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Kristin Kreuk: Getting Hitched with Jack Carpenter!

Kristin Kreuk: Getting Hitched with Jack Carpenter!

Smallville alum Kristin Kreuk has landed a role in a new CBS comedy pilot, Hitched.

The 27-year-old actress will star opposite I Love You Beth Cooper actor Jack Carpenter in the story of a newly married couple still learning about each other while surrounded by their family and friends. Eugene Levy was recently cast to play the groom’s father, according to THR.

The pilot comes from Chuck and Gossip Girl mastermind Josh Schwartz! Looks like he was impressed with Kristin‘s work on Chuck!

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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..well, lets see how long this one last. LOL

  • meh

    yay for kristin! love this girl. hope it will be successful for her.

  • JLK

    Sounds like a potentially fun comedy!

  • Christa

    She’s soo pretty…like, other worldy pretty……..should be interesting, never really seem her in a comedic setting

  • Ian

    Good for Kristin! It’s good that some of the actors coming from Smallville are actually doing something more than SV. Kristin with Hitched and Tom Welling’s is the producer for the CW Pilot Hellcats.

    What’s Michael Rosenbaum up to?

  • Ian

    Another thing: Dude you could’ve picked a better picture. Kristin Kreuk is on fire in Chuck! She’s so damn gorgeous!

  • Stephanie

    Wow, I cannot wait to see Kristin K on this new show. She is so pretty and talented actress. I am so happy for her. Go Kristin!!!!

  • Amy

    Will NOT be watching. The best thing Smallville ever did was pump her pull of K to get rid of her for good.

  • jane

    That picture doesn’t do her any justice.

  • Lana

    I can’t wait to see Kristin Kreuk on this new Hitched how. She is beautiful and she was amazing in Smallville . Shes getting more famous than Tom Welling to be on different TV shows. Tom is cute but the only show hes on is Smallville. He is sucks, even though he will be producing a new show.

  • Krip

    Dude,can`t you pick better picture?
    anyway i really like her on chuck

  • jdub

    chick looks like Joe Jonas

  • Sally

    Yay. Sounds great! Love her…I hope it works out so I can once again enjoy seeing her grace my tv screen!

  • Dreadlocks

    Kristin is gorgeous. That picture doesn’t do her any justice though, indeed. But she’s very beautiful. Out of this world beautiful. I can’t imagine her doing something else than annoying the hell out of me as Lana in Smallville though XD

  • Vickie

    Kristin K is a great actress. Can’t wait to watch her on this new show. I love her in Smallville and Chuck. She looks beautiful on screen and in person.

  • Kelly

    Kristin is one of my favorite TV show actress. I hope the Hitched show will turn out good and it will stay on air for along time as its last. Kristin K and Maggie Q are the most beautiful and exotic mix actresses out there. Kristin has landed a role in Hitched and Maggie Q will be a lead in La Femme Nikita for CW. Can’t wait to watch both of them in new shows.

  • JEnnifer

    I love Kristin, I miss watching her on Smallville.

  • D


    Awesome grammar. You were able to articulate your point so well.
    Oh just to let you know, after KK left, the show got shipped to Fridays, and lost over 1/3 of it’s viewers from last season. Looks like once the majority of original cast members jumped ship, so did the viewers.

    Anyways, congrats to Kristin! I hope the pilot gets picked up!

  • erika

    Why is it that the male characters on Josh Schwartz shows look like Josh Schwartz himself?
    Seth on the OC, Chuck on Chuck, and now this guy.

  • Michelle

    It is exciting to know that Kristin K will be in another TV show. I was disappointed when Smallville pulled her of the show for good after season 8. I stop watching the show after she is no longer in it. She was the heart of the show. I can’t wait to see her again on the new show Hitched. She is so beautiful and amazing young actress. I love her in Chuck. She is awesome.

  • j

    yayyyy. i missed her on Smallville and also stopped watching it after they started pairing tom welling’s character with Lois lane. i know they end up together but they dont have the chemistry that he and kristin had.

  • Lana Landi

    for the haters,
    please! Smallville lost so many viewers after Kristin Kreuk left the show let me see…
    1. The show was moved to Friday
    2. The rating is low
    3. Lana-centric episodes were always HIGH in ratings…
    sorry, Lois might be the lady love of Clark now…but fans will remember Lana as the Leading lady and original lady love anyway…

  • All Women Stalker

    Yay for her but I’m not so sure I like her in Chuck.

