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Alexander Skarsgard: Calvin Klein After-Party with Kate Bosworth!

Alexander Skarsgard: Calvin Klein After-Party with Kate Bosworth!

Alexander Skarsgard strikes a pose at the Women’s Fall 2010 Calvin Klein Collection after-party on Thursday (February 18) in New York City.

At the swanky soiree, the 33-year-old True Blood hunk mingled with rumored girlfriend Kate Bosworth and her friends.

They later rendezvoused at the exclusive 18th floor of the Standard Hotel for drinks and a bite to eat. At one point during the evening, a stranger spilled a drink all over Kate‘s gorgeous Calvin dress.

“Oh don’t worry,” a spywitness overheard Kate politely say after getting drenched. “It’s not a big deal.”

Alex was seen grabbing a stack of napkins for his leading lady and helped clean up the mess before they left together. What a gentleman!

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Credit: Richie Buxo, SplashNewsOnline; Photos: Flynetonline, INFdaily
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  • hay

    first! lol. That UNF of a Man! Lovely to see him.

  • Vera

    ”At one point during the evening, a stranger spilled a drink all over Kate’s gorgeous Calvin dress.”

    HAHA!! One of Gwyneth’s people, or someone who dislikes Kate? Or maybe it Kate herself; so Alexander can get touch her a little…

  • Gorgeous

    Hot and sexy and a gentleman… I find myself spending far too many hours every week googling for pics of Alex.

  • nicole

    The most boring man in the world. You never see real stars like Johnny Depp and Leonardo Dicaprio attending these lame functions.

    That’s all Alexander Skarsgard and his girlfriend do. Any new store opening, any fashion show, any award cermony the two of them are there.

    Fame Whores.

    The truly talented actors don’t feel the need to constantly have their picture taken.

  • hay

    well of course he’s a gentleman.

  • hay

    ok last comment; BORING? you should see some of his pics out there.. there is more to him than jj- events, but the media only post pics of him with bosworth or in these events. dont blame him he’s a fascinating guy really. im sure you know nothing about him. js!

  • Rachel

    He’s such a gentleman. I hope they are a couple in real life…they seem like a nice fit.

  • beats

    The dude is a playa. He was spotted with a group of gals at the party.

  • Becky

    #8…Didn’t you read the article? It explained that the group of girls were Kate’s friends.

  • jessie

    Fashion week in general didn’t have a huge star turn out this year.

    And those girls he was talking to were fans outside I think.

    There were some lovely models there though.

  • sixx

    @Becky: No, it doesn’t. It just mentions he hung out with some her friends, doesn’t mention gender.

    There were twitter reports too about him hanging out with women at the event.

  • sophy

    alex can do so much better than kate. he needs to do other movies and meet other actresses. SRSLY!

  • Juno

    @sixx: Saw those. WWD tweeted that and the girls were inside the party. Probably models.

  • elfin

    @sophy: I believe Kate’s a friend just like he says. She even took his best friend’s wife with her to fashion week so you know that group is chummy.

  • truly

    handsome man but such big bags under the eyes. poor guy must be very sleepy.

  • Nataly

    they’re so together!
    I know some won’t like it, but since they’re “together” she is glowing and she is better dressed!

  • zee

    sweetie pie!

    June please get here soon. Season 3 TB.
    And i think the bags under the eyes are some sort of allergy thing. I’ve seen pics of him as a little kid (..not that i’ve been internet stalking him or anything……)and he had them even then.

  • swedie

    AS has been on the list for a lot of Calvin Klein events but been a no show because of True Blood filming. As for the dinner, I heard it was with a group of people including his good friend Bjorne whom he seems to take everywhere. AS doe sound like a complete gentleman.

  • NoNo

    He really is sinking to all new low with this harlot. So trashy and he is at all the “I’m desperate for attention events” now that he is hanging with Bosworth. He has truly sunk to her level. So sad.
    I think he is really desperate to be a great leading man but it is not happening. And it won’t the longer he deals with Kate. She is seriously hwood napalm..hahaha.
    So over him now!!

  • Won’t Last

    It won’t last. Trust. Kate still wants Martin and that is a fact!!!

  • lovely

    KB & AS both seem to be very cool people. Alex is a gentleman and Kate handled the situation in such a lovely way by not making the stranger who spilled on her feel like an idiot. Very nice.

  • angel

    Some say he’s gay but I don’t believe it. I believe they are close friends and this is good pr to take the public’s mind off her alleged affair with Chris Martin.

  • lilac

    @Won’t Last: Why would CM do that? His wife is a beautiful, accomplished actress.

    Swedes have different concepts of dating and what boyfriend and girlfriend mean. He may go on dates and hang out with her but it does not she’s his girlfriend or that it’s serious.

  • Jess

    I hope Alex gets a modeling contract with Calvin Klein. I can’t figure out why a designer hasn’t snapped him up by now. Eggs already has a contract.

