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Kate Bosworth: Calvin Klein Collection

Kate Bosworth: Calvin Klein Collection

Kate Bosworth poses at the Women’s Fall 2010 Calvin Klein Collection after party on Thursday (February 18) in New York City.

The 27-year-old actress sat alongside Kerry Washington, Naomi Watts, Isabel Lucas, and Helena Christensen at the Calvin Klein Fall 2010 Fashion Show.

Earlier this week, Kate and Alexander Skarsgard both attended the launch of the fourth issue of The Last Magazine at NYC hot spot Pravda, despite their denial of a relationship.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at the Calvin Klein Collection after party…

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kate bosworth calvin klein collection 01
kate bosworth calvin klein collection 02
kate bosworth calvin klein collection 03
kate bosworth calvin klein collection 04
kate bosworth calvin klein collection 05
kate bosworth calvin klein collection 06
kate bosworth calvin klein collection 07
kate bosworth calvin klein collection 08
kate bosworth calvin klein collection 09
kate bosworth calvin klein collection 10
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kate bosworth calvin klein collection 12
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kate bosworth calvin klein collection 15
kate bosworth calvin klein collection 16

Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty
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  • salad

    I know a lot of ppl hate her, but I find her very stylish, she can pull off almost everything and her skin is perfect!

  • max

    Does she do anything besides show up to EVERY envelope opening???? At one time long ago she used to be an actress.

  • annalisa

    Here we go again. Yes, Max, does she even act anymore and above all does she even act well. This girl is pathetic and it’s quite sad that she jocks Gwyneth Paltrow so bad. Such a frenemy!!! Even down to how she is now trying to be with her “relationship” with Skarsgard. Never on the carpet together and denials. Just like Gwyn did with Chris Martin and to a degree still does.
    The only difference Gwyneth is an AMAZING actress, award winning, stylish, is decent, and loved by many. She is clinging to Alex and his friends(she took Bjorn’s wife to the CK fashion show- desperatation!!) b/c NO ONE else wants to be her friend anymore after what she did with Martin. She is a pariah!! Go away, Kate!!!

  • Hollie

    She is still an actress and she is also in production now. Stylists invite her to fashion shows as well as at the MET Ball every year cause she is naturally stylish and chic.

  • maria

    Ι don’t know her as an actress so well, but she looks stunning here.
    I love the dress and the red lipstick. she really can pull it off.

  • Audi

    The red lipstick is wrong for her. Makes her look like a clown.

  • licorice

    This is the same dress she wore the Scream Awards. It wasn’t flattering then either.

  • pomm

    @Hollie: No, they invite her because she’s part of the young Hollywood set. She isn’t naturally stylist or chic. She just wears designer clothes picked out by her stylist. You never see her make best dressed lists like Gwyneth and Sienna.

  • eightball

    She looks much older than 27.

  • canuck

    I think the hemline is wrong, maybe too long.

  • canuck

    …and some women look kick ass in red lipstick. She doesn’t. Softer colours flatter her.

  • ree

    i love the red lipstick matching the red shoes

  • jessie

    Kate is way too skinny fro that dress.It flattens everything on her.Those kind of dresses mostly look good on woman with some T&A.

  • JJ

    She only wears CK now. No more Stella McCartney.

  • salma

    I hate the red lipstick. It clashes with the dress and ages her. They should have chosen a more muted red.

  • jessie


    Yeah I noticed that she is used to be all about chloe and S.M.

    We’ll seem come paris fashion week.

  • Wow!

    Kate’s skin does look clear there but it also looks like they really piled on the foundation.

  • nyro

    Is she losing her hair?

  • xposed

    Beige is not her color. I know she loves it but she should really branch out.

  • celeb spotter

    KB is a dead ringer for Kristin Chenowirth — same age and all.

  • Wilson

    @nyro: Yes, it’s called early onset female pattern baldness.

  • Olivia

    I remember her body in the movie “Blue Crush”. She was so perfect!!!!
    Why did she get SO skinny?
    I think that she was more beautiful then!

  • Wilson

    She should talk about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • jessie

    She’s not balding she just has a huge forehead.Lindsay lohan is if you want to see an example.

  • beautiful couple

    I think Kate looks awful. Hate the dress color and she has a glassy stare like she’s sick or something.

  • Betty

    @nyro: @Wilson:
    I have that too!!

  • my3cents

    @nyro: Maybe, she seems to be using weaves at events and her hair is thinning in front and at the sides in recent photos. So, yeah, she’s balding a bit, plus the large forehead makes it looks like it.

  • Dress

    Love the lipstick color
    Didn’t like the dress first but then noticed it’s a leather dress and it’s looks good for a leather dress

  • whenwillitend


    to all you Kate lovers, only JJ features her, not many other mags do, it might be a side pic or small pc, but not Major pics.

    However she looks nice, she really needs to eat, she would look so much better.

    @Kate paid posse, uhmm, we are not JEALOUS!!!

  • funderpants

    Not bad for a freak eyed skeleton, I guess.

  • del

    wow she looks fabulous! love the dress. I like the red lipstick and the hair, its a good style for fine hair.

