, kitten or silly fangirl, that would be the person who commented “he was bi and we went out” and all of you who were sensitive to my post. Nor have I implied superiority, what his friends think or that I “know” all. I can only go by actions and none of zach friends or family have ever commented on his personal life. I was just stating it is highly illogical for a “friend” to just come on this site and say they dated. She stated that she still considered him a friend, so why would she disclose personal information? CMU, just like any college, has its entire roster available on its website. Anyone can go on there and pretend to be someone, thats why I said IF you believe her your either stupid or do not know who he is.

  • stalkerette

    Seriously guys, do you think anyone who “still consider Zach a friend” would go blab on a gossip blog?

  • Heather

    Stalkerette, I am wondering if he was just a college friend and there was no more contact after that. I ask because I do have several friends I went to University with that I haven’t seen since I graduated, but I still would consider them a friend, if I saw them I would be tremendously happy and wish to catch up with them. Would I go on gossip blogs and talk about them, no, but Nina did not say anything scandalous or defaming about him! She was being general, which is good, if she got in depth about him and his sex life and what not we would be bemoaning her as well, so she cannot win.

    So just do what I do, take everything you hear with a grain of salt, much like drinking a margarita,,,, sorry, joke, trying to lighten the mood up.

    I wonder if it was a guy stating this is some people would have a different reaction to all of this? I don’t see her last name being omitted as anything but not wanting her last name on line. I don’t want people knowing my last name. If I say something to tick someone off I REALLY don’t want them googling me to find my facebook or anything like that!!!

  • nat

    You are kidding me…. I´m not jeolous, because she´s VERY UGLY she looks old. jesus!

  • amtj2008

    @Heather: I have to say it would apply the same if it was a guy. She said bi so you could just change the name to jim and everything would still apply. Now the reponses might be different because everyone “wants” him to be gay.

    I just find it highly entertaining that some would state that because her statement is so benigned or simplistic that it is much more believable. I mean the seat filler girl had pictures, yet most people refused to believe her.

    On another note, some of you need to read more or just educate yourselves better. Stupid and ignorance are two different things. One should know the difference between fangirl, fanatic, kitten, psycho, and fan before they call someone, one. A fangirl is a person who will use her femininity towards the object of her fandom. A kitten is a woman who fawns of a person of status, generally a groupie or golddigger. A fanatic is a fan who obsesses over the person/thing to a detrimental level. A psycho is carzy, deranged person who is not logical. A fan is an admire of a person/thing.

    Also the difference of being logical and anti-gay. Since when does believing that a person may be straight considered anti-gay or homophobia? I do not care how you take this but as some of you stated think before you post, do not just copy what someone else wrote and think it applies in that situation.

    Now based on a suggestion of one of the other posters here(angeles) I visited the ZQC board, those are psycho, fanactic, fangirl, kittens and just generally creepy people.

  • Heather

    The ZQC frightens me and makes me want to never admit that I like Zach’s work or even know who he is in fear that someone may think I am like that… no offense to those in the community who are not scary as all hell.

    I agree with your POV Amtj, I tend to look at things from both sides. I believed the seat filler girls story, it just seemed slightly exaggerated to me, but what do I know? I wasn’t there! I am glad she had a good night and I bet it was a night she will never forget, lucky gal! :) She probably made a lot of peoples day by sharing her story.

    Some people tend to keep their Zach stories private (myself, you, Ang…for example) and some want to tell all. As it was said, different strokes I guess! I can understand why, with comments that people will make etc.

    Zach tweeted to some lucky fans last week, and I am sure there will people who dismissed those who tweeted to him as crazy fangirls or something like that, yet some of the people were more like “oh Zach tweeted back to me, cool’ and then moved on and I am sure some took it as a marriage proposal (exaggerating a bit, but I have read too may accounts of “OMG Zach made direct eye contact with me while on stage at an event or show, he is attracted to me and wants to go out with me”) I kid you not…

  • stalkerette

    I don’t think it’s fair to judge the ZQ Community, it’s everyone’s choice where they post and everyone is responsible for their own posts and only what you write ultimately makes you look crazy, delusional, exaggerating, rude or “normal.”