  • Lindsay’s Tatas

    @Won’t Last: What’s to last? This is the same guy who was licking his lips when that reporter with the big tatas interviewed him.

  • yo sista

    He’s so cute and stop with the “gay” sh!t! Why does everyone has to bring that sh!t up everytime there’s a post about this man?

  • Janeth

    Now that is a REAL MAN! Sexy and a gentleman… Yummy!!! =) Those pictures just made my day. lol

  • tripp


  • justme

    This shhit again? I swear JJ’s head is so far up bosworth’s bum he could report on what she ate last millenium, cause lord knows that girl hasn’t eaten in this one.

  • @yo sista

    I’m with you . . . stop with the “gay” sh!t and stop with the Chris Martin sh!t. It’s all bullsh!t. A few brain dead people are the ones hanging on to it.

  • Nice


  • blue bear

    @Won’t Last: It is true they still haven’t sued Star?

  • Mrs. Garrett

    Actually, I would like give Kate a standing ovation. She must play the game really well. I mean she has managed to hitch her star to the Flavor of the Month and use it to heighten her own fame not once but twice, using only the few assets god gave her – a debatably low level of talent, the ability to live on nothing more than a piece of lettuce a day, a moderately pretty (but in no way striking) face, and her parents’ money. She has earned everything she has the old fashioned way – on her back. Women have (unfortunately) been doing it for centuries, why frown on her? She’s not even the only star in Hollywood who has or has had a better career because they dated/married famous men (looking at you Gwyneth (Brad), Sienna (Jude), J-Lo (P diddy, Ben), and the Tom-trifecta: Katie, Penelope & Nicole). Bosworthless must have something going for her (other than the body of a 12-year old boy), given that she hung on to Orlando for 3 years while he was one of the hottest properties in Hollywood and now looks to have hooked “Askars” as well. And my guess is she’ll be with him as long as his popularity keeps rising. So you’d better get used to seeing her around, Skarsgirls…This one is smarter than you think she is.
    PS to Kate & her minions – yes, people say mean things about you but hey, at least we’re talking about you! It’s what you wanted right? It’s part of the price you pay. A wise man once said, “You take the good, you take the bad…” (Yes, I *did* just go TV theme song on you.) If you don’t like it, don’t chase fame.

  • yes i said it

    He is one boring looking man. no soul in his eyes, he is a classic example of ‘blue eyes and blonde hair don’t make pretty’. his boring face,eye shape with a dull blue color and blonde hair just isn’t attractive. Leo dicaprio is hottert than this guy, atleast he has some fire in his eyes.
    Alex, and his pudgy nose just does nothing for me…give me tom welling, heck give me someother mediocre looking guy i’d take him befor alex the boring swede.
    and kate…ugh, she’s just not that pretty with her thin dish wash blonde hair.
    i’m sorry but the majority who think these two are good looking are people who are wowed by blondes, not that special guys.

  • Susiey

    I wouldn’t spilled a drink on her drees,
    i would spilled acid on her face.

  • Jessica

    @lovely: I completely agree with you. They both sound like they’re genuinely pleasant people.

  • Sanne

    He’s so weird looking.

  • Good match

    I admit I also prefer “tall, dark and handsome” guys but he is pretty goodlooking for a ‘Nordic’ type. Personally I think the two of them look good together.

  • davinci

    @swedie: Good info. I just watched a video of him leaving the party with his Swedish friend. They must go everywhere together.

  • Emily

    LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • f*** this

    whatever, he’s gay, ugly and deformed

  • yo sista

    @tripp: jealous

  • Claire

    They’re both stunning.
    @Susiey . . . you’re scary!

  • yo sista

    @yes i said it: He’s gorgeous! Tall & cute, GORGEOUS eyes stop the jealousy it ain’t a good thing people!
    Alexander is a gorgeous man.

  • pixie

    @yo sista: I think he’s handsome but maybe they just don’t find him attractive. Not everyone finds this guy gorgeous. Doesn’t mean they’re jealous.

  • yo sista

    @pixie: Calling him ‘gay’ & he doesn’t even have gay tendencies makes them jealous!

  • pointless

    They are both such famewh*res and Alex is REALLY STUPID to get attached to Kate Bosworth! Unbelievable how stupid this guy must really be in life. She is going to latch on for life now. This is her last chance so I hope he is planning to get her a ring!
    He really is on her level now and that means he went down so many notches. Does he not have ears or is he deaf and doesn’t hear the rumors about her?

  • Snow

    @yo sista: What are gay tendancies? It’s possible he’s gay or bi. We’ll probably never know and who really cares if he’s gay or not.

  • Kim

    He’s so pretty but I hope he gets some rest or fillers for those huge eye bags.

  • whenwillitend

    @yo sista: no, Its called an opinon. So what? As long as he knows what he is, who cares what people think. Jealousy? NO!! Lust? Hell yea!! LOL