  • brightside

    Looking freakier and more robotic by the day!

  • http://facebook ConnieB

    I agree completely. Go away already Kate!

  • remember da truth

    She is just about the only woman that can pull off this parted in the middle hair style that all seem to want to have these days. It elongates the face, so women like Jen Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker look awful with it (jen is married to this style though because it hides much of her ugly face and she’s afraid that if she changes it back to the Rachel that everyone really will see she keeps on playing that part and can do nothing else).

    Kate looks really good with this hair because of her round face. The red lipstick looks great — really pops. Agree the color of the dress could be better, but otherwise, she looks good.

    Now if she could just get a decent role …..

  • Elena

    She is perfect for CK! Sleek and chic! Gorgeous, gorgeous, goreous! Love the dress, hair, and make-up. The red lipstick with red shoes is brilliant! Bravo!

  • truly

    i think the center part is highly unflattering. her face is way too round and her forehead is too high. make her hairline look receding like she’s going bald. something is wrong with her face too. she looks ill. they did a nice job of covering her skin with makeup but you can tell the glow is not real. she’s coated in foundation in the close-ups. i hope she’s not sick again like when she was promoting superman.

    the red lipstick pops but does not work — too much contrast with the beige dress. bad color for her but the 90210 chick chose the pretty pink so not much she can do there. that girl btw looked gorgeous. i think a shorter version of this dr ess would have been nicer but at least she looks a healthier weight here.

    she definitely needs better roles but unfortunately hasn’t established herself enough to get them. she is pushing thirty. hope she works on her craft and lands better parts. the clock ticks fast in hollywood.

  • @34

    I remember reading an article that said Kate has the perfect shaped face for a center part. Most people can’t get away with it but she can and does. She looks beautiful. You people or person with several pseudonyms who say she’s balding are nuts. She has fine hair – period the end.

  • Shop Bop

    Kate Bosworth has fine hair and a declining hairline. Her stylist uses hair pieces when he does her hair for parties and shows. There is a picture from the other day that really shows how much hair she has lost on top and along the sides. I think it was at the Calvin Klein show. Rather startling for a young woman.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..that weave isn’t helping. ahahahahahaha..

  • Karen

    She looks great in red lipstick

  • Vintage Love

    I love red lipstick but she does not wear it well. She is maybe a tad too fair for it. It looks almost clown-like. A deep rose or dark pink would be a pretty shade for her.

  • helena

    I love the red lipstick on her. She has beautiful lips & a smile to die for. She perfectly accented her look with red lips and red shoes. Very chic. Also, it’s obvious in many pictures taken during CK events she doesn’t have a weave. Some of you may want to think so but not true.

  • Free People

    @helena: Sorry, but it’s true. My friend knows her hair dresser. He does Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair too. Gwyneth has very thick hair and is lucky she doesn’t need weaves/extensions like Kate.

    The red lips are too much against the tan dress. They clash instead of compliment. She should have worn black like she did at the MET gala or even white. If she were a brunette, she might have pulled it off but it just looks garish and ages her.

  • Khristi

    She is just beautiful-now I’m sure all of you are going to get on here and say that she can’t act blah, blah, blah……if she were Kristen Stewart you would totally look over that fact. I love this entire ensemble BTW.

  • pointless

    She doesn’t wear Stella or Chloe b/c she EFFED Chris Martin- Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband. She is an outcast now amongst that set. Heard that Anna Wintour ignored her as well. She needs to cling to Alex and his friends b/c she has lost all of her old ones!! Simple. Period. The End.
    She also IS balding mainly b/c she doesn’t eat and she does c*ke on the regular as well as being a smoker. The girl is a mess and now she has Alex on the same path. Heard he is doing all the drugs again too. Shame. He would have been so great but he is on the burn fast path like Christian Slater. He has already lost so many parts like Thor, Captain America, Flash Gordon..he wants so desperately to be a leading actor but not happening.

  • burnt bacon

    Yes, I’m totally jellus. My goal in life was to be an unemployed, anorexic starf**ker, and she’s living the dream instead of me!!!! WAAAAAH!!!
    Seriously, Kate stans, if the only thing you can come up with to defend her is the old “ur jus jelly” argument (which isn’t even an argument so much as the Useless Celebutard corollary to Godwin’s Law), she’s not as great as you think she is. Seriously, next time you whip that one out, give examples of why we should be so bitterly jealous. And don’t pull the old “she’s so pretty” trick, because 1) you have no idea what I look like and 2) who the f— are you to me that I should care what you think?

  • Pop

    @Khristi: I wasn’t planning on mentioning that actually because it’s a given. But she’s seen better days. She looked cute earlier in the day. In these pics, she looks like a high class version of a 90s Pam Anderson but that’s not saying much. Nope, not a good look.


    You’re a fool.

  • M M


  • katherine

    Alleged Homewrecker, although there were witnesses , Kate Go away! You might be pretty outside but it doesn’t mask up the ugliness inside. At least Anjelina Jolie did not break a relationship that involved kids. I despised this women, she not even promoting anything.