    I’ve been involved (mostly as a lurker) in the fangirling of other actors (you can kind of tell I have a boring job) and it’s been the same everywhere … endless debates on their personal lives, accusing one another of being too avid or not avid enough, sooner or later competing factions emerge and each group of people thinks they’re better than the other …

    Sort of a regression to the 6th grade mentality for most people involved (except those who actually are in the 6th grade, lol)

  • Heather

    I was harsh yes :( My apologies, if it got that bad, it IS Zach’s personal site, he can easily shut it down if he felt that it was getting too crazy I assume.

    There is a dissension amongst Zach fans from Heroes and Star Trek, there are crazy debates over everything it seems. It seems silly. I used to lurk in Sarmy, there used to be intelligent discussions, people were HAPPY when Sarmy members met Zach, but it has degraded after he stared in Star Trek, so I honestly shy away from fan sites that involve Zach and other actors whose work I may enjoy.

  • Michelle

    amtj2008= crazy fangirl and very stupid to boot. You offend me with your own stupidity and ignorance so we’ll leave it at that. I do take offense to being called an idiot when I did nothing wrong. You need to grow up “lil girl” and stop living in a fantasy world. As much as you defend Zach it’s not going to make you his best friend or make him feel beholden to you.

    I was speaking of your past posts in regards to the guy’s sexuality, not this most recent post. Your recent post was an attack on anyone who chose to take into consideration that “Nina” MAY or MAY NOT be telling the truth. Calling people idiots is an attack that you started. As for how you interpeted my post is irrelavant as it wasnt directed to you and it was a neutral post…neither agree nor disagree. You were reading too much into it which leaves me to believe that you are a silly a**ed fangirl who is just too overly invested in Zach emotionally. I don’t see how this “Nina” could be labeled as such when she really didnt say much of anything as DailyZQ pointed out. I was most certainly sensitive to this post as well as your previous one as I don’t appreciate being called an idiot or stupid for no reason. Your tactless remark was uncalled for.

    As for this comment: ”
    Nor have I implied superiority, what his friends think or that I “know” all. I can only go by actions and none of zach friends or family have ever commented on his personal life. I was just stating it is highly illogical for a “friend” to just come on this site and say they dated”

    No you stated that anyone who believes this person were idiots or not Zach fans. Reread your post. Then you went on with your spiel about Zach being private and how his friends wouldnt disclose info. You were acting all superior like you “knew” what his friends would do or not do and how they think. That is an act of superiority.

    As for “Nina” disclosing info, why is that hard to believe anyways? Just because she may consider him a friend doesnt mean that they are friends present tense. They could have been friends back in the day but not now. Some people may get a kick out of the fact they knew someone who was nobody back then but who’s famous now. She really didnt disclose anything juicy or bad anyways so where was the harm? It’d be different if she came on here and stated that he was a nasty SOB who kicked dogs and drowned kittens back in the day but she didnt really say anything. LOL

    As for the comment ”
    thats why I said IF you believe her your either stupid or do not know who he is.” reread your post: ” I just want to say to any of you that believe this nina, you must either be idiots or not really Zach fans”.

    Plus this comment in your last post was truly tactless and rude: ”
    Obviously I offended you and you are stupid, so I will leave it at that”

    There were no “ifs” in your post. You made a general statement which offended me and I called you out on it. You need to be a bit more tactful in posting if you don’t want to be called out on it or be called a silly fangirl which you seriously are….I bet you’re one of those cult-like members of ZQC, huh? *rolls eyes*

  • Michelle

    DailyZQPhoto= good post, enjoy your blog btw. Funny stuff there. I don’t consider you in the same fangirl league as amtj2008. That chickie is way too over the top and too sensitive.

    Stalkerette=why would it be impossible for a “friend” to say anything? It’s not like they could be identified by Zach or anyone. If “nina’s” statement was true then there’d be no way to prove nor disapprove it. Plus I doubt that any “friend” with a lick of sense would post their real name on a blog anyhow. LOL It’s not out of the possibility that a casual friend/aquantance would say stuff and vice versa….
    I’ve also been involved with other fandoms where people nitpick, speculate, and debate over every lil detail about the actor and it’s just plain silly. People think they are superior in the knowledge and think they are better than the other if they know more about that person. I made a simple statement thanking a poster and got accused of being an idiot to which I took huge offense over. I’ve met Zach and I know he’s a nice guy(as I’ve stated) but I refuse to go into detail cuz I’d be accused of being a glory hound or a liar.