  • Fera

    YAY for Kristin Kreuk. I’m one of her biggest fans. I’m so excited to know she will be on Hitched. Sounds promising. For Lana/Kristin’s haters.. Stop whining and spitting your venom. You’re just too jealous becoz Kristin is the most gorgeous and prominent among other SV casts. .Lana/Kristin is a lovable person. I quit watching when Lana/Kristin is no longer on SV.

    GO Kristin GO!

    Love ya Kristin Kreuk!

  • Big fan

    To: J, Lana Landi and Fera,…

    I am totally agree with your comments. I am one of Kristin K biggest fan too. I love watching her on Smallville. She just so beautiful, very talented young actress and she looks stunning in every episode.

    Fera, me too. I stop watching Smallville after season 8 b/c Kristin wasn’t in season 9 and on. The show is so lame these days without Lana Lang. She was the best one to watch from the show. What a terrible decision they made to let Kristin go.

    I watched Kristin recently on chuck and she is just amazing. I can’t wait to see her again on Hitched show.

  • Chanah


  • Lyna

    Yea Kristin you go girl! Can’t wait to see her on Hitched. She was the best Lana Lang in Smallville. Glad to see Kristin on a few episodes of chuck recently. She looks amazing and beautiful on screen as she was on Smallville. It’s lame that they let Kristin of the show, SV. But she is definitely more famous out there thanTom Welling, Allison Mack, and Erica Durance, the Lois girl. Kristin is now on more and different shows than them three.

  • Bianca

    Can’t wait for this! I love KK eversince. hope she will have bigger projects in the future.

  • Karena

    That’s awesome news for KK!

  • Michelle

    Yeah Kristin!! Jared you should have picked a cute pic of her like the promo ones from Chuck! I’m glad that KK is getting more recognition for her acting since she left that crappy show Smallville. I used to like that show but after KK left the writing got worse and worse.

  • Lana Landi

    It was actually Kristin who decided to leave the show Smallville in Season 7 and she went back for Season 8 for 5 episodes. She did not signed on for Season and forward because she wanted to pursue other stuffs. She WAS not let go of Smallville for clarfification

    One thing that irritates me is how some people whine and bitch about Lana so much when in fact, the show would not have lasted this long if not for Clark, Lana and Lex storylines…Lana was the original leading lady and her episodes were high in ratings compare to the other supporting characters namely LOIS LANE (stilleto!!!).

    The only reason Lois is getting all these attentions now is because Kristin left the show, I bet you, if she stayed behind she will still be the leading lady and not Erica Durance nor Allison Mack….their fans are outraged when she returned to the show in Season 8! why? because they were threatened! cos Kristin is the original queen of Smallville!

    I’m glad she is not in the show anymore, she is destined for other great things! We love Kristin!

  • Big fan

    To: Lana Landi-

    I did not know Kristin decided to leave the show Smallville. And I am 100% percent agree with your comment. Lana is the only reason I watched the show. I’m not a big fan of Clark Kent, even though he is cute. He just love to kiss and making out with many different girls beside Lana. He is such a pervert and a big turn off to me on the show.

  • Ben

    Dont know who this chick is except she was on Chuck and i have no idea who the leading guy is, but the premise of the show sounds like a snoozer… I mean how is this any different from the other comedic shows on tv, i mean really all they could think of was this… I watch Chuck and Hannah was the most annoying character ever, thank god it was only a couple episodes…

  • ganymede30324

    Good for Kristin! She’s talented and beautiful and was classy enough to return to Smallville to tie up her character’s storylines. (“Lana” had to have been difficult to play, as she was there simply as a romantic foil. The comics’ “Lana” was a junior version of Lois, and embodied on the show in the show’s “Chloe”. ) She’s amusing on “Chuck”, but it’s a thankless role. Glad they see her potential!

  • dorsydoll

    that’s funny..
    Anyways I love KK and can’t wait to see her on another show….

  • theville

    great news…..smellville have been a bore & a disaster ever since S8…glad that she’s no longer part of something as mediocre as that….meanwhile tom welling is likely to turn grey in his role as clark…the man aint got no talent to go anywhere else…hey im also happy allison mac is leaving that bitch of a show too……

  • Loissucks

    @Lana Landi:

    LOIS/erica is not the leading lady, never have been after kristin left, chloe is now the leading lady, she has second billing….when chloe leaves i wont be surprised if they make tess the leadin lady…hahaha..lets face it lois sucks balls

    peace im out