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Kate Bosworth & Topher Grace: New 'Funny or Die' Video!

Kate Bosworth & Topher Grace: New 'Funny or Die' Video!

Kate Bosworth and actor pal Topher Grace get together for a new comedy sketch from funnyman Will Ferrell‘s FunnyorDie site called “Death Bed Subtext.”

The clip’s description reads, “When you are on your death bed, it’s important to have the ones you love there with you.” Check it out below but you’ve been warned, it has very dirty language.


Kate Bosworth & Topher Grace: New ‘Funny or Die’ Video!
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  • jessie

    JJ you are obsessed with KB!

    Post different people already.

  • annalisa

    @Just Jared Okay what is the obsession or agreement you have with Kate Bosworth? There are sooooo many Funny or Die videos and you pick hers to promote! Something definitely smells fishy here and not liking this site much! I feel like it is all payoffs by celebrities or something. You always put her on here and the girl doesn’t even work. You didn’t even put pics of Anna Lynne McCord from the CK party but you put Bosworth at so many others. Strange.


    That’s the best FOD sketch yet!

  • amy

    hahha that was funny

  • elle


  • CanadaGirl

    Lame. I’m embarrassed for all those involved; sadly, they probably aren’t.

  • Ronnie

    Outrageously funny!

  • hmmm……..

    That was sooooo funny!!!!!

  • marissa

    that’s the best acting i’ve seen kate do.

  • Kyle

    She’s funny … she’s very funny.

  • icey

    @CanadaGirl: Yeah, it was pretty lame but Topher was funny.


    really funny……

  • Lola

    I see she finally got a role after Blue Crush. Good for her!

  • lily

    This was the perfect role for her..what better actress to play someone who looks like they’re dying

  • max

    Well at least she’s getting some acting work these days albeit unpaid work lol

  • brightside

    Will Feral is so not funny! And Kate Bosworth is far uglier moving than she is standing still and looking like a robot. Really didn’t know that was possible but there you go!

  • tddf

    that was uncomfortably hysterically funny!!….haha

  • whenwillitend

    JJ Why? This clip is not so funny. Okay? SHe is only 27 with crow’s feet? Hmmmm

  • Eva

    Bwahahahaha woow this was a NSFW if I ever saw one. Unreal, yet sooo funny. Santacum? :D

  • Dieter

    I wanna lick the pooper of hers !!!!

  • Carlos

    Am I alone in this or do you guys know they worked together before in “Win a Date with Ted Hamilton”?

  • jj fans

    Best acting Bosworth’s done in years. Unfortunately that’s not saying much.

  • jj fans

    Grace is very funny,. Hope that guy gets more work.

  • ha!

    @whenwillitend: She does have a lot of wrinkles for someone under 30.

    Who is the guy who plays the director? He’s hysterical!

  • zzzz

    Sorry, that’s lame. stupid, and not funny. A few naughty words do not equal shock or humor.

  • @whenwillitend

    That’s makeup! duh!

  • @21

    Yes – Kate and Topher together again – YAY!

  • jason

    @zzzz: i agree this is low, its not funny its just trying to shock…

  • nanny825

    Really, REALLY?!! You have to be kidding. This is probably the best she can do, and it sucks sooo bad. She is a terrible actress with no skill whatsoever . If I did my job that badly, I would have been fired YEARS ago. She should just stick with being a famewhore/faux fashionista and let go of the whole ACTRESS thing. Of course she won’t because there are a few producers out there that she hasn’t BLOWN yet to get her next role. She is so pathetic it makes me want to hurl.

    I DARE anyone of her fans to just give me proof she is good at her profession. She SUCKS and we all know it, unless of course you are on her payroll (JJ). I swear to all of my sister wives, this is the last time I post on JJ about KB as it only encourages the crazies!!

  • @#30

    I know I can’t change your mind because for some odd reason you’re extremely passionate in your dislike of her. I think I’ve seen all her films and I’m impressed at how well she handles comedy as well as very dark roles. I loved her in Wonderland and The Girl In The Park (saw that at the TIFF). Her reviews for her role in TGITP were excellent. Anyhow, you have an opinion and I have a very different one.

  • JustMe

    So I see my post was deleted about how stupid this vid was and wondering how much kb is paying JJ to keep her in the blog, but it seems I’m not the only one who felt that way. Poorly played jj. Bad game and it netted you nothing.

  • Justin

    Insanely funny!

  • Kim

    I LOVE Kate and Topher! They’re the best! Crazy video!

  • nanny825


    I’m passionate because she really is a terrible actress, her chosen profession. If you can’t see that, then really you have no clue what it is to be taken seriously as an actress in HW. She clearly does not have it. There are other actresses out their who should have your devotion, the ones that are good at their craft and aren’t contantly seeking attention for something OTHER than acting. She’s nothing but a poser and her 15 minutes should be up soon (we can only hope).

  • Tim

    @@#30: She was not good in Wonderland aside from one scene. It was a poor man’s Boogie Nights wannabe. There were better actresses for that role but for some reason this girl continues to get acting gigs.

  • Vince

    Are you kidding me? She was great in Wonderland. A very poignant performance.

  • tata

    How is this funny?