    Heather= agreed about ZQC…very scary place indeed. It seems they are terrified of offending Zach that would cause him to close the board or quit posting altogether. I think they get off on the fact that he interacts with them on there and they don’t want to lose the connection. I’ve seen this several times on other boards where actors would involve themselves with the fans thru message boards and websites. These fans would moderate the boards on their own where it would just be a sterile, no personal life/pap photos permitted type place. I’m sure ZQC has some very nice people on there but there are those who are just so gungho about Zach’s privacy and the posting of pap photos that they attack anyone who remotely has a different opinion. I’ve pretty much quit socializing with most of any “fan” sites/boards. I usually lurk but if I’m bored, I post(which I’m bored this weekend hence why I’m even posting here. LOL) Just from the posts here, it seems there are only a few of ZQ’s fans who are able to discuss things in an intelligent manner without labeling posters as idiots or being stupid(fyi…I only called amtj2008 out cuz she’s too quick to judge people w/out giving them the benefit of the doubt and she was very rude w/out reason towards me.)

  • angeles

    As they say in every rumor there is always a small grain of truth.

    I’m not saying I 100% believe Nina, but to be honest there have been other people who have posted about Zach’s college days on other boards. Or even from when he was really young and performing for the Civic Light Opera. Good gossip is always entertaining to be honest, regardless if it’s fabricated or based in truth.


    By the way he looks really good in those photos.

  • angeles

    As they say in every rumor there is always a small grain of truth. I’m not saying I 100% believe Nina, but to be honest there have been other people who have posted about Zach’s college days on other boards. Or even from when he was really young and performing for the Civic Light Opera. Good gossip is always entertaining to be honest, regardless if it’s fabricated or based in truth.


    By the way he looks really good in those photos.

  • angeles

    Oops posted twice, sorry.

  • Heather

    I confess I never heard a ton of early rumors about Zach from when he was in college or performing in High School. I have a friend from school who vaguely remembers performing with him (they both grew up in Pittsburgh, same age and were theatre guys!) but they never chatted or were buddy buddy with one another. It is not out of the realm of possibilities that people know of Zach outside of his work in Hollywood, he has been acting and performing for nearly 20 years, starting in musicals etc.. which people know if they read any interviews with him!

    Some of those same people who say they knew him when he was younger claim he was a belittling a-hole who thought he was better then everyone. There was an interview with someone at CMU who stated when he didn’t like you, you knew it. Others tend to say he is sweet and gentle. I am sure he’s both, he’s human. We all have the capacity to be nice or rude ;) depending on the situation.

    The truth is, all of this is speculation on what we have saw, either from interviews, meeting him, or rumors. None of us know the true Zach, the man he is everyday etc… so who knows?

  • amtj2008

    @Michelle: I did not take offense to your post the way you did mine, I only called you stupid AFTER you called me a moron and a psycho. I stand by my statement, no one else commented, so obviously it rung true with you. I mearly was stating that to believe as such would mean you do not know how this blog works, therefore you would be stupid, and the other comment explains itself. The way you vehemently put me down and the way in which your interperted my comment lead me to believe you are stupid, you do not know me. I have never claimed to be anything to Zach. You took a grain of sand and turned it into a castle. YOU need to reread your post, it was not a general thing it was an attack at me YOU WERE RUDE. You, michelle are a hypocrite.

    Fyi I could care less if a person made the general statement that someone is stupid/idiot, I know I am not, so why would I get offended??? I was stating my opinion, and if I state facts about Zach on this board of speculation, how is that an act of superiority? I find it amazing that you all are so quick to judge, yet call out another on the same thing. You bitch about its just opinions and everyones is different but chew out others when they have a different one. Other then saying someone in general is ignorant( uneducated in the subject) or this time, an Idiot (a beyond ignorant person) I have never attacked any of you on a personal level.

    But why bother, as the saying goes “don’t argue with an idiot, others can’t tell the difference”.

  • WTF?

    I saw 48 comments and thought something interesting like another exciting project for Zach had come up. Yeah right, should have known better…..
    No one knows whether Nina’s post is true or not. Whatever it is, she has not said anything questionable about Zach. So what’s the fuss about?
    It’s about the dumb, totally uncalled for reaction from amtj2008:
    “I just want to say to any of you that believe this nina, you must either be idiots or not really Zach fans.”
    WTF? idiots? not Zach fans? Are you fu*king nuts?
    If you have nothing intelligent to say, just STFU!

  • naty

    More pictures and news recently